Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Rock Stah (BB7 post is below this one)
I want to state for the record that my hatred toward Dave Navarro has not waned since last year. The only thing is, Tommy Lee says many many many stupid things that puts him right up there, almost surpassing Mr Carmen Electra in the pointless comments department.

Magni--My Generation. Better than last week but he's just weird in a way I can't place.

Jenny Galt--Tainted Love. She gots to go...she doesn't fit the group at all. She is much too soft.

Jill--Violet. Oh, it's the freakishly short girl with the large mouth. She comes out in a wedding dress and combat boots. Trying to be Courtney Love since this is a Hole song. Um, whatever...I thought she sucked.

Zayra--You Really Got Me. Ok, first? Who told this girl she could sing and/or that she is a rocker? I swear she is a parody of herself. She looks like someone and I can't place it. Then...she gets cocky...or tries to get cocky..with the judges. My LEAST favorite thing for contestants to do on these shows.

Chris--Take Me Out. Eh..I don't like him. He sucks.

Dilana--Ring of Fire. She frightens me...I think I will have nightmares tonight. I'm pretty sure she just looked into the camera...THROUGH the camera..and cast a spell on me. Hold me. Anyway, she will make it to the end..final 3 at least.

Josh--With Arms Wide Open. Sucks.

Phil--If You Could Only See. S to the U-C-K.

Storm Large--Surrender. If she makes one more heart with her hands...jeez. This girl is on something, I swear. The judges will love her. Though I can't stand her, she is better than some..or most..of the guys.

Patrice--Heart Shaped Box. Not as strong as the last two girls, but at least she can play an instrument.

(someone tell Jason whats-his-face to get a damn haircut..his hair looks like Eddie Haskell without the grease.)

Lukas the troll gnome--oh did I say that out loud? He's singing Coldplay or something..can't understand one word of it. Is he whispering?

Someone? Please? Where's Jordis? Where's INXS? Where's Marty Casey? Where the hell is JD Fortune? Ahh..the good old days.

Someone else? Tell Tommy Lee to stop throwing his mic on the table.

Ryan Star--Jumping Jack Flash. I am pretty sure this guy is constantly constipated. His facial expression never changes. I can't tell if he is mad, sad, bored...I thought he sucked last week, and I think he sucks just SLIGHTLY less this week. And dude? Change your name! Don't you know that Ryan Star is a GIRL from American Idol who went on to be on The Surreal Life?? Embarrassing.

Dana--Born to Be Wild. I kind of like her voice, but she is not for this band.

Tobey--Somebody Told Me. He was my favorite last week. He's from Australia..I love the accent, what can I say? He's good...he's still my favorite. Not sure he is right for the band.

Finally, that is over! American Idol this AIN'T.
My bottom 3:Zayra, Phil, Chris and Josh. Oh wait, and Lukas!(yes, that's 5, I know)
Who's going home:I have no idea.
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