Tuesday, August 29, 2006
**Cue the disco ball and the ALL-skate**
Did any of you guys go skating when you were younger? Was there a rink in your town? Well, here in M-town, Indiana, USA....the place to be on a friday or saturday night (at least when you were between the ages of 10-13) was/is GIBSON'S Skating Rink. It is owned and run by the meanest and oldest 90lb lady that has ever lived. Her name is Anne and I can still hear her whistle and voice in my ears from 20 some years ago. I remember the smell of the place and the feel of those rental skates. I remember the game room and the putt putt and the Disco. I remember doing the hokey pokey in skates in the center of the rink. I remember the snack bar where we would get a paper cup of coke with no ice and chewy sweet tarts. I remember skating in the 'couples skate' with any one of my best friends by holding our comb between us instead of holding hands (because that would look gay.) I remember skating couples with my boyfriend in the 6th grade. (He is now a convicted murderer. AWESOME.) He skated backwards and me forward. *sigh* I have TONS of memories of that place.

A few years back,when Brianna was in the 1st grade, she began going to a school that has skating parties there once a month. The first time we walked in I almost fainted from nostalgia overload. Thank GOD she didn't like skating so much because the place is god awful hell fire HOT when it is full of elementary school students and their bored parents.

Now? Braelyn goes to that same school and they had their first skating party on Monday. Bubba and Brianna took her and she had the time of her life. By the time she got home, her hair was so wet from sweat it looked like she had just taken a shower. (she gets THAT from her dad. No,really. Plus, did I mention hell fire hot?)

For your pleasure..or torture...here are a couple of photos from the party. Blame Bubba for not getting ONE picture of her actually out on the rink.

Brianna helping her little sis. Doesn't THAT look fun?

The skates. I'm pretty sure I wore these EXACT skates when I was 5 years old.

She eventually was able to skate on her own. Sorta.

I give you....the SWEAT. See her glistening? (ok, she kinda looks bald in this photo...and like a boy. Oh, and note the beautiful scratch she has on her chin! School pictures are next week! The joy.)
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10 On Tuesday

Today's "Ten On Tuesday" is '10 things you think people don't like about you.' I had a hard time thinking of 10 things. NOT because I think I am perfect, but, well, people don't really TELL me what they don't like about me. So, I thought I would change it up a bit and do the Ten on Tuesday as...

10 Things I Think(know) MY HUSBAND Doesn't Like About Me (I'm going to TRY not to piss him off here. For the most part, these will be things I do that drive him up a wall.)
Without further ado....My 10...

1. I am rarely on time. Or, I should say, I am ALWAYS running late. Hurrying to get somewhere and then make it within inches of my life. (ie:work, church, weddings, funerals...etc.)

2. I am a complete and total slob. I try. I really do. I just...fail.

3. I can't cook worth crap. Except for chili.

4. I don't like sports. (except for the Colts. I do watch Nascar some, but I don't consider that a sport. I consider that just a guy thing.)

5. I am selectively forgetful.

6. I use two towels every time I shower. (one for hair, one for body)

7. I beg and whine for things I want. (ie:chocolate, a DQ blizzard, flickr pro account, Big Brother live feeds, etc...)

8. I don't like to go to the softball complex.

9. The Fat. (he NEVER EVER EVER says anything, but, you know..I have issues.)

10.I eat swiss cheese. Specifically, when he buys swiss cheese for hamburgers, he has to threaten me with bodily harm NOT to eat it all and to save it for the burgers. I can't help it, I love cheese. (I know this one is goofy, but I KNOW it drives him crazy.)

So, there you have it. I could list at LEAST 10 more, but that'll do for now.

What do people (or your spouse) not like about YOU??
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Sunday, August 27, 2006
We've been FLAGGED!!!
Ok, some back story...we like Papa John's Pizza. It's pretty cheap and pretty good. Hey! We like cheap! We like good! There you go. Anyway, if any of you out there are familiar with Papa John's Pizza, then you know that they put a jalapeno pepper in the corner of each pizza box. Inevitably, you get at least one piece of pizza that tastes like jalapenos. This grosses out my family. While I can eat jalapenos in a few things, I don't like them on my pizza. Bubba, if he gets one tiny tastes, jumps around gagging and spitting the pizza out like it was made of cow manure or something.

So, a few months back , while order pizza from Papa Johns, Bubba told them, no peppers in the box. Pizza is delivered. Guess what? Peppers in the box. So of course he calls them. I can't remember what came of that instance, but the next time? He told them again. Guess what? Peppers in the box. Bubba did not take this lying down. Once again, he called and raised cain (cane? Kane? cayne?). I'm PRETTY sure this happened to us at LEAST 3 times. Now, me? I would have just eaten the pizza and been done with it. Oh, no...not MY husband (whom I love dearly and couldn't live without...kissy kissy smoochie smoochie.)

Fast forward to this past Saturday night. Bubba gets home from a long day of umpiring and decides to order...Papa John's. No biggie. He's eating (I'm not because I ate before he got home.) He said, "Hey, read this box."

The label on the actual box.

Here you can see the FLAG! in all it's glory. :)

WE'VE BEEN FLAGGED!! Apparently, they got tired of Bubba pitching a fit about the peppers and it prints out every time we order.

(I totally feel like Elaine on Seinfeld when all of her doctors wrote notes in her chart and wouldn't let her see...and they informed every other doctor about her so they wouldn't treat her.)

I wonder what they REALLY wanted to put in the computer??
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A Boy's Life

Do you think my son has too many cars?? ;)
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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Someone just ripped my heart out of my chest, stomped on it and left it in the middle of the road....
First day of kindergarten. That's my Tater Tot. Wasn't she just sucking a pacifier yesterday?? She can't possibly be 5 years old! She can't be ready for school! I am not ready for her to be ready. She was excited though. I'm pretty sure she was oblivious to us leaving. One thing, though. She is an AMAZON girl compared to all the other kids in her class. I mean, she JUST turned 5 seventeen days ago and she TOWERS over the other kids. She's HUGE! It was kind of funny to see, actually. The doctor did tell us that she is very tall for her age.

See?? She WAS just sucking a pacifier!!

I did manage to make it outside the school building before bursting into tears so that was a plus. Bubba, Baby J and I went to breakfast right after. While waiting for our food, Bubba asked Baby J what he was going to do without sissy today..stuff like that. He wouldn't say a word..but his little eyes were all welled up with tears. Broke my heart, I tell ya. (cue round two of tears for mommy.) He was truly sad because his sister wouldn't be home with him every day all day. They've been together every day since he came home from the hospital so this is a big adjustment for him.

If anyone needs me before 2:30..I'll be cowering under the covers in my bed, crying.

Baby J wouldn't get out of the way.

Around this time was when the heart ripping began.
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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Do you think I watch too much reality tv?
I had a TOTALLY vivid dream last night. It was short but one of those dreams where you wake up and it takes you a minute to figure out that you are NOT still there in the dream.

I think I was in a large house, but it looked real, not like the set of Big Brother or anything like that. Lots of people were there and they were all sort of milling about, talking. Everyone seemed to be watching the news and waiting for something bad to happen, but I never really figured out what.

Then, I was in the kitchen getting some cereal and I knocked over the box and it spilled. In walked Sara (James' girlfriend and houseguest on BB6) and gave me a dirty look because it was HER cereal. I said, "Do you mind if I have some of this?" She smiled and said no, but I didn't finish fixing the cereal.

Cut to the living room. Many people and couples sitting around talking and I was at the end of a big fluffly couch with the wall to my left. Sitting in front of me, between my knees, on the floor was Taylor Hicks. Apparently, he 'belonged' to me and I was leaning forward and talking in his ear. Ok, this is where it gets disturbing for you, dear reader. I was whispering to him and I said, "I am so hot for you right now. You just wait 'til later." He chuckled and blushed and I said, "Did I just make Taylor blush?" And I was rubbing my hands on his cheeks and there was stubble there.

The end.

Hallelujah! Angie Wants me!

So, the question is, Do I watch too much reality tv?

Rhetorical, people. Rhetorical.

PS Read this post from 2005. I ALWAYS have a warped dream mind.
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Thursday, August 10, 2006
It's over!

...is part of the reason why I've been not blogging lately...marching band. But, as of last night, it's all over! The track season for marching band ended last night at "The Big Dance"...the Indiana State Fair Band Day. And...WE WON! (when I say we, I mean, my daughter's school) More about that later. Just giving a short update. The photo above was taken during the "morning" performance. I would try to explain which one is Guard Girl, but look on Flickr later and I will have them cropped and you will be able to see her in some of them.

I'll update with a big ol' post later. I miss my blog world!! :)
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Friday, August 04, 2006
Bubba's in trouble.
My 3 year old son just walked into the room and said, "Peace out, mom." and made the peace sign.

PS It's really NOT a bad thing. It was actually cute and funny. I just have to blame it on Bubba, you know. ;)
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
Live feed updates--HOH competition **SPOILERS**
Screen caps are from Jokers Updates forum user pokey_ally. Awesome!

Will drops from the web first (big surprise there...not)and wants an egg. Producers tell him to wait and not touch and egg yet. He and Janelle stare at the eggs trying to decide which egg to choose.
He breaks an egg and it's...ROTTEN! No prize! :)

More stuff is sprayed on them and the web is tilted more, very drastically and more often.

(9:35pm eastern)
James:"I could be lying in my bed right with my girlfriend right now watching this on tv. Instead, I'm here."

Kaysar:"We can make that happen."


Boogie and James seem to be having the worst time holding on in a good position. Not that anyone is having an easy time..just sayin...

Boogie whispers into his mike..or to someone.."Watch Marcellas, he is close to the red." The red area of the web is the center and they aren't allowed to touch it.

10pm eastern--Everyone still on except for Will. (and Janelle who couldn't play.)

10:40-ish--they have to hang from under the web using only arms and legs.

James, Boogie, then Kaysar drops. James gets the nullify a nomination pass. Kaysar gets a rotten egg and Boogie gets $10,000.
Marcellas drops during flames on the feeds. George drops.

Danielle begs Howie to quit. Howie tells Dani and Erika to go down and they are safe.
Howie is hurting and Dani and Erika swears Howie is safe. Howie drops. Erika drops and gives it to Dani. UGH. She'll put up Janelle and Kaysar...or Howie. We'll see.
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BB7--Live vote edition **spoilers**
Yep, that's right, they are voting live tonight. Surprise! (Oh, and I also know that most of you HATE my BB7 recaps...but the big fat blog funk still lingers..so take what you can get. Really, you should watch 'cause then my posts would be a little funny to you. Yeah right.)
Rumor has it, the HOH comp tonight is endurance.

Re-caps of Tuesday's show. *yawn* We are reminded that James is whining. I love it! These people crack me up.

Will cracks on Howie. Tells him he would love prison because he would get to work out, wear ugly clothes and kiss boys.

James flips out and declares WAR! Ooohh...I hope it blows up in his face.

Diane calls Janelle a 'fat bitch.' Fat? Yeah.
Marcellas calls Janelle mean and ugly. Um, marcellas? Have you ever seen one episode of BB? Oh wait..you were in the house yourself!! God, shut up.

Kaysar is right, he says, is the target on Chill Town or us? Janelle thinks it's on CT, but she is so wrong.

NO NO NO..not ANOTHER stupid phone call Diary Room session with Will and Boogie. Just stop. Please.

Julie asks if it is killing Will to NOT be in the chair. He feeds her some line...I don't even care about.
Footage of the wake up calls that we already saw. Marcellas calls the wake up callers sadistic.

Diane feels "unfairly cheated." Huh? No one is safe in this game. Get over it Diane. They are sick of you floating around and doing NOTHING but smoking the hookah.
Diane asks Dani if everyone already made promises to Erika. Dani admits it that yes, they did and then considers, in the DR, keeping Diane in the game just to go after Janelle. (Because she wants everyone else to do the dirty work.)

James WHINES some more. HE wouldn't put up Chill Town, but is mad because Janelle didn't. OOOkay...just like Dani. Let everyone else do your dirty work.

No matter what, Will knows how to play. He really should win again even though I don't want someone to win who has already has won.

Julie talks to Janie in the HOH room. JC:Are you falling for Will? Jan:No.(I believe her, even though she MIGHT have somewhat of a harmless crush.) JC:Are you sure? Yes. Will wasn't a threat so I didn't put him up. JC: Has the order of your loyalty changed? Jan:Not really. JC:Is marci in your alliance? Jan:No.He's my friend.

Diary Room:
Mike--Di is cute and will go after Jan.
James--Janelle sold out S6 team.
Kaysar--Di is sneaky.
Howie--Can't trust Diane.

Amy...says Janelle doesn't have inner beauty. Grates on her last nerve. Seen prettier girls. (bitter much? Janellousy much?) Amy and Marc are no longer friends. Marc will turn on Janelle in a heartbeat. (already happened.)

Will--Erika is not true to our cause. Will flip flop. Keep Di to send message to Janelle that she is not running things.
George--Erika is an underestimated player.
Dani--if Di stays it takes focus off Dani.
George--sad if Diane goes.
Marc--better to keep Erika over Di.

Time for the live votes...last words...Erika says honored to be there. Actually likes them all unlike Will. Wants to stay. Diane says a bunch of stuff...blah blah blah...says don't promise your votes to someone before a veto ceremony.

Kaysar is the first vote....Diane.
Howie votes to evict...Diane.
Marcellas votes to evict...Diane.
Boogie votes to evict...Diane.
Will votes to evict...Erika. (wishes he was going..blah blah blah...he is such a liar for the tv show.)
George votes to evict...Diane.
Dani votes to evict...Diane. (she's not crying yet.)
James votes to evict...Diane.

Diane is evicted.

Now the whining begins...can't wait for the live feeds in a few minutes. Marcellas makes me gag.

Diane and Julie interview. When will Diane realize this is not personal. Janelle was smart to get rid of Diane in my opinion.
Goodbye messages. Janelle--most strategic move for me. George--you meant so much to me in here. Howie--great to look at. Marc--pisses me off that you are leaving like this. Will get Janelle in if he can. Whatever.

Ohh..the HOH competition looks like a giant spider web. Interesting. James will probably win.

Time for the HOH comp. It's called "Caught in a Web." The last one hanging on is HOH. This week they will do comps that will have them caught between power and temptation. The first 5 to drop out can claim an egg that has a prize inside.(one cancels a nomination..good for a week, one contains 10,000 dollars, but 2 are empty.) They have to hang on the web and get a good grip. The web moves up high and Julie says they are about to be hit with a big surprise....commercial.
I bet you anything James will win this.

Coup d'etat. Will allow one person to overthrow the HOH. That will come on the next show. That should be interesting.

They are getting sprayed with something and the web is tilting.

The end. I'm off to see what happens on the live feeds. :)
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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Rock Star:Super blah blah
I tell you...it is still a train wreck that I can't look away from...It's so bad it is actually FUN to watch! :)

Here's my take on the singers tonight.

Patrice sings Higher Ground by the Chili Peppers. Tommy Lee plays the drums. (Personally, Chris Daughtry did a MUCH better job on this song on American Idol.) Eh, ya know, she tried to rock out. Whatever.

Josh sings Santeria. HUH? Who gives them these songs to choose from? How do you rock out with Santeria?? He actually does a good job on the song, but come on, he is not made for this band. Jason says his 'musicality' is awesome. Mmkay.

Dilana sings Can't Get Enough of Your Love. Though she didn't scare me like other weeks, I just can hardly stand her voice. She would fit the band if they were to choose satan's soul mate a girl.

Toby sings Pennyroyal Tea. I love me some Toby, but he is not right for this band either. He does an ok job but I don't even know this song, so what do I know?

Oh my good gravy if Zayra doesn't go this week I will personally hunt Tommy Lee down myself and knock some sense into him. What the heck is she wearing? She looks like some kind of psycho super hero. I'm PRETTY sure the whole place was laughing at her.
Ex-Mr Electra asks for more time to process what they just saw so they go to commercial. Back from commercial and the guys say...a lot of stupid stuff...figures. PUH-lease..they will NOT choose her in the end and if they do, their band will do even worse than they will with anyone else. Let's face it, this band is not going to be huge.

Magni sings Clocks by Coldplay. I don't like Magni. That is all.

Jill sings SCREAMS "Don't You Forget About Me." This is pure sacrilege of one of my favorite songs ever. Sucked. Next.

Ryan "not-THAT-Ryan-Star" Star sings "Losing My Religion." Quietly. Playing the piano. Dude is weird. He kinds scares me like Dilana does. He did well, though.

Lukas (Dilana and Satan's love child) sings Celebrity Skin. This is what he said during the song... mdkjghshd ndkaoj dhjlsaold. I can't understand a frickin' word this guy says. Wonder if Jason will mention Lukas' throat being closed yet AGAIN? Lukas haunts me in my nightmares. He'll probably win unless his Bride of evil mother, Dilana wins.

Storm sings Changes. Ew, the verse was suck..the chorus got a little better. They guys love her. I think she is eh. (her freakish eyebrows weird me out! They are completely horizontal.)

Dana sings Baba O'Riley. She'll never win. It was ok as Dana goes.

The bottom three at the end of the show was Toby(!), Zayra (PLEASE, GOD!) and Jill.

Until tomorrow.
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***BB7 Tuesday Veto Edition***
Ok, so I missed live blogging the show on Sunday night...and I haven't fed you guys any spoilers lately. (I say that as if I have people who come HERE to find spoilers.) But, here I am to do the Tuesday night BB blog.

By the way, my favorite line on Sunday's show was when Howie said, "You can't have your corn and eat it, too." Ha..leave it to Howie. I hope he wins the whole dang thing!

Ok..let the show begin...

Does Erika's mouth drive anyone else crazy?? I mean literally her mouth. The way she talks. Ugh.

First up is the fall-out from Janelle's noms of Boogie and Erika. What Janelle tells the diary room is that her "big plan" is for Chill Town to win the POV.
Janelle continues to play the game with CT. (her theory is that the floaters are much better players than Chill Town, so take them out first.)

The "floaters" meet. Marcellas actually uses the word, "behoove." They plan to stick together.

Veto competition time. They meet up to choose the players. They do a random draw.
Janelle picks HG choice and chooses Howie.
Erika picks Diane.
Mike picks another HG Choice. He chooses Will.

The comp will happen 'sometime in the morning." They will have 1 minute notice. If they don't make it to the back yard in time, they forfeit the veto. They find out about the wake up calls and are told it COULD be every 15 minutes. (which it was.)

Janelle tells Howie they don't want Diane or Erika to win POV and Howie is confused since he thought the point was to get rid of Chill Town. He says, the power of confusion is working on him. Janelle says, "Trust me."

The wake up calls begin. They show footage of how it bothers the house guests. (FYI: the footage of Will looking like he was woken and scared. He PLANNED that. Just so you know.) At 5:00am they are finally called to the veto competition by a wake up call counted down by a creepy robot voice.

In the back yard are what looks like electric chairs. They have to watch plasma screens. Words are spelled letter by letter backwards and they have to guess the words. If they got one right they got to pick something to hinder the one of the others' game. Mike gets to put ear phones on Howie that is blaring the wake up calls.
Will answers wrong and is eliminated. Howie pours worms in a vat that has Diane's feet in it. Mike puts Howie's feet in the worms. Janelle puts goggles that cover one eye on Diane. Mike Boogie wins the POV and promptly cuts his toe and has to be carried inside. (He did have to go see a doctor and get stitches.)

Janelle's suggestion to put up Diane is greeted with great surprise by Marcellas and Erika. He pretty much tells Janelle how stupid it is NOT to nominate Will. Janelle waffles...she has a 'secret' alliance with Will and Boogie. James questions Janelle about why she didn't target Chill Town in the veto comp. Howie calls her on it. Janelle squirms.

Will visits Janelle in the HOH bedroom. Janelle is 'confused.' Will says he will do whatever Janelle wants..he will even vote off Diane. Janelle is worried that everyone will be pissed if she puts up Diane. Will says, "So what? That's what this game is about. It's how you win and I know because, I've won." He is right. Personally, I am disappointed in Janie. She completely has a crush on Will and lets him steer her too much. She should have gone with her gut originally and done whatever the hell she wanted to do. If I were HOH I would...nevermind...

(Off Topic:I find it disturbing that White Castle actually calls their hamburgers "sliders" in their commercials. Ew...)

Luxury competition time. The luxury? Private advanced screening of "Talledaga Nights." Two teams will compete. Winning team watches the movie and gets refreshments. Boogie can't compete as he is injured. The teams are named Shake and Bake. The comp is as follows. There is a nascar in the backyard, they have to climb in the car, it spins and they have to climb out, put decals on , change a tire, fill the gas tank..get back in the car and wave the checkered flag.
Team Shake was:Janelle, James, Will, Danielle, Diane and Boogie
Team Bake was:George, Howie, Erika, Kaysar and Marcellas

Team Shake wins with a time of 1:37. (Team Bake's time was 1:53.) The HOH room was turned into a movie theater with flat screen, candy and popcorn. (They hated the movie, by the way. They said it was BAD.)

Janie comes to Kay, James and Howie and says she is putting up Diane. James flips out and tells her how stupid she is. James in the diary room says the Season 6 alliance is DONE. (He is smart to do that.)

James meets with Danielle and tells her all about what is happening. He's ready to get Janelle out.

Veto ceremony....gee, I wonder if Boogie with save himself?? He does. Duh.
Janelle puts up Diane saying it was the hardest week of her life.

James is mad because Janelle is a liar. WHAT?? Someone LIES in this game?? Big surprise, James.

Note to Will and Boogie...the whole phone call in the diary room thing is now old. Please stop. Thanks.
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