Sunday, January 28, 2007
As I signed onto my blogger dashboard today, (because, yeah, it's time I posted a little something) I realized that this is my 800th post! Yay me! Had I been a consistant blogger, I would probably have many many more than that, but really, who's counting? Apparently not me because I can't even remember the last time I looked at that number.

Jaw update. Still stuck. Any volunteers to yank my bottom jaw down as hard as you can to see if that works?? (shut up, pikkel, I wasn't asking YOU) I'm sure I would scream as if being murdered, but if it meant I could fully yawn, brush ALL of my teeth and also eat foods that are larger than a flat pea, then, hey, bring it on!!

It's winter guard season again and yesterday was the first competition. Brianna's guard got third place in their class. Their show is way cool AND incorporates HOOCHIE boots at one point. NOT for Brianna, but for one girl in the show. It's pretty awesome since they are high school students. High school girls and any kind of hoochie-wear is just awesome on a stick!

All of my cameras, film and digital, need batteries so I was not able to take one photo which is just against my religion. I can't go to any event and not take at least 30 pictures! I did, however, have my video camera. No photos, but video. That will do. In a pinch.

It's 12 degrees outside right now. I'm pretty sure it is 11 degrees in my house. I'm fixin to turn the heat up to about 78 or so...gas bill be damned!!

I haven't seen Bubba since 8am on Friday. He won't be home for another 5 or so hours. The kids are losing their minds wondering "WHEN WILL DADDY BE HOME???" You can see who the favorite is around here, huh? Oh, you wonder where Bubba has been? (oh, you KNOW you were) He's been in Missouri for the annual umpire..thing. (so informative, I am)

Armed & Famous has been...cancelled..or pulled..or whatever..and now I am sad. No more hometown shenanigans for the world to see. *sigh* Oh yeah, my official Ponch sightings for the duration they were in town. ZERO. That sucked.

Did anyone else see Friday Night Lights this past week? Is it just me, or is Coach Taylor getting even more beautiful every week? (along with Riggins, but he is a minor and that makes me dirty, so I try to ignore that bad boy and his long messy hair...ahem..)

It's all about the eyes. Or the tongue. Whatever.

Seriously, aren't the Taylors just as cute as they can be? Also, I am praying for the day that little Mattie Saracen will somehow grow a back bone and speak his mind without stammering. Bless his little heart. Also? I am pretty much convinced that Lyla Garrity, one-did not come from parents who look like that, and two-has a condition which makes her head stay tilted to the right at all times.
Man, I love that show!!

Now, how was THAT for an 800th post?? Could I have rambled all over the place any more? I think not.


PS No word from The Biggest Loser, yet. As if.

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Friday, January 26, 2007
I just want to be able to yawn. And eat.

I'm so frustrated I am near tears.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
where's my brown paper bag?
Bubba has the envelope in hand heading to the post office.

I think I am going to hyperventilate. (That is how HUGE something this SMALL is in my life.)

See post below.
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Too late to turn back now...
Well, almost. See this?

That's it. That's my Biggest Loser application and video. It is now sealed up and addressed and sitting on Bubba's desk for him to mail tomorrow. Of course I will let you all know if I hear anything.

Speaking of food (huh?), have you guys seen/tried these??

They are Pringles Select Sweet Potato Crisps. They are the yum. You should try them. (there are other flavors as well...Parmesan Garlic, Szechuan Barbecue, and Sundried Tomato. I haven't tried them yet.) Thus ends my free Pringles advertisement.

I guess you are all wondering what happened at the dentist today. Well, she seems to think that my jaw will get better. With time. I'm taking Ibuprofin to lessen any inflammation and antibiotics in case of infection. She is pretty confident that I will be able to open my mouth again soon. I don't feel that confident, but I will try to be patient. I will say, though, that my jaw seems a tiny bit better today. Teeny tiny. It may just be in my head. (ha pun intended.)

Have I mentioned that I have a husband who totally ROCKS? I got home today and he had edited my Loser video for me and also he had cleaned up my bedroom and my scrap area. YAY! I don't deserve him at all. (by the way, he thanks everyone for the birthday wishes from a couple of weeks ago. I suck at sending thank you notes, obviously.)

I FINALLY finished reading The DaVinci Code. I plan to rent the movie this weekend. The book was very interesting to say the least. It made me think, though I don't agree with it's implications.

Now, it's really late and I must get to bed.

Until next time...
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Sunday, January 21, 2007
Soup and ice cream
My mouth hurts. More specifically, my jaw. On the 11th I went to the dentist to have an old filling removed and replaced and then a small cavity filled. They were both on the bottom left. No problems. All went well. I got home and the numbness wore off and it was hurting pretty badly. With my other filling and when I had the one tooth pulled a few weeks back, I didn't really even have pain. I found that I couldn't eat well because my jaw was hurting so badly. I thought it would go away by the next day.

It didn't. My jaw kept hurting, but only when I tried to open my mouth. The thing was, I could only open my mouth a small bit. It's been so bad that I can only eat soup or ice cream and flat things like chips or cheese. I can talk fine and I can even chew, but if I try to open my mouth to take a bite or yawn, I have severe pain. It's almost like I need to "POP" it so it will loosen up. But OH MY GOSH that scares me. The pain is so bad sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.

Friday night was the high school basketball game between the two schools in town. It is a huge rivalry. I went because Brianna was performing in the guard for the pre-game and half-time. Anyway, if you knew me in the past, I was SUPER FAN when it came to high school basketball. (I'm from Indiana. It's a big deal here.) I kind of get into it. A little. Well, there was a major instance of traveling and I jumped up yelling, "TRAVEL!" OH.MY.GOOD.GRAVY. PAIN shot through my jaw. Big time! It was so bad, I had to come straight home after the game and take a vicodin. (left over from my tooth extraction)

Here's the thing. I am NOT a weenie when it comes to pain. Though I never had to go through labor, I DID have 3 c-sections, the last of which I had to ignore the pain and travel out of town to be with my sick baby. I do not whine when I hurt. I power through usually no one knows how much it hurts. But this? It's killing me! You seriously have no idea how much you open your mouth bigger than a half inch every day! I can not even get my toothbrush in between my teeth, that is how bad it is.

So, anyway, I've been researching it a bit and I think it might be called "trismus." Sometimes known as lockjaw. Nice. I'm getting a little worried reading some of the info online about it. I'm really scared that I will not be able to open my mouth fully ever again. It's the paranoia in me.

I go back to the dentist tomorrow at 12:45. I'm not sure what she will do, but it's a start. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

I can't get a good shot of just how little I can open my mouth, but I can barely get my finger between my teeth if that is any indication. Here's a lovely shot of my cheeks, nose and teeth as proof. :)


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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
In a nutshell
We finally got a supervisor! Yay! Longest 3 months of my life.

Almost ready to send my Biggest Loser video and appy.

American Idol was way too drawn out last night. Could've been done in one hour instead of 2. 3 more weeks of auditions. Ugh.

Armed & Famous is cracking my shizz UP! Guess you have to be from Muncie. It's on again tonight.

Yes, I am posting this at 4:30am.

There really isn't anything else to tell.

I promise I'll write more good stuff soon. Remember, good is relative. Or subjective. Or one of those -ive words.

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Friday, January 12, 2007
Common Sense
Jason over at THE KING OF COMMON SENSE tagged me. I don't know if he already knew that I LIKE being tagged, but I guess now he does. :) It's one of those 3 things type o' here goes.

Three things that scare me: my parents aging, deep water, Bubba's sex drive

Three people who make me laugh: Bubba, Brianna, Lori (my sister)

Three things I love: 80s movies, blogging, hugs from my kids

Three things I hate: The whistle in Bubba's nose (it's ALWAYS there), how busy it is at work now, Bush bashing

Three things I don't understand: how Bubba has a nose whistle all the time, how my kids mess up a room in 5 seconds flat, why Paris Hilton is famous

Three things on my desk: (at home) a back scratcher, nail clippers, the flipper (at work)an old-ish orange, random sticky notes with random scribbles and notes on them, about 20 CDs

Three things I'm doing right now: hearing (but not listening to) "Jump in!" which is the latest movie on the Disney channel (ugh), trying not to open my mouth too wide since my cheek still hurts from when Bubba punched me having fillings repaired/put in at the dentist yesterday, ignoring the hint of a headache that is starting

Three things I want to do before I die: be completely happy, lose 100lbs, go on an actual real vacation

Three things I can do: make chili, function on 4 hours of sleep, a She'nay'nay impression (you know, from the show "Martin")

Three things you should listen to: your intuition, your kids, lots of different music

Three things you should never listen to: me singing, Bubba puking (I mean, OH. MY. GOD.), democrats most politicians

Three things I'd like to learn: blog design, how to play the piano, how to make my kids do what I ask the first time

Three favorite foods: southwestern eggrolls at Chili's, cheesecake, cereal

Three beverages I drink regularly: Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla, water, and water

Three TV shows/books I watched/read as a kid: Ok, I have to do BOTH shows AND books. The Dukes of Hazzard, CHiPs, Laverne and Shirley & Charlotte's Web, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the entire Nancy Drew series

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
You're under arrest!

ARMED & FAMOUS starts tonight! I know, I know. I'm the only one looking forward to it, but I can't help it. It's reality tv at it's! And, it was filmed right here in little old Muncie. Yay!! Listen, people are blowing it all of proportion thinking it is making fun of law inforcement. I don't think it will. Sure, it will be funny, because the celebrities are making it funny. Oh, and don't forget some of Muncie's finest people who were arrested and such. But come on and lighten up!! I'm not going to be embarrassed just because I am from Muncie. Know why?? Because it won't be ME on film getting arrested. I am a law abiding citizen and those weirdos have nothing to do with me and my life, even if they are from Muncie.

So, in about 15 minutes, I'll be sitting here laughing and enjoying myself some of the best bad reality tv around!!

(Friday Night Lights is being DVR'd tonight. Are you kidding?? Like I would miss Coach Hottie Taylor and the gang!!)
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Bubba love

Today, Bubba turns 35. In case you are here and don't know who Bubba is, he's my husband of 16 years. The only man in this world, I believe, who can and does put up with me and all the crap that goes along with being married to someone like me. He takes care of me and I don't know what I would ever do without him.

Happy Birthday, honey!

Please leave some comment love for him. Thanks!

Bubba Ump
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Happy Birthday Dave!!
My very favoritest singer in the whole wide world turned 40 today. I thought I'd share a couple of great birthday shots of him with you. One from his birthday party today and the other from the birthday concert he performed after the party.

PS Dave, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your party. I just couldn't get out of work. Thanks for the photos! Call me!

Must be something about those Capricorn boys...Bubba's a Capricorn...and oh, hey...his birthday is tomorrow!!
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Saturday, January 06, 2007
Colts and expensive stuff and Armed & Famous
Remember how I was all "Just wait and see! I WILL win the bet!" Um, yeah, not so much. Eh, it was silly of me anyway. I am a computer addict. I HAVE to check my email when I get home. HAVE. TO. I did last like two days so, ya know, I should be proud of that accomplishment, right?

Ok, moving on.

COLTS WIN! COLTS WIN! The Colts just won the first play-off game!!! Yee Ha!!!

 you know what I hate? Brand name obsession. Back when the 80s died down and izod kinda faded away, for the preppy wannabes anyway, people kind of got away from the whole gotta-have-brand-name thing. In high school I kinda longed for some of the brands, but I was content just getting new clothes so I didn't argue too much. So finally, gone was Liz Claiborn, Vanderbilt, iZod etc... I know, there still was some brand name love. Nike, Addidas, Levi, etc. But for a while there, it didn't much matter what kind of jeans you wore or what kind of purse you carried. That was fine by me because by the time the 90s came around, along with the whole grunge thing, I was poor as dirt. I was young and married and poor. Now I'm old and married and poor, but I'm straying from my original thought here. Really I did have one.

Back in the 80s we spent our money on hair spray, mini-skirts, pink and blue eyeshadow and perms. Now? It's getting nails and toes done, hair colored, Coach purses that cost hundreds, shoes that cost more than a house payment and the list goes on. The list is long of the name brands that kids and adults salivate over. Sometimes I am just glad to be poor because there is no question about whether to buy these things or not. I just can't. Maybe I would feel differently if I had more money, but I don't think so. I don't think I could spend a ton of money on a purse that gets thrown around in the car, in the house, on the floor, etc. You should see the inside of my purse right now.

I suppose some would see me complaining about this as jealousy, but really, it's not. In all honesty, yes I would get my nails done regularly if I could. I just can't see having to take out a loan to buy an outfit with a matching purse when I can get the same basic thing at Wal-mart for much cheaper. I guess what I am saying is I am a simple girl with simple tastes. Why I felt like sharing that, I'm not sure.

It's funny because when Bubba and I have our once monthly conversation about what we would do with our lottery winnings,(it's mandatory) I never even think of clothes for myself. I've just gotten so used to wanting to spend money on my kids and not me, it doesn't occur to me.

Ok, I'm done with that. And by the way, if you are one who buys lots of name brands and gets your nails done etc...I'm not hating on you. Really, I'm not.

ARMED & FAMOUS starts this week!! You really need to watch and just see what kind of weirdos live here in my city! :) If you click on that link, you can watch some clips. It's pretty funny actually. I totally can't wait. Speaking of Erik Estrada....they all leave town this week and I officially had ZERO PONCH SIGHTINGS. *sigh* Ah well, it's all good. I would have hated a photo of me with him anyway. I hate ever photo ever taken of me.

Remember when I posted those photos of seeing Jack Osbourne and Wee Man in the park?? Well, here are the close ups. :) As you can see, I am not in them. I chose not to bug them (of course if it were Ponch I'd be all over him...) and just took photos.

click 'em if you wanna see 'em a little bigger

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Get it girl, get it get it girl
Nope, this post has nothing to do with Gwen Stefani. I just like to title my posts obscurely to confuse you all.

I'm pretty worried about Bubba. He's been sick for at least a week now and won't go to the doctor. He has certain health problems that I worry about anyway and add to that him being sick and it just makes those worries worse. He's almost to the age now that his mom was when she had a stroke/heart attack (not sure they ever figured it out) and that just scares me. Send healthy vibes this way, please.

3 day weekends should be longer. Just sayin'.

Brianna's new digital camera also shoots videos. Be warned. You'll be subjected to my kids and all their cuteness one day soon. I never said I wasn't a mommy blogger. Heck, I wear the badge proudly! I AM A MOMMY BLOGGER.

I totally had something good to talk about earlier. It has now left my brain.

The further I get into "The DaVinci Code" the more interested I am in seeing the movie. I have to see how they put it to film. Uh.No. SHHH! Don't tell me I will be disappointed. I'll judge for myself when I watch. I ALWAYS like the book better, so that wouldn't surprise me anyway.

My current addictions...Flickr (moreso than usual for whatever reason) and MySpace. (shut it.) Also, Fergilicious and Wind It Up. Can't help myself. Not sure why I'm admitting to those things. I like to embarrass myself and gee, I just LOVE to invite the mean people to comment anonymously. Glutton for punishment, that's me.

Speaking of that...I got a hit from someplace recently that surprised the holy heck out of me. Let's just say, it was possibly someone I just don't want around here. Ah..well..I don't care. No really, I don't.

I do not see the appeal of recent Johnny Cash stuff. He's been added to my over-rated list. (along with Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones and probably "Dream Girls" but I'll let you know after I see it. The hype is killing me.)

You all KNOW I'm counting the days 'til Idol. Which just invites SCOOTER to comment and make fun and call it American Karoake. It was funny the first time. After 100 times? Not so much. Whatevs. I can take it. The music and tv I like doesn't have to be GOOD. Have you guys not figured that out? I find myself getting all defensive about what tv I like, but who cares? I don't force anyone (but Bubba) to watch with me.

I figured out that if I want more hits to my blog (which I don't really care about)all I need to do is comment over at MissZoot. I got like a gajillion hits today from my one comment. I totally lurk over there for the most part and now I'm all embarrassed because all of these really super good bloggers have been visiting and I didn't even have a good post up!

I switched over to new blogger a while back. I don't know...last week or sometime. Not one problem. What's all the fuss? I've read blog after blog pledging not to switch. It's no big. I think I am the only one on blogger who actually LIKES Blogger. I do. What's not to love? I rarely, if ever, have a problem. It's FREE. Free. Free is love. Free is the shizz.

I'm way too old to say shizz.

I don't say shizz in real life.

But I DO say 'whatevs.' Just to bug Bubba.

He knows it.

There's this short interview with Dave Matthews on Yahoo! videos where he talks about balding and also wanting to be better at sex. It makes me freakin' swoon everytime I come across it. Boy is so totally still on my list. (bubba:Um, hello? I read your blog.)

Oh...and I haven't said this in a while, but...

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!
I know..they totally won't make it past the first play-off game, but a girl can dream. I heart Peyton.

Speaking of flickr, am I the only one who puts regular old photos on their account? I'm just not all into the artsy creative crap. I take pictures of my kids. I put old 80s photos on it. I don't do 365 because, yeah, I'd have to take photos of myself and just, no. I don't know. I guess I just feel a little inadequate on flickr but that doesn't keep me from uploading and browsing like a fool.

Whatever happenend to the band formerly almost known as Supernova?

My heart hurts because John Mayer is dating Jessica Simpson. I've lost all faith in him. *sigh*

The end.
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Monday, January 01, 2007
Just wait and see!
So, Bubba's been making fun of me all day because of one of my resolutions. The one where I said that I would stay off the computer until the kids go to bed each night.(on work nights, mind you.) He doesn't think I can do it. He bet me that I can't do it for an entire month. Ok, buddy..YOU ARE ON! I WILL do it for a month! I WILL! I have to think of something good that will be my reward when I win! (what should it be?? comment and help me think of something good.)

On another note, I have already headed toward completing one of my other resolution/tasks. I want to get my scrap stuff organized. This means a MAJOR undertaking of cleaning up my bedroom and my scrap area before I can even begin to organize. This evening, I cleaned out an entire large laundry basket that a bunch of crap memorabilia and stuff got thrown into. You should have seen the trash bag that Bubba lugged out to the trash earlier. I'm pretty sure it weighed more than all 3 of our kids put together! This is seriously a huge accomplishment for me!

In the course of cleaning the basket out, I found a few old photos. Old photos means...blogging material! You know I have to share. :)

This first one is of me when I was 15. I thought I was fat. Silly me. I don't know who took it, but I know I was at church camp.

Next up is a super young looking Bubba at 17 years old. How cute is he?

This one is me and Bubba in Emerald Isle, NC in 1989. I was 18 and he was 17. I was super tan and needed my bangs(!) cut. Also? Shoulder pads.

Last but not least is sweet, little, innocent Brianna at 2-almost-3 years old.

Ok, now I am back to cleaning. Or maybe I'll go look for something to eat. Huh. wonder which one I will pick...

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Happy New Year!

Mushy stuff, mushy stuff...blah blah blah...Have a great 2007!!
Love you guys who keep stopping by to read my jibberish!

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