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***BB7 Tuesday Veto Edition***
Ok, so I missed live blogging the show on Sunday night...and I haven't fed you guys any spoilers lately. (I say that as if I have people who come HERE to find spoilers.) But, here I am to do the Tuesday night BB blog.

By the way, my favorite line on Sunday's show was when Howie said, "You can't have your corn and eat it, too." Ha..leave it to Howie. I hope he wins the whole dang thing!

Ok..let the show begin...

Does Erika's mouth drive anyone else crazy?? I mean literally her mouth. The way she talks. Ugh.

First up is the fall-out from Janelle's noms of Boogie and Erika. What Janelle tells the diary room is that her "big plan" is for Chill Town to win the POV.
Janelle continues to play the game with CT. (her theory is that the floaters are much better players than Chill Town, so take them out first.)

The "floaters" meet. Marcellas actually uses the word, "behoove." They plan to stick together.

Veto competition time. They meet up to choose the players. They do a random draw.
Janelle picks HG choice and chooses Howie.
Erika picks Diane.
Mike picks another HG Choice. He chooses Will.

The comp will happen 'sometime in the morning." They will have 1 minute notice. If they don't make it to the back yard in time, they forfeit the veto. They find out about the wake up calls and are told it COULD be every 15 minutes. (which it was.)

Janelle tells Howie they don't want Diane or Erika to win POV and Howie is confused since he thought the point was to get rid of Chill Town. He says, the power of confusion is working on him. Janelle says, "Trust me."

The wake up calls begin. They show footage of how it bothers the house guests. (FYI: the footage of Will looking like he was woken and scared. He PLANNED that. Just so you know.) At 5:00am they are finally called to the veto competition by a wake up call counted down by a creepy robot voice.

In the back yard are what looks like electric chairs. They have to watch plasma screens. Words are spelled letter by letter backwards and they have to guess the words. If they got one right they got to pick something to hinder the one of the others' game. Mike gets to put ear phones on Howie that is blaring the wake up calls.
Will answers wrong and is eliminated. Howie pours worms in a vat that has Diane's feet in it. Mike puts Howie's feet in the worms. Janelle puts goggles that cover one eye on Diane. Mike Boogie wins the POV and promptly cuts his toe and has to be carried inside. (He did have to go see a doctor and get stitches.)

Janelle's suggestion to put up Diane is greeted with great surprise by Marcellas and Erika. He pretty much tells Janelle how stupid it is NOT to nominate Will. Janelle waffles...she has a 'secret' alliance with Will and Boogie. James questions Janelle about why she didn't target Chill Town in the veto comp. Howie calls her on it. Janelle squirms.

Will visits Janelle in the HOH bedroom. Janelle is 'confused.' Will says he will do whatever Janelle wants..he will even vote off Diane. Janelle is worried that everyone will be pissed if she puts up Diane. Will says, "So what? That's what this game is about. It's how you win and I know because, I've won." He is right. Personally, I am disappointed in Janie. She completely has a crush on Will and lets him steer her too much. She should have gone with her gut originally and done whatever the hell she wanted to do. If I were HOH I would...nevermind...

(Off Topic:I find it disturbing that White Castle actually calls their hamburgers "sliders" in their commercials. Ew...)

Luxury competition time. The luxury? Private advanced screening of "Talledaga Nights." Two teams will compete. Winning team watches the movie and gets refreshments. Boogie can't compete as he is injured. The teams are named Shake and Bake. The comp is as follows. There is a nascar in the backyard, they have to climb in the car, it spins and they have to climb out, put decals on , change a tire, fill the gas tank..get back in the car and wave the checkered flag.
Team Shake was:Janelle, James, Will, Danielle, Diane and Boogie
Team Bake was:George, Howie, Erika, Kaysar and Marcellas

Team Shake wins with a time of 1:37. (Team Bake's time was 1:53.) The HOH room was turned into a movie theater with flat screen, candy and popcorn. (They hated the movie, by the way. They said it was BAD.)

Janie comes to Kay, James and Howie and says she is putting up Diane. James flips out and tells her how stupid she is. James in the diary room says the Season 6 alliance is DONE. (He is smart to do that.)

James meets with Danielle and tells her all about what is happening. He's ready to get Janelle out.

Veto ceremony....gee, I wonder if Boogie with save himself?? He does. Duh.
Janelle puts up Diane saying it was the hardest week of her life.

James is mad because Janelle is a liar. WHAT?? Someone LIES in this game?? Big surprise, James.

Note to Will and Boogie...the whole phone call in the diary room thing is now old. Please stop. Thanks.
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  • At 2:10 AM, Blogger twansmg said…

    grr so frustrated with janie she made herself an even bigger target now and of course james jumped ship ASAP

  • At 11:47 AM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    I don't think it's really that bad of a move. Well.. I wouldn't IF james would stick with them... and as far as they know, he is. Chilltown is still there and is still a big target, and as you saw... the floaters are sticking loosely together in their own semi-alliance. Everything will hinge on who wins HOH on Thursday though... it's gonna be a fun week next week!

  • At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    James' whining about Janie girl is annoying but I don't like how Janie is going against BB^ alliance. She can't go against Kaysar!
    I don't like Boogie and Will but they are funny together,, well mainly I just get a kick out of them getting a kick out of themselves. They think they are soooo funny it's hysterical cause they really are just stupid.

    Steve watched with me last night,,, wonder if we'll get him hooked on it too? Okay wait,, so when is it on again,, Thursday right???

  • At 8:05 PM, Anonymous tara said…

    Where are you,, are you watching it???

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