Tuesday, July 25, 2006
The suckage continues. Not sure why I keep writing about it..I just can't help myself.

Lukas scares me still.
Zayra still sucks so badly...why she is still around I will never know.
Dana decent.
Patrice eh.
Toby adorable singing Billy Idol. Not right for the band, but I like him. He's a hot australian what's not to like?
Magni *yawn*.
Ryan (still has the constipated face and kind of looks like David Blaine)was ok, I guess.

Ya know, while I watch this show, I keep thinking, my next husband Bobby Gentry actually auditioned for it. At the time, I thought that was cool and that maybe I could watch someone I "know" on tv. Um, no. He totally would not have fit in. He's way too beautiful and smart for those putzes. Plus, he can actually SING! Seriously, Bobby hanging out with Tommy Lee?? I think not.

Jill (her mouth is larger than her whole head!) does ok.
Phil did ok.
satan's spawn Dilana sings Time After Time. She isn't QUITE as scary as weeks previous...however, can you imagine the children she and Lukas would have together?? Can you say Rosemary's Baby?? She does sing the song pretty well. The guys in the band will fall all over her, just watch.
Josh sucked.
Storm sucks but they love her. Ugh.
Um..I think I missed someone...

Anyway, Zayra should go. She is the WORST!
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  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Karen said…

    OK. I watched this last night- first time ever. I think I sing better than Zayra, and I sing VERY BADLY. and he told here to go get her own career??? I thought the TIme after Time was pretty good- but I can't imagine them choosing a girl to sing in the band anyway. Isn't it kinda a guys club?

  • At 5:04 PM, Anonymous honestyrain said…

    i always enjoy watching the show but each time beforehand i think why am i bothering? it's weird. i enjoyed last night and agree with a lot of your assessments. only thins is i HATE phil so passionately. zayra is absurd, of course, and i can't even stand to know she's on the show. i liked ryan and thought storm large (stripper name or what!) was good.

    the bit when jill was grinding on geddy lee? i KNEW he would hate that. they aren't looking for groupies for god's sake. lame.

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger PresentStorm said…

    I just had to stop wasting my time watching it.. Man it is SOOOO bad this year.

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