Monday, July 24, 2006
For all the mothers out there
I think I have found (ok, I didn't find it, but soooo many people are talking about) the BEST blog EVER. No joke.


It's downright courageous and beautiful blog and it made me cry. Why? It's all about how a woman's body changes after having children. It includes stories and photos of mothers (and their bellies) of all shapes and sizes who looked one way pre-pregnancy and who look a complete and totally different way post-pregnancy. If you are a mother, you know what that is all about. This blog is the truth. It shows sagging skin and stretch marks. Things we don't really talk about, but a lot of us have in common. Things that some men don't understand. Things that have NOTHING to do with "letting yourself go" but everything to do with nature.

If you have had children and have had even one moment of hatred toward your body, please click and go read and look. It's AWESOME.

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I haven't gotten up the guts to show my own stretch marks and ugly belly, but I still think it is a wonderful blog.

PS If you are a jerk (PW, I'm talking to you!) and think you are going to make some sort of rude comment, I WILL delete them. I really do not care to hear what you have to say. (here is where I would say, K Thx bye..but I STILL HATE THAT phrase!!)

Yes, Pikkel, I deleted your comment. Say what you will about that, but I said I would. I KNEW you would say something exactly like what you said. You will never get it. I love ya, darlin', but you have no clue. When you show me your six-pack, then you can say whatever the hell you want.
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  • At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Denise said…

    Thanks for the link! I'll check it out.

  • At 1:12 AM, Blogger D. Prince said…

    Wow! Quite powerful isn't it.

  • At 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    as a guy (yes last time i checked) i have seen the changes that pregnancy has on the girls i know and maybe i am not the norm but i find they are beautiful symbols of womanhood and of motherhood, i find the image portrayed by movie stars as garish and unnatural to have a child and then be back to their 'pre-pregnancy' weight and shape seriously demeens the beauty of motherhood, I think the strength and courage shown by these women is an insperation to young girls good on you all and God bless.

  • At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Mrs. Fun said…

    i have been reading this blog and i find it amazing. i will not be sending in my picture.

  • At 12:07 PM, Blogger Leon said…

    Wow. How brave. To proudly show your battle scars like that.

  • At 10:05 PM, Blogger Pikkel Weezel said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 6:33 AM, Anonymous ender said…


  • At 10:17 PM, Blogger Pikkel Weezel said…

    No 6-pack here darlin, but I don't ever claim that my big gut is beautiful to an audience of PC spineless dishonest asses afraid to say what they think instead of what they think others think they should say in order to appear nice. You deleted the one honest comment you had. Good luck with that.

  • At 10:52 PM, Blogger Angie said…

    Look, being "honest" doesn't have to be nasty. **I** never said my big ugly gut was beautiful. My point was, I am not alone in my ugly guttage. Being a woman is hard because we are expected to be completely perfect and gorgeous by men like you. It is NOT easy for those of us with genes that SUCK. It takes years of hard work, and still we are left with the stretch marks and saggy skin because us common folk do not have the money for tons of plastic surgery.

    Maybe all these women's bellies aren't beautiful, but they are the HONEST truth. You seem to like honesty, so there it is. More power to you if you have been lucky enough to marry/date a perfect woman with a perfect stomach. The reality is, a lot of us get all stretched out until the elastic is gone. The point of that website is NOT so people like you can crack on them and be an asshole. The point is, us mothers are in a sort of club. We get stuck with unsightly results after we have our children and then we get inundated with the media and images that make us feel even worse. Yes, it sucks. I don't usually complain about it, but that blog struck a chord in me. Basically, it says, Girl, you are not alone. Maybe that is just because I have issues, but so what. I like the blog. I will continue to read the posts and look at the pictures because I find it interesting.
    Do some of the women go overboard with cheese? Sure, but so what. We all love our children and are perfectly willing to have ugly bellies just to have them here.
    I'm sorry that you can't stand that sort of sentiment. Some men actually do see past the stretch marks.It is possible.
    It's a mother thing that truly no man will ever understand.

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