Friday, September 30, 2005
Battle of the Blog Idiots
So there is this huge uprising over at the BOTB against the "Mommy Mafia." These guys have waaaaay too much time on their hands.

Hey crazy dan and all you others...guess what?? My kid poopied in the potty for the first time last night!!!!!! Woo hoo!!!

Mommy Mafia...can I be the Don? Donna?


Edited to add:I got the wording wrong. They call it the "Housewife Mafia." But they still complain endlessly about "mommy blogs."
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100 141 Things About Me
1. I am the youngest of three sisters.
2. My birthday is Nov. 25, 1970
3. I have a "birthmark" on my right ear on the upper backside-a mole that mom always called a chocolate chip.
4. When I was a young girl, I wanted glasses and braces. I didn't need either.
5. I broke my right arm in the 2nd grade when I fell off the slide in the playground.
6. At the same time, I fell on my yellow, plastic Snoopy lunchbox and broke it and it cut my bottom lip. There is a scar.
7. I have an Associate's Degree in Medical Assisting.
8. I am a terrible cook.
9. I am a worse housekeeper.
10.My 6th grade teacher, Mr Mason, was my favorite teacher ever.
11.I have an unrealistic feeling that if I could only lose the weight I want to lose then everything else in my life would be perfect.
12.My oldest friend is Monica. We've been friends for 25 years!
13.I am very insecure.
14.I didn't have my first kiss until I was 15 years old.
15.I think penises are ugly.
16.I've had 3 c-sections.
17.The only other surgery I have had was gall bladder removal.
18.My hair was stick straight all my life until I had my last two kids. Now it is curly.
19.My feet grew a size and a half after I had my kids.
20.My favorite actor of all time is Gary Sinise.
21.My favorite band is the Dave Matthews Band.
22.My parents have been married for 46 years.
23.I wish I could play a musical instrument. The piano especially.
24.I love Wendy's french fries dipped in a Wendy's frosty.
25.I am deathly afraid of heights. It's gotten worse as I have gotten older.
26.Same with deep water. If I can't touch bottom, I panic.
27.I still would like to take a cruise, though.
28.I've been married for 16 years.
29.I used to make cheat sheets in high school before tests but was always too chicken to use them.
30.I love dogs.
31.I had a dog when I was a teenager named Sir Taylor Rhodes LeBon. He was a miniature Dacshund.
32.I was a complete and total Duran Duran fanatic when I was a teen. In some ways I still am.
33.I wanted to play the drums like Roger Taylor from Duran Duran.
34.I farted in front of Bubba once in high school. He still married me a couple of years later.
35.I am a hopeless romantic.
36.I used to wear lots of jewelry. Now, I wear a watch and my wedding ring.
37.I work in the client services department of a Medical Laboratory.
38.I still live in the city in which I was born.
39.I was a virgin all through high school.
40.I have never done illegal drugs.
41.I did not have a drink until I was in my 20's.
42.My favorite color is purple.
43.I love reality TV shows. Especially Big Brother and Survivor.
44.I've watched ER since the first episode.
45.I work from 8:30 until 5:00 every week day.
46.I drive a mini-van.
47.I have no living grandparents.
48.I don't feel like an adult when I am around my parents.
49.I used to be the "middle-sized" sister. Now I am the FAT sister and I hate it.
50.I miss my friends from high school.
51.I went to my 5 year and 10 year HS reunions. I missed my 15 year reunion.
52.If I get thin I am getting my belly button pierced. Even if that is not until I am 45 or 50 years old!
53.I hate spiders.
54.I love to kiss.
55.I find a goatee on a man to be very sexy.
56.I was never attracted to blondes.
57.I love music.
58.I still like old school rap...from the 80's.
59.Bubba wrapped my engagement rings in a turkey box and the rings were each on an ear of a stuffed bunny rabbit. I was 19. He was almost 18.
60.I don't recommend getting married young.
61.I've only had 3 jobs in my life.
62.My first job was at K-mart.
63.My second job was as a medical assistant in an Ophthalmologist office.
64.I've been at my 3rd and current job for almost 7 years.
65.I kicked the tail light out of my ex-boyfriend's car once.
66.I've only had sex with one husband.
67.I think the Beatles and Pink Floyd are way overrated.
68.I used to practice kissing on my bedpost.
69.All three of my kids went to concerts with me while still in the womb. :) Brianna =MC Hammer (opening act Vanilla Ice!) Braelyn=Matchbox twenty (opening Lifehouse and Everclear) Jameson=Dave Matthews Band
70.I love to read.
71.I am a very conservative Republican.
72.My school wanted me to skip 4th grade and move on to 5th. I refused. Because of my friends.
73.I was the only student in the 7th grade to get all A's the first grading period. It was all downhill after that.
74.I hate professional basketball.
75.The only NFL I watch is the Colts.
76.I got carded buying a lottery ticket when I was 20 something.
77.I wish I could write well enough to be a professional author.
78.My favorite men's cologne is Curve.
79.My favorite women's perfume is Liz Claiborne...the the red, yellow or blue triangle bottle. Totally 80's, I realize.
80.My favorite pop is Cherry Coke. I have moved on to Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper.
81.I drink water more than anything else.
82.The boy I "went with" in the 6th grade is now a convicted murderer. (scary)
83.My first concert that counted, to me, was Loverboy with opening act The Hooters.
84.My real first concert was probably The Statler Brothers. (My parents MADE me go with them. I was like, 8 years old.)
85.I love to cry over a movie. Any good tearjerker will do.
86.I LOVE 80's "brat pack" movies. LOVE. LOVETY. LOVE.
87.I LOVE 80's music. SUPER DUPER LOVE.
88.I wish my house were as clean as my house was when I was growing up. My mom was a housecleaning nazi.
89.One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing misspellings in newspapers, magazines, etc.
90.I was 4 months pregnant when I got married. Only a handful of people knew.
91.My dad didn't speak to me for 2 days after he found out I was pregnant.
92.My favorite magazine is Entertainment Weekly.
93.I used to be a HUGE royal family watcher. Fergie was my favorite.
94.I watched Princess Di's wedding live.
95.I watched Princess Di's funeral live.
96.I was in freshman Algebra in high school when the Challenger blew up.
97.I wish my life were like a romantic comedy.
98.I HATE to fly.
99.I've been to Disney World and Disney Land.
100.I'm not done yet.

101.I still have my "blankie."
102.All 3 of my kids have blankies.
103.I love the sound of baseball cleats on pavement. It INSTANTLY reminds me of junior year of high school.
104.I hate mushrooms. It's a texture thing.
105.I planned my wedding in a month and a half.
106.If I could go back, I would change many things about my wedding.
107.I love scrapbooking. I have tons of supplies but never get to use them.
108.At any given time I have at least 10 rolls of film that need to be developed. right now, I have more than 15 rolls.
109.I prefer a film camera over a digital.
110.If I could have a chauffeur I would. I hate to drive.
111.I was a big flirt in high school. I rarely flirt now.
112.I had my tubes "tied" during my last c-section.
113.I bottle fed all 3 kids.
114.I have spanked all 3 kids.
115.I saw my best guy friend from high school recently. All I could say was, "Hi." It's all about my weight.
116.see #11.
117.I want to win the lottery so I can have a huge room in my new house filled with DVDs, CDs and books.
118.I want a scrapbooking room, too.
119.I used to sell Avon.
120.I went to college the fall after I graduated high school. The school was about an hour and a half away from home. I lasted 10 days. I was so homesick I called home crying and my mom told me to get in my car and drive home. No one was home when I got there.
121.While I was at college, for 10 days, I participated in rush. Worst experience of my life. Almost.
122.In my dorm room, for 10 days, I had a poster of Andre Agassi. The version of Andre Agassi who had that horrific long fuzzy mullet. I thought he was hot.
123.EVERYONE on my floor listened to Milli Vanilli. This was right before they were "outed."
124.I don't really have a best girl friend right now. That makes me sad.
125.When I was growing up, my dad could do ANYTHING.
126.I am not dealing with my parents aging very well.
127.I wish I had the money to get my nails done and highlights in my hair on a regular basis.
128.There are some things I want to list here, but I can't.
129.At one point I will have a senior in high school, a 2nd grader and a kindergartener. What the heck was I thinking?
130.My husband and I have very little in common.
131.My eyelashes are pretty much nonexistent. I really should wear mascara.
132.I was raised a Baptist.
133.I went to church camp for a week every summer from the time I was 9 years old until I was 18.
134.I like the toilet paper to roll out UNDER.
135.One of my boyfriends from high school is now a gynecologist. It's very fitting, believe me.
136.The Stand, by Stephen King is my favorite fictional book.
137.I am secretly jealous of others who seem to have perfect lives.
138.I once kissed a boyfriend for 20 minutes straight. Without stopping.
139.Walking into a bookstore is heaven to me.
140.I am afraid this list won't give you any insight to me.
141.I am going to stop now, even though I could go on. I'll update as I think of things.
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Monday, September 26, 2005
Blog Explosion "mommy blog" haters--this post contains an anecdote which may be considered to be from the depths of MOMMY BLOG HELL. Move along and try to stay out of the shoutbox with your whining and complaining. You've been warned. Thank you and blog safely.

Last night, the kids were watching "So You Think You Can Dance." Their big sis DVRs it and they LOVE to watch it and dance,too. Baby J was spinning around the room.

Bubba: "Bubby, are you going to be a dancer when you grow up?"
Baby J: "No."
Bubba: "What are you going to be when you grow up?"
Baby J: "Bigger."

Aunt Bitch is gone...the next time? She had better take the massive CHIN ZITS with her.

I am thisclose to strangling someone at work. But I can't talk about it here lest I be Dooced.

I am in serious blog funk right now. I can't get a good post to come out of this here brain o' mine and I can hardly be bothered to comment's not you, it's me.
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Saturday, September 24, 2005
I need a vacation
By myself. All by myself. When I say vacation, I mean even one measly night in a hotel room all alone so I could...

Take a bubble bath while listening to music..
(Hey, who's that guy?? I want a room that comes with him!)

Then, I could snuggle in with some choco-chocolatey chocolate...

...and watch some bad tv...then I would take a nap in the sweet silence...

When I woke up, I would have myself a raspberry margarita...

and read a good book...
(that is my usual relaxing and reading attire, by the way.)

Is that asking too much??
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Friday, September 23, 2005
I swear!!
I have a new post in my's just not done. Really.
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Thursday, September 22, 2005
Cross my heart...
I promise to update later this evening!! I have so much tv stuff bouncing around in my head that I HAVE to get out. Be patient. :)

Oh, and guys, keep the gupster and stormii in your thoughts and prayers. They have had to evacuate because of Rita and let's hope they go back home to minimal to no damage to their home! We love you, guppy and stormii!!

Later babes.

By the way, not one of y'all even offered to write for me....even after I so nicely asked who wanted to. Thanks a lot, guys. I know who my REAL blog friends are. Ok, if you suddenly see my blogroll a few names only have yourselves to blame.
(and if you believe that, then you will believe that I weigh 110 pounds. Yeah, yeah...that's the ticket. My secret lover is Matthew McConaughey,too.)
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Monday, September 19, 2005

OK...who wants to write for me for a while?? My brain is officially EMPTY!
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Sunday, September 18, 2005
Space filler
Because I have nothing to talk about, and so you won't have to look at my conservativity...conservatism..conservativeness....whatever..I present to you, Tater Tot.

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No surprise at all
I know people hate these things...but this is my crappy blog so I choose to have all crap all the time..anyway this quiz came out pretty accurate, even if it isn't "scientifically" correct.

Your Political Profile

Overall: 65% Conservative, 35% Liberal

Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Ethics: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

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Saturday, September 17, 2005
I want one!
Here is the shirt that Sarah held up on last night's Big Brother. I want one!

Too bad Janelle doesn't have one.
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Friday, September 16, 2005
My worst BB6 nightmare has come true! Janey was evicted and we are left with Ivette and Maggie. It couldn't be worse. Oh wait, yes it could. If Maggie and April or Maggie and Jen were the last two.
A few things that bugged me...
All three on the big "safe" as it is going around and around and Maggie says "It's an honor to be here with the two of you." *GAG*
Janelle "falling off." Uh huh.
Maggie and Ivette left on the safe...Maggie says out of the frickin' blue..."I love you." *DOUBLE GAG*
A Maggie quote, "April played a great game." What??
I loved it when Maggie tripped and fell off and Ivette said, "You didn't fall." According to the feeds, I'm not sure she ever believed that Maggie actually fell.
All the Cappy talk. *puke*

I was so rooting for Janie...if she had only calculated differently! So now the feeds will be boring with I and M saying how much they love "ee chuther" that is how Maggie pronounces each other. Ee chuther. The "ch" sound is very pronounced. Drives me batty. But then again, what DOESN'T drive me a little batty?? ;)

Ok, in other baby got stung by a bee a couple of days ago. Thank goodness he isn't allergic. Poor Baby J.

Bubba still can't go back to work since he is still on weight restriction. Nothing more than 10 pounds.

Some of the people I work with are crazy!

I have lost 3.6 pounds in 2 weeks. I've been eating crap, though.

Survivor:Guatemala started last night! Very good! I really liked that the tribes were chosen "off camera" and they pretty much got right to the good stuff. Stephanie, the best female player ever, and Bobby Jon her hillbilly doofus team mate from last season were brought back to be players this time and the tribes were surprised.
I am waaaay to lazy for a recap tonight. The old guy went home. That's all you need to know, really.

The Pussy Cat there are some skanky ho looking girls..but I can NOT get that song out of my head!

Me and Bubba saw a guy walking along the sidewalk in front of McDonalds today and he just started puking!! (the guy, not Bubba) It was mighty gross.

I was reading the forums over at Blog Explosion and there was a thread all about blog pet peeves. All I have to say is...there are a lot of blog snobs over there. No offense, but, damn....

And finally...I love the dubya and I don't care who knows it. I loved his speech and all the bashers can bite my big toe. Unless you are my blog friend, then I will overlook our difference in opinion. :)

Thank you and good night.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
I am so disappointed in you all! (lame tv show updates in this post, too)
You people were supposed to keep me from surfing blogs. You people were supposed to stop me from reading more blog posts about the whole "Katrina thing." You people were supposed to tell me NOT to go reading some of my favorite blogs that I have not read in a while, just so I could "get caught up." You people were supposed to interfere when I went to watch my dvr'd episodes of Oprah and Dr Phil that were all about the "katrina thing." You people were supposed to stop me from getting an ulcer and a head explosion from the disgust I have welling up inside me after doing all of those things. I need to go outside and scream really, really loudly. Or go in my bedroom and scream into a pillow. I can't stand the crap spewing from so many people about the "katrina thing." It is driving me crazy. You didn't stop me!!
Wait. Did I forget to ask you all to keep me from those things?? Ok. Nevermind. I still love you all. It's PMS.

In other news...
My belly button still itches, but it's better.

Today was my last day of having to be at work at 6am. Oh happy day!

BB6 from last night...Ok, first, April getting all pissed off because Ivette was happy for herself for winning veto? Priceless! And..the argument that followed was even better. Is April in oh, I don't know, the 1st grade?? Blaming Ivette for decisions that she (April) made in the game. Give me a break, April! You are an adult. You make your own decisions. If you let another person sway your decisions, you only have yourself to blame in the end! This was one time I was actually happy that Ivette was yelling! I would have been mad, too. Abso-friggin-lutely. (FYI, April said that ALL. THE. TIME. on the live feeds.) It was wonderful watching April FINALLY leave the house. I won't miss her, y'all.
Maggie scares me. She is the quiet manipulator. The looks she gets in her eyes..I would have to do some genuflecting and some hail marys were I to ever cross her path...and I am not even catholic!!
I am so enjoying the clips from the sequester house. Watching James actually smile as he irritates Jen and Beau is awesome! If Jen wrinkles her little forehead or rolls her eyes one more time...Rachel needs to bitch slap her a good one!! (I swear I am not a violent person.)
Janie is not so good at the one on one interview as evidenced in her talking with Julie last night.
I know who won the 1st round of HOH competition...but I'm not telling..unless you send gifts of chocolate..or a really nice email. :)

Down to the final four. Suzie sang an STP song..Interstate Love Song. The band was really good.
Then she sang "What's Up" by four non-blondes. Perfect song for her voice. The band was good... :) Yeah, you guessed it. I am not a Suzie fan. I hate how she dances around the band just looks uncomfortable.

JD..INXS' secret love child...He was...JD. INXS had him sing his song "Dirty Vegas" yet AGAIN. *yawn* Please, INXS, just tell him that he is "right for your band, INXS" and be done with it.
JD also sang Pink Floyd's "Money." It was pretty good, complete with flinging a bag o' fake money into the crowd. He is so going to win.
Did y'all see JD kiss Dave "I'm an idiot" Navarro??

Marty was up next singing his song "Trees" again. Acoustic this time. Still a good song. He isn't right for their band, INXS.
He sang "Creep" next. What? I have never heard that song. Didn't like the song, but I guess he did ok.

Mig was absolutely sucky singing "Paint It Black." But redeemed himself a little with "Kiss From A Rose." He is not right for their band, INXS. Dave "I'm a total freak" Navarro had Mig strip his jacket off. Weird.

JD wins.

Finally, I need to talk about the Biggest Loser, but now it is an hour and a half after I actually started this post and it is supper time so more later. :)
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I do declare...more photos from the 80s
(read title as if you were a southern belle...a la my prom photo from spring 1988 below. All I needed was one of those parasol thingies and a big floppy hat.)
Let me give you the big picture here...I had a big silver bow on the right side of my head that you can't see. Fingerless silver gloves that had bows on them and silver shoes!

One of my senior pictures...

This photo wouldn't scan well for some reason, it kept giving me a big stretched out bulbous nose! Anyway, this is me and my best friend from high school. Not the matching sweaters we bought for the occasion. I'm pretty sure we had skirts to match...hers navy and mine green. If you could see the 8x10 of this picture you would see my bright blue eyeliner!

WARNING!!!Just a little warning to if I don't talk about tv too much already...with the new tv season starting...I'll be talking tv ad nauseum. Just so you know. :)
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I HAD to do this!
Surprise, surprise, huh Tara?

Your 80s Heartthrob Is

Jason Bateman

Yes, I watched the Hogan Family...I admit it. With no shame, even.
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Monday, September 12, 2005
A little bit o' nothing
I have garlic breath from the garlic bread we had with dinner. I really should go brush my teeth.

I think I have a bug bite in my belly button. How weird is that?

I have to get up early to be at work at 6am. How WRONG is that?

I find it funny to see someone using a riding lawnmower to mow a teeny tiny yard.

I have nothing interesting to talk about tonight, if you couldn't tell that already.

I'm off to bed in a few..nighty night, all! Perhaps I will have something of interest to talk about tomorrow. :)
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Sunday, September 11, 2005
I remember

Like everyone else, I remember what I was doing on September 11, 2001. I was on maternity leave still after having Tater on July 31. She was napping and I was messing around on the computer (go figure) and watching "A Baby Story" on TLC. That went off at 9am and I turned the tv over to watch Maury Povich (shut it!) and the nightmare had already begun a few minutes before. I remember seeing the footage of the first tower and thinking, "Wow, an airplane hit the building!" So, I continued to watch to see what happened and that was when the second plane hit. That moment is when I and everyone else watching knew that this was no accident. I called my mom to see if she and dad were watching and then I sat transfixed watching the moment by moment coverage. (hmm..sounds familiar...Katrina...) The girls at work called me to tell me about it but of course I already knew and I was telling them what was happening on tv. For days I watched all the shows covering the story and I cried for the people who lost their lives and for their families. It was, and still is, unbelievable.

While I was doing an image search for something to add to this post, I came across a bunch of conspiracy theories having to do with 9/11. I had forgotten all about those. It's crazy, really, the things they want you to see and believe. I won't add any links because I don't want to give them any traffic. If you want to see for yourself, it's easy enough to find on your own.

A little later that day, my niece Olivia Kate was born so we have something happy to remember on that day instead of just sadness.

In other news...there really isn't any other news. Internet has been crazy all day and right as I posted something about that, it started working again.

I guess I should give my opinion on BB6 from last night. Of course it is hilarious that Janelle got the America's Choice again. The jealousy pouring from April and Ivette was palpable! It was no surprise who she put up for eviction. Ivette and Maggie. Personally, I think she should get rid of Maggie, but I don't think she is thinking that way. Otherwise, the show is now pretty boring without Howie. Hurry up already, BB, and get this over with. Tuesday is an eviction night and I won't spoil who got the veto. :) The feeds are boring now, too, though April has had an epiphany and now realizes that she has been manipulated in the game. If only she would realize that Maggie was and always has been the one doing the manipulating. I want Janelle to win, but if Maggie wins that will be ok. I don't like her at all, but she has played the game well. If April or Ivette win...well...that's another story.

Ok, that's all for now. Let's see if I can get this posted before the net goes down AGAIN!
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My internet connection is effed up today!! Lasts for about a minute or two at a time...ticking me off as you can imagine since my butt is on this computer ALL THE TIME! :) Will try to post later.
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Saturday, September 10, 2005
React Now

I'm watching the "React Now" relief concert that is being shown on Mtv, Vh1 and CMT. So far, what I have seen has been really, really good. I always feel a little guilty watching charity concerts because I am excited to see some great performances. Like John Mayer. He just performed and was AWESOME! And? His longer hair looks really good on him. See? That makes me feel a little guilty. But I can't help it. It's not that I don't understand what the concert is for...but a poor girl like me can only give so much and then it's all about the men and the music. (just kidding.) I really don't have it in me to be all serious about the whole hurricane thing anymore. It still touches me to see the pain and suffering and the outpouring of love and support for the victims from across the States, but I just can't dwell on it so much. Not like I did a week ago.

Rob Thomas is singing "Time After Time" now. Acoustic. Be still my heart. He's letting his hair grow out some. I'm glad. He looks better with more hair.

Hey, isn't THIS cool? Doesn't take much to excite me.

Does anyone else think the new Sheryl Crow song is just plain screechy? Ugh.

Wow...Beck can sing. I never knew.

Jewel...hate the dress over jeans....on ANYONE.

Ok, BB6 is on...more later. :)
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Friday, September 09, 2005
Down memory lane....
Since yesterday was my anniversary, I thought I would post some pictures of the big day...15 years ago when we got married. I know I have already posted one of us in the past, but these are more candid shot.

First, though...I was so young...these are me a week or so before the wedding, making sure I liked the bouquet and veil. What a big old honkin' bouquet, huh? Don't you love that goofy veil? It ended up being too big and kept falling down my forehead at the wedding.

Here's one of my sisters and best friend helping me with my veil. My hair looked AWFUL!

Me and my mom and dad. Look how my dress didn't fit right. I needed more boobies to fill it out.

Here we are getting pelted with birdseed! I had it everywhere! Down in my bra, in my was awful. Some of the guests were really hitting us hard with it. It had to have been Bubba's high school friends. :)

Finally, I post this one so you can see the mullets of the groomsmen. Especially the Best Man!

ETA:Pikkel, you big nerd, the tuxes were GRAY, NOT blue! The picture quality is not so great. BRidesmaids wore purple, groomsmen, gray.
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Thursday, September 08, 2005
15 years!
I almost forgot to tell you is/was my...our...15th wedding anniversary! Yes, I've been married for 15 years! I look waaaaaay too young to have been married that long, right? Right??

I'll post some photos tomorrow. :)
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Go, Jedi Janie!
First off, these are for you guppyman. You asked for Janie so here she is...

Still, she's got NOTHIN' on Kaysar! ;)

I knew it would take a complete miracle for Howie to NOT get evicted tonight. I was right. Ivette voted Howie off but he took it well. I love James! He is cracking me up in the jury house, giving some stuff back to Jennifer that she deserves. She had some nerve saying he was rude when she sat there making enough comments of her own. Poor Rachel will have to try to keep the peace. Jedi Janie kicked butt at the HOH competition, but that stuff is her specialty...she knows the game forward and backward. She knows everything that happens and every detail. It was so funny when Janelle ran up to Ivette to get the key and Ivette gave her that half hearted hug. April, Ivette and Maggie really don't like Janelle and I love how she acts oblivious to it. Can't wait to see who Janie puts up on the block for eviction.

Ok, I have to mention a little something about RockStar:INXS. I thought it was a decent week performance-wise. I thought Marty did really well with his original song and I thought for sure he would get encore. I loved my Jordis, of course, but she went home. It was her time, though. Mig wasn't very good, though I liked his original. Suzie, I don't like, but she did well. I still can't stand JD, but he is so going to win it all.

In other news, my mom has been in the hospital for two days. She started off by having the flu really badly..throwing up and horrible diarrhea...then threw up blood and passed it in her stool. (sorry, TMI!) She had a ct scan which showed nothing, but then had a colonoscopy where they removed a polyp. She's ok and will probably go home tomorrow. Now, the flu is "going around" as they say. Can't wait.

That's all for now...I am wit and substance free tonight. There is hope for the weekend. :)
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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
He's come a long way, baby!
Hey Present Storms, supposedly this is Kaysar about 7 or 8 years ago in college.

I much prefer these...

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Must not...
..say anything else about the Bush bashing..MUST stop surfing blogs....must stop reading the bashing...MUST stop getting mad...MUST take a deep breath...
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Monday, September 05, 2005
Where's the Tidy Bowl Man when I need him?
So earlier, I innocently use the bathroom. Normal. Normal amount of toilet paper. Flush. Start to walk away and realize the sound isn't didn't flush, only filled the bowl and stopped. Damn. So I pull out the plunger. Plunge, plunge, plunge...nothing. Plunge, plunge, plunge...nothing. Plunge, plunge, plunge...nothing. Cuss word, cuss word, plunge...still nothing. Funny how that works. Or doesn't work. Plunge, plunge, bang head against wall...nothing. Plunge, plunge, cry...nothing. Wake Bubba up to plunge. Bubba=plunge, plunge FLUSH! That's right...approximately 2 plunges...flushy...jerk. My hand has a sore spot from the end of the plunger handle. Now I have a plungey headache.
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Sunday, September 04, 2005
Dave....G bleeding ears
So maybe I am a little biased because I heart Dave Matthews (and his band) with a deep (unsettling) loving (stalker-like)...obsession, but....their new video for "Dream Girl" is so good! It is actually a good video!! I haven't seen a good video in ages. They asked Julia Roberts to be in it and I think it turned out well. Watch for it in between shows on vh1.

Now, on to something that is ticking me off...I know I said I wasn't going to say anything else about the hurricane aftermath...but...I am all riled up because the president is being blamed for all that is bad about the mess on the gulf. It's bothering me to no end. And this going all over the internet on blogs and such because it was taken on Tuesday. People (Bush bashers) are just tearing into him because he had the AUDACITY to accept a guitar from a country singer while he was at a V-J Day function on the same day the hurricane was happening. And? Point? Good grief people, even the great and powerful Clinton wouldn't have lowered himself from a helicopter into the middle of the raging flood waters to save people! So once again I say STOP IT!!! Do I think aid got to the people fast enough? No, I don't. But blaming it on Bush alone is just silly. Seems there was a breakdown in the whole system. What about New Orleans' Mayor Nagin?? Isn't the captain supposed to go down with the ship? I'm just sayin'.... The governor of LA? Don't EVEN get me started! Lots of things failed to happen and there are many many others to blame before you get to the top.
Get's my blood boiling, can you tell? April quote, "In a way, I'm everyone's hero" because I got rid of James. MMkay...we'll let you think that, April.
I hope Ivette sees when she watches the show just HOW FRICKIN' LOUD SHE TALKS!! Guess what? She cried AGAIN when Howie won HOH...wondering why God won't bless her. And guess what else? There was April and Maggie rubbing her back and coddling her. Ivette, who is the sore loser here? You called Rachel out for being a bad sport. Look in the mirror, dear. Just how funny was Howie when he got those light sabers? Here's a night picture of him playing with one.
When it was time for the veto competition, it was HOLLY from BB5 who was hosting. She began talking and my ears bled. OH. MY. GOD. I almost had to mute the tv just to endure the competition. She has the fake, high pitched, screeching valley girl wanna be "Like ohmigod" I'm-a-dumb-blonde voice that I am sure shattered glass for miles around and made dogs come running. I believe I would have had to punch her to get her to shut up had I been a houseguest. I was so happy to see the competition end!! I wanted Janelle to get the veto, but Maggot Maggie won it. And so started even more drama. April actually said to Maggie, "Thank you for not using the veto." This was before the veto ceremony! Maggie said, "I might use it." April flipped out! Went to the diary room and bawled and whined and was DEVESTATED that Maggie would even dream of using the veto. Then, April cried all over Maggie and told her that she (April) had saved Maggie by targeting James and Maggie should in turn save her. Whatever April. Anyway, Maggie didn't use the veto and Beau went home. I would have much rather BEAU stayed, but now we have to endure another week of Ivette...especially since she got HOH! The only reason why she won was because Maggie GAVE it to her! So now, Janelle and Howie go back on the least that is what I figure will happen. At least they haven't mentioned Cappy in a while.

And finally, here are my two youngest monkeys from a couple nights ago. They got all the bed pillows and lined them up on the floor and covered them with blankets and jumped on was a pool and bed...and can't even remember all the imaginary things they came up with. :)

Now, I have to go to bed.

PS Dave looks yummy in a white tshirt...even with that little pooch of a belly. mmm hmm...

I know..I am pathetic. The first step is admitting it.
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Saturday, September 03, 2005
Happy Saturday!
I've got stuff to write about but I am at work and can't post pictures and such...and you KNOW how much I like to post pictures. :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far!
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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Oh yeah, and I totally HATE the media
I hate the media. I hate how they edit things. I hate the things they say as they show footage of the Katrina aftermath. I hate the stupid questions they ask people. I can't watch it anymore. I refuse to watch one more minute of the coverage. I won't post anything else about Katrina after this.
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Our cheerleader
I always wondered if one of our children would be a cheerleader...I just didn't think it would be this one...

I realize there are male cheerleaders...most of them don't wear skirts. :)

I suppose I should post my reactions to BB6. James was evicted. It's a bummer. Howie is now HOH and had to immediately give his eviction nominations. He put up Ivette and Beau. Not real sure why he has some weird loyalty now to Maggie and April. Maybe he is just trying to break up the last pair. I don't know. I need to go read up some on the live feeds to see what he is saying. Not much else to say about it. I just don't want Maggie or April to win in the end.

I was off work today because I have to work Saturday. Bubba and I went out for breakfast at IHOP. Kind of yet ANOTHER last next diet starts tomorrow. I got on the scales at work the other day. Mm...yeah..not good. Anyway, when we got home I messes around on the computer a little and then laid down for a nap at 11. Bubba woke me up at 4:30! Wow, I guess I was tired.

Ok, not much else to talk about tonight. I'm not feeling particularly witty so nighty night, y'all.
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