Tuesday, July 25, 2006
BB7--POV edition
So, tonight's episode should focus on the veto competition and the veto ceremony. I already revealed in my post the other day what happens, but far be it from me to NOT do a play by play of the show. :)

As usual, we are treated to re-caps of the last episode which was just TWO DAYS AGO...so how could we forget?? (But, we did get to see Dr Will with too much fake tan on his face, so that was fun.)

We are then shown George giving James some attitude and then trying to accuse James of "copping a 'tude." Something about old Georgie just drives me crazy. When I hear him on the feeds, I change to a different feed. Howie's 'you're ok, Georgie' is cute though. He says it about a hundred times a day.

A bunch of footage of Will admiring himself. Boogie telling us how stupid the noms were. blah blah blah...Everything out of Boogie's mouth is drivel.

Marcellas' crush on Kaysar which is TRUE unlike Howie's 'crush' on Will.

The guys (Jase and George) do some late night rapping. As in rap. As in...it was BAD!

A Jase montage...how much time he spends in front of the mirror.

George making Howie feel guilty.

Time to pick the players for the Veto Comp. George has a new weird hat..some sort of shower cap thing. They pick names from a bag of balls.
Playing for veto is...

Basically, they have to complete a task to stay in the game...
1st task--eat a bowl of slop. Everyone agrees to do it. Will bows out. Boogie barfs it up. Moving on is Jase, George, Kaysar and James.
2nd task--burn your shirt and pants. They all agree to do it. They all move on.
3rd task--HGs get to write anything they want on the players' bodies. Stupid. They all move on.
4th task--take a blueberry bath. They all agree and they all turn blue.
5th task--sit out the next veto comp. James bows out. Jase bows out.Kaysar and George move on.
6th task--shave all their hair off. They both agree. (NOOOOOOO Kaysar!) Howie shaves George's hair. Marcellas shaves Kaysar's. (Marcellas says he was verklempt.)
Tiebreaker--how many consecutive days will you live on slop in the house? they have to write a number and the largest number wins. Kaysar says 15, George says 60.

George wins POV.

James was pissed off after the comp...George walked around all sad.

Kaysar, Howie, James and Janelle meet up in the HOH room. Arguements for who to put up in George's place. Boogie or Jase. Jase whines about being "backdoored." Whatever, it's NOT a backdoor. He doesn't get it. He throws a tantrum throwing things in the back yard. Jase whines. Boo hoo. Jase fights with Marcellas. Jase is an ass. Jase has 'integrity.' HA! Marcellas says, 'Now I see why the people in Season 5 hated you!" I can not stand Jase. I hope he does go.

What is so funny is that for the first 2 weeks or so, a lot of the house guests complained about nobody really "playing the game." Then, when they DO start playing the game, they freak out. I LOVE this season. The backstabbing is at an all time high! Love it, love it, love it!

Time for the veto ceremony. Jase just used the "word" dishearts. Ha ha ha ha....
Guess what? George takes himself off the block leaving James to decide who to put up. Will gets his moment to say something...he "hates everyone..he will throw every comp unless they vote him out." He is so full of it...he totally wants to win again!

George says he is honored to be in the game with the others. He wants to play the game. 2nd chance...blah blah...a tear...blah blah...George, please just admit that you ALL want the money!!

James puts up Jase.

Jase thinks he is deadly. Uh huh..


So, an update on the feeds. Houseguests got drunk last night and got mean. Boogie is a complete ASS. He and Jase have stooped to calling Janelle a whore for no apparent reason. It's really sad, actually. They are just mean degrading men....boys actually. They are both over 30 and act like middle schoolers. Boogie called Janelle on the nomination of Jase and Janelle told him, "Well, win an HOH and do something about it." He flipped the heck OUT!

James continues to flip flop back and forth from voting out Jase to voting out Will.

Danielle is trying to lay low, but still play both sides.

It was revealed that ERIKA and Boogie have a secret alliance and they date in real life. HUH??? Gross!

I look for James to pull away from the other 3 very soon.

Until Thursday...
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  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger aka_monty said…


    Didn't she tell Kaysar that she & her boyfriend of 5 years or whatever just broke up?
    And how could that be since she wasn't dating anyone when she was on the first time?

    I'm so confused...but BOOGIE?
    I thought he was sort of gay-ish. ;)

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