Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Whenever I participate in a "comment game" like the one over at Michele's every weekend or the one that WENDY has going on NOW , I always feel like I need to step it up and actually blog something profound and thought-provoking. Problem is, I rarely feel very profound. I don't find myself thinking very deeply about many issues or subjects. Even if I did...I don't think I even WANT my blog to be of a serious nature. There are occasions when I will speak of something less than goofy and (GASP!) not TV related, but those posts are few and far between. What's my point? Um..I kinda forgot. Oh yeah...I guess my point is that I feel inadequate in the land of blogging. I worry a lot about what others (the ones who don't comment) are thinking about when they read my silly posts. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. It's very telling of my personality in general.

So, anyway...if you are visiting me for the first time...Yeah, I write many posts about American Idol and silly stuff like that with the occasional "poor-me-I'm-poor-and-fat" post thrown in just to mix it up. . But it's fun..and believe me, you don't want me to start talking about serious issues. I'd rather make someone smile and giggle than make them have to think too hard.

How's that for the meaning of blogging for me?? I had nothing else...perhaps I will bombard this space with photos of my kids later when I get home... :)
posted by Angie @ 12:29 PM  
  • At 6:47 PM, Anonymous Mr Eccentric said…

    I don't know...a "Blog about Nothing" sounds pretty good to me. I mean, think about it...Seinfeld was the show about nothing, right?

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