Thursday, August 03, 2006
BB7--Live vote edition **spoilers**
Yep, that's right, they are voting live tonight. Surprise! (Oh, and I also know that most of you HATE my BB7 recaps...but the big fat blog funk still take what you can get. Really, you should watch 'cause then my posts would be a little funny to you. Yeah right.)
Rumor has it, the HOH comp tonight is endurance.

Re-caps of Tuesday's show. *yawn* We are reminded that James is whining. I love it! These people crack me up.

Will cracks on Howie. Tells him he would love prison because he would get to work out, wear ugly clothes and kiss boys.

James flips out and declares WAR! Ooohh...I hope it blows up in his face.

Diane calls Janelle a 'fat bitch.' Fat? Yeah.
Marcellas calls Janelle mean and ugly. Um, marcellas? Have you ever seen one episode of BB? Oh were in the house yourself!! God, shut up.

Kaysar is right, he says, is the target on Chill Town or us? Janelle thinks it's on CT, but she is so wrong.

NO NO NO..not ANOTHER stupid phone call Diary Room session with Will and Boogie. Just stop. Please.

Julie asks if it is killing Will to NOT be in the chair. He feeds her some line...I don't even care about.
Footage of the wake up calls that we already saw. Marcellas calls the wake up callers sadistic.

Diane feels "unfairly cheated." Huh? No one is safe in this game. Get over it Diane. They are sick of you floating around and doing NOTHING but smoking the hookah.
Diane asks Dani if everyone already made promises to Erika. Dani admits it that yes, they did and then considers, in the DR, keeping Diane in the game just to go after Janelle. (Because she wants everyone else to do the dirty work.)

James WHINES some more. HE wouldn't put up Chill Town, but is mad because Janelle didn't. OOOkay...just like Dani. Let everyone else do your dirty work.

No matter what, Will knows how to play. He really should win again even though I don't want someone to win who has already has won.

Julie talks to Janie in the HOH room. JC:Are you falling for Will? Jan:No.(I believe her, even though she MIGHT have somewhat of a harmless crush.) JC:Are you sure? Yes. Will wasn't a threat so I didn't put him up. JC: Has the order of your loyalty changed? Jan:Not really. JC:Is marci in your alliance? Jan:No.He's my friend.

Diary Room:
Mike--Di is cute and will go after Jan.
James--Janelle sold out S6 team.
Kaysar--Di is sneaky.
Howie--Can't trust Diane.

Amy...says Janelle doesn't have inner beauty. Grates on her last nerve. Seen prettier girls. (bitter much? Janellousy much?) Amy and Marc are no longer friends. Marc will turn on Janelle in a heartbeat. (already happened.)

Will--Erika is not true to our cause. Will flip flop. Keep Di to send message to Janelle that she is not running things.
George--Erika is an underestimated player.
Dani--if Di stays it takes focus off Dani.
George--sad if Diane goes.
Marc--better to keep Erika over Di.

Time for the live votes...last words...Erika says honored to be there. Actually likes them all unlike Will. Wants to stay. Diane says a bunch of stuff...blah blah blah...says don't promise your votes to someone before a veto ceremony.

Kaysar is the first vote....Diane.
Howie votes to evict...Diane.
Marcellas votes to evict...Diane.
Boogie votes to evict...Diane.
Will votes to evict...Erika. (wishes he was going..blah blah blah...he is such a liar for the tv show.)
George votes to evict...Diane.
Dani votes to evict...Diane. (she's not crying yet.)
James votes to evict...Diane.

Diane is evicted.

Now the whining begins...can't wait for the live feeds in a few minutes. Marcellas makes me gag.

Diane and Julie interview. When will Diane realize this is not personal. Janelle was smart to get rid of Diane in my opinion.
Goodbye messages. Janelle--most strategic move for me. George--you meant so much to me in here. Howie--great to look at. Marc--pisses me off that you are leaving like this. Will get Janelle in if he can. Whatever.

Ohh..the HOH competition looks like a giant spider web. Interesting. James will probably win.

Time for the HOH comp. It's called "Caught in a Web." The last one hanging on is HOH. This week they will do comps that will have them caught between power and temptation. The first 5 to drop out can claim an egg that has a prize inside.(one cancels a nomination..good for a week, one contains 10,000 dollars, but 2 are empty.) They have to hang on the web and get a good grip. The web moves up high and Julie says they are about to be hit with a big surprise....commercial.
I bet you anything James will win this.

Coup d'etat. Will allow one person to overthrow the HOH. That will come on the next show. That should be interesting.

They are getting sprayed with something and the web is tilting.

The end. I'm off to see what happens on the live feeds. :)
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  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger PresentStorm said…

    LMAO @ Janellousy...

    I love your recaps.. They always have me crackin up.

  • At 9:26 AM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    Anybody doesn't like em.... they can click next. Kepp doing what you want with your blog!

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