Sunday, July 23, 2006
Big Bro Sunday
(There's an actual real post below this one if you care to read.)

Recaps galore...Reactions to Nakomis leaving..

Diane plans revenge. Mike was sorry to see her go..but Diane is staying and she is hot.(yuck! What is with the dyed black hair. It's ugly. She whines constantly and has a permanent scowl on her face.) Will still trying to "stir the pot." (YAWN) Jase didn't move from the couch when Nakomis left. We all knew he didn't like her so big deal, Jase. No one cares.

Will thinks the S6 alliance is fracturing. (It was fractured from the beginning. It's not quite as strong as the house thinks.)

Howie the vulgar but somehow loveable doofus is playing smarter this year. A little.

Sidenote:Remember when the HOH actually used to LOCK THE DOOR with the key they get?

Mike Boogie thinks James is "enamored" with he and Will. (HUH? They drive me crazy with how much they love themselves!)

A Chicken George montage. Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry etc...
CG gets caught listening to conversations.

James' HOH room is mostly red with black. Lots of pictures of Sarah for him.

Jase? He's an ass. If James were really smart, he would boot him quick.

The theory is, take out floaters and keep all the "players" in the game. Sounds good, but I don't think it will work like they think it will.

Mike Boogie decides to work out like crazy. I REALLY didn't need to see that. Ew.

Will complaining. It's so OLD. But that is his strategy. It's working because it is driving everyone crazy! I think Marcellas is the only one who realizes it IS his strategy. He thinks he is so "feared." Uh-huh. Will thinks James wants to be a part of Chilltown. James is playing him like he does everyone else.

Almost everyone except James knows that Jase needs to go. JAMES! PUT UP JASE!! (he doesn't, but I wish he would have. They haven't shown it yet, but since CG won the veto, James now has to put up someone against Will. Per the feeds, it's up in the air. He can't quite decide.)

Footage of the slop eaters trying to make it taste good. Then...FOOD COMPETITION.
I won't attempt to explain the game, but they will win foods for each day of the week.
Monday--full food and a feast won by James and Erika
Tuesday--full food and a feast won by Diane and Boogie
Wednesday--bread and kumquats & veggies and beer won by Will and Dani
Thursday--full food and a feast won by Kaysar and Howie
Friday--veggies and beer won by Janelle and Marcellas
Saturday--full food and feast won by George and Jase

Is anyone else tired of seeing Chicken George in his bright green shirt?? How many did he bring??

Cool..we can go to and leave a wake up message for the houseguests. You know I am so there.

Boogie's a sleep talker. (I have heard this on the feeds. It's weird.)
Danielle talks about her kids and her life.

James re-thinks keeping Jase. He is realizing that Jase can't exactly be trusted. (unless you watch/read what's going on with the feeds. Then you know that James is completely confused.)

Finally we get to the nomination ceremony and of course, James puts up George and Will. George is pissed off and Will is amused.

Until Tuesday...or until something good happens on the feeds...

This one is Marcellas freaking out because he has to eat the slop and he was begging for pb&j. It was FUNNY!

All photos are from the wonderful people who get screen caps of the feeds over at JOKERS UPDATES. I can't remember exactly who I got them from, but stop over at JU and take a look.
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  • At 5:57 PM, Blogger aka_monty said…

    Please leave a wakeup message for Kaysar from me...say "Monty loves you and wants to bang you till you scream your own name."

    Thanks, Angie, you're a pal.

    :) LOL (thanks for the update!!!)

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