Thursday, July 27, 2006
BB7--Live show edition
As usual, we get a ton of recaps from the last two shows. But, tonight? We get the pleasure(?) of Julie Chen Mrs. Moonves hosting...don't ya just love the live show? How many times will she say, "But first...?" (Oh, once right off the bat! Woo hoo!)

The producers crack me up. They are making a huge deal about Will saying, "I hate you ALL" during the veto ceremony. It was planned and it's all an act. We know it and the house guests know it. So stop, BB. No one believes for a minute that Will ACTUALLY wants to go.

Jase speaks after the veto ceremony. He doesn't like anyone either..he was meant for Survivor...blah blah blah... Remember when I said that everything that comes out of Boogie's mouth is drivel? Same for Jase. Yeah.

Will whispering to Boogie that Yes, he DOES, in fact, want to stay. WHAT?!? What a surprise! (ha ha...NOT) They laugh and think it is fooling the whole house. (um, whatever.)

Jase saying he is a fighter and he won't quit. (too late.)

Footage of Boogie, Erika and Janelle in the tub together. (EW...Boogie?? Yuck! They were drunk...still...What they didn't show was the girls licking whipped cream off of Boogie later in the hot tub. Did I mention, EWWWW?)

Jase campaigns for votes...fights with Marcellas again. Jase shakes hands with the Season 6 people. Their deal? That if they vote out Will, then he will put up a floater next time. Danielle was NOT happy. Ultimately, Jase hung himself by running his mouth and Season 6 just realized he could not be trusted. (his temper tantrum didn't help, either.)

Julie asks Marcellas what he thinks about Kaysar's shaved head. Marcellas says Kaysar is even more beautiful now. (nah, I LOVE him with curls!) She asks George about having been on slop for 6 days. He tells about how gassy he is which is displayed on his homemade shirt that says, "MR FART." Marcellas moves away from him on the couch. (ha ha ha) Will is asked about how they are treating him after he said he hated them (all house guests laugh. They know he is full of it.) Of course his answer is that they are treating him exactly the same.

Danielle, Kaysar and Boogie in the diary room trying to decide who to vote for. No votes are shown yet.

Chicken George segment. Goofy footage of him dressed in foil etc.. "touching" footage of him talking about his family. Says he is here to play the game. We then get to see his veto speech again. (BB is WAY too into the recaps this year. They show them over and over.) Marc called it inspiring. George visiting the HOH and talking to James and Kaysar.

(side note:talk on the feeds is that George doesn't REALLY have to eat the slop for 60 days because it said, "How many days are you WILLING to eat slop?" Not sure anything will come of that only because I don't think any of the houseguests noticed the wording on that challenge.)

Julie talks to James alone. She asks about Jase accusing James of backdooring. James says he had to look out for his friends. Julies says, "So you went back on your word?" James handled that well...saying well, when someone goes to another alliance, word doesn't mean much. (I get so tired of people being mad about others going back on their word. It really is a game, it's NOT real life. There is no such thing as honesty and integrity on this show.) Julie asks which group James is more loyal to? He says Season 6 and Danielle. (go to and read his HOH blog to see his REAL feelings about that! James KNOWS he has to pull away from the other 3, but doing it is a rather tricky thing.)

Next, Howie, Diane and Marcellas talk in the diary room about who to evict.
Howie says "Little Willie" ain't too scary. (If you have the feeds you hear Howie call him Little Willie all the time.)
Diane moans, groans and whines her way through deciding who to vote for.
Marcellas says about Jase, if you are going to throw around words like integrity, then show some!
No votes are shown.

Next we get a segment where Will's younger brother speaks. He says Will's obsession with his looks is a joke. Says he is a good doctor and a good person. (I'm sure this is true, but we aren't really talking about his life outside the house.)
Shannon from season 2 is shown and says they haven't spoken in a couple of years. She says Will is charming, but she wouldn't go there again.

In the diary room, George is confused on who to vote for.
Janelle wants to break Boogie and Will up, but thinks it is safer to get rid of Jase.
Erika says keeping Jase would come back to bite her in the ass.

NO votes were shown so I am assuming it really was unanimous. We'll find out after the break.

Julie talks to Jase and Will. Final words from the two. Jase says they are all crazy and crazy people make poor decisions like wearing a mr fart t shirt on national tv. He asks Diane and Danielle to be the only ones to escort him to the door.
Will is just goofy saying he should have said that he has severe disdain for them instead of hate. Then he says hi to his dog, his girl and his business. (feed watchers have to listen to will and boog give shout outs and name drop ALL THE TIME!)

By a vote of 9-0 Jase is evicted. Good riddance Zoolander boy. Of course Howie walked him to the door anyway. hee hee GO HOWIE!

Inside, Will says, "Jase left early, he didn't deserve that." Then says he is sad but jealous.

Julie does the post eviction interview. were NOT backdoored!!! Get a clue!! Jase says James swore he wouldn't back door me..we had a man to, it's part of the game! Blah blah blah...Jase says nothing of substance...kind of like the teacher on charlie Brown "wah wah wah wah wah wah..."
Julie asks about the so-called Mr and Mrs Smith alliance...he neither confirmed nor denied...

Goodbye videos are shown to Jase... Boogie does a stupid rap...(how old is boogie?) Howie talks about trust... Marcellas says Jase created drama...Diane says you say what you feel...I admire you and respect you.. Janie says sorry we couldn't take the deal. Danielle cries. (stop!)
Jase hopes he gets to come back in a couple weeks. (PLEASE NO!!!)

HOH time...
They will be asked questions about the words/definitions on the walls in the house.
If they get an answer right, they get to eliminate someone else!!!(Season 6 will get eliminated, I bet.)
Marcellas elims Boogie.
Kaysar elims Diane.
Will elims Howie.
Will elims himself by getting a question wrong.
Erika elims George.
Kaysar elims Erika.
Janelle elims Danielle.
Marcellas elims Kaysar.

Janelle wins!!! woo hoo!!!
Howie tries to kiss Will.

Will nominates himself to Julie before the show ends. Ha's getting old, Will.

So, yeah, I'm happy Janie won HOH. A lot of people are tired of the Season 6 people...but I LOVE them.

I'm actually posting this on Saturday Friday morning, so I will give you a couple of **SPOILERS** from the feeds. (Yes, yes, I originally said Saturday...but my brain couldn't compute that I was off work today and we had a band competition which threw me ALL off!! Thanks Tara and of course, Gup for pointing out the error of my ways!)

After the HOH comp, Boogie sulked on his bed, then whined to anyone who would listen about how unfair the game is this time. blah blah blah...
Janelle got her HOH room and it is a major pink overload. LOTS of fuschia pink.
Talk last night before I went to bed was Janelle would put up Diane and Danielle or Boogie. Then it moved to Boogie and Diane. This morning, after reading the updates, it sounds like she has finally agreed to put up Will and Boogie! FINALLY! However, her mind will change 50 times before the nom ceremony.
Also, late last night, they had a food competition. Seems Boogie, Will, Erika and others I am not sure of are on slop. Janelle, Howie, Kaysar and James are not.
Nothing else major to report.

Until Sunday..
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  • At 1:30 PM, Blogger aka_monty said…

    So, let me get your opinion...
    I think it was a mistake to vote out Jase, since his temper tantrum basically alienated him from everyone in the house. Do you think it would have been smarter to keep him around for another week or so, since everybody's pissed at him anyway?
    That's just my opinion...but I'm not a very good strategist. That's why I don't play chess. I can't think 3 moves ahead. :)

  • At 3:25 PM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    Ummmm.... It's Friday.

    Damn time machines.... They never let you remember where you are....

    Jedi Janie wins again! Wootâ„¢ Loving that...

    I am rooting for James this year... He is playing the game better than anyone in the house.... He has backup plans fro when S6 starts getting picked off... He's in the best position to win it all....

    But overall, This... "let's get the floaters instead of CT" is killing me.

  • At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    I didn't know if it was all the benadryl I'm taking or if it was you,, but honey,,, it's you,, it's Friday!!!

    Thanks for the recap,, I missed it.

    And forgot to email you tues,, I like Kaysar's head with the peach fuzz hair,, yummy! LOL.

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