Thursday, April 26, 2007
I'm quick like that
Jameson came in to the living room earlier and held up a bag and said, "Guess what I have in here, Mommy."

I said, "Your pennies." (he'd been playing with some pennies previously)

He said, "Yep. Wow, you're a fast knower!"

I love my kids.


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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Things I could have blogged about in the past 2 months...but didn't.
  • Jameson, my baby, turned 4 years old on March 18th. I should have talked about it and posted pictures. But I didn't.
  • Brianna took her written driver's test and got her real license. (as opposed to that 'fake' learner's permit ha ha) Lucky girl that she is, she gets to drive the mini-van! Wouldn't you feel like a cool teenager getting to do that? And, she's NEVER home because she feels like she has to be somewhere all the time because she can drive there. Hey, who am I to argue? As long as I don't have to drive her, it's all good. I should have blogged it. Didn't.
  • American Idol. I'm glad Sanjaya is gone. I'm tired of seeing him all over the place now that he is no longer on Idol. Otherwise, I love Jordin. Lakisha should smile, but the girl can sang. Melinda brings it every week. If anyone of the male persuasion stays longer, it should be Blake. Chris Richardson offends my ears and Phil has an ok voice, but is boring. I should have been talking about it here. I didn't. (haven't been..whatever.)
  • Easter. The holiday in which it was proven that I am a a bad mother for I took not one photo. Not one single photo. I suck. I should have posted about it. I didn't.
  • Braelyn was Student of the Month. Yay for her! Shoulda. Didn't.
  • How I am a member of an official book club that does not include having to mail in money or postcards refusing the book of the month. It's a real gen-u-INE book club where we all read a chosen book and then meet and talk about it a la Ohpree Winfrey. (My grandma called her Ohpree.) And how with one day to go before the book club meeting I had a marathon reading session where I read 19, that's NINETEEN, chapters on Friday night. I rock. There's more to the story and what? I should have blogged about it. Didn't.
  • Winter Guard and how the girls did with that. 6th place. Yay! Didn't.
  • Work stress. Di'nt.
  • At least 15 cute things my children have said. Oh no, I DI'NT.
  • My complete obsession with Friday Night Lights and how if it gets cancelled after this season I will collapse into a depression so deep there will be no bringing me out. I LOVE those people! Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) doesn't know it yet, but he loves me and will soon come for me. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Didn't.
  • Lost. Oh how I love Lost. Even with everyone else complaining about it, I lovety love Lost. I want Sawyer to make ME a mix tape! Nope, didn't.
  • Robin Thick. I love that song he sings so much that I set it as my music on my MySpace player and I ALMOST set it to auto-play. I HATE auto-play. But for THAT voice, I almost chucked my auto-play principles out the window. Almost. Also? I want him to sing to ME almost (there's that word again) as much as I wish for Dave Matthews to sit in an empty room with only me and his guitar and sing to ME. Wait. What was I talking about? Whatever it was, I should have blogged about it. Je pas.
  • Speaking of Dave Matthews, he and the boys will be in Indy in August. Guess who didn't get tickets? I should have blogged and complained like I do every year. But, I didn't.
Even with all those bullets, I know there were at least 20 more. I WILL get back to blogging. Someday.
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Monday, April 09, 2007
Hip-Hop HANG me!

See that yellow thing? From the DEVIL! No, seriously, his name is Hip-Hop Harry and he is the devil incarnate! Watch it just once and tell me he's not. Watch it just once and tell me that any one of these things doesn't grind on your last nerve and also indicate that the end is near!
  1. His "rapping".
  2. His voice.
  3. His "dancing."
  4. His flappy hands. (you have to see it to know what that means.)
  5. The kids on the show who think they can rap and dance.
  6. The god awful music on the show.
  7. The signature ending song called, "I Love To Learn."

Guess whose kids LOVE the show? Guess whose son goes around saying "yo, yo, yo?"

In case you want to join in the satanic ritual that is Hip-Hop Harry, check your local listings. It's on TLC every morning.

In the meantime, where is Barney when you need him??

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Friday, April 06, 2007
Show me your boobs!!
I was driving home from work a few weeks back and while at a stoplight downtown, I casually looked over at the oncoming lane to my left. There sat a mini-van, flashers on, in the middle of a lane right next to the county jail. Hanging out the passenger side window was a young-ish girl. I couldn't tell how old she was because she had her back to me.

She was looking up at the jail-cell windows, which are little more than slats, and she was holding up some sort of sign made from notebook paper to whom I'm guessing was her husband or boyfriend or brother or uncle bob in one of the windows. Now, the person driving, who looked to be her mom, maybe or her older sister, got out of the driver's side and ran around to the passenger side and flung the sliding door open while at the same time, mouthing words up toward the window and gesturing wildly with her hands. The last I saw, she was (I think) unbuckling a small child from a car seat, I guess to hold the baby up so the incarcerated one could get a glimpse.

If that ain't true love and great parenting, I don't know what it is.

PS If you watched even ONE episode of "Armed & Famous", you would understand.
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Heads or tails?
Jameson had a nickel the other night. He told Bubba that he was going to "fro" it up and to say heads or tails.

He tossed it up, Bubba called heads and it was heads. Woo hoo! He "fros" it up again and Bubba calls tails.

Jameson looks at it and says, "Huh-uh, White House."
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Summer '07
Oh, HELL yes!
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I have found my voice! It has returned to me in the form of my DELL being back home with a new motherboard! I think I want to kiss it, and squeeze it and make it my pet.

Who knew that having to use a crappy old computer from 1998 would cause blogging depression in me??
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