Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Top 7...Again

After the judges used their save last week on Matt Giraud, we're back this week to watch the top 7, again! This week, two people will go home. Bummer!

Wow, Ryan didn't mess around...Lil stayed on stage and she's singing already!

Lil "I'm Every Woman" Eh. I'm just not a Lil fan. 7 of 10

Kris "She Works Hard For The Money" AWESOME! 9 of 10

Danny "September" LOVE! 9 of 10

Allison "Hot Stuff" Not my favorite of hers but still good. 8 of 10

Adam "If I Can't Have You" Nuh uh. Just because he made a "cry" face through the whole song does NOT mean he "feels it." Gag me. Pauler was insane. He's not brilliant. He can sing. Then he screeches. High pitched screeching is NOT singing OR amazing range. 7 1/2 of 10

Matt "Staying Alive" I loved it! One of his high notes was off, but man it was fun and I would listen to him after the show. 8 of 10

Anoop "Dim All The Lights" It was ok. 7 of 10

My Top 3: Danny, Kris and Matt
Bottom 3: Lil, Anoop and Adam

I hope Lil goes home and suspect Matt will go with her.
posted by Angie @ 7:56 PM  
  • At 8:17 AM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    Hey, if nasally is a singing style, then screeching can be one to my queen.

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