Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Wait, it's Wednesday, NOT Friday?
This feels like a Friday, no? I don't really have much to talk about but I had the itch to write a little.

Oh, oh, oh! I know what I planned to talk about here.

The whole pink girly pink pink girly girl thing is so getting old with me. EVERY dang thing comes in a pink version 'just for girls' these days. It all just makes me roll my eyes. (but what doesn't make me roll my eyes, right?)

Now? The pink thing has invaded the world of board games!
LIFE: Come on girl friends! Hop in my car and travel with me in my game of LIFE! Who needs a man??
Twister: Left hand PINK! Right foot PINK! And it comes with a pink cherry bag to carry it in! Please. Stop.
Monopoly: Pink frickin' boutique edition! Comes with a pink box to hold everything. Hang on a sec while I dab the tears of desecrated board game sadness from my eyes.
Scrabble: You, too can spell girly words such as PINK, manicure, tampon!
Jenga: Pink sticks of wood. I've got nothin.'
And freakin' UNO: Actually called UNO Chic.

Is NOTHING sacred?? What's next?? Clue at the MALL??? (Mrs. White in Macy's with the fuzzy pink boa!) I'm so disgusted.

Oh, but it gets better. Oh yes it does.

Click it to see what the pretty pink princess is saying.

I swear if that doesn't say "Mystifying Oracle!" Ask the questions girls want answered!

Look, I know it's marketed as a toy. I know it's just a piece of plastic. However, I was raised to never touch a Ouija board. (and yes, that IS pronounced Weejee, thank you.) They're from the devEEL! Brianna knows I would skin her hide if she partakes in the spirit conjuring. I remember in the 6th grade, a girl in my class brought a Ouija board to class and the teacher let us play with it. (Yeah, NOT gonna happen these days, thank goodness!) When I say us I mean not me. I stood back and watched the devil slide right inside all my classmates! Right before my eyes. I swear! Peer pressure be damned, I was not touching that thing! Basically it was two or three people touching the planchette and accusing each other of moving it. 'You're moving it! No I'm not, YOU are! Huh uh! YOU are moving it!' No way. Nuh uh. No how. Creepy.

But now they are marketing it with PINK! Just for girls!! You'll get a warm fuzzy pink feeling when Uncle John who was killed in a tragic chicken farm incident visits you in your pretty pink bedroom to share ssssecrets from the other side!

No thanks, Toys R Us. You can keep that little bit of PINK! fabulocity to youRselves.

Now excuse me while I go play UNO with cards of PRIMARY colors.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Birthday post part deux
I had a pretty good birthday today. Kisses and wishes from the family in the morning plus Bubba had gotten me some clothes. (Don't worry, it was stuff I'd picked out already.) When I got to work, my friend/co-worker, Carey had a nice birthday spread for me. Cake, mexican dip and chips and gifts! She made a watch for me and also gave me a yummy smelling gingerbread cookies candle, smell goods from bath and body works, a calendar for my cubicle at work, Dove chocolates, and a Christmas bulb Coke. (Have you seen those??)

THEN, when I got home, my little kids had made me a cake all by themselves (see photo) and Bubba was making homemade pizza for dinner. Mmmm...

My parents called me and acted all goofy about their baby turning a year older and I got tons of birthday wishes from my online friends.

I feel all special and warm and fuzzy! It's been a really great birthday!

I thought I'd sort of steal my friend Drillah's idea and share some info about the year I was born.

Some famous people who were also born on November 25th, just not in my year, as no one famous was born on this date in 1970 and also I think I've mentioned all of these people in previous birthday posts:

Joe DiMaggio--some guy who used to sell Mr. Coffee :)
Ricardo Montalban--boss to Herve "da plane!" Villechaize on Fantasy Island
Ben "Beuller? Anyone?" Stein
John Larroquette-- Dan Fielding on Night Court
Amy Grant-- "Baby, Baby"
JFK Jr.-- Gone too soon. :(
Christina Applegate-- Kelly Bundy
Barbara and Jenna Bush-- Daughters of Dubya

Nothing too eventful happened on this day in 1970, or really any other year for that matter. However, there were some notable things which did happen during the year of 1970. Like...

The first episode of All My Children was broadcast.
Black Sabbath's debut album was released.
President Nixon signed a law banning cigarette ads on US television.
AMC introduced the Gremlin.
The Apollo 13 mission was launched then had to be aborted just 2 days later.
The Kent State Shootings happened in May.
The Beatles' final album was released.
Voting age is lowered to 18.
Jimi Hendrix died and Janice Joplin died both due to drug overdoses.
The north tower of the World Trade Center is completed.

A few of mah birthday goodies.

Me at almost 1 year old. Look! I survived one of those killer walkers!

At my grandma's for my 3rd birthday.

At my grandma's in Tennessee for my 9th birthday.

Me, on the right, with my sisters in about 1983.

Heavily made up and blonde in 1985 or 1986.

Senior year

Today. In which my tongue looks Bessie the cow LARGE.

Thus ends my life in photos for today. Thanks for playing.
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third E ate
That's me. Today I am 38. It feels a little strange to say it out loud. It sounds kind of old but I don't feel old so I guess that is a good thing, right? I'm off to work, but gifts and money will still be accepted in my absence!
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Monday, November 24, 2008
Overheard conversation

Braelyn: "Daddy, did you know that yesterday was my Webkinz birthday?

Daddy: "No, I didn't. How old is she?"

Braelyn: (with a look of 'DUH!' on her face) "A year older than she was!"
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Saturday, November 22, 2008
Just curious

What sort of endearing names do you have for your significant other??

If you are a woman, do you call your man, "Baby?" I find that a little odd, but I hear it a lot.

Not sure what triggered this particular question, but now I want to know.

Leave comments!!

PS I'm so boring, I usually just say, "Hon" or "Honey."
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Thursday, November 20, 2008
And they call it Puppy Love
That's my son, Jameson, talking on the phone. To his girlfriend! He's 5!

It's kind of odd that I caught him sitting still because when they talk on the phone he usually paces all around the house. One night he was talking to her after she called him back because she'd been in the bathtub. He said, "What did you do in the bath?" I thought that was pretty funny. He says stuff like, "What else have you been doing?" "What's your middle name?" There are lots of long silences, too.

The first time they talked was when we were freezing without a furnace. I had the TV muted so I could listen. (I'm the mom and I can do what I want!) The next thing I know he says, "Do you have a heater at your house?" Needless to say, it was time for him to get off the phone.

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Monday, November 17, 2008
Carte de Noel
It's that time of year again! Time to plan my Christmas cards. Would you like to get a Christmas card from me and my family? If so, send me an email at angiedbATgmailDOTcom and I'll add you to my list! Come on, you know you want to! Last year I had lots of fun sending and receiving cards from my friends in the computer so I want to continue the 'tradition.' (Does 2 years in a row make it a tradition?) Get into the Christmas spirit early and send me your address! :) You never know what kind of picture you may get this year. Heh.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Carbs in a ding dong
I'm not going to talk about carbs or ding dongs but I thought that was funny as heck. Someone found my blog by searching for 'carbs in a ding dong.' I saw that and I was all, "I've never talked about carbs in ding dongs before." But...I HAVE! Well, I talked about ding dongs and my readers talked about carbs in a ding dong. (TARA, I'm looking at YOU!)
OK, so enough about ding dongs.

I don't have a whole lot to talk about but I thought I would go ahead and do a few Sunday Bullets while it's still Sunday.

  • The Colts won!! How awesome was that last interception??
  • Ball State is still kicking butt and taking names. Go Cards!
  • I had to work Saturday and today. I hate working weekends because I feel like I missed out on something. You know, like being lazy at home. Thank goodness both days went by quickly. Even though I feel like I forgot to do something today. I hate that feeling.
  • I am quite sure that Pepsi is phasing out my liquid crack. It pains me to say that it is getting harder and harder for me (read:Bubba) to find Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Vanilla in stores around here. I am in panic mode. Kind of like when Elaine frantically searched the city for The Sponge on Seinfeld, that will be me running around town buying up every last drop of my caffeine fix.
  • How is it that half of November is already gone?? Time goes too quickly these days. I'll be 38 soon. (the 25th for those keeping track. I'm easy to buy for.)
  • I wonder if I can lose 50 pounds between January 1st and July 10-ish? (My 20 year reunion is sometime this summer. Lord, help me.)
  • Remind me that my next post is Christmas related. Don't let me forget.
  • Brianna went to Sadies on Saturday. The Sadie Hawkins Dance. You know, the one where the girl asks and pays and the couple wears matching shirts? Pictures next.

Jeremy and Brianna--Sadies '08

Angie and Bubba--Sadies '88
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Friday, November 14, 2008
A Peek Into the Life of a Fat Girl
I hate to shop and I hate to try on clothes. I've said this before. It should come as no surprise, then, that my favorite pair of black pants (favorite = most comfortable) was approaching the end of it's life. (wait, were approaching the end of their lives? nevermind) I held out as long as I could, but, um, yeah. They were pretty bad. See?

Kind of sad and pathetic, huh? I FINALLY broke down and bought a new pair of black pants last weekend. I don't like them even half as much as I loved those old pants! No other pants will ever live up.

Now, I should probably give you a little black pants history. I got those pants 8 years ago when I was pregnant with Braelyn. Yep. They were maternity pants. But OMG so comfortable! They didn't have one of those weird panels in the belly area, they were just more roomy there. So, I just folded them over and wore them as normal pants. Like, twice a week for 8 years. And as my fellow fat-girls can testify, the leg rubbage, well, I refer you back to the photo. They wore a tad thin, don't ya think? That's what 8 years of thunder thigh rubbage does to innocent pants.

So, now, I am self-humiliated AND sad. Those were the most awesome pants EVER.

Like I said, the new pants don't live up. I settled. I shouldn't have. The new pants have pockets. I HATE pockets! Fat girls don't need pockets which rest in places they shouldn't! Gah.

So, I shall continue my quest for the perfect pants which won't be so easy since...I hate to shop.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
And on the 8th day, God created a new furnace to heat Angie's house. And he saw that it was good.

We have heat!! Heat that doesn't come from a space heater! I am wearing normal lounge-around-the-house clothes! My fingers aren't frozen to the computer keys!

8 days with no heat was no fun. But, we made it and now we are comfy and toasty warm and thanking the good Lord for the miracle of high efficiency heat pumps.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Icicles are hanging off my nose.
My cold temperature tolerance has reached it's peak and now I'm done. I can't take it any more. It's a dang good thing they start putting in the new furnace tomorrow! I'm kinda thinking about taking the day off so I can properly thank the furnace man. If you know what I mean.

My current attire: black long sleeved t-shirt, navy blue sweatshirt, green sweatshirt on top and green pj pants with black sweats over that on the bottom. Am currently looking to add a pair of socks over the ones I'm wearing as well as searching the house for a scarf and gloves.

I know this, I will never ever ever take heated air for granted ever ever again. Ever. As long as I live. Ever.

P.S. That nasty blue team on The Biggest Loser makes me sick. Nasty bunch of people. Nasty. Mean and nasty.

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Well, wasn't that fun?
I've spent a HUGE part of my life worrying about what other people might think about what I say, or do or think. Part of the problem was my parents. I had great parents, but, they were just always worried about what other people, especially people at church, would think about what we said or did. That rubbed off on me in a big way.

Finally, at 37 (almost 38), I am getting to the point where I don't care. And when I say I don't care, I just mean that I am finally realizing that it's OK for me to have an opinion on anything and everything without being scared to voice it. It's OK for me to NOT agree with what everyone around me is thinking. It's OK for me to even be the ONLY one with a different opinion. I don't have to have anyone else validate me in any way.

I knew my post about Obama wouldn't be popular and that was OK. It's still OK. I'm allowed to have my own opinions about him and what he plans to do as president. I'm allowed to be worried. I'm allowed to not like him. I'm allowed to not like how people seem to be worshiping him. Just because my opinion makes others angry, it's OK. I'm not ashamed of my feelings, my beliefs, or what my heart and mind are telling me.

I've had a lot of time since last Tuesday to think about the election and everything about Obama. I've read the Obama website from "cover to cover." I've been reading everything I can get my hands on so I will know what he's planning to do. I'm still worried, scared, leary...I still feel the way I felt when I wrote my post.

I wrote a blog post. A blog post that a tiny handful of people even read. I'm not out on the street corners screaming my disdain. I'm not standing outside the White House screaming like a fool that "THE END IS NIGH!!!" I wrote a blog post. That's all.

The only thing I can say is that if I DIRECTLY singled YOU out and hurt your feelings, I am truly sorry. My intention was not to make people mad. It was to voice my opinion. I was very careful not to make blanket statements. Why? Because there ARE normal people who voted for Obama. Normal people who think he's an admirable man who will do our country a lot of good. That? Is awesome. In NO way would I ever say he has ALL of America hoodwinked. I also would not say that every single person who voted for Obama voted because he was black. I believe I said that I'd heard people say it around me and during interviews and such on television. That is hardly millions of people.

Anyway, the fact of the matter is, Obama was elected and he'll be the president, come January. All I can do is hold on for the ride. I just don't have to LIKE that ride.

Kinda like that Tomb Raider ride at King's Island which I hated...but that's another blog post altogether.
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Monday, November 10, 2008
What else can I write about??
Apparently, my ranting against the new messiah gets me hits and comments and linkage! Who knew? (Did ya'll see that? I'm wrong but not ignorant. Hmm..I kind of like that 'not ignorant' part but I have to beg to differ on the 'wrong' part. I got a rep to protect.) Whatever you do, don't click that link! Because then you will click on her link of me, then come back here and click on my link to her and you will get stuck in a scary blog loop from which you may never recover!

By no means do I post to this blog to grow a great big readership or to get comments. (Obviously.) But sometimes, it's nice to get a few more comments than normal. Even if those comments are from people arguing with me. I don't mind. It's kind of fun. I need to find something equally as nerve-hitting just to get people to comment. Just not in THIS post.

Anyway, I'm currently freezing my patootie off as we still don't have a new furnace and probably won't until Wednesday or Thursday. This is not very fun. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I've never loved blankets and sweatshirts as much as I do right now.

On Saturday night, we were watching 'Castaway' for the eleventieth time and it got to the part where Tom Hanks' character has left the island and is drifting at sea in the dark of night. The whale surfaces and looks at him and Jameson thought that was pretty cool. He said, "He's saying, 'Hey, do you want a ride somewhere?'" I'm tellin' ya, that kid and his thought processes. He's pretty dang cool.

OK, I'm off to hibernate under multiple covers in my igloo of a bedroom. If Bubba turns the fan on tonight, he dies!
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Sunday, November 09, 2008
Because we all like to be pretty!
I was visiting blogs I've never been to and I found a link to a wonderful blog design website called, So Chic Design. I can't remember whose blog had the link so I'm sorry I can't link to her! Anyway, the lovely designers at So Chic are having a giveaway for November. If you have a blogger/blogspot or wordpress blog, you should go right now and enter this contest! They're giving away a FREE custom blog makeover! Go! Now! Enter to win!

I love my purty blog (thank you, Tara!) but now I'm bored. I need something new. If I don't win, who wants to make over my blog?? Anyone? Bueller?
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Sunday Bullets 5
Yes, Sunday Bullets is back! I know you've missed it!

  • I survived the Week of No Bubba 2008 and lived to tell about it! I cooked! I cleaned! I did laundry! I rocked a mean meatloaf! I am awesome! I like exclamation marks!
  • Why must it be European-American? African-American? Drop the hyphens. Just be American. Be proud of your heritage, but just be American.
  • No, I don't feel any better about the election than I did last week.
  • I got my flu shot this week. We get them free at work so after I picked up the kids at school on Tuesday, off we went. They were VERY excited to see mommy get a shot. (It's very unsettling, I must say. I've been sleeping with one eye open.) Miss Shot-Giver, I believe, was showing off for them and punctured my arm so hard I almost yelped! I did, however, make a face which made the children laugh. Don't worry...they'll get theirs!
  • We haven't had heat since Tuesday. Fun times. The heating and cooling place came to inspect our furnace as we have them do every autumn because the furnace in this house is as old as Methuselah, as my mother would say. Well, it finally bit the dust. When I say bit the dust, I mean it has a large crack in the right heat exchanger and BY LAW(!) had to be shut off because it is unsafe to run. OMG! Panic! Mayhem! Bubba out of town! HALP!
    Luckily, almost all of last week saw temperatures in the 70s so we were relatively comfortable. Estimates for new furnace were gotten, turned in to landlord, discussed and landlord will talk to H&C place tomorrow. Meanwhile, we are frozen solid. OK, not quite, but it IS freakin' cold! We have space heaters (I HATE kerosene heaters because they are both stinky and scary.) which I religiously monitor for any sign of catching fire. We purposefully bake things so the kitchen stays warm. We take multiple hot showers so we can take advantage of the sauna-like conditions. We have blankets strategically placed throughout the house and around our bodies. We have layers of clothing on. We're good. No really. We're good.
  • Please to be bring new furnace tomorrow?
  • What is this, like, the 5th blog post in 3 or 4 days for me? What's up with that?
  • Do you follow people on Twitter who drive you so crazy you want to stab things and/or people? I read their tweets and roll my eyes and scream, "OH WHATEVER! SHUT UP!" Yet I just can't quit them. I'm not mentioning who those 2 or 3 people are. Not that it would matter because they don't follow me back.
  • Here's a blog I bookmarked this week. I can't make it 2 or 3 posts without snorting and laughing until I cry. Thank you to Kentucky Girl for sharing the link on twitter. If I didn't stalk people there, I'd have never come across this hilarity! It's totally worth clicking. Click it! And make sure you read all the commentary.
  • And so concludes this fifth installment of Sunday Bullets. Enjoy the following cuteness.
  • Oh...almost forgot. Good for Sarah Palin for calling out the cowardly jerks who anonymously came forth with stupid lies and tall tales about her after the election was over! You go girl!

Braelyn really was having fun, though it doesn't seem so in this picture.

That would be my son using a shovel to gather leaves.
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How can he have been married to ME for 18 years and do THIS?
Bubba went to Florida for a week. Here are the two photos that exist of him actually being in Florida.

Note the palm trees which is proof, I guess.

Have I not taught him a thing about taking pictures? Not that I am ever in photos, but I'm just sayin'!

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Saturday, November 08, 2008
Uh oh. Wait. What?

Remember when I was all, "$40,000! Woo hoo!"? Yeah, so the other day, we get yet another letter from IUPUI saying, "Congratulations, Brianna! You have been awarded the Valedictorian/Salutatorian scholarship in the amount of $7,000 a year for four years." Um, what?

A day or two later, we got a third letter (re)stating that she would receive $10,000 a year for four years. Again, I say, um, what?

I immediately emailed the Office of Student Scholarships and explained the situation and asked them to straighten out the confusion and let us know the amount of Brianna's scholarship.

I am happy to report that the school got right back with me and Brianna will be receiving the $10,000 scholarship!!

Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of relief!

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Friday, November 07, 2008
I'm in a mood today.
I'm in an "I don't give a crap what other people think" mood today. My last two posts would probably give you a heads-up on that.

I love Discovery Channel stuff. I love TLC and Discovery Health. But I won't be watching THIS.

I did watch a part of The Crazy Loon Show (AKA Oprah) back when this woman was on. I was beyond speechless at that time. Now there's an entire documentary-ish-like show about the pregnancy and birth.

The world has gone completely MAD and I refuse to go with it!

All I have to say is, SHE is NOT a man if SHE had a baby. Stop calling HER a pregnant MAN.
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Nice. I love discussing these things first thing in the morning.
Something came on the news this morning about one of those "unnamed sources" bad mouthing Sarah Palin now that the presidential campaign is over.

My 7 year old daughter said, "Mommy, some people think Sarah Palin is stupid."

I explained to her that Sarah Palin is a very smart woman. I told her that in no way could she have become a mayor or governor and be stupid at the same time. I told her that people are mean. I told her that some people will say mean things so the candidate they like the most will win. I told her that none of the presidential candidates are stupid. That one can't be a governor or senator and be stupid. I said that everybody won't always agree with what the politicians say, but that in no way makes them stupid.

She said, "Wendy thinks Sarah Palin is stupid." (Wendy is the somewhat mean girl next door, who is 9.)

I told Braelyn that Wendy most likely heard that from her parents or other adults.

She said, "Uh huh! Yeah! Wendy said her mom and dad think Sarah Palin is stupid, too!"

I suggested that the next time Wendy mentioned something like that she should tell her that there is no way Sarah Palin could be stupid and be the Governor of a state or run for higher office for that matter.

I saw her wheels turning. She said, "Yeah! I will!"

THIS is exactly why politics and campaigns and mudslinging drives me up a wall. Kids are so impressionable.

I'm no feminist, but you'd better believe that my daughters know they are capable of succeeding in life.

Girl can wear herself some jeans and a Carhart! :)

PS read my No I Didn't post. It's all KINDS of fun and games!


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Thursday, November 06, 2008

No I Didn't.

I did not vote for Obama. That's right. I said it. I am not ashamed. I don't feel empty inside. I feel proud that I voted with my head and my heart. I am proud to be a VERY conservative Republican. I'm one of those right-wingers which people like to make fun of. McCain wasn't even conservative enough for me, but he was the closest thing. At no time EVER did I even once consider voting for the so-far-left Obama. Why? Because I was informed. It was a fully informed decision. I read up on Obama and McCain. A lot. A great big lot.

Leading up to the election, I knew. I knew that Obama was going to win. I prepared myself. I was OK with it. OK with it in the sense that I was accepting of the fact that he would win. I am not OK with him being the next president. That's right. I said that, too. I. Am. Not. OK. With. It. I can't change it. All I can do is hope that God has his hand in this.

He will be 'the' president, but not 'my' president. Yes, that sounds a little bit like I'm stomping my feet because I didn't get my way. That is not it. Not at all. It was the same with Clinton. I loathed Clinton with everything in my being. For many, many, many reasons. None of them having to do with that stupid Lewinsky thing.(He was not MY president, either.) While I can't say that I loathe Obama, I am not drinking the kool-aid. I'm not on the bus. I will not participate in the love fest.

Speaking of the love fest.(and that is only part of it.) Oh. My. God. I can hardly stomach it. I am watching and listening and reading and my mouth is hanging open. It's as if they are worshipping at the altar of Obama. That scares me to death. It's Oprah times 500. (Oprah is a crazy loon and that is a whole other post.)People are saying things like, "He makes me want to be a better person!" and "He makes me proud to be an American again!" Seriously? Seriously? No one besides Jesus has ever made me want to be a better person. Plus, I've always been patriotic so I can't relate to being proud to be American AGAIN. The president does NOT define me as an American. As I watch all of this, my mind keeps going to the 'Left Behind' series of books. Carpathia. Wolf in sheep's clothing. Charismatic man leading the world astray. That is what this all reminds me of. Ever since Tuesday night, I've had a sick, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. It's not the disappointment, though I certainly was disappointed. It's not 'boo hoo I didn't get my way.' It's fear. It's dread.

Moving on to race. I want you to know that race has nothing at all to do with my feelings. I came from a racist home, but I am not racist. I think it's a great thing that a black man could be elected president, however, that shouldn't have been THE reason. I've heard people around me say it. There have been people interviewed in newspapers and on TV who have pretty much summed it up with, 'because I want a black president.' How can that be the only reason? Voting for him just because he is black is just as racist as someone not voting for him because he's black. My frustration level with this is at it's peak. Seriously with the my president is black stuff?? I just want to say, 'No sh**, Sherlock."

Indiana ended up 'going blue' on election night and that made me sad. I loved being a part of a red state. But that's ok. I'll happily be a red dot in a blue state. (I was VERY happy that Indiana re-elected our governor, though. That is a very good thing!)

I couldn't stomach television on the night of the election, but since then I've watched the news and clips of election night elsewhere. I've got to tell you, watching all these little bitty kids jumping up and down and cheering kind of turned me off. I have a 5 and 7 year old. They knew of the election. They knew that daddy was going to vote for "Orock Obama" and mommy was voting for McCain. We talked about it a lot. The 7 year old talked about it at school, too. They went to bed before the results came in. The woke up the next morning and asked who won. They felt sorry for McCain and happy for Obama. Then, they went about their 5 and 7 year old lives. I didn't put them in t-shirts that said McCain/Palin. I didn't make them wear buttons. They didn't cheer or dance. They are little kids. As they get older, they will know plenty about elections and government and all that. For now, they are kids. Happy-go-lucky kids. I want them to stay that way a while longer. So, more power to you if you involved your little bitties more than that. It's not MY cup of tea. (However, they were very much involved in the 'Sign Wars of 2008.' That was just silly fun. They just wanted to hide the signs from mommy/daddy in a better place each time. It was more hide and seek than political anything.)

The thing is, before everybody touts Obama as some big hero, he needs to get into office and do his job. Period. After 4 years, then MAYBE you can call him a hero. After 4 years, MAYBE you can compare him to other great presidents, but not before he's done an ounce of work. He has said he's going to do lots of things. You know what? He probably will do some of them. I doubt he will do what many people are expecting. You know what else? I never expected McCain to do everything he said either. They are POLITICIANS. They tell taller tales than anyone else in the world.

Before you tell me that I am hating, I'll beg to differ right now. I don't trust Obama. That's the bottom line. As my online friend, Salena said, he has a majority of America hoodwinked. I sincerely believe that.

You know, wouldn't it have been fun for McCain to win, if only to witness the mass exodus to Canada/Europe of the Democrats! (yeah, right) That was so old and tired during the campaign season. "If McCain wins, I'm leaving the country!!" Whatever.

I do know this. I don't ever want to hear or use the words 'hope' or 'change' ever again. Yes, there's some snark in that statement, but there is sincere truth, too.
I was never more sick of two words in my life than I was during this campaign.

Something I forgot to mention-- I was very happy with the high voter turnout. It should ALWAYS be like that. Always. Voting is something one shouldn't ever take for granted.

One more thing. The way Sarah Palin was treated during the campaign was completely and utterly ridiculous. The way she is being tossed under the bus after the election is beyond disgusting. It's a good thing she is a strong woman.

I know I've forgotten some of what I had planned to say, but I'll just leave it at what I've already said. I don't apologize for my feelings and beliefs. I put this out there because I had to get it off my chest. I love my blog and love being able to post whatever I feel like posting. If you don't agree with me, that's alright. You are allowed. You have the right. If you dish it out, I can take it.

God help us all for the next 4 years.


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Saturday, November 01, 2008
If it's November first, it must be a Halloween post!
Oh! Hey! Yesterday was my blog birthday. Happy blogging birthday to me! I've officially been blogging for 4 years. Go me!

Anyway, I think that last night may have been one of only 2 times we've ever trick or treated without Bubba. That makes me sad. But, we did have fun! Brianna and Jeremy dressed up as Sweeny Todd and Mrs. Lovett and walked around with the little kids and me. Jameson was an 'army guy' and Braelyn was Super Girl. Unfortunately, no fun and unique, homemade-by-Bubba costumes this year.

Since I was off work yesterday, I was able to get the kids from school and then have plenty of time to get them all ready before trick or treating started at 5pm. (WAY too early! When I was little, we did NOT start that early!)

We started by visiting my parents then walked around their neighborhood. Went to another neighborhood where we go every year where we began our trek by seeing a dead kitten on the side of the road. Nice. Before the night ended we headed to Brianna's boyfriend's neighborhood. And then my ankles gave out and they had all had to drag me back to the van. Or something like that.

We ended the night at Taco Bell then went home so the kids could sort out their candy and go to bed with an extreme sugar high. No middle of the night puking, either! Bonus!

I only got a few photos on Brianna's digital camera since SOMEBODY took my camera to Florida with him. *cough*bubba*cough* Otherwise, I took several photos on my film camera which I will get developed sometime in July of 2010.

His legs were tired so he was taking a rest. In. The. Street.


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