Saturday, July 29, 2006
BB7 What's happening on the feeds **SPOILERS**
Friday, the nomination ceremony happened. Up on the block are...
Erika (as a supposed pawn)
Mike Boogie

Earlier tonight they were called together for what they thought would be the Veto competition. What they found out was that they would be getting the wake up calls all night at intervals not revealed to them yet. After 14 hours of the wake up calls, they would be called to the back door for the actual veto competition. They will have one minute to get there.

Competing in the veto comp will be...

Will wants them to throw the veto comp and let one person win it.
They still all talk about taking out a floater. (Why they won't take out Chill Town is just annoying...)
At this point, Janelle is thinking of putting up Dani if they take Erika off with the veto.

The wake up calls started for them at 12:30 their time. They are very LOUD and annoying. Some of them are funny. Some are downright creepy. But one thing is for sure, it is annoying the heck out of most of them. Fun stuff. :)

Check out Youtube to hear the wake up calls. A guy from Jokers Updates is getting them and posting them there. He is TheRealDeal2006 on Youtube.

It's been a really good night on the feeds..full of lying and scheming. I'm loving it! :)
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  • At 6:21 AM, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said…

    An event that happened in BB7 in England is that half of the group were put in 'prison' on basic rations, while the other half were guards. What the guards didn't know is that the prisoners were given a tunnel to a spa and luxury food. When the guards inspected, the prisoners had to dart back to make it look they were in jail!

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