Friday, March 31, 2006
Bullets are my friend
  • I have the day off today. Yay me!
  • But I have to work tomorrow. Boo!
  • We're taking the little ones to a movie in about 20 minutes or so. It'll be their first time to see a movie in theater. Pray for us.
  • Good thing is, we have a dollar theater in our city, so it will only cost us $4.00 to get in.
  • I actually typed city as "sitty" in the above sentence the first time. What is up with my brain?
  • Bubba cleaned out the garage yesterday since we had 60+ degree temps. He is wonderful and awesome!
  • It is NOT wonderful and awesome how much CRAP we had in the garage.
  • I will NOT mention my plight to...become this post.
  • Wait..does that count?
  • I am itching to get some scrapping done.
  • I can't do that until I get my bedroom cleaned up.
  • I won't be getting much scrapping done.
  • Time to go get dressed so we can leave. The kids have their jackets on. Is that a hint?
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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Goodbye, cruel internets...
I was GOING to post something while I was on my lunch hour at my mom & dad's..however, I think I am going to go slit my wrists now after having tried to post using DIAL-UP AOL!!!

Tell my family I love them.

PS Tell GUPPYMAN I lost all faith in him when he started backing sucky BUCKY!

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My apologies for blinding you!!
I have to apologize for the nearly impossible to read text here. I use FireFox most of the time and the text is black for not hard to read. But when I just went to IE my text is so light you can hardly see it. (and my text is all wonky and shifted to the right) Thanks to Tired Tunia for the heads up! Now, here's the thing, I don't really know how to change it, so if someone wants to help me, feel free!!

UPDATE: I THINK I fixed it without breaking my blog! GO ME!!
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
If it's Wednesday, it must be time for GTHOTS!
Supposedly, the bottom 3 will be a "shocker" tonight according to an interview with Nigel(AI producer).

Whoopee..Shakira is going to sing. Can't wait.

Yeah, that was pointless and awful. Lip-sync anyone?

Here we go...Yay!! Mandisa, Chris, and Taylor are SAFE!! (Kellie and Paris, too. Ugh) so now the bottom 3 will be chosen out of Ace, Bucky, Katharine (NOOOOOO!!!!), Lisa and Elliott.

The bottom 3:Lisa, Ace, and Katharine NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Great..we get to continue watching scar boy for another week.

GTHOTS Lisa!!!!!

Well, I think Lisa was the right choice out of the bottom 3. Katharine needs to shine from now on if she wants to stay. Bucky must go next!!!

Until next week...
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Are you more...?
Are you more...

01) Fast-paced big-city life or slower-paced small-town life? Definitely slower-paced small-town life. I don't like traffic or big crowds so there you go.
02) A location chooser based on your job(s) or a location chooser based on proximity to friends and family? Friends and family. I want to be near my mommy and daddy!
03) Fan of the allen key (hexagon-head) or hater of the allen key? Um...why would I even KNOW what that is?
04) Someone who loves futons or someone who prefers more traditional couches and beds? Give me a "normal" bed and couch any day.
05) Grateful that winter is gone or anxious for summer to hurry up and get here? Anxious for spring, actually.
06) Grilled cheese sandwich with ham and tomato or just a grilled cheese sandwich? Ham and tomato on a grilled cheese?? Then that wouldn't BE a grilled'd be a ham and cheese melt or something...
07) Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul? SIMON!!
08) A tiger or a bear? Bear
09) Believing that politicians make the world a better place or believing that the common man makes the world a better place? Common man.
10) Driven by your loins or driven by your stomach? heh, heh...stomach. Just ask my husband.
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Whenever I participate in a "comment game" like the one over at Michele's every weekend or the one that WENDY has going on NOW , I always feel like I need to step it up and actually blog something profound and thought-provoking. Problem is, I rarely feel very profound. I don't find myself thinking very deeply about many issues or subjects. Even if I did...I don't think I even WANT my blog to be of a serious nature. There are occasions when I will speak of something less than goofy and (GASP!) not TV related, but those posts are few and far between. What's my point? Um..I kinda forgot. Oh yeah...I guess my point is that I feel inadequate in the land of blogging. I worry a lot about what others (the ones who don't comment) are thinking about when they read my silly posts. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. It's very telling of my personality in general.

So, anyway...if you are visiting me for the first time...Yeah, I write many posts about American Idol and silly stuff like that with the occasional "poor-me-I'm-poor-and-fat" post thrown in just to mix it up. . But it's fun..and believe me, you don't want me to start talking about serious issues. I'd rather make someone smile and giggle than make them have to think too hard.

How's that for the meaning of blogging for me?? I had nothing else...perhaps I will bombard this space with photos of my kids later when I get home... :)
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
American Idol Top 10
Lisa started things off by singing "Because of You" by Kelly Clarkson. Wow, she sounded off key a lot. Probably not a great idea for her to do a huge hit by a previous Idol winner. I think Lisa needed to do something so much better tonight. As Simon said, the song was bigger than her voice. I give her 16/25.

Kellie sings "Suds In the Bucket." Is it just me or does she sound like every other girl who tries to sing country? Ditzy attitude aside, she is just an average singer. This song certainly didn't show off her voice. I give her a 16/25.

Ace sings "Drops of Jupiter." I love Train. I do NOT love Ace. He sounds very very flat. Poor song choice for another mediocre singer. With BAD hair and that idiotic stare. My score for Ace is 16/25. (what's with the scar?)

Wow...I hope the singing gets better!!!

Come on Taylor and Mandisa!! Bring it!!

Taylor sings "Trouble." FINALLY someone to bring a good performance! Leave it to my Soul Man, Taylor!! SIng it brotha!!! I loved it. Taylor sounded better in the first 3 notes than the first three singers sounded through their whole songs! He SANG it! I give Taylor 23/25. Oh, and, Taylor looked pretty HOT tonight! His hair was styled younger, his clothes were stylish. I'm likin the look.

Mandisa sings "Wanna Praise You." Mandisa usually sounds good singing anything. I don't think the beginning of this song sounded so great, but it got better. She is such a powerhouse singer with such energy! I think she could have picked a better song, but overall it was ok. I give Mandisa 20/25.

Chris sings "What If" by Creed. You GO Chris! He is the rocker that Constantine WANTED to be last year. It's harder than anything he's done this year, but he rocked it. He did what he loves. I didn't love the song, but it's just not my style. A great performance, though. I give Chris 20/25. I will say, I completely disagree with Simon for once when he said that Chris needs to do something different next time. Why? He does what he does best and I think he should keep doing it. Nobody tells Taylor to do something different than soul.

Katharine sings "The Voice Within" by Christina Aguilera. Bad song choice for Katharine. I LOVE Katharine, but tonight is not wonderful for her. Oh Kat....I am so sad. I give her 19/25. She did look gorgeous, though. I still think she totally deserves to be there. Here's hoping she picks a better song next time.

Bucky sings "A Real Good Man" by Tim McGraw. Bucky STILL suckies. Not a good performance at all. Not much to say, really except I agreed with the judges when they said he was hard to understand. Yuck. I give him 15/25.

Paris sings "Work It Out" by Beyonce. Ok, Paris honey, please STOP DANCING!!!! A very very bad song choice. Didn't sound good at all. I agree with Simon, she was like a little girl pretending to be Beyonce. I give her 17/25.

Elliott sings one of my favorites by Gavin Degraw, "I Don't Wanna Be." Oh, Elliott...honey..I like you..but No. Just no. Bad. No. I give Elliott 17/25.

If Paula doesn't stop using the phrase "took it and made it your own" I am really going to SCREAM!!!

What a horrible night of singing. I am so glad that hour is over. I can't even really pick the worst or who will go. Let me think on it. I'll get back to you.

Ok, my top 3 would have to be: Taylor, Mandisa and Chris with Katharine close behind.
Bottom 3:Bucky, Lisa and Ace....and Kellie. Can I have a bottom 4??

Who's going home? I'll predict Lisa because she sang first. There were others just as bad, but I do think she will finally go. However, my 2nd choice is Bucky. It's a toss-up.

Again I say, what a HORRIBLE night of singing this was. Next week has to be better.
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Sunday, March 26, 2006
I'm OLD!
A friend of mine called me on Thursday. She lives in Arizona and we haven't talked in about 3 years. Not because we were mad at each other, but because that is just the way it is. We go a while in between talks. Anyway, I was thinking about how she is my oldest in, the friend I've had the longest. We've been friends for at least 24 years. 24 years!! How did I get old enough to have had a friend for that long?? Wow. I don't really feel that old, but when I think about things like that, I kinda start feeling old.

Good thing is, I don't really have any wrinkles yet and very few, if any, grey hairs. If only I could get a few things lifted...and some fat sucked out. :)
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Saturday, March 25, 2006
I'm such a loser
I am a complete and total loser. Why, you ask? Hmm..let's count the ways.

First, I was supposed to go out with some girls from work, but I didn't. Wanna know why?

  • I don't have any cute "going out" clothes.
  • Along the same lines, I have no cute casual shoes to go with any cute "going out" clothes.
  • I'm way too fat and would feel out of place anyway.
  • I don't have any money.
  • I would totally go off my diet. (the same diet that I am screwing up anyway. I can't even lose 5 freaking pounds!)
  • I had a headache and took a 4+ hour nap. That isn't a nap! It's almost a dang night's sleep!
  • I'm way too fat.
  • Have I mentioned that I am way too fat?
Yeah, it's a real feel-good kind of day. I didn't do anything. I didn't go anywhere. I'm feeling REALLY good about myself. *sigh*

I would go on about how I'm a loser, but isn't that enough??

PS this is just another of my whining posts. I'm ok, just had to whine a while.
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Friday, March 24, 2006
Question(s) of the day
I get an email every day from the Question of the Day blog. There are usually lots of good questions that I could be using for my posts and I just always forget about them. But today's set of questions are pretty good so I thought I would use them today.

What is the last thing you attempted to quit? How did you do it and were you successful?
Um..currently I am trying to quit sugar and crappy food. Am I successful? Not very, but I am trying.

The beep of a car horn can mean so many different things. When is the last time you beeped your horn, and what was the message that you were sending with it? I honked at the kid next door so I could wave at him. I hadn't seen him in a while.

As a form of punishment, kids are sometimes deprived temporarily of something they cherish. If you were going to be punished in this way as an adult, what item would you least want to lose? And of course, how long will your punishment last? Gee..can you guess?? Losing the internet would absolutely be one of the worst punishments ever for me! (we are talking material things only, of course) I would go into withdrawals..seriously. Take my tv or anything else...but not my internet!! :)
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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Coo-ookie Crisp!
So, is it bad that I just ate like...4 5 handfuls of my kids cookie crisp cereal because it is the only thing in the house that even resembles junk food?
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Time to GTHOTS!!
Here we go. Ryan starts by saying 35 million votes came in last night.

Recap fun.



Time for the obligatory Ford commercial. Kind of cute. Not TOO cheesy. Though Ace's mouth looked HUGE.

Barry Manilow sings.
Did y'all see Bobby out in the audience having a Manilowgasm? (did I just say that??)
Oh, they let him come up on the stage to meet him after the song.


OH MY HECK!! I CAN'T STAND KELLIE!!! "What's a ballsy??"

The bottom 3:Kevin, Lisa and Bucky (I called it!)

GTHOTS KEVIN!!!!! Finally!
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Yes,'s that time blogging AI
Tonight, they're singing the 50s. This could be...awful. :) I love Simon..he's the only one who tells it like it is!

Here's my son all ready to watch AI. I am SUCH a bad influence.

Mandisa starts things off. "I Don't Hurt Anymore." Mandisa is beautiful. That is all there is to it. I wish I had an ounce of her self confidence. Anyway, she sounds really great tonight. The 50s theme is working for her. She started well and ended it superbly. I think she is just awesome! A wonderful way to start the night. Even Simon called it a sexy performance. I give her 23/25.

BLOGGER has downtime DURING AI!!! Why do they do this to me???
But, it's back, I feel better.

Bucky sings "Oh Boy." First, his hair is better than last week..thank goodness. This performance seems Bucky is not really interested in the song. Definitely NOT a Top 12 performance. I tried to just listen and not watch Bucky and I am not impressed. I give Bucky 17/25.

Did you hear Bucky say Barry Manilow was "nicer than heck?" He and Pickler would make quite a pair.

Paris sings "Fever." She looks cute. Paris chops some of her words short (the only way for me to explain it) and that little thing drives me nuts. I like this better than last week for sure. A very good performance. Great song choice on her part. I give Paris a 22/25.

OH!! MY EYES!! Don't scare me like that! They just HAD to show Constantine in the audience.

Chris sings "Walk the Line." I'm nervous....Chris singing Johnny we go. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! CHRIS rocks my socks!! The arrangement of that song was AWESOME!! He could release it now and have a number one hit!!!!!!!! I LOVE CHRIS!!! 24/25

Why would Chris care what Constantine thinks about him?? Constantine is taking notes from CHRIS I would bet! Constantine was a wannbe rocker. Chris IS a rocker. Because, you know, I am a music expert. ;)

Katharine sings "Come Rain or Come Shine." She looks really pretty tonight. I think Katharine has the best control of her voice and the best range. She doesn't have that tendancy to sound like she is screaming kind of like Mandisa at times. A VERY good song for her. Great performance. As Simon says, she is a star. I give her 23/25.

Taylor sings "Fade Away." Look at Taylor in his baby blue/grey suit! Not a great song, but still classic Taylor in the song delivery. His energy is great! Is it just me or does the song have only 2 words...Fade Away?? I STILL love Taylor but not his best performance ever. By no means was it even close to being bad..just not the best. I give him 21/25.

I say this every stinking year...but...WHY is it that Simon's opinions are always made fun of and boo-ed??? He is the ONLY judge who tells the absolute truth.

PAULA shut up!!!

Lisa sings "Why Do Fools Fall In Love." She looks cute like a 16 year old should. I still think Lisa does better with a ballad. However, this isn't a bad performance per se, she was just good. She pulls the mic away from her mouth if she tries to dance around. The end of her song shone as opposed to the beginning. She needs to wow us now that we are getting to the top 10. I give her 18/25.

Kevin sings "When I Fall In Love." A good song choice for Kevin. This is just his speed. He is still that kid in school who can sing and is in all the musicals. I don't think he is an American Idol but he did well tonight. I give him 16/25.

Elliott sings "Teach Me Tonight." He looks better with facial hair. His hair is growing a little. I like it. He started flat but I think he is more convincing at being into the music. Barry was right when he said Elliott needed to feel it more. He did a really good job. I still like Elliott, though he won't win. I give him 21/25.

Kellie sings "Walkin After Midnight." Kellie has too much make-up on. (thanks, Tara.) She sounds like so many other country singers at the county fair. Nothing unique. Song choice was good for Kellie. Can I say it again? SHUT UP WITH THE COUNTRY BUMPKIN ACT!!!!!!!!!! "Was he calling me a coat?" I'm just not a big Kellie fan. I give her 20/25 though it pains me greatly.

Ace sings "In The Still of The Night." Ace needs to move around the stage a little. I swear he always has hat-head. Ace sounds a bit shakey to me tonight. But he will stay. I certainly wouldn't give him a standing "O." However, he sounded pretty good for a change. At least there was only a few seconds of falsetto this time. It wasn't his best, yet it was good. I give him 20/25.

Overall, it was a very good night for Idol. Almost everyone did well. I finally wasn't bored to tears.
MY top 3:Chris (!!!), Katharine, Mandisa
MY bottom 3:Bucky, Lisa, Kevin
Who I want to go home:Kevin (but he won't)
Who will go home:Bucky (maybe Lisa)


edited to add I think Elliott might be in the bottom 3...hmm..he may even go home. We'll see.
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Weight-loss Schmate-loss....gimme some D*** chocolate!!!
Guys, I don't want to turn this into some big weight-loss blog...whining about my struggles with FOOD and FLAB and all that...but this is HARD, yo! All I want to do is eat...and eat...and eat...but I'm not. I'm guzzling water like crazy and trying not to think about the cinnamon bread that my co-worker (who is from the DEVIL) brought in today!!! Did I mention it is the best cinnamon bread EVER from the all-time best bakery in the whole wide world?? *sigh*

So, I made today my official weigh day. Officially, I have lost 3.2 pounds. I wanted it to be 5. It all comes down to the fact that I HAVE to exercise in order to get my metabolism to move at even a snail's pace. Bah.

Whine, whine, whine...cry, cry,'s not fair.

PS. I didn't write this so you all would say nice things and encourage me...I just have to whine sometimes, ya know? :)
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Monday, March 20, 2006
Oh the pressure....
Since BLOGMAD is having double credits for 24 hours...I feel this PRESSURE to blog something really good. Problem is...


So, Hi to all the BlogMad surfers! Come again and maybe there will be something interesting for y'all to read next time around.

One more thing...I cheated and got on the scales today just to see...even though my weigh day should be Tuesday or Wednesday...and I have lost 3 pounds!! YAY ME!! I will now accept wonderful compliments and words of encouragement. Thank you and good night.
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Sunday, March 19, 2006
Boredom blogging
Can you tell I've been bored? I've blogged more in the last 2 days than I have in the last 2 weeks! :)

Here are a few links to photos of my daughter from State Finals this weekend.

They did so well yesterday! One of their best performances all season. I was trying to take pictures and trying not to cry at the same time..I am SUCH a mom! They were all so excited when they were done. One of the directors did a cartwheel on her way out of the gym she was so proud and excited! They couldn't have ended on a better note unless they had won. Back to reality...I am glad it's over now until summer. It's fun to watch but by the end of the season I could practically get out there and do their show. IF I could actually spin a flag, that is.

I really really really really want something to eat right now. Instead I will go make myself some ice water. I was fine until today...the cravings are driving me crazy!!
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Jenn...Angelina...and now...Basketball??
Wow, I didn't even know he was any kind of athlete...

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I totally gave in!
I gave in..I ate some of the birthday cake. HOWEVER, I am counting it..writing it down..and not eating anything but green veggies for the rest of the day/evening. (zero points, you know.) I HATE my sweet tooth!

Oh, and BRIAN ...? Exercise IS a bad word!! ;)
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Thin is in??
Isn't that what they say? Thin is in. Well, I just wish FAT was where it's at! This whole losing weight thing is for the birds!! It's too hard! (read that with a certain whiney inflection.) I've only been trying to change my bad habits since Tuesday and already it is driving me crazy. There is birthday cake in the cream in the freezer...I had a salad last night at McDonalds instead of a big old sloppy Big Mac. I'm doing it but I DON'T LIKE IT!!! I want to be one of those girls with a metabolism that burns every calorie upon entry into her body. WHY can I not be one of those people?? Why do I have to exercise to see a difference? Why can't I be lazy and lose weight?? This sucks! (end poor-me rant)

And how was YOUR weekend?? :)
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What's in a name?
To the GUY (and it HAD to be a guy) who said this...

What an awful awful name! Happy Birthday Kid. I hope you won't mind when people laugh at you for the rest of your life!

Posted by Anonymous | 2:15 PM

at least I didn't spell it like this...

J'aey'mess'on M'eyekah

Yep, it could be worse. If you want to see how much worse it could much weirder I could have gone with a name...visit this website. It's one of my favorites. Be sure to go to the forums there, too. So funny.

Not that I have to justify his name, but...all I will say is he is named after his dad, whose name is James and NOT the porn star J*enna Jameson or the whiskey. (Yes, that's right, his real name is NOT Bubba.)

One cool thing is there is a Jameson Inn in Alabama and the address is Micah Way. I want to go there and stay sometime. :)

I know his name is a little different than the norm but, like I said could be worse.
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Saturday, March 18, 2006
"Free" years old

From this...

to this...
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We celebrated Jameson's 3rd birthday last night (sans Guard girl who went out of town to watch the boyfriend in a drum competition.) since we won't be home most of today.Here he is getting ready to blow out his candles.

Martha's Bubba's masterpiece.

Here's what Tater got for her brother's birthday.

The "big" gift...holds 100 hot wheels.
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Friday, March 17, 2006
Wanna load a chinese language pack??
Now Playing:Groove Is In the Heart--Deee Lite as if you care. Hey, this is supposed to be an 80s station..was that song from the 80s?? Hmm...I'll have to look that up..

I have a bunch of stuff to talk about tonight, so I'll warn you now, this will probably be a long post. For those of you who get ticked off easily by long blog posts (what's up with that?) you might as well move along. I don't know how to do the "read more" thing even though I found a place that explains it for use with blogger, but, man, that is waaaay too much work. So, either read me or ignore me, either way, I'm still gonna post about a bunch of stuff.

First, to those of you who keep getting the pop up thingie wanting you to load a chinese language pack when you come to my blog I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THAT IS HAPPENING. I'm sorry, but I have no clue. I think it only happens in IE, because it happened to me when I was in IE, but I got it to stop. Don't ask me how, because I don't remember. In FireFox, I don't think it ever popped up, so that is a non-issue. If I find out the answer, MITEY MITE, you will be the first person I tell! :)

I am currently in the middle of paring down my blogroll. I just need it to be smaller here on the blog, but, that does not mean I have deleted some of you forever...I have a special place in my favorites for you. So, if you don't see yourself in my blogroll, don't leave me nasty comments. Please!

On with the stuff..

For the second time in a little over a year, we've had to pull the kids from their sitter. Not because of anything she did. She is beyond great, but because of financial issues. (I'll get to that in a bit.) was very hard. We gave her a babysitter angel figurine that had on her gown a verse about generosity and caring etc. regarding babysitters. She loved it. I cried. I hated taking them out again, but financially, it was killing us. What will we do with the kids now, you ask? I'll get to that shortly, too.

Today being their last day and also the day before Jameson's (Baby J's) birthday, we took cupcakes to the sitter. Cupcakes that Martha Stewart Bubba made and iced and then the kids decorated. (read:poured concentrated amounts of sprinkles in one spot on each cupcake.) Observe...

Now Playing:Sunglasses At Night--Corey Hart (I had SUCH the crush!)

Tomorrow is also the State Winter Guard competition so last night they had a dress rehearsal of sorts for parents and students and whoever wanted to come see the show could. It was good because my mom and dad, who are not able to go sit on bleachers all day at the competitions, could see the show. My sister, Lori finally got to see it as well.That's Guard Girl in the front there.

Now Playing:I Want You Back--Nsync Yeah, that's right, I said NSync. It has a good beat and you can dance to it. Shut it.

On to why we had to take the kids out of the sitter. As some of you may remember, Bubba injured himself on the job a few months ago and had to have surgery. (there are even pictures HERE and HERE. Well, he has been in rehab ever since, working back up to being able to lift 80+ pounds. Finally, on Monday the 6th, the doctor released him and he was all set to go back to work on Wednesday the 8th. On the 7th, his boss called and said the company owner came to him and said to call Bubba and tell him there wasn't enough work for him to come back so he is laid off. *#&@%$^*(%!!! WHAT?? SUCK! So, now he IS getting unemployment for a few weeks but still, this sucks donkey butt. After much figuring and refiguring, we decided that Bubba will stay home during the day and be June Cleaver and then umpire at night and on weekends and I will continue working like I always do. With no babysitter to pay, we will save hundreds of dollars every month. So, really? I am now the husband and he is now the wife. Kinky, huh? I've always said, since we got married, he is a MUCH better wife than I ever was. Seriously, you should see how clean my house is now and the laundry! There is none!! This is a monumental occasion!! I always ALWAYS ALWAYS have a mound of laundry so big that we find small children and animals at the bottom sometimes. DInner is ready for me when I get home even. I am so spoiled. So that is why the kids don't go to the sitter any more.

Oh, have you guys seen this?? It's AOL television where you can watch full episodes of old tv shows. So far, the selection isn't huge but you can watch PERFECT STRANGERS! BALKI, people!!!! I loves me some BALKI!

I'm thinking I should, perhaps, end this now. It has really become long and rambling and full of these >>>!!!!!!!! Oh, but there is so much more to say. More posts tomorrow. That's a threat AND a promise.
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Thursday, March 16, 2006
My heart can't take this!!
Oh my gosh...why is my blog giving me panic attacks lately?? I came home this evening and it was BLANK! After my disaster last week, I am gun shy! A simple republish worked this time...
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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
It's time once again for American Idol...GTHOTS (get the heck off the show!).
Now, just waiting for them to announce the one going home. We had to endure a recap and now commercials. They will drag this out 'til the end. *yawn*

Oh, boy. We are treated to the first of the cheesy Ford commercials featuring the top 12. The end of the commercial showed Katharine in a park ranger husband, with all his wise observational skills says..."Well..that's the start of a porn movie right there..."

Stevie Wonder sings a song from his new album. Classic Stevie.

Bottom 3: Ace! NOT Kevin!!!!! OH MY GOSH! Melissa and Lisa

NO FREAKING WAY!!!! Kevin is safe!!!

Ace is safe. It's down to the girls....and it is..


Ok, seriously, I am glad she went out of the bottom three, but still, Kevin should have been there and Kevin should have gone first. People...he is going to make it to the top 10. He'll be on the tour...on the cd...(neither of which I go to or buy..but still..)
Crazy stuff...but I am just glad it wasn't Taylor, Chris, Mandisa or Katharine!

Ok, no more Idol talk 'til Tuesday...promise!
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
The Top 12 Sing
2 hours of AI tonight. Why do I sit through this stuff?? Because I love it and I am a glutton for punishment...and I am trying not to I will watch it ALL!

Baby J just repeated each of their names and waved at each one as they came out on stage. I love my kids. :)

It's Stevie Wonder theme night..this should be interesting.

Ace--"Do I Do" Ok, my sister called and wouldn't stop talking so I pretty much didn't hear Ace's performance. I'm taping it, though. ??/25

Kellie--"Blame It On The Sun" I don't know this song but she sounds like Kellie singing a song. Boring. Wake me when it's over. OH.MY.HECK. STOP IT, KELLIE!!!!!! "They're not real tarantulas." 18/25

Elliott--"Knocks Me Off My Feet" Not the best song choice for Elliott but not as boring as Kellie. An ok performance for me. 20/25

Commercial...I gotta pee!

Ryan offers to remove Mandisa's shoes because they are killing her feet. An interesting moment...

Mandisa--"Don't You Worry About A thing" Another good Mandisa performance. Girl can sing ANYTHING! She blows the others out of the water so far. 22/25

Bucky--"Superstition" What is up with Bucky's hair???? Wow! Bubba said, "Beautiful hair! For a girl." I can't listen to him sing because I can't look away from his hair! It's like a Feria commercial or an ad for "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific." Simon told him "...the Jessica Simpson hair has got to go!" I love Simon. An ok performance as Bucky goes. I was scared that he might butcher the song, but he did alright. 19/25

Melissa--"Lately" Another boring performance. Not impressed with this performance by Melissa. Sounded very flat to me. 18/25

Lisa--"Signed Sealed Delivered" Peppy but some of her notes are flat. I like Lisa. She's cute and fun. Simon loved it. 21/25

Kevin--"Part Time Lover" Why, why, why do they keep playing up the sex symbol thing with Kevin? I don't even to say... I don't know what to think. They way he moved across the stage was like he was trying something in. He is entertaining in a can't-look-away kind of way, but come ON! Kevin is getting on my last nerve. He isn't funny anymore. 16/25

Katharine--"Until You Come Back To Me" I LOVE Katharine! Great performance! I personally think she is up there with Mandisa. Katharine has fun and sings well. Not a flat note in the song. 23/25

Taylor--"Livin' for the City" Classic Taylor. He picks songs that are perfect for his voice. I loves me some Taylor! I love to watch him try to dance. Boy used that stage UP! I loved it. So entertaining! He is the most into the music than anyone I've seen. 24/25

Paris--"All I Do" I think Paris is a good singer, but there is something I can't put my finger on that bothers me with her voice. Hmm..just can't figure it out. She is so peppy, though. Fun to watch. 21/25

Chris--"Higher Ground" YES!! I LOVE CHRIS!! GREAT!! PERFECT song for him!!! I was scared to see what he might have to sing and this was AWESOME!! Excellent performance! I don't think I can use enough of these>>!!!!!! He entertains like no one else! He could SO be on the radio right NOW! 24 1/2 /25 (It's hard for me to give a 25/25, but he is sooo close!)

All in all, a really good week performance-wise. I'm off to vote for all my favorites. I can't wait to see how the results turn out tomorrow.

Oh wait! I forgot...
My top 3 of the night: Chris, Taylor, and Katharine
Bottom 3 of the night: Kevin, Melissa, and Kellie
Going home: Kevin (please, please, oh PLEASE!!)
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Monday, March 13, 2006
A bucket full o' Chuckie goodness
Do y'all like the blue?? I said I would now..I gush! My Blog Rescue 911 hero...the guy who helped me overcome my blog panic attacks and fixed my big old screw-up may surprise you. It was none other then the Boobie-man himself...Chuck from Fat Boy Diary. Sure, his blog talks about boobies a lot and shows pictures of boobies a lot..but come on...
a guy with guns like THIS...
...can't be all bad. He fixed me up on VERY short notice, so...THANK YOU, CHUCK!!

Ok, on to other things....some quick tv talk. American Idol ticked me off. Kevin in the top 12? Ayla kicked off? Some crazy stuff. This week they sing Stevie Wonder songs so there should be some major suckitude going on. Oh, by the way, this is where I hang out during the show to see what slim thinks about the show and to comment and read other Idol comments. Yes, I know...I am a nerd. Shut it.

Shane MUST GO on Survivor. Rock on, Cirie!

On The Amazing Race, I like the nerd couple--David & Lori, the hippies--BJ & Tyler and Ray & Yolanda. If only I had thighs like Yolanda!! Wow!

Ok, GAGs..what'd you think about GA on Sunday?? I thought it was a good episode. Fun. Christine trying to take care of Bailey's baby was hilarious. George's haircut?! Oh...when Alex said, "..he looks like a hobbit." I just about peed myself laughing! And? Right now? Can't think of anything I was going to comment on. Bummer. My presidency in the GAGs is on the line, here...

In other news...there is no other news. :) Well, ok, Brianna's guard placed 7th in State Prelims on Saturday. State Finals is this coming Saturday. as usual, click em to big em

And finally...this is what happens when you are 4 1/2 years old and you try to pose for a picture...your little brother walks by with a gift bag on his head.
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Friday, March 10, 2006
Excuse my dust
So, maybe you've noticed a change around here. Pardon the dust for now. Things probably do look a little wonky at the moment and comments aren't working. See...I sorta kinda...broke my blog a couple of nights ago. So, I have a blog hero helping me get back in shape. As soon as it is back to 100%..I'll gush and rave and embarrass the one who saved my blog. :) Until then...enjoy my pretty blue.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
AI The boys-top 8
Ok, I am back in AI mode tonight.. and ready for the boys to sing!! I realized I didn't score the girls, but I will score the guys tonight. we go...


Chris--"Broken" by Seether. Once again, another song that is just perfect for him. Nothing else to say, really. The boy is good. And hot. I loves me some Chris. I give him 23/25.

Taylor--"Takin It To the Streets" by Michael McDonald. LOVE LOVE LOVE Taylor! Perfect song for him. Boy can't dance, but damn he can sing! A true performer! 23/25

Gedeon--"When A Man Loves A Woman" I think he is sort of the underdog and a lot of people don't like him because of his smile and whatever, but, he is consistantly good every week. He really is a performer and I thought this song tonight was really, really good. I give him a 22/25.


Elliott--"Heaven" by Bryan Adams. I like Elliott but this wasn't a great night for him. It wasn't bad, but it was pretty boring. I want him in the top 12, though. 20/25


Kevin--"Starry Starry Night" PLEASE PLEASE go home tonight!!! Ok, Kevin reminds me of the kid at school who can sing and is in all the plays and choir shows. Please, America, do not keep him in the top 12!! 18/25

Will--"How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" by James Taylor Oh...why does he keep choosing songs I love and then butchering them?? Why does he keep choosing songs that came out 20 years before he was born? I didn't like this performance at all. He could be in the choir with Kevin. Go home, Brady Boy. 17/25

Bucky--Oh my heck, there are TWO Buckys! He has a twin! I'm scared. Hold me. But seriously, Bucky still Suckys. What was the song? Wave On Wave? I don't like his sound. That whole fake gravelly thing he brings on during a song just drives me to drink. Stay in the bars, Bucky. 18/25

Ace--Some song by Michael Jackson. OH. MY. HECK. What was that??? That high pitched falsetto made the dogs bark and come running all over my neighborhood. His pitiful attempt at a smoldering sexy look into the camera is just..well..pitiful. Ace has finally achieved what Constantine did last year in a matter of one or two weeks...he made me HATE him. Ok, I don't hate him, but he gets on my nerves just about as bad as Kellie "cala, cala, cala mari" Pickler. Now, if he starts making the "Call me" sign...

Not a great week for the boys, but not horrible. My favorites did well, and isn't that all that matters?? :)

I think Kinnik and Melissa will go home and Kevin and Will for the guys. Let's see how my predictions play out tomorrow night.
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I was totally NOT in the mood to blog AI last night..but now I am so here goes.


Katharine--she looked so good (as usual) and sounded great. This was the most relaxed I have seen her so far.

Mandisa--WOW! She was awesome! I love her and just her whole attitude and presence.

Ayla --I'm an Ayla fan, I admit. Though I don't think she would ever win, I want her in the top 12.


Paris--I do like Paris and I think she is talented but I didn't like her choice of song. She sang it ok, but she can do better.

Lisa--Again, I do like Lisa, but this song didn't blow me away. She definitely deserves top 12.

Kellie--*sigh* This girl gets on my nerves more and more every week. She's an ok singer, but just ok is not the next American Idol. And? OH MY HECK! She SCREECHED the chorus!! She is completely playing up her "southern innocence" and that drives me bonkers. She ate "SAL-mon??" Just STOP!! Stop it, stop it, stop it!!

WHO I DIDN'T LIKE It's time for you to go.

Melissa--Her boobies and belly won't get her any least I don't think so. I completely agreed with Simon when he said it sounded like she shouted the song. She should go now.

Now? Anxiously awaiting the boys tonight to see what perfect song Chris picks and hoping Taylor continues to do well. Ace-be-gone!
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Monday, March 06, 2006
A big shout out to all my visitors
Yeah, I thought I would check my stats, I figured I might as well say HELLO TO ALL MY VISITORS FROM MADBULL'S PLACE!!! Stay a while and read up...get a good laugh.

I didn't even watch the Oscars tonight. I have no idea who won.

I spent the day in the ER with my aunt. 8 hours. My butt is numb. That chair wasn't very comfy. You'd think with all this padding that wouldn't happen.

I am having Grey's Anatomy withdrawals.

The kids played too long in the bath yesterday...'s that time again...time for the cup o' minty green goodness...


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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Touch your WHAT?

We rented "The Bad News Bears" and "Flightplan" on Friday. I should have known that the Bad News Bears starring Billy Bob Thornton would be full of bad language. But, being the upstanding parents we are, we still watched it. The kids weren't paying much attention to it as they were playing with their toys and in and out of the room. What's the one line Baby J picked up on? One of the kids in the movie is mad and says something like, "I'll tell people you like to touch my pecker!" So, Baby J promptly turns and says, very loudly, "TOUCH MY PECKER!" Nice. I hope he repeats that one at church.

Speaking of repeating, I told Tater Tot not to repeat any of the words she may have heard. Later, she said, "Don't worry, Mommy, we won't Pee-reat it."

Thank you. That is today's kiddie goodness. They don't call this a mommy blog for nuthin'.
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Friday, March 03, 2006
Sweetened condensed GA update for the GAGs

Yes, Meredith and George had sex. Meredith cried during. George embarrassed hurt and angry. (and made by the writers to look like an idiot..grrr) They avoid each other. Everybody finds out. George falls down the stairs--dislocated shoulder. Cute flirty Doctor fixes it. George moves out of Merediths house. Dr McFlirty gives George her number.

Mrs Dr Shepard McDreamy gets poison oak on her VA-JAY-JAY from peeing in the woods while walking the dog. Dr Bailey treats it and McDreamy laughs when he sees it.

Izzy has a "date" with Denny the heart patient much to Alex's chagrin. (did you know the actor who plays alex has FIVE kids in real life??)

Meredith and McDreamy become "friends." He still loves her. She still loves him. Will they EVER be together? My guess is no.

And now? Several days later..I can't remember all the good stuff I was going to say about this episode...

Until next time...
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Thursday, March 02, 2006
This post has a theme song!!
Yes, this post does indeed have a theme song. Click here to listen.
Ok, this worked last night, but now it doesn' nevermind. I don't have time this morning to fix it because I am running late for work. Suffice it to say, it was cute and funny and TARA would have liked it.

Why is that particular song, "Pineapple Princess," today's theme song? Why, in honor of my renter Tara from Pineapple's Post of course! Tara's my girl. I've linked to her a hundred times from here so you may be familiar with her already. She loves the 80's like I do, and Rob Thomas and Grey's Anatomy, and posting embarrassing photos of herself from the 80s to her blog, and so on and so on. You really should read her blog and find out about her "udders." It's not what you think, believe me. :) She's also been doing some digital scrapbooking which she is VERY good at and she makes me jealous! I could list all kinds of good things about Tara, but you should go see for yourself. No, really, you should. Know why? Because I am her very FIRST landlord from Blog Explosion. Sooooo..that means I need to deliver clicks for the credits she spent on the space here. And just look how pretty her thumbnail is over there on the sidebar! If you go for a visit, tell her I sent ya!
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It's time for *GTHOTS*
(First, an apology to the non-American Idol fans. I know that is all I've been talking about but don't say I didn't WARN you guys!)

******By the way, LIVE spoilers!!!******

Time for the GTHOTS (get the heck off the show) episode of American Idol for the week.

Group song, "Love the One You're With." Not horrible. Not quite as amusement park-ish. Ya gotta give it to my girl Mandisa, showing some skin. She's a big girl, but she is gorgeous!


Carrie Underwood sings Jesus Take the Wheel. She has come a long way since she was on American Idol. She sounds great and has so much poise. She looks great, too. A great country voice. (could I use the word "great" more in one paragraph?? Anyone have a thesaurus??)

Time to get rid of a girl. Bottom 3--Kinnik, Brenna and Heather. Did I call it or what?? WOO HOO! Brenna is going home!! GTHOTS!

The next GTHOTS girl...Heather! I called it! woo hoo! I just like being right. :)

Ok, here we go with the guys...(Ryan puts Elliott on the spot)
Bottom 3--Sway, David, Kevin I didn't call Kevin in the bottom, yet.
The first GTHOTS guy is...David!
The last GTHOTS person to go is... Sway! Does anyone think Sway sang MUCH better tonight? Jeez.

Woo hoo, I called them all! So, next week, I think Kevin and Will will go next week. (or Bucky, even.) For the girls, I hope they get rid of Kinnik and um..maybe Melissa.

Ok, lucky for you guys, this is the last AI post until next week! :)
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American Idol--da boys Top 10
The boys definitely outshined the girls last night!

Taylor-Easy by The Commodores It's no secret, I loves me some Taylor! I thought his voice sounded so smooth even if it was not the all time greatest song choice. Though I think he did look very sharp, I wish he would dress just a little younger. Just because his hair is grey does not mean he is OLD! His body movements weren't as bad with this song, so that was good. I give him a 22/25.

Paula, please, just shut up.

Elliott--Moody's Mood For Love. VERY nice! He was so smooth. He gets better every week. Excellent performance. I give him a 23/25.

Ace--If I'm Not Made For You by Daniel Bedingfield. Bad hair. The whole "beanie" story was just silly. He started off so shakey and I think it got worse as the song went on. The thing sounded off-key to me. The song choice was not the best. His grimace is just scary and is he full of himself or what?? I give him a 17/25. Ace is quickly becoming like Constantine to me...annoying!

Gedeon--Change is Gonna Come Even though I think he should have picked a newer song I think he did very well. I'm not a huge Gedeon fan, but this week he was on it. He is definitely a performer. I give him a 22/25.

Kevin--I Heard It Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye Poor little Kevin, he does have more confidence this week. Not a horrible performance but come on! He is not "the next American Idol!" He really shouldn't do a song like this, there just isn't enough "soul" in his voice. His "cuteness" will most likely carry him another week. I give him an 18/25.

Sway--Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder From the first note? Suckage. Plus, he had absolutely no enthusiasm while singing. Totally not worthy of a Stevie song. I just don't like Sway. And? I have to agree with what my girl LC when she says "Why can't his name just be Sway ???? How come we gotta have Jose first then "Sway" in quotes ????" Anyway, I give him a 16/25.

Will--Lady by Kenny Rogers. First, cut your hair kid. Or wash it. Or don't put so much product in it. Second? Pick a song that is not older than your MOM! Third, pick a song that is more upbeat and fits your personality. A 16 year old singing about his "Lady?" NOT happening for me. Plus, I'm pretty sure he didn't move for the first minute of the song. Like the girls...boring. I give him an 18/25.

Bucky--The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. Not only does Bucky sucky, but he comes across as a complete doofus. Seriously! What was up with that interview clip about menus and food and losing weight and blah blah blah... Even though I think this was a much better song choice, it was like bad bar karaoke. I give him a 15/25.

David--The Way You Look Tonight(or something like that) by Frank Sinatra. The boy is a crooner. He can't sing anything else. He didn't have any kind of emotion with the song. Too young for a grown up song, anyway. He must go now. I give him a 16/25.

Chris--Hemmorhage by Fuel. As soon as I heard what song he was doing I knew he would ROCK!! He did! He is totally not my type but, YUM! He had the BEST performance of the night. Hello, Constantine, meet a REAL rocker! The judges loved him. A great performance to end the show. I give him a 24/25.

So, that was the boys. A much better time than the girls for sure.

Here is who I think should go home tonight...
Girls--Heather and Brenna. (but Kinnik may go)
Boys--David and Sway (but Will may go)

My top 3...
Girls--Mandisa, Ayla and Katharine
Boys--Chris, Taylor and Elliott

I'll be back, of course, with my round up of who goes home. I know, you all can't wait.
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Where my *GAGs* at??
Ok, GAGs..sorry I didn't get to it..the Grey's Anatomy post. I SWEAR I will get to it on Thursday!! :D Also, my American Idol-the boys post.

Um, that's it for now.

Oh, one more thing... SCOOTER MCGAVIN is a SMART-ASS!! :D Smooches, Scoot. Who is Veronica Mars, anyway? ;)
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American Idol..the girls Top 10
One word--- BORING!
So boring, I can't even remember the names of some of their songs. Anyway, here's a short recap...

Katharine started the show with a song that was so slow it dragged on and on..and I LOVE Katharine! She is very pretty, too, but I hated the pants she had on. (I know, that has nothing to do with the singing...still..)She has a great voice, but wow, bad song choice. I give her a 20/25.

Kinnik singing country. Energetic but ew. I give her a 15/25.

Lisa singing I don't even remember what song. She is good, but another boring performance. I give her a 20/25

Melissa sings country. More energetic than before but still not a really strong performance. She wore a very boob-enhancing top so that may keep her around for another week.I give her a 19/25.

At this point, Paula was annoying the hell out of Simon and he yelled at her and she switched seats with Randy. Have I mentioned that I want Paula to shut-up and get off the show? Well,I do!

Heather sang Hero by Mariah Carey. Ohhh...bad...she should NOT have chosen that song. I give her a 17/25.

Brenna sang Donna Summer "Last Dance." (inside joke alert for Brianna and Bubba: Simmer Don-na...Simmah Down Nah!!) I tried so hard to listen objectively to Brenna because I can't stand her and the whole attitude she has. It was just ok. Nothing great. I give her a 17/25.

Paris--Wind Beneath My Wings. I like Paris, though I don't think she will win she will be in the top 12. This wasn't her best, but it was still pretty good. Boring, again. I give her 20/25.

Ayla sang a Celine Dion song that I didn't really know. A SLOW song of course...but..she did a GREAT job. She sounded very strong and the song was in her range. I think it was one of her best performances. I give her a 23/25.

Kellie--Cut the country bumpkin act, chick. You sing ok, but stop with the over the top country girl in the city crap. I thought she sounded and looked nervous. She sounded more nasal then usual. And? The way she stands with her butt sticking out drives me batty. I give her a 19/25.

Mandisa! Big girl can sang! A slow song again, but wow..she was great! I give her a 24/25. As Simons said, she "hasn't found the right song yet, but when you are on it, there is no one better in this competition."

So, that's it..boring..nothing very memorable.
The guys tonight..hopefully they will do much better.

Click my renter before his time runs out!
If you want a BLOGMAD invitation, let me know.
Put yourself on my frappr map.
To all my fellow Grey's Anatomy groupies AKA GAGs (hee hee) I'll do my GA post later this evening.
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