Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Birthday post part deux
I had a pretty good birthday today. Kisses and wishes from the family in the morning plus Bubba had gotten me some clothes. (Don't worry, it was stuff I'd picked out already.) When I got to work, my friend/co-worker, Carey had a nice birthday spread for me. Cake, mexican dip and chips and gifts! She made a watch for me and also gave me a yummy smelling gingerbread cookies candle, smell goods from bath and body works, a calendar for my cubicle at work, Dove chocolates, and a Christmas bulb Coke. (Have you seen those??)

THEN, when I got home, my little kids had made me a cake all by themselves (see photo) and Bubba was making homemade pizza for dinner. Mmmm...

My parents called me and acted all goofy about their baby turning a year older and I got tons of birthday wishes from my online friends.

I feel all special and warm and fuzzy! It's been a really great birthday!

I thought I'd sort of steal my friend Drillah's idea and share some info about the year I was born.

Some famous people who were also born on November 25th, just not in my year, as no one famous was born on this date in 1970 and also I think I've mentioned all of these people in previous birthday posts:

Joe DiMaggio--some guy who used to sell Mr. Coffee :)
Ricardo Montalban--boss to Herve "da plane!" Villechaize on Fantasy Island
Ben "Beuller? Anyone?" Stein
John Larroquette-- Dan Fielding on Night Court
Amy Grant-- "Baby, Baby"
JFK Jr.-- Gone too soon. :(
Christina Applegate-- Kelly Bundy
Barbara and Jenna Bush-- Daughters of Dubya

Nothing too eventful happened on this day in 1970, or really any other year for that matter. However, there were some notable things which did happen during the year of 1970. Like...

The first episode of All My Children was broadcast.
Black Sabbath's debut album was released.
President Nixon signed a law banning cigarette ads on US television.
AMC introduced the Gremlin.
The Apollo 13 mission was launched then had to be aborted just 2 days later.
The Kent State Shootings happened in May.
The Beatles' final album was released.
Voting age is lowered to 18.
Jimi Hendrix died and Janice Joplin died both due to drug overdoses.
The north tower of the World Trade Center is completed.

A few of mah birthday goodies.

Me at almost 1 year old. Look! I survived one of those killer walkers!

At my grandma's for my 3rd birthday.

At my grandma's in Tennessee for my 9th birthday.

Me, on the right, with my sisters in about 1983.

Heavily made up and blonde in 1985 or 1986.

Senior year

Today. In which my tongue looks Bessie the cow LARGE.

Thus ends my life in photos for today. Thanks for playing.
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  • At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Spicybugz said…

    Those are wonderful pictures and I'm sure some fantastic memories. Happy Birthday to you!

  • At 3:05 AM, Blogger Evan Johnson said…

    Happy birthday and that cake looked good, kinda Christmasy(admittedly not a real word) too.

    - Evan

  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said…

    Hope you had a super birthday. There were some fine date information there.

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