Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Rock Star:Super blah blah
I tell you...it is still a train wreck that I can't look away from...It's so bad it is actually FUN to watch! :)

Here's my take on the singers tonight.

Patrice sings Higher Ground by the Chili Peppers. Tommy Lee plays the drums. (Personally, Chris Daughtry did a MUCH better job on this song on American Idol.) Eh, ya know, she tried to rock out. Whatever.

Josh sings Santeria. HUH? Who gives them these songs to choose from? How do you rock out with Santeria?? He actually does a good job on the song, but come on, he is not made for this band. Jason says his 'musicality' is awesome. Mmkay.

Dilana sings Can't Get Enough of Your Love. Though she didn't scare me like other weeks, I just can hardly stand her voice. She would fit the band if they were to choose satan's soul mate a girl.

Toby sings Pennyroyal Tea. I love me some Toby, but he is not right for this band either. He does an ok job but I don't even know this song, so what do I know?

Oh my good gravy if Zayra doesn't go this week I will personally hunt Tommy Lee down myself and knock some sense into him. What the heck is she wearing? She looks like some kind of psycho super hero. I'm PRETTY sure the whole place was laughing at her.
Ex-Mr Electra asks for more time to process what they just saw so they go to commercial. Back from commercial and the guys say...a lot of stupid stuff...figures. PUH-lease..they will NOT choose her in the end and if they do, their band will do even worse than they will with anyone else. Let's face it, this band is not going to be huge.

Magni sings Clocks by Coldplay. I don't like Magni. That is all.

Jill sings SCREAMS "Don't You Forget About Me." This is pure sacrilege of one of my favorite songs ever. Sucked. Next.

Ryan "not-THAT-Ryan-Star" Star sings "Losing My Religion." Quietly. Playing the piano. Dude is weird. He kinds scares me like Dilana does. He did well, though.

Lukas (Dilana and Satan's love child) sings Celebrity Skin. This is what he said during the song... mdkjghshd ndkaoj dhjlsaold. I can't understand a frickin' word this guy says. Wonder if Jason will mention Lukas' throat being closed yet AGAIN? Lukas haunts me in my nightmares. He'll probably win unless his Bride of evil mother, Dilana wins.

Storm sings Changes. Ew, the verse was suck..the chorus got a little better. They guys love her. I think she is eh. (her freakish eyebrows weird me out! They are completely horizontal.)

Dana sings Baba O'Riley. She'll never win. It was ok as Dana goes.

The bottom three at the end of the show was Toby(!), Zayra (PLEASE, GOD!) and Jill.

Until tomorrow.
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  • At 2:12 AM, Blogger twansmg said…

    I could only make it through one show its not half as good as last year

  • At 11:21 AM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    Patrice - This girl seems like she is more out of place than any of them... She sucks consistantly though.

    Josh - He took a song that was totally out of place for this competition and nailed it. Great job, wrong band.

    Dilana - This year's winner. She blows the rest of them away... she is a performer that could actually grab some attention in a band of attention-whores like Supernova....

    Toby - Why is he on this show? Boy band material...

    Zarya - Gilby made sense tonight... we keep you around just to see what you'll pull out next. That, and i think she's blowing all of em....

    Magni - Just boring really...

    Jill - Doesn't leave enough of an impression for me to remember...

    Ryan - Took a risk tonight and delivered his best performance to date. He's an odd one... not sure what to think of him overall...

    Lukas - You should have heard me and Stormii trying to decipher him last night... muy baabee whan grphhttttt....

    Storm - Kicked ass on a great song! Finally she lost the psycho killer eyes and just sang it...

    Dana - I hate to say this, but somebody needs to get this girl high. Reminds me of the preppy girls in school with the tucked in Led Zeppelin shirts... "I'm cool... really... see.. I got a cool shirt... So I'm a rocker chick now... right...?"

    Who's going home? Ummm.... does it matter?

  • At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    The superhero chick,, I think they are keeping her around for laughs,, they can't be serious about her singing ability,, can they???

    Jason Newsted looks like he's about to lose it right when she ended her song,, doesn't she see they are laughing their asses of at her?

    The show is definitely a train wreck and we CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT!!!

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