Tuesday, July 11, 2006
If it's Tuesday it's time for American Idol BIG BROTHER!(old habits...)
So, I've been watching a bunch of live feed footage so I know all about what's gonna happen on tonight's show..but you KNOW I am watching anyway.

We get the obligatory re-caps of what happened last week with Jase and Janelle putting up Alison and Danielle.

**What I like about the All Stars is that the game started on DAY 1! There was no trying to get to know each other, no trying to figure out how the game works. It was IMMEDIATE backstabbing. And that? That is what makes Big Brother fascinating. Say what you will about reality tv, but it is some of the most entertaining crap on television.**

We get to see Danielle and Alison "confront" Jase and Janelle to find out why they were nominated. (Danielle actually started the whole thing of "let's get Jase to disagree with Janelle's choices for eviction and then they (J&J) will go on the block and we can get Janelle out.") Once Alison leaves the room, Danielle blames it mostly on Alison. Later, Jase tells Ali that Dani blamed her and she swears to GOD..sweartogodsweartogodsweartogodsweartogod...that is was Dani. Behind the scenes in the diary room, Alison declares her HATRED for Janelle, though she never really explains why except to say that it's because Janelle put her on the block. Lots of Ali calling Janie a bitch under her breath. (I want ALI out NOW!!!)

Chicken George was called to the diary room and he is lost in the house trying to find it. James and Jase laugh their butts off. Poor George, I do think he is a guppy among the sharks, but he isn't exactly oblivious to the game. I think he will last a while if only because the others will be too busy trying to oust each other (or ee CHother, as Maggie used to say on last year's show).

James, Janie and Howie plan to get in the middle of all conversations. They realize they have to stick together to stay in the house. Ali and Dani are rallying to get S6 out. Janelle turns on her A game.

Will and Mike think they are "in charge."

Marci, Janie and Erika get together and discuss who should go. Marci wants dani out...Erika wants Ali out.

It looks like Howie has a man crush on Dr Will...the live feeders know better. They are just two men with big egos who like to talk and be the center of attention. Howie is just louder about it.

George snores LOUDLY! He needs a C-Pap, I bet. Lots of footage of the others listening and laughing at the snoring.

I HATE how Dr Will, in the diary room, pitches his body forward, tilts his head down and looks UP toward the camera. Grrr...drives me crazy!

HGs make a slip and slide with trash bags and duct tape and slather it with water, cooking oil, shaving cream and dish soap. George lays on top of Howie and the other guys push them down the slip and slide. Hilarity ensues.

POV competition. **TWIST ALERT**Random draw picks who plays in the veto comp.** The nominees spin a wheel to determine who will go into the competition. Ali spins Kaysar. Dani spins George. Boogie is chosen for the host of the competition. The competition is a huge Big Brother dump with a bunch of garbage and they have to DUMPSTER DIVE for veto symbols. The first one to find 6 wins.

Before the comp begins, they get nasty stuff dumped on them...pb&j...wet hair..mud, fish chum, iced clam sundaes...making them all gag. Then the game begins and they all frantically search through the trash...Janelle wins.

Dr Will admits he is there to stir up the pot. He certainly does a good job.

Veto ceremony. Janelle does not use the POV. Duh!

Thursday is the live show where we will find out who goes home. Right now, from watching the live feeds, it's hard to say who will go. Some days, it seems more people want Ali out. Other days, it leans toward Dani. It will be interesting to see how the votes go.

Off to watch more live feeds. :) Oh, and to simultaneously watch/listen to Rockstar to see if the suckage gets any better...
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  • At 10:57 PM, Blogger PresentStorm said…

    I am so jealous...but you know it is probably better that I don't have the feeds..lol

    I am supposed to be up doing dishes as I type this..lol Ooopps!

  • At 4:38 PM, Blogger Tara Kekahuna said…

    Thanks for the recap,, you're the best!

    So it's on when again,, god I have to remember three days a week to watch,, ack!

    Oh wait,, it says it right there,, thursday.


  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger aka_monty said…

    Thank heavens you have the feeds.
    Is all I'm saying.

    I'm sorry I've been comment-lacking lately...it's not you, it's me. :) But I HAVE been lurking you on bloglines.

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