Tuesday, November 30, 2004
Kids say the darndest things
The other night, B-ump and I went to a basketball game. Tater Tot and Little Big stayed at Heather's house. Heather is my friend, co-worker and scrapbooking buddy. Anyway, Heather fed them dinner and she said they ate really well. On the way home, we were hungry and it was late, so we stopped by taco bell for a couple tacos. Tater said, "Daddy, I want something." B-ump: "But, you already ate supper, Tater. At Heather's house." Tater: "You didn't see me." They always find a loophole.
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Badly Overacted Horatio Quote of the Week
"You do...(insert William Shatner pause)if you've got something to hide."

Again, I say, if you watch/have watched CSI:Miami, you know what I am talking about.
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Sunday, November 28, 2004
Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Blog (or blog envy)
Is that an official commandment?

Surfing all the blogs on Blog Explosion, I see all the snazzy skins and layouts and it makes me jealous. Positively GREEN with envy. I look at my little simple blogger blog and think, "Oh the things I could do." But then, you know what? I think about myself and how positively computer illiterate I am, and I am happy and content with the relative simplicity of this pink wonderland. I'll keep it. For now.

When I really think about those snazzy blogs, the design may have caught my attention, but the actual content and writing is what kept me and made me a fan. Hopefully, I can get to that point someday---have people who are waiting to hear what I have to say next. (B-ump and GG, you don't count!!)

While I am on the subject of BE...does anyone else out there have, oh, I don't know, 3,000 blogs in their blogmarks? There are a hell of a lot of great blogs out there that interest me and/or make me laugh 'til I am running to the bathroom. I will never have enough time to keep up with them all. I will try.

One more thing about BE, 25 do not views are NOT ENOUGH!!

Time to surf some more. My butt is numb.

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Should I Claim Them??

Here you have it...the famous (infamous??) Little Big, Guard Girl and Tater Tot. Note the cheesy, goofy look on GG's face. Also of note, TT's turban (she just got out of the tub) and her "supergirl" cape clothespinned together at her neck. Posted by Hello
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Saturday, November 27, 2004
Oh the sweet, sweet silence
This is bliss. A silent house, save for the noise of something in the dryer tumbling about. GG, after having spent the last two nights at my parents' house is home, but upstairs in her room. Bubba-ump is snoozing because he has to work tonight. LB and TT are napping on the couch. So what if it is too late for a nap? Who cares. The silence is well worth it. I don't even have music playing. Just surfing some blogs and relaxing. It will soon end. Bummer.
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Questions, questions, I want questions
Ok, stole this idea from Husbands anon. Here is how it will work.

1.Ask me three questions by making a comment and posting them.
2.The answers will be posted in the comments of this entry.
3.Do the same on your blog, allowing myself and anyone else to ask you three questions.

Carry on! :)
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Friday, November 26, 2004
Surprise, surprise

what decade does your personality live in?

quiz brought to you by lady interference, ltd

See?? I told you I am an 80's kind of girl. :) Was trying to think of an 80's memory to share. Saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off was on today, or yesterday. No matter. But it did remind me of my sister taking me and my best friend Connie to see it on the night it opened at the movies. We got a free poster. It hung on my wall until I moved out. That was almost 20 years ago. I was 15. Oh my goodness. Must go wallow in my old-ness now.
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The Tale of the Tarantula
The time: a few weeks ago--approximately 1:30am
The place: my living room
The Scene: Anj-panj tries to pull herself away from the computer to go to bed since she has to work the next day. Guard Girl, Tater Tot, and Little Big are snoozing away. Bubba-ump is at work. As Anj-panj swivels in the computer chair to contemplate going to bed, she sees something move in the corner of her eye.

Now, we are prone to have mice in the fall/winter, so I figured what I saw move was a mouse coming out to say "Hi. How are ya?" as they sometimes do. As I turned my head and focused on the subject, my eyes widened and I am quite positive my mouth fell open. A spider! A spider that was freaking big enough to be seen across the room out of the corner of my eye! I bit off a scream. (Let me say here, I HATE SPIDERS!! No matter what the size!) I moved to get out of the chair to find something to kill it with, and it paused during its run along the baseboard to look at me, see me approaching and turn and run like the wind behind the table by Bubba-ump's chair. So, I immediately think, I can NOT go to bed now! How could I possibly sleep knowing there is a hidden tarantula in the house? It could crawl on my children. It could crawl on ME! So, I think, I will have to sit unmoving in the computer chair all night, watching for tarantula movement. But, wait! I have myself a knight in shining armour. Albeit, he is working, still...So, I called Bubba-ump.
me:There's a tarantula in our house.
Bu:What? Are serious?
me:It is the biggest freaking spider I have EVER seen!(At this point I am in hysterical laugh, almost cry, mode)
Bu:Where is it?
me:Hiding stealthily behind your table.
Bu:Is it really that big?
me:YES! (hysterical squeal as the tarantula scrambles along the baseboard again.)
me:Ok, just thought I'd let you know. I'll still be up when you get home.
Bu:I'll be home in a minute.
me:No, no, you can't leave work.
Bu:I'll be there in a minute.

So, I wait and I watch. In the mean time, Little Big wakes up, so he is sitting there with me. And when Bu gets home, Tater Tot wakes up. Now, picture this. My knight walks in with a flattened box and a long handled POOL NET. I kid you not. He walks slowly in the room and says, "Where is it?" I point. He looks. Nothing. He moves the recliner. Nothing. He moves the table. "OH MY GOD!" Folks, he didn't believe me on the phone. After much scrambling about, the killer poisonous tarantula was smooshed in the cardboard. The kids had to see its guts.
Bubba-ump returned to work. We went to bed.

Ahh..the life of a distressed damsel.

Stay tuned for The Tale of the Bat
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Wow...I was hoping for at least $2,000,000
I'm worth $1,726,906.10! How much are you worth?

I am such a sucker for all the little quizzes and things that I can add to this here space. :)
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Something to Bide Your Time as 30 Seconds Pass
Saw this over at jcstormy's blog (ok, so I have tried 13 ways to get that to link and it won't work! I am so blog-illiterate!) and thought it would be something to do while you Blog Explosion-ites wait for 30 seconds to pass...

Really quickly, without much thought, list 5 things you see around you. Here are mine...

1. Baby wipes.
2. Birthday balloon.
3. My husband's work schedule.
4. The flipper. (remote, channel changer, whatever. In our house it is the flipper)
5. Salt shaker. (I have no idea.)

See? Now wasn't that fun and oh so interesting?? What stuff do YOU have sitting around??
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Gonna Have to Face it I'm Addicted to Blogs
And Blog Explosion. Wow...the time I can waste reading blogs!

Now Playing:My new Duran Duran CD--Astronaut! Yay for me!

So, Thanksgiving and my birthday have drawn to a close. Without horrible incident. Not that there usually ever is a horrible incident, but after reading blog after blog after blog, it seems that so many were bracing themselves for the absolute worst, I feel lucky to have escaped it. We ended up going to "Ryan's" for dinner. It's a restaurant in case you don't have Ryan's in your neck of the woods. Lots of good food there. Tater barely ate. Little Big ate chicken like crazy. So much for turkey. He got mad because I cut his grapes in half. (Only after Roy D. my dad type person reminded me that kids choke on grapes but "I'm not telling you what to do." Yeah.) I got the restaurant workers Happy Birthday song. Complete with them ANNOUNCING TO THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT that I was celebrating my 34th birthday! I am not a blusher. Someone forgot to tell my cheeks that tidbit of info. Tater and Mom almost missed the song as they were in the restroom going from stall to stall trying to find one suitable to Tater's taste. That is a whole other story there. Let's just say that I can walk into any public restroom and immediately know if it will pass the Tater Toilet Test. If it looks the least bit "yucky" forget it. She will hold it for the next available CLEAN restroom. When you are 3, that isn't long. Back to our dinner. Guard Girl ate the least of us all....because she was trapped. The table behind us filled with people and she wasn't able to get out unless they too went to the buffet.

Later, Guard Girl and I went to Kmart to get a few of their sale items. Spent a couple hours there. Picked the littles up from Mom & Dad's and GG stayed. She is going to do their housework for them tomorrow for Christmas money. Headed home and we watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and most of the Grinch. I let them stay up "late" to watch.

Bubba-ump has now gone to work. I am thinking about what I can eat. It's 12:20 am. I really shouldn't eat anything. I probably will. It won't be Thanksgiving left overs.
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Thursday, November 25, 2004
Someday My Prince Will Come...
Funny...Bubba-ump looks EXACTLY like this...

Your Ideal Guy Is
Cinderella's Prince

Who's Your Ideal Disney Guy?
brought to you by Quizilla
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Happy Birthday to Me!
My family loves me. Bubba-ump, TT and LB gave me the new Duran Duran cd! Yay! Haven't listened yet. But I'll let you know. Guard Girl gave me the Gavin DeGraw cd!! It has an extra cd of all acoustic or live versions of his songs.

My parents called and wished me a Happy Birthday. Mom, funny girl that she is, said, "Is my baby 40 today?" What a riot. My sister, Mom jr. called. My best friend from work called. Yep, I am feeling special today. Just waiting for my sister, Nursey, to remember. If I know her, she will remember tonight at around 10 or 11 o'clock. But that is ok, because she's family. And I forget her birthday and her kids birthdays, oh, every stinkin' year! Well, I don't really forget the actual birthday....I just forget to CALL. Bad sister. Bad, bad, sister.

The tots are bathed and Little Big is snoozin'. Tater is watching Rugrats. Bubba-ump is sleeping since he worked last night. My hair is wet having just gotten out of the shower, and GG is showering now. Preparing for the big T-giving dinner.

Hope everyone is having a great day with great family and even better food!
Now, get away from the computer and Blog Explosion and have some quality family time!

Gobble Gobble
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
Ramblings on a Wednesday that Feels Like a Friday
I am just not feeling CSI:NY tonight. I love my Gary and all, but tonight the tv is on, but I have been surfing blogs, catching up on some of my favorites and listening to music.

Now Playing:Fall to Pieces-Velvet Revolver

Last night me and Bubba-ump (or is that Bubba-ump and I?) went to a high school basketball game at our alma mater. It just isn't the same as it was back in the day. Back then, I was SUPER FAN! My best friend Connie and I were the queens of the cheer block. Had our own official free-throw scream and everything. Crazy. Someday when I have a spiffy new computer with scanner, I will post some pictures to humiliate us both. :)

After the game, we picked up all the kiddies and came home. It was already late and the little ones needed a bath, but I know I was too tired, so I thought to myself, "Self, just give the Tater and Little Big a bath in the morning." After I had a good laugh with myself about that one, I realized that LB had been quiet for far too long. Quiet and out of sight! Guard Girl walked in to the kitchen and found LB playing in SALMONELLA!! He had pulled the carton of eggs from the fridge and proceeded to break them all over the kitchen floor. Slimy, snotty raw eggs. So, guess what? Tater Tot and Little Big had a bath last night. At 10:30pm. Please nominate me for mother of the year.

Now Playing:Sunday Morning-Maroon 5

Tater Tot Cuteness
Bubba-ump wakes from a nap a few days ago and was squinting from the sunlight.
TT:What's wrong with your eyes, daddy?
Bu:I just woke up and I don't feel good.
TT:I will make you feel better.
Bu:How will you do that?
TT:I will make a funny face.
TT sticks out her tongue.
He felt better.

Favorite Roseanne episode. The one where Roseanne and Jackie's dad dies and Jackie has to call almost deaf Auntie Barbara to tell her the news. "Auntie Barbara? It's Jackie. JACKIE. I'm afraid I have some bad news. Dad..isn't with us anymore. Dad's gone. He's passed away. PASSED AWAY. Dad's DEAD. DEAD! HE'S FINE HE SENDS HIS LOVE! I crack up every time!

Now Playing:Follow Through-Gavin DeGraw

So, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It's just not the same. Our family used to all get together. Both of my sisters are going to gatherings at their in-laws. Mom and Dad invited us to go out to eat with them. OUT TO EAT! On Thanksgiving. How depressing. I know, we could cook. But Bubba-ump is the chef in this house and he has to work tonight (11p-7a) and again tomorrow night, so he'll be sleeping quite a bit tomorrow. We really don't have anywhere else to go on his side of the family. (long story) So, we will trek out on T-giving and eat out. There will be no left overs. No cold turkey sandwiches for the next week. I wanna be a kid again!

Ok, I have certainly rambled enough. For now anyway.
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All Turkey Eve
It appears that thanksgiving is upon us. Or at least it will be tomorrow. This year has flown by! Tomorrow, besides being thanksgiving, it is my birthday. I will be 34 years old. What a time to find out that I am mashed potatoes!

You Are Mashed Potatoes

Oridnary, comforting, and more than a little predictable
You're the glue that holds everyone together.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Unbutton Your Pants Now
No, no. Not YOU. When I say you, I mean ME. We're having a gi-hugeous (pr. jie-huge-us....a word used by my best guy friend in high school) thanksgiving carry-in at work today. At least 100 people participating. By mid afternoon, we will all be laid back in our chairs, pants un-done, snoozing as the phones ring and ring and ring which will lose us clients, which will be the demise of our company. Turkey--food of the devil!!
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Preliminary Christmas List
I want, I want, I want....

1. Seinfeld on DVD
2. Gavin DeGraw CD "Chariot"

I'm cheap and easy.
However, the title does say preliminary.
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Monday, November 22, 2004
Badly Overacted Horatio Quote of the Week
"Maybe dead men do tell tales."

If you watch CSI:Miami, you will know what I mean.
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Sunday, November 21, 2004
I love the 80's
Told ya

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Saturday, November 20, 2004
The One That Is The Last "The One"
Ok, so I have driven my own self batty with my titles like Friends episodes titles. So, this is the last one. *pause for Balki-Cousin Larry-like dance of joy*

Apparantly, I am a 9. Woo hoo! I have never been a 9 in my life. A high 7 low 8 in high school, but never a 9. Oh, wait. I don't think that is what it means. See for yourself.

You Are the Peacemaker


You are emotionally stable and willing to find common ground with others.

Your friends and family often look to you to be the mediator when there is conflict.

You are easy going and accepting. You take things as they come.

Avoding conflict at all costs, you're content when things are calm.

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The One Hating Those "Words"
I HATE HATE HATE "meh" and "feh." With a purple passion. Who the heck started it? When I see either one on a blog, chat or email, I want to poke my eyes out with toothpicks! Or scrape my nails slowly down a chalkboard. That would be much more pleasurable.

Ahhhhh...I feel much better with that off my chest!
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Friday, November 19, 2004
The One On Friday Night
Remember the good old days when you just couldn't wait until Friday night? Because there would be a game and maybe a dance afterward. Or a party...or something equally fun and exciting. Exciting to a teenager, anyway. I was a teen in the 80's. Must be why now I am so into all things 80's. Oh, which reminds me, have you seen Duran Duran lately? The original line-up is back together and they still look pretty darn good for "old" guys. Duran Duran was my obsession when I was about 13 or 14 years old. OBSESSION. Literally. My best friend, Jeri and I would spend endless hours going through teen magazines, cutting out pictures of D2 and tearing out articles and posters. We each had a file box(!) filled with articles, pictures, posters....all things Duran. (what a nerd I was!) Our walls were covered in posters. Our jackets covered with Duran buttons. She bought me a skinny pink leather tie for my birthday once. My sister bought me a "John Taylor" fedora. Jeri and I HAD A BIRTHDAY PARTY for Andy Taylor once. We baked a cake and made a sign. There is photographic evidence of this. **note to self--find Andy Taylor b-day photos and BURN them** Next comes a most embarrassing admission. The Plan. We had this plan to get up close to "the guys." First, get front row tickets to their concert. 'Cause you know, it is just so easy to do that. Then, when the timing was perfect and those little guys with "event staff" on the back of their shirts were looking the other way, we would bound onto the stage and using previously acquired handcuffs (handcuffs!) we would attach ourselves to either a member of the band or the drum kit. You know, simple as that. I cringe to this day when I think of that plan. We were...idiots! Ok, so someone tell me how this turned into a Duran Duran memoir?! Anyway, what I was going to say...when Duran Duran tours near here, I am SOOOO there!

I think tomorrow I will tell my fan more about me and my family. I had better start fabricating interesting stories now...

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
The One With Gary
Gary Sinise. CSI:NY. I hope it is a good episode tonight. More later.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
The One That Wonders
If my husband is a saint among men, is it sacrilegious to get mad at him? Or for something about him to drive me batty?? Like the whistle in his nose that is ALWAYS there?
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Monday, November 15, 2004
The One That Is OLD
I just remembered. I will be 34 in ten days. 34. Three. Four. OLD. One year from 35. Ugh.
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The One That Is Frustrated
Grrrr....had a big long post going last night about the American Music Awards and it wouldn't let me post. Then, I lost the post before I could save as draft. Love it.

I didn't want to get up this morning. Besides it being Monday, Little Big was all snuggled up to me in bed when I woke up. Tater Tot was in my bed, too. Bubba-ump worked last night so that is the way it should be. Keeping daddy's side of the bed warm.

Ok, I can't be funny or clever this morning. I am running late for work.

I'll leave you with this...

Anna Nicole. High as a kite, party of one!! Someone put her out of her misery.
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Sunday, November 14, 2004
The One That Rambles and Explains the Title
Why is it that I can think of 35 things to write about all day long when I am not here? Then, I sit staring blankly at an empty new post space....blink....blink blink....

My latest musical obsession...Gavin DeGraw. I must listen to his live songs on vh1.com every night. "Just Friends," "Follow Through," "Get Lost." He is to die for along with my Maroon 5, my Davey (Matthews, of the Dave Matthews Band fame, you may have heard of him), and my Robbie (Thomas of another little group you may have heard of, Matchbox twenty). Sadly, I do not have Gavin DeGraw's cd. (Bubba-ump...you listening??) When we get our new computer, hopefully at the first of the year, I will be salivating for an iPod!! I likes me music.

What does Ficken Chingers mean, you ask? I shall enlighten the masses. Mass. The one person reading this. One night the whole fam damily went to Steak & Shake. Home of the side by side milk shake, don't ya know. We had asked Tater Tot, the 3 year old daughter, what she wanted to eat. She chose chicken fingers. We waited for the waitress. (waited for the waitress...there is something wrong with that sentence, it seems) Right before she came to take our order, we asked TT again what she wanted. "I WANT FICKEN CHINGERS!" We all stopped, then burst into gales of laughter. She had no idea what she had even said. So, now of course we call all chicken fingers, Ficken Chingers. Sounds almost dirty, doesn't it?? And that, my friends, is the story behind the name. It was that or something so creative as....My Blog, or Angie's World. Whee...

I should warn you all now, I like to use the "dot dot dot." A lot. Annoying? Most likely. But it is a habit I cannot break. (80's song alert...I'm addicted to you baby, you're a hard habit to break...)

Cast of characters--my husband of 14 years is Bubba-ump. 13 year old daughter is Guard Girl (or GG). 3 year old daughter is Tater Tot (or TT). 1 1/2 year old son is Biggens (or little big or bubby, not sure yet of his name assignment). There will be a test on this.

Since it is now after 3am and I have managed to ramble a while, I should probably go to bed.

Now if I could only figure out how to add photos and fun stuff to this blog, all would be right with the world.

Nighty 'night.

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Friday, November 12, 2004
The One Explaining My Absence--Sort Of
Aaaaahhhh....I feel so much better. I have my computer back. After a week of problems I am back on line. I had such plans to write so much here and those plans were thwarted. Later this evening, I plan to write a bunch, let you all know just who I am and who my family is and what happens in my life. Some of it may bore you...hell, most of it will probably bore you, but every once in a while, it may make you laugh. I have lots to say, so be prepared. Now, I need to go fight for the shower and try to get to work on time. Until tonight my fan --ha ha, like I have a fan yet, or ever will-- have a blog-filled day!
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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
The One That Wants To Go To Bed
Oh my goodness! Please, please, please get the votes counted! My heart can't take it! And I want to go to bed! I am going to be so tired tomorrow.
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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
The One Where My Fingernails Disappeared
Ok...I cannot take this whole election thing! If I don't throw up my dinner, I will chew my fingernails to nubbins. I turn the tv off...I turn it back on... Off. On. Off. ON!! Ok, so now I should probably say that I am a republican. I voted for Bush. I loathe Kerry. Detest. Am disgusted by. Spit on. Well, ok, I wouldn't spit on him, 'cause frankly, girls shouldn't spit. (Could someone please tell me why guys spit all the time, ANYWHERE? For no reason. Gross.) Anyway, I officially ran screaming through the polling place doors at about 5:50 pm (they closed at 6!) threw my driver's license at the sweet old lady at the table and scribbled my name in the appropriate box. Only about a 2 minute wait for an available booth and off I went to impregnate chads. Or dangle them. Whatever. I do not EVER vote straight ticket. I hate that. I feel out of control. I have to read all the names and pick one. Poke the little poker thingie into the little holes. Fun stuff. Now we wait.

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