Monday, October 31, 2005
Happy Halloween!!!
Everyone have a fun, happy and safe Halloween!!! Instead of a stock Halloween photo, I will post my Einstein because everyone else is doing it.:) Only Bubba will get it, unless you are a BIG News Radio fan. Anyway, I'll be posting photos later.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Happy Bloggy Birthday To Me!
Yes, that's right. I've been doing this for a whole year! Wow. I never really thought I'd keep it up, but I have had tons of fun blogging in my own little way. Wanna see my first post? Sure ya do...

The One That Was the First

*sniff sniff sniff* Do you smell that? Oh, I think you can if you sniff really, really hard and long...*sniiiiiffffff*. Yep, you guessed it. Fresh Blog meat. AKA Me! I'm doing it. Jumping in feet first, (or is it head first??) into the world of blogs/bloggers. I am already addicted to reading them so, hey, why not write one myself? We shall see what becomes of this. Maybe nothing. Probably nothing. The first time I ever get a comment I will probably do a cartwheel. and believe me, THAT would be quite a feat!! Prepare yourselves for my rantings on everything from tv (CSI x 3, Lost, reality shows etc...), to my family, to work and everything in between. Toodles for now....

Do you like how I so cleverly titled it in the way of "Friends?" Yeah, I kept that up for a couple weeks then gave up. :) I'd like to say I've come a long way in this blogging thing. Not sure that is true, but I have made a lot of really good blog friends and several that I would LOVE to meet in person some day. Here's to another fun year of blogging! (Ladies, here's a nice little happy birthday photo I thought you might enjoy.)
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Friday, October 28, 2005
No, Shane, YOU Rock!!


This, my friends, is THE BLU BLOCKER GUY!! Dr. Geek. (in the green, shane NOT in the green.) (If you are clueless, scroll down and read my Oct. 25 post) Clicky to biggie.
To top it off, Dr Geek gave Shane his business card. Y'all must visit his website!

And how adorable is Shane??

The perfect Part 2 to my blu blockers post. THANKS BUNCHES, SHANE!
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Sharkboy learns to talk
(Hey, don't forget to clicky my renter over yonder on my sidebar.)

So, we rented Sharkboy and Lavagirl (or is that Shark Boy and Lava Girl? Or would that be freak boy with shark teeth and strange pink haired girl?) for the young'uns to watch last evening. I don't believe either Tater or Baby J blinked once while the movie played. They were mesmerized. Anyway, that really isn't the story. This morning while running around the house getting ready for work, I ran into Baby J and I said, "Sorry, Charlie." He looked at me and said, "My name not Charlie!" I said, "It's not? Well what IS your name?" And my witty son with the wonderful imagination said so matter of factly..."Shark Boy." (only it was more like Wark Boy, cause, you know, that whole weird S thang he has.) Now is the part where you go...Awwwww..isn't he adorable?

Then, on the way to the babysitter's house today, Baby J was trying to tell me something and I wasn't understanding. Miss Tater corrected me and then she said, "Baby J, you need to talk better when you are saying things." Such a kind, compassionate girl I'm raising, huh? (WE...WE..We are raising, yes I know, Bubba)

If you are here and hate a mommy blog, I don't apologize. :) And even if you were one of THOSE people, you wouldn't have made it this far anyway so...screw ya! ;)

TGIF , guys! T G I F!!!!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
More blasting of the past
I had to start this post with another blast from the past. Bubba reminded me of something that I had to Google. Ok, show of hands. Who remembers the BluBlocker sunglasses commercial from the 80s?? You know the one...those horrible yellow-orange sunglasses and the commercial with that guy doing the BluBlocker Rap. Anyone? I couldn't find a screenshot of the commercial or a picture of the guy rapping, but I found an old website so you can click and hear the rap. CLICK ME!

Oh, oh!!! Wait..even better..I just found a better site. First,though, here's a picture. Who could forget that big sombrero? And here's the better site complete with video! Yes, I said, VIDEO! How cool is that? Ok, enough of that past blast.

Ok, before I talk about anything else...go over to my side bar and click on my new renter! This week, my tenant is the wonderful and talented Melanie? over at the Plaid Toaster? I'm not making her a link you have to go over there.....
<<<<<-------and click her thumbnail? (Question marks are a sort of inside joke?Melanie will get it?) Don't get too used to that thumbnail though. She changes the look of her blog more than just about any other blogger out there. Melanie is a "mommy blogger" sometimes..AND? Yep, she's part of the familia....the HWM otherwise known as the House Wife Mafia. Anway, check her out. You'll like her. I promise. Get to clickin'!

I've been hanging out waaaay too much over on the Shout Box at Blog Explosion. It's quite addictive. Not really sure where I was going with this thought, so, nevermind.

I LOVES me some Barney on "How I Met Your Mother." I am sure I have already mentioned this, but I had to say it again. He makes me laugh every week!! This is Barney.Yes, indeed that is...DOOGIE HOWSER! But really, he is so funny on this new show. You should watch. "DEE...wait for it...NIED!!" (When will I be too old to watch a show about a group of twenty-something friends??)

Was Grey's Anatomy good this week or what? I was sooo mad at Derek for not walking through that door at the end!! And? My favorite character is George. Grey's Anatomy fans? Talk to me!! His funniest line to date..."Make the lambs stop screaming."

I am so fat, you guys. Does anyone want to pay for a trainer, personal grocery shopper, and chef for me? No? Fine, I see how you all are. Fairblogger friends.

Lost is on tomorrow! Oh, wait, it's a rerun al-freakin-ready! ABC is a slutty whore of a network! Shhh..don't tell them I said that.

I heart Desparate Housewives again after Sunday's episode. I was starting to get a little...put the writing, but this past episode was really funny. It answered some questions...and left us with more questions.

Um, can I just say that my first going to SADIE'S next weekend!! *I* just went to Sadie's like, LAST WEEK. Jeez. I am O to the LD! I'll post my very own Sadie's photos from 1988 and 1989 next week.

Hey, if you don't read Miss Zoot you are missing out on laughter regarding ass sweat and Krispy Kreme donuts. Oh, and she'll be having her baby very, very soon. She is in the hospital as I type. Go for a visit.

Ok, I had better stop now and post this so these two will shut up about it already! ;) Wendy and Sea, it was so worth the wait, eh?? hee hee
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Friday, October 21, 2005
So, I've been watching Footloose on one of our 350 HBO channels and boy does it ever bring back memories!! I saw Footloose in the theaters no less than 7 times. Doesn't sound like a big deal now, but back then when I was 13...yeah. Every single time I went with my then best friend, Jeri. She and I would scrounge our money together and go to a Saturday matinee. One time, she even paid in PENNY ROLLS! We usually sat in the very front row and squealed, giggled and quoted lines from the movie. We were head over heels in love with Kevin Bacon as Ren. I do believe Kevin Bacon as Ren McCormick, was the first celebrity I actually LUSTED after. I wanted to live in that movie. I wanted to BE Ariel. (only, I wanted boobs...and hips...) I wanted her red cowboy boots. I wanted Ren to want ME!! I wanted to fight with my preacher daddy about boys and dancing. I wanted MY life to have a way cool soundtrack with that guy from Loverboy and Kenny Loggins on it! (and Shalamar! Who could forget Shalamar?!?) I wanted to sneak out and watch Ren dance in a big old warehouse. I wanted to sneak over the county line to dance in a hick bar! I wanted to ask Ren, "So, do you think you're ever to going to kiss me?" I wanted to go to prom in a yellow VW bug with a hot guy in a BURGUNDY tux! I wanted to watch white guys break dance badly in high water pants and ruffled tux shirts. Almost paradise, indeed.

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Survivor thoughts
Um, Judd? Shut up and GO HOME!

That is all.
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Thursday, October 20, 2005
It just seems a little...low...

My blog is worth $84,681.00.
How much is your blog worth?

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Y'all are a bunch of TP freaks!
If you visited me yesterday, you got to see and maybe even answer my question for a highly scientific poll. Well, I'm here now to give you the amazing results!

19 of you said the toilet paper should be OVER

3 of US (me included) said the toilet paper should be UNDER
margin of error...oh, probably 99.9%

Like the title says, Y'all are a bunch of TP freaks! UNDER is the only way to go!!

Anyway...go clicky on my tenant for the week. The bitchy, beautiful and powerful, RACHEL! I can't remember how I ever found her blog a long time ago..but I was hooked. She has the attitude that I want but will never have. (she probably just thinks I'm am a stalker supreme, though.) She is a proud military wife, she designs blogs for Web divas (among other things) and she just got a new ADORABLE puppy. But really, she's a bitch. Go see. You'll love her despite the bitchiness..or because of it.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
The most profound post EVAH!
Are you over or are you under?

Last night some of us intellectuals hanging out in the BE Shout Box had a conversation regarding...TOILET PAPER. More specifically, should the end roll over...or should it roll under?

I tend to be an under kind of gal myself. Let me know what you prefer for my highly scientific poll, ok?
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Monday, October 17, 2005
Oh to live such a life of leisure
Baby J so relaxed.

Don't forget to visit my newest tenant, today! It's Scooter from Scooter McGavin's 9th Green. Clicky his thumbnail and go give him some comment love. Tell him his most wonderful, beautiful, charismatic landlord sent ya! ;) Scooter talks sports, tv, music and other stuff. He's a cool guy. Go look around his place, but please don't touch anything. I don't think he has renters insurance.
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Sunday, October 16, 2005
A new tenant...and other stuff
I have to take a minute to tell you all about my new tenant renting space over there in my sidebar. For the next 21 hours or so...heelhook AKA Chuck over at Diary of a Fat Boy will be staking claim here on my humble little blog. Now, I want y'all to go over there and click on his thumbnail and give him some comment love. Chuck's a cool guy. He made me a kick-ass banner for Blog Explosion. I don't know if I can adequately describe his blog. He is unpredictable in what he might post about. One day he might post something very thought provoking and the next, he's showing Jennifer Love Hewitt and her "girls." He is not particularly fond of mommy bloggers, however, I charmed him into sorta kinda liking me, so he is safe from the Mafia for now. ;) I rented space from him yesterday and he is a really awesome landlord, too. Talked me up, got me some clicks. Well worth my stay there. So, in other words...CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL!! (else the mafia might hunt you down and give you some cement shoes to swim in...)

Hmm..let's see...what else...Oh, is my favorite post title I came across today whilst voting at the Battle of the Blogs. My Penis-Shaped Hair Smells Like Guava! I almost spit my water all over the monitor, I tell ya. That title, (which makes you really want to read the post) came from Mountainous Mole-hills. Clicky to read the post.

So, remember yesterday, we were going to see Toxic Audio? They were awesome! It's a very entertaining and funny show! The show is entirely acapella.(sp?)They make all the musical instrument sounds with their voices. One of the guys did a hilarious rap using words that were randomly pointed at (by audience members) in a book. Another guy did a funny Michael Jackson impersonation. If you ever get a chance to see them, go! It was definitely well worth the price of the tickets. Oh, wait. I got them free. Well, you know what I mean. Guard Girl and her friend loved it, too. Here are a few pictures. (because what would a Ficken Chingers post be without visuals, right??)If I actually had a digital camera with a zoom I would've gotten better photos of the performance. Clicky to biggy.

Only one more, I promise!

We didn't get to eat at Scotty's Brewhouse last night before the show. Bummer. They were JAM PACKED like sardines in there and the wait was waaaay too long. That's what happens when it's homecoming at Ball State and the restaurant is on campus.

Enough for now....I'll write more later. Smooches!
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Saturday, October 15, 2005
Toxic Audio (and another date, sort of)
A girl in the marketing department at work gave me four free tickets to see Toxic Audio at Ball State tonight. Click the link to see what it is...and here's a photo...

Baby J and Tater are staying all night with my mom and dad (mom's idea) tonight and since we have two extra tickets, we're taking Guard Girl and her friend Wibawips (not her real name, hee hee.) We're going to eat first at Scotty's Brewhouse where they have the best deep fried pickle chips this side of Atlanta, GA!(or McDonnough, Ga, anyway. Close enough.) Yummy!

Ok, nothing witty or interesting to say right now. Gotta run and get in the shower.

Don't forget to go to Blog Explosion and rent your blog. Also, click on my renter over there on my sidebar. My new tenant is Kiki. Check her out. She's a feisty Tennessee girl. ;)
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Friday, October 14, 2005
C to the leavage
I am totally showing cleavage today. What do you think it will get me??
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Rent My Blog
The new feature is being tested now over at Blog Explosion. It's called Rent My Blog. Basically you whore your blog rent "ad space" on someone elses blog with credits. Just another way to spend and earn credits at BE. Click and see what it's about. Oh, yeah..and I have Wendy rentin' my blog for the next several hours so go over there and click on her thumbnail. She's a cool girl and she gets to meet all kinds of cool people at her job!
She's over there on my side bar where it so aptly says...Rent My Blog.
I'm a pretty cool landlord. You should totally rent from me. ;)
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Thursday, October 13, 2005
I got my flu shot today and can I say...OUCH!! Getting the shot didn't hurt in the least, but now? Damn...I swear my arm is partially numb and partially in throbbing pain! Know what I hate worse than the pain from the shot? The people who make a HUGE deal about NOT getting the flu shot. Who the hell cares? If you don't want it, don't get it. Just don't come to work with the flu and infect the rest of us. Oh, wait, I won't be effected much because I GOT THE SHOT!(and it was Free, so there!) Even worse is the explanation about why they do not get the flu shot. Just shut up already. When you finally do shut up, I will hand you the info on how the flu shot does not make you sick and then you can argue about that for the remainder of my work day and drive me to clock out and plunge my car off a cliff. My head stone will read, "At least she got the flu shot."

Edited to add:I DO know that some people have allergic reactions and some people develop flu like symptoms after getting the flu shot. I also know that I may still get sick this winter. I know the flu shot is not the cure all for winter illness. this post is really specifically about one particular person who says the same exact thing every year when our employer offers the flu shot to us. And. Won't. Shut. Up. Also, I work in the health care industry and that is why my employer offers it to us. Ok, I'm not sure why I felt the need to qualify my post...I just know there will be arguments. It's just a blog post, people!
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My Survivor Thoughts

That is all.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Doing what he loves
Here's the Bubba doing what he does best...


Oh yeah..and hanging out in the concession stand mooching free food and drinks...
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A cool meme
I found this one over at Courtney's and thought it would be fun to do.

The Task:Choose a band/artist and answer ONLY IN SONG TITLES by that band/artist.

My artist/band:The Dave Matthews Band(Dave Matthews solo counts, too)
Are you male or female:Dream Girl
Describe yourself:The Best of What's Around
How do some people feel about you:Some Devil
How do you feel about yourself:Pig
Describe what you want to be:So Damn Lucky
Describe how you live:Old Dirt Hill
Describe how you love:Loving Wings
Share a few words of wisdom:Pay For What You Get

That was kinda fun. I should do it for more than one band. Anyway, I AM going to tag some people and see if they do it. Tara, of course. And Kiki, Cristie, LC, the Palm Tree Princess and last but not least, Delite.

Of course anyone else who wants to do it, can. Y'all let me know if you do it on your blog so I can come see.
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Monday, October 10, 2005
Just Like Rambling
Someone over in the UK found my blog by searching for "massive zits." Lovely.
Someone in Texas found me by searching for "flippin idiot." Nice.
But, my favorite? "Pierced penises." Yeah.

MOMMY BLOGGERS UNITE!! If you like being a smart-ass like I do, go over there on my sidebar and scroll down a little and join the Housewife Mafia webring. We're joining forces to "destroy" mommy blog haters. :) (If you hang out at Blog Explosion at all, you will know what I am talking about.)
Tongue in cheek, people. Tongue. In. Cheek.

So, I have been thinking about blogging and how I wish I'd had a blog all through my life. Starting in my teen years, anyway. I would have been so into blogging as a teen. Wow, would I have had fun documenting all the stuff I did, all the stuff I was upset about or worried about or all the things I loved. How fun it would have been to be able to look back at old posts from back then. I was terrible at keeping journals and diaries, but I would have just loved having a blog. I wish I'd had a blog back before I got married, when I got engaged, when I had my first baby. Needless to say, I love blogging and I love my blog now, no matter how silly it can get. No other point here but to say, I wish I'd had a blog way back when.

My bloggy birthday...or blogiversary is coming up soon. Woo hoo!

I am completely and totally in love with Fazoli's Bagetti sandwiches and McDonald's Mcgriddles. Neither is good for me, but I don't care! Yummy!


Lost is rocking my socks again this season. And? It totally sucked Tara in, too. So now I have someone to talk about it with.

Besides Lost, I am loving, Desperate Housewives, Survivor, How I Met Your Mother (Doogie Howser aka Barney is a HOOT!)and My Name Is Earl. The Amazing Race? Eh, not so much.

Orlando Bloom should cut his hair. Sorry, lauritajuanitasanchez. He is still adorable. His new movie,Elizabethtown, looks really good.

Went to the movies with some work friends yesterday. A total chick flick..Just Like Heaven, which totally and completely sealed my total and complete lust for Mark Ruffalo.


The movie was cute and funny and very good as romantic comedies go. Sure, it was a little predictable, but you know what? I don't care. It's a movie and I watch movies for entertainment, NOT for real life! There was a lady in the theater sitting at the end of my row and at one point near the end she very loudly says, "Well, it got a little cheesy there at the end but I guess it's still a good movie." I really wanted to throw my popcorn at her, but it cost something like $25 so I ate every last fake-butter-covered kernel.

I still have, in my drafts, a post about the final Big Brother show and the final RockStar:INXS. I may still post it for my fellow BB6 fans. It's considered nostalgia now, I think.

I can't tell you how happy I am that Hootie and the Blowfish have a new, and very good, song out. I was worried there for a while when Hootie was in that Burger King commercial.

This has rambled on enough for now. I leave you with my attempt at getting a photo of me and the little ones using the timer on the camera. Funny stuff.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Whe Wells Wea Whells By The Wea W(h)ore
My son has an interesting speech thang going on. He does not say an "S" if it is at the beginning of a word. Sissy=Wissy See=Wee But something plural? He totally says the ending "S." I try to help him out a little by prompting him to say a really long ssssssss. "Baby J, say sssssssissy." And what does he do? He says... sssssssss wissy.
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If all your blog friends jumped off a cliff would you do it, too??
Everybody's doing it... and I've now been tagged for this twice..the peer pressure, it pressures me. Thanks Tara and of course, Stacie, she of the dreaded mommy blogdom and QUEEN MUM of BOTB.

Here are Da Rules:

1. Go into your archive
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same.

My 23rd post only had two sentences so I went with the 24th post. It was entitled, "The Tale of the Tarantula." The fifth sentence said...

"Bubba-ump is at work."

Now, that? That is profound. Actually, that is a pretty funny post. You should go read it now.

I don't know who to tag because I SWEAR I am the last living blogger to do this. If you haven't? Go for it!
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Sunday, October 02, 2005
A date? Really?
I went on a date last night! Believe it or not. (someone call Ripley, please, because this makes something like 2 dates in a year! In SIX MONTHS even!)
Guard Girl stayed home and put the kidlies to bed and we went to dinner first. It was a Festivus MIRACLE!
We ate at Chili's where I had a most wonderful raspberry margarita...
Probably would have had two, but, dang, those top shelf margaritas are hard on us poor people!

The chips they brought us were at the same time, soggy...and chewy. I'm pretty sure that when you bite into a tortilla chip, it is supposed to break off easily and crunch, NOT be an effort to pull a bite off and then stick to your teeth. We sent them back and got more. Our server, Molly, needed a few lessons in waitressing...serving..whatever. She was as nice as she could be, but slower than a snail. We told her about our chips and she went and did about 10 other things before taking them away and bringing us new ones. And every time she "filled" Bubba's water glass it was about 2 inches from the top of the glass.

Here's my southwestern eggrolls, which is actually an appetizer, but I didn't want a huge meal before a movie. Didn't want to have to interrupt the movie with a bathroom run.

And here is Bubba's little bit of food he had with his ketchup...

We ended with a piece of cheesecake to share...

Sorry for the crappy quality of photos but I didn't want to turn the flash on because I didn't want to hear people talking about the weird, fat lady in the bar taking picture of her food. Bubba would have just been shaking his head and pointing at me and mouthing, "I don't" I thought better of that.

So, then it was off to the movies!

We saw The Wedding Crashers and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! At one point, Bubba almost had to leave the theater because he was laughing so hard and couldn't stop. Of course this was after that particular funny part had ended and no one else was still laughing. I spent a big part of the movie wiping tears of laughter from my face. It didn't help matters that at one point someone a couple of rows back was SNORING! That just got us laughing again! Seriously, it is a funny movie. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are a great team, but Vince steals the show. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. :) I didn't try to get any movie screen shots because there were too many people around and my camera screen glows when you turn it on.

The night ended with---***censored*** and then we ***censored*** and I ***censored*** after he ***censored*** with the ***censored.***

Fun stuff.
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Saturday, October 01, 2005
That family at Wal-mart
So, we're going into Wally World a few nights ago and we see this family going in. Mom, dad, and 3 kids. Not particularly interesting as people go, but we kept running into them all night long as we shopped. Every time we encountered them, you could tell they were becoming more and more frazzled. The mom's face was flushed (it WAS about 115 degrees in there!) and I watched her put her hair up in a scrunchie right before she began trying clothes on her little girl right there in the little girls clothing department. A lot of "Come here!" and "Stop that" was heard. The little boy spent a big part of the time saying "ready! ready! ready!" The little girl ran around and through the clothes racks. Then we saw them in the lay-away line and the two youngest of the 3 kids were running around, doing flips on the floor and touching everything and drinking from the water fountains over and over and over...and did I mention talking really LOUDLY?? All I could think was, "I am so going to blog this."

Did I mention the kids names?
Guard Girl, Tater Tot, and Baby J.

Yes, WE have become that wal-mart family that others blog about. Someone shoot me now.
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