Monday, July 31, 2006
Happy birthday to my baby girl who is not much of a baby anymore. Tater Tot is 5 years old today. She is a big girl now and will be starting kindergarten in 17 SHORT days.
She grew up so fast. I barely remember her as a baby.

Here's a photo of me with her from Easter of 2002. She was about 8 or 9 months old.

Here she is today with some of her birthday loot.

Happy Birthday, Braelyn Rose!! Mommy loves you more than you will ever know.

PS A HUGE Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people... TARA!!! Click on her name there and wish her a Happy Birthday!! Here's something for you, Tara. (Click it so you can read it.)
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Saturday, July 29, 2006
***BB7 SPOILERS from the feeds***
The houseguests made it through 18 of the wake up calls (I think) before they finally called them to the veto competition. I'm not exactly sure what the competition was, but Mike Boogie won it. (how very convenient) He also injured his foot or ankle and had to be seen by a doctor after the competition was over.

Janelle FINALLY figured out that Will has been playing her to put up floaters and not them, so I THINK she just might put Will up in Boogie's place.

Nothing else of note, really. All house guests are sleeping now.

Now, I have to get ready to leave for the last band competition before the big one in August at the state fair.

Toodles and have a great Saturday!!
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BB7 What's happening on the feeds **SPOILERS**
Friday, the nomination ceremony happened. Up on the block are...
Erika (as a supposed pawn)
Mike Boogie

Earlier tonight they were called together for what they thought would be the Veto competition. What they found out was that they would be getting the wake up calls all night at intervals not revealed to them yet. After 14 hours of the wake up calls, they would be called to the back door for the actual veto competition. They will have one minute to get there.

Competing in the veto comp will be...

Will wants them to throw the veto comp and let one person win it.
They still all talk about taking out a floater. (Why they won't take out Chill Town is just annoying...)
At this point, Janelle is thinking of putting up Dani if they take Erika off with the veto.

The wake up calls started for them at 12:30 their time. They are very LOUD and annoying. Some of them are funny. Some are downright creepy. But one thing is for sure, it is annoying the heck out of most of them. Fun stuff. :)

Check out Youtube to hear the wake up calls. A guy from Jokers Updates is getting them and posting them there. He is TheRealDeal2006 on Youtube.

It's been a really good night on the feeds..full of lying and scheming. I'm loving it! :)
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A BB7 quote from the feeds
Sometimes, Marcellas makes me crack up. Here's what he said about the slop.

"Slop is satan's oatmeal that he uses for a facial on his ass!"

Maybe I am just delirious because it is super late, but that one made me laugh. :)
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Thursday, July 27, 2006
BB7--Live show edition
As usual, we get a ton of recaps from the last two shows. But, tonight? We get the pleasure(?) of Julie Chen Mrs. Moonves hosting...don't ya just love the live show? How many times will she say, "But first...?" (Oh, once right off the bat! Woo hoo!)

The producers crack me up. They are making a huge deal about Will saying, "I hate you ALL" during the veto ceremony. It was planned and it's all an act. We know it and the house guests know it. So stop, BB. No one believes for a minute that Will ACTUALLY wants to go.

Jase speaks after the veto ceremony. He doesn't like anyone either..he was meant for Survivor...blah blah blah... Remember when I said that everything that comes out of Boogie's mouth is drivel? Same for Jase. Yeah.

Will whispering to Boogie that Yes, he DOES, in fact, want to stay. WHAT?!? What a surprise! (ha ha...NOT) They laugh and think it is fooling the whole house. (um, whatever.)

Jase saying he is a fighter and he won't quit. (too late.)

Footage of Boogie, Erika and Janelle in the tub together. (EW...Boogie?? Yuck! They were drunk...still...What they didn't show was the girls licking whipped cream off of Boogie later in the hot tub. Did I mention, EWWWW?)

Jase campaigns for votes...fights with Marcellas again. Jase shakes hands with the Season 6 people. Their deal? That if they vote out Will, then he will put up a floater next time. Danielle was NOT happy. Ultimately, Jase hung himself by running his mouth and Season 6 just realized he could not be trusted. (his temper tantrum didn't help, either.)

Julie asks Marcellas what he thinks about Kaysar's shaved head. Marcellas says Kaysar is even more beautiful now. (nah, I LOVE him with curls!) She asks George about having been on slop for 6 days. He tells about how gassy he is which is displayed on his homemade shirt that says, "MR FART." Marcellas moves away from him on the couch. (ha ha ha) Will is asked about how they are treating him after he said he hated them (all house guests laugh. They know he is full of it.) Of course his answer is that they are treating him exactly the same.

Danielle, Kaysar and Boogie in the diary room trying to decide who to vote for. No votes are shown yet.

Chicken George segment. Goofy footage of him dressed in foil etc.. "touching" footage of him talking about his family. Says he is here to play the game. We then get to see his veto speech again. (BB is WAY too into the recaps this year. They show them over and over.) Marc called it inspiring. George visiting the HOH and talking to James and Kaysar.

(side note:talk on the feeds is that George doesn't REALLY have to eat the slop for 60 days because it said, "How many days are you WILLING to eat slop?" Not sure anything will come of that only because I don't think any of the houseguests noticed the wording on that challenge.)

Julie talks to James alone. She asks about Jase accusing James of backdooring. James says he had to look out for his friends. Julies says, "So you went back on your word?" James handled that well...saying well, when someone goes to another alliance, word doesn't mean much. (I get so tired of people being mad about others going back on their word. It really is a game, it's NOT real life. There is no such thing as honesty and integrity on this show.) Julie asks which group James is more loyal to? He says Season 6 and Danielle. (go to and read his HOH blog to see his REAL feelings about that! James KNOWS he has to pull away from the other 3, but doing it is a rather tricky thing.)

Next, Howie, Diane and Marcellas talk in the diary room about who to evict.
Howie says "Little Willie" ain't too scary. (If you have the feeds you hear Howie call him Little Willie all the time.)
Diane moans, groans and whines her way through deciding who to vote for.
Marcellas says about Jase, if you are going to throw around words like integrity, then show some!
No votes are shown.

Next we get a segment where Will's younger brother speaks. He says Will's obsession with his looks is a joke. Says he is a good doctor and a good person. (I'm sure this is true, but we aren't really talking about his life outside the house.)
Shannon from season 2 is shown and says they haven't spoken in a couple of years. She says Will is charming, but she wouldn't go there again.

In the diary room, George is confused on who to vote for.
Janelle wants to break Boogie and Will up, but thinks it is safer to get rid of Jase.
Erika says keeping Jase would come back to bite her in the ass.

NO votes were shown so I am assuming it really was unanimous. We'll find out after the break.

Julie talks to Jase and Will. Final words from the two. Jase says they are all crazy and crazy people make poor decisions like wearing a mr fart t shirt on national tv. He asks Diane and Danielle to be the only ones to escort him to the door.
Will is just goofy saying he should have said that he has severe disdain for them instead of hate. Then he says hi to his dog, his girl and his business. (feed watchers have to listen to will and boog give shout outs and name drop ALL THE TIME!)

By a vote of 9-0 Jase is evicted. Good riddance Zoolander boy. Of course Howie walked him to the door anyway. hee hee GO HOWIE!

Inside, Will says, "Jase left early, he didn't deserve that." Then says he is sad but jealous.

Julie does the post eviction interview. were NOT backdoored!!! Get a clue!! Jase says James swore he wouldn't back door me..we had a man to, it's part of the game! Blah blah blah...Jase says nothing of substance...kind of like the teacher on charlie Brown "wah wah wah wah wah wah..."
Julie asks about the so-called Mr and Mrs Smith alliance...he neither confirmed nor denied...

Goodbye videos are shown to Jase... Boogie does a stupid rap...(how old is boogie?) Howie talks about trust... Marcellas says Jase created drama...Diane says you say what you feel...I admire you and respect you.. Janie says sorry we couldn't take the deal. Danielle cries. (stop!)
Jase hopes he gets to come back in a couple weeks. (PLEASE NO!!!)

HOH time...
They will be asked questions about the words/definitions on the walls in the house.
If they get an answer right, they get to eliminate someone else!!!(Season 6 will get eliminated, I bet.)
Marcellas elims Boogie.
Kaysar elims Diane.
Will elims Howie.
Will elims himself by getting a question wrong.
Erika elims George.
Kaysar elims Erika.
Janelle elims Danielle.
Marcellas elims Kaysar.

Janelle wins!!! woo hoo!!!
Howie tries to kiss Will.

Will nominates himself to Julie before the show ends. Ha's getting old, Will.

So, yeah, I'm happy Janie won HOH. A lot of people are tired of the Season 6 people...but I LOVE them.

I'm actually posting this on Saturday Friday morning, so I will give you a couple of **SPOILERS** from the feeds. (Yes, yes, I originally said Saturday...but my brain couldn't compute that I was off work today and we had a band competition which threw me ALL off!! Thanks Tara and of course, Gup for pointing out the error of my ways!)

After the HOH comp, Boogie sulked on his bed, then whined to anyone who would listen about how unfair the game is this time. blah blah blah...
Janelle got her HOH room and it is a major pink overload. LOTS of fuschia pink.
Talk last night before I went to bed was Janelle would put up Diane and Danielle or Boogie. Then it moved to Boogie and Diane. This morning, after reading the updates, it sounds like she has finally agreed to put up Will and Boogie! FINALLY! However, her mind will change 50 times before the nom ceremony.
Also, late last night, they had a food competition. Seems Boogie, Will, Erika and others I am not sure of are on slop. Janelle, Howie, Kaysar and James are not.
Nothing else major to report.

Until Sunday..
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Some non-surprising celebrity news
Yes, world, it is official. LANCE BASS of N*Sync has come out. He is gay.
Even if you don't care, please read the article down to the 5th paragraph. Joey Fatone has the BEST and most unfortunate quote of all time. (or at least in the last 24 hours, whatever.) Ok, ok, I won't make you read the article...but here is what Joey Fatone is quoted to have said, "I back him up 100 percent." Fine, it's not as funny as when I first read it, but's kind of funny within the context of the article. (and NO, I am NOT gay bashing so don't even go there.)

And that? That is your celebrity news of the day. You're welcome. :)

PS Not that there's anything WRONG with that. (I loves me some Seinfeld quotage.)
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
The suckage continues. Not sure why I keep writing about it..I just can't help myself.

Lukas scares me still.
Zayra still sucks so badly...why she is still around I will never know.
Dana decent.
Patrice eh.
Toby adorable singing Billy Idol. Not right for the band, but I like him. He's a hot australian what's not to like?
Magni *yawn*.
Ryan (still has the constipated face and kind of looks like David Blaine)was ok, I guess.

Ya know, while I watch this show, I keep thinking, my next husband Bobby Gentry actually auditioned for it. At the time, I thought that was cool and that maybe I could watch someone I "know" on tv. Um, no. He totally would not have fit in. He's way too beautiful and smart for those putzes. Plus, he can actually SING! Seriously, Bobby hanging out with Tommy Lee?? I think not.

Jill (her mouth is larger than her whole head!) does ok.
Phil did ok.
satan's spawn Dilana sings Time After Time. She isn't QUITE as scary as weeks previous...however, can you imagine the children she and Lukas would have together?? Can you say Rosemary's Baby?? She does sing the song pretty well. The guys in the band will fall all over her, just watch.
Josh sucked.
Storm sucks but they love her. Ugh.
Um..I think I missed someone...

Anyway, Zayra should go. She is the WORST!
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BB7--POV edition
So, tonight's episode should focus on the veto competition and the veto ceremony. I already revealed in my post the other day what happens, but far be it from me to NOT do a play by play of the show. :)

As usual, we are treated to re-caps of the last episode which was just TWO DAYS how could we forget?? (But, we did get to see Dr Will with too much fake tan on his face, so that was fun.)

We are then shown George giving James some attitude and then trying to accuse James of "copping a 'tude." Something about old Georgie just drives me crazy. When I hear him on the feeds, I change to a different feed. Howie's 'you're ok, Georgie' is cute though. He says it about a hundred times a day.

A bunch of footage of Will admiring himself. Boogie telling us how stupid the noms were. blah blah blah...Everything out of Boogie's mouth is drivel.

Marcellas' crush on Kaysar which is TRUE unlike Howie's 'crush' on Will.

The guys (Jase and George) do some late night rapping. As in rap. As was BAD!

A Jase much time he spends in front of the mirror.

George making Howie feel guilty.

Time to pick the players for the Veto Comp. George has a new weird hat..some sort of shower cap thing. They pick names from a bag of balls.
Playing for veto is...

Basically, they have to complete a task to stay in the game...
1st task--eat a bowl of slop. Everyone agrees to do it. Will bows out. Boogie barfs it up. Moving on is Jase, George, Kaysar and James.
2nd task--burn your shirt and pants. They all agree to do it. They all move on.
3rd task--HGs get to write anything they want on the players' bodies. Stupid. They all move on.
4th task--take a blueberry bath. They all agree and they all turn blue.
5th task--sit out the next veto comp. James bows out. Jase bows out.Kaysar and George move on.
6th task--shave all their hair off. They both agree. (NOOOOOOO Kaysar!) Howie shaves George's hair. Marcellas shaves Kaysar's. (Marcellas says he was verklempt.)
Tiebreaker--how many consecutive days will you live on slop in the house? they have to write a number and the largest number wins. Kaysar says 15, George says 60.

George wins POV.

James was pissed off after the comp...George walked around all sad.

Kaysar, Howie, James and Janelle meet up in the HOH room. Arguements for who to put up in George's place. Boogie or Jase. Jase whines about being "backdoored." Whatever, it's NOT a backdoor. He doesn't get it. He throws a tantrum throwing things in the back yard. Jase whines. Boo hoo. Jase fights with Marcellas. Jase is an ass. Jase has 'integrity.' HA! Marcellas says, 'Now I see why the people in Season 5 hated you!" I can not stand Jase. I hope he does go.

What is so funny is that for the first 2 weeks or so, a lot of the house guests complained about nobody really "playing the game." Then, when they DO start playing the game, they freak out. I LOVE this season. The backstabbing is at an all time high! Love it, love it, love it!

Time for the veto ceremony. Jase just used the "word" dishearts. Ha ha ha ha....
Guess what? George takes himself off the block leaving James to decide who to put up. Will gets his moment to say something...he "hates everyone..he will throw every comp unless they vote him out." He is so full of it...he totally wants to win again!

George says he is honored to be in the game with the others. He wants to play the game. 2nd chance...blah blah...a tear...blah blah...George, please just admit that you ALL want the money!!

James puts up Jase.

Jase thinks he is deadly. Uh huh..


So, an update on the feeds. Houseguests got drunk last night and got mean. Boogie is a complete ASS. He and Jase have stooped to calling Janelle a whore for no apparent reason. It's really sad, actually. They are just mean degrading men....boys actually. They are both over 30 and act like middle schoolers. Boogie called Janelle on the nomination of Jase and Janelle told him, "Well, win an HOH and do something about it." He flipped the heck OUT!

James continues to flip flop back and forth from voting out Jase to voting out Will.

Danielle is trying to lay low, but still play both sides.

It was revealed that ERIKA and Boogie have a secret alliance and they date in real life. HUH??? Gross!

I look for James to pull away from the other 3 very soon.

Until Thursday...
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Monday, July 24, 2006
For all the mothers out there
I think I have found (ok, I didn't find it, but soooo many people are talking about) the BEST blog EVER. No joke.


It's downright courageous and beautiful blog and it made me cry. Why? It's all about how a woman's body changes after having children. It includes stories and photos of mothers (and their bellies) of all shapes and sizes who looked one way pre-pregnancy and who look a complete and totally different way post-pregnancy. If you are a mother, you know what that is all about. This blog is the truth. It shows sagging skin and stretch marks. Things we don't really talk about, but a lot of us have in common. Things that some men don't understand. Things that have NOTHING to do with "letting yourself go" but everything to do with nature.

If you have had children and have had even one moment of hatred toward your body, please click and go read and look. It's AWESOME.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I haven't gotten up the guts to show my own stretch marks and ugly belly, but I still think it is a wonderful blog.

PS If you are a jerk (PW, I'm talking to you!) and think you are going to make some sort of rude comment, I WILL delete them. I really do not care to hear what you have to say. (here is where I would say, K Thx bye..but I STILL HATE THAT phrase!!)

Yes, Pikkel, I deleted your comment. Say what you will about that, but I said I would. I KNEW you would say something exactly like what you said. You will never get it. I love ya, darlin', but you have no clue. When you show me your six-pack, then you can say whatever the hell you want.
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***BB SPOILER--Veto Ceremony Edition***
If you don't want to know what happened during the veto ceremony then do not read this post!!!

The Veto Ceremony took place today in the BB house. Chicken George won the POV as I previously posted and YES, he did save himself. (DUH!)

In George's place, James put up....


So, he's up now with...


Per the feeds, Jase will go. BUT, there are still a couple of days until they vote. Things can change drastically very quickly.
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Sunday, July 23, 2006
Big Bro Sunday
(There's an actual real post below this one if you care to read.)

Recaps galore...Reactions to Nakomis leaving..

Diane plans revenge. Mike was sorry to see her go..but Diane is staying and she is hot.(yuck! What is with the dyed black hair. It's ugly. She whines constantly and has a permanent scowl on her face.) Will still trying to "stir the pot." (YAWN) Jase didn't move from the couch when Nakomis left. We all knew he didn't like her so big deal, Jase. No one cares.

Will thinks the S6 alliance is fracturing. (It was fractured from the beginning. It's not quite as strong as the house thinks.)

Howie the vulgar but somehow loveable doofus is playing smarter this year. A little.

Sidenote:Remember when the HOH actually used to LOCK THE DOOR with the key they get?

Mike Boogie thinks James is "enamored" with he and Will. (HUH? They drive me crazy with how much they love themselves!)

A Chicken George montage. Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry etc...
CG gets caught listening to conversations.

James' HOH room is mostly red with black. Lots of pictures of Sarah for him.

Jase? He's an ass. If James were really smart, he would boot him quick.

The theory is, take out floaters and keep all the "players" in the game. Sounds good, but I don't think it will work like they think it will.

Mike Boogie decides to work out like crazy. I REALLY didn't need to see that. Ew.

Will complaining. It's so OLD. But that is his strategy. It's working because it is driving everyone crazy! I think Marcellas is the only one who realizes it IS his strategy. He thinks he is so "feared." Uh-huh. Will thinks James wants to be a part of Chilltown. James is playing him like he does everyone else.

Almost everyone except James knows that Jase needs to go. JAMES! PUT UP JASE!! (he doesn't, but I wish he would have. They haven't shown it yet, but since CG won the veto, James now has to put up someone against Will. Per the feeds, it's up in the air. He can't quite decide.)

Footage of the slop eaters trying to make it taste good. Then...FOOD COMPETITION.
I won't attempt to explain the game, but they will win foods for each day of the week.
Monday--full food and a feast won by James and Erika
Tuesday--full food and a feast won by Diane and Boogie
Wednesday--bread and kumquats & veggies and beer won by Will and Dani
Thursday--full food and a feast won by Kaysar and Howie
Friday--veggies and beer won by Janelle and Marcellas
Saturday--full food and feast won by George and Jase

Is anyone else tired of seeing Chicken George in his bright green shirt?? How many did he bring??

Cool..we can go to and leave a wake up message for the houseguests. You know I am so there.

Boogie's a sleep talker. (I have heard this on the feeds. It's weird.)
Danielle talks about her kids and her life.

James re-thinks keeping Jase. He is realizing that Jase can't exactly be trusted. (unless you watch/read what's going on with the feeds. Then you know that James is completely confused.)

Finally we get to the nomination ceremony and of course, James puts up George and Will. George is pissed off and Will is amused.

Until Tuesday...or until something good happens on the feeds...

This one is Marcellas freaking out because he has to eat the slop and he was begging for pb&j. It was FUNNY!

All photos are from the wonderful people who get screen caps of the feeds over at JOKERS UPDATES. I can't remember exactly who I got them from, but stop over at JU and take a look.
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Don't MAKE me go all fat redneck mama on your a**!
Teenagers and their immaturity I can handle. If they want to make fun of something benign or even ME, hey, have at it. But you mess with my KIDS...and my neck turns red so fast it will blind you.

Last Tuesday, we went to band/guard practice to see how things were coming along since the first competition was set for Thursday. When I say we, I mean me, Bubba, Tater and Baby J. We were watching and listening and the kids were riding their bikes on the track around the football field. (the band practices on a small field to the right of the bleachers just off the football field.)

At one point, the band takes a fifteen minute break and some of the kids get their drinks and go sit on the bleachers. My kids were running around on the track and riding their bikes. Well, Miss Tater, who is 4 soon-to-be 5 was on her bike and apparently had an itch in her...nether region...which she proceeded to scratch at in front of God and everyone. (mind you, she is still riding her bike. she is SUCH a multi-tasker)I got on to her a couple of times...telling her why that is NOT appropriate and do we need to make a bathroom run, etc.

She rides around and does it again and I hear a small group of three kids (a boy and 2 girls) laughing really loudly. I turned to look and yes, they are looking at Tater. No big deal. Tater is oblivious and they aren't hurting anything. continues. I give them the evil eye. THEN I hear one of them say, "Oh, she was just itching." The one girls says, and loudly, "No she wasn't! She was GRINDING on that seat!" and she proceeded to make grinding motions on the bleacher seat and she was just LAUGHING and laughing.

Oh no she DI'NT!!!

I asked Bubba if he heard it and he just thought they were talking about something else. I said, "They're looking right at Tater and I heard exactly what she said." I'm so mad I am almost crying (which is my redneck mama downfall. I can't ACTUALLY yell at anyone because I cry when I am mad which renders me almost completely mute.) So, Bubba gives them the evil eye and the boy says, "Hey, that is Brianna's dad down there." The loudmouth girl says, "I don't care....something something Brianna...something something." I was too mad to hear it all.

Break ends and the offending loudmouth has to walk right by me to get back to the field and I stare her down. Her eyes kept shifting from me and back forward. I watched her all the way back to her spot and then planted my redneck mama butt a little closer so she knew I was watching. (How very mature and intimidating of me. Awesome.)

Blah blah blah..more story more story...ending with the band director calling her later that night. (yes, I have become THAT parent.)

The next day, the girl comes up to Brianna at practice and says, "I wasn't talking about your sister yesterday. I was talking about some girl who was at my bus stop and your sister reminded of her." (Or some lame-ass crap like that.) Whatever. She asked if we were going to be there and Brianna tells her, "No, I don't think so. They are a little too heated still."

Girl is lucky I am not REALLY a redneck mama. I just play one on my blog.


Guard Girl applying sunscreen AFTER she got fried.
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Ok...I know who got nominated and I know who got veto.....if you don't want to know do not scroll down....

As HOH, James nominated Chicken George and Dr Will.

Here is your Veto winner...

Yep..CG won the veto.

LOOK AT KAYSAR!!! His gorgeous curls are GONE!! (it was part of the veto competition.) Can you believe it, TARA ???
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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Sunday night BB7-- **SPOILERS**
Here I am..posting about BB7 AGAIN. When you are stuck in a blog funk, I find posting about TV will bore almost everyone! :)

Tonight's show re-capped the eviction from Thursday. Since Danielle was saved she knows Janelle and her crew had a lot to do with it. She said, "I got my chapstick ready and I'm ready to pucker up." --Danielle (you go girl! I like Danielle a lot.)

Howie celebrated too much when Kaysar won HOH and James intentionally didn't hug the others from Season 6. (on the live feeds he said, "CALM THE F*** DOWN!" to Howie.)He didn't want the whole house to think he is aligned with them. (James is in fact pretty loyal to the other 3 but they think he is being shady. Janelle and James have sort of started forming their own bond in the last couple of days.)

Will touting botox and plastic surgery.(He's a clinical and cosmetic dermatologist.) Kaysar doesn't agree with cosmetic procedures. Will is an ass about it in the diary room. Will tells Howie how much Botox he NEEDS. (Whatever.)

Kaysar pretty much hates Will. Will hates Kaysar.

HOH room is opened and it is all different. It is now decorated in mostly black, grey and white. Will 'doesn't care.' (Season 2, I loved to hate Will. Now? I HATE him, period.)

Kaysar, Janelle, Howie and James talk about the other houseguests. Discuss Jase...Nakomis...and why James does not hang with them. Trying to decide who to put up for eviction.
Kaysar says in the diary room, "I want to get the most bang for my buck." (ha..he failed miserably. Wait til later in the show.)

Erika has a crush on Kaysar. (I don't see anything happening there, though.)

Nakomis and Diane...Nak-Are you worried? Di-Should I be? Nak-I don't think Kaysar sees me or you as a threat.(HA)

Lots of clips of Will bashing Howie. Howie should punch him in the face.(I am not a violent person, but I encourage others to be. ha ha Thing is...Will's jokes are ridiculous. Howie at least comes up with something funny sometimes. Will was just embarrassed during the live show the other night when Julie asked Howie about his 'crush' on Will.)

Jase is trying to stay "neutral" on the surface. Janelle believes he is 'on her side.' (JANIE!! NO!!)

Food competition time. They all have to wear bib overalls. Teams of 2 have to be attached to each other and run to the troughs of "Big Brother Slop." They have to dig through the slop for "rats." Winners get full food privileges and the the losers have to eat the 'slop' for the week. Basically the teams were divided between "Chilltown" (boogie, will, etc.) and Janelle, James, Danielle etc.. Of course, Chilltown wins.
Losers are not happy. (Kaysar looks adorable in the overalls!)

On nomination day, Will and Mike Boogie meet with Kaysar. Mike doesn't like when people coast to the end and don't take risks. Will in DR, "I don't trust Season 6." Kaysar says, if we keep you two we'll take out a floater, then if chill town wins next time they take out a floater. (Kaysar, wise up. Like Chilltown will EVER keep their word!)

(FORESHADOWING ALERT!) Diane and Nakomis both saying in Diary Room they don't think Kaysar will put them up. They aren't targets.

Nomination ceremony. Nakomis and Diane go up. Kaysar says Diane is a really good player. He respect her game. Same for Nakomis. Did lots of things in her season that made him think she is a good player.
Kaysar in the diary room says he put people up to observe actions and reactions.(these noms may come back to bite him right in the butt.)

Boogie in diary room said he should have nominated the STRONGEST alliance in the house..Will and Boogie!(don't know about 'strongest alliance' but I do think he should have put up one or two of these three...Jase, Boogie or Will.)

What they didn't show tonight was Diane crying over her nomination for HOURS after the ceremony. Nakomis is taking it well. They both decide not to campaign against each other.

Almost immediately, Kaysar started second guessing his nominations.

Power of Veto competition was yesterday. It was some sort of putt putt golf thing I think. Competing were Erika, Will, James, Nakomis, Diane and Kaysar.
Erika won.
All last night and today has been talk of whether she will use the POV. At this point, I don't think she will use it.
The ones on food restriction are grumpy and energy. Marcellas is the worst! He is such a diva! He walks around with his robe on with his eye cover thingie on his head all day. He's actually kind of funny even if he is a whiner.

Today was Boogie's birthday and he got cake and stuff. The ones on food restrictions did NOT get to eat with them.

James says he is not talking to BB until food restriction is over (ie:in the diary room) because they (BB) are not supplying them with what they said they could eat with the slop. (pickles, honey, etc.)

At this point in the game, the ones I want out are Jase, Will, Boogie and Diane. After that, I don't care who wins.
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Thursday, July 13, 2006
BB7--First Eviction Night **SPOILERS**
From watching the live feeds this week, it looks like Alison is leaving the house. Let's see if that's how it plays out with the live show tonight.
Show starts with recaps from the past week and yippee, out comes Julie Chen. (she gets on my nerves, but then, who doesn't??)

In the diary room, Alison says the S6 players think she is a huge threat. (Yes, they do. She is actually not lying there. They KNOW she hates them and will be gunning for Janelle first if she stays.)

We get to see Danielle putting pressure on Chicken George for a vote (for her to stay.)He shook on it. (As if that means a dang thing in the BB house.)

Alison pressuring Nakomis for an alliance.(So far, it seems like Nakomis is kinda aligned with Diane. GAG! I like Nakomis, too, but DIANE??)

Dani tells Janelle she is not coming after Janelle, Kaysar, Howie or James. (She's least partially.)

Jase tells Alison that she has Jase, Diane, Nak, Will and Boogie and that they would try to save her. (He was not sure of that at the time.)

Ali approaches James for a vote. James in the Diary Room says he thinks he did a good job of making her believe he is not with the S6. He thinks Ali played the game poorly this time around. (I love James!)

Ali eavesdrops on James and Boogie whispering in the dark. I don't think she heard much.

Danielle cries in the diary room about what people think about her from BB3. She wasn't there to make friends she was there to win the money. (Which is what everyone else is doing! I hate when they pretend to not care about the money.)

Erika, Marcellas and Janelle in the HOH room. Marci saying he can NOT vote for Dani to stay.(Janelle gets him to change his mind later.) "How do you choose between gonorrhea or the clap" is what Marci says in the DR. (HA HA!)

Live hello to the houseguests from Julie. Oh god! Julie brings up the so-called "crush" Howie has on Will. Whatever. blah blah blah...Howie gets his digs in about Will. (You go, Howie!)

Julie shows footage of Chicken George's snoring. (Old joke now.)

Marci in DR-Same reason to keep Dani is why you want to get rid of her.
Erika-I am not Dani's target.

Diane votes to evict...DANIELLE.(no surprise there, really.)

Stuff about Jase and how he's changed. Jase's strategy is to sit back and let everyone else take each other out.(smart, unless someone picks up on it.) He is working things behind the scenes.(again, smart, unless both sides meet in the middle and toss his butt.)

What cracks me up is that Jase implied that he "LET" Janelle win the Veto comp. Whatevs.

Jase live in the HOH room to talk to Julie. Nothing real profound there. Though he vowed to bring back the "mandana." Whoopee.

James, Boogie and George give their thoughts on Ali and Danielle.

George votes to evict...ALISON.(wow, he DID keep his word. I wasn't sure he would.)

Julie talks to Janelle in the HOH. Julie asks her how strong her alliance is with the other players from S6. She trusts Kaysar and Howie more than James. (She probably should.)

Alison's ex, Justin from BB4 and her new boyfriend, Jason (who is a very cute doctor) speak about her. Morals and integrity get mentioned by the new guy. (Oh, SHUT UP!!!)

Howie, Will, Nakomis and Kaysar give their thoughts about the nominees.

Kaysar votes to evict...ALISON. (Cool, he is loyal and smart this time.)
Nakomis votes to evict...DANIELLE. (not a surprise.)

Nominees get to say their "last words."
Danielle thanks the others for a good week...etc...blah blah blah.
Alison is honored to be an All Star..honored to be on the block with Danielle..blah blah blah...


Julie interviews Alison. She calls her on all the mean things she said about Janelle. She seems a tad embarrassed, but I think she meant it ALL.
Boogie tries to act so...surprised...on the goodbye tape..."I tried, Alison, but the tide turned...blah blah blah." Boogie is full of...well, he thinks he is more important than anyone in the house. GAG!

HOH Competition
They return to ONE HOH this week.(Will looks disappointed.)
The game is "Alison Rules." True or False questions that Alison answered about the others. They answer how they think Alison answered.

(Chicken George has on a rubber-chicken necklace.)
The Questions.
Howie is smarter than Will. F
The All-Star most likely to wear a peanut butter bikini is Kaysar. F
Prior to entering the house, Ali's thought her toughest competition was Erika. T

It's down to Kaysar and Nakomis!!! Come on Kaysar!!!

The person who will gain the most weight is Janelle. T
The All-Star most likely to use someone's toothbrush in the toilet is Will. F

KAYSAR wins!! Julie announces it wrong as NAKOMIS!! Wow!!


Kaysar's comment to Julie, "One more week of safety."

Can't wait 'til Sunday!
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
You stunk, go home's time for Rockstar:Supernova. Time for one of them to go home.

Reality Show Pet Peeve #39827874--Tommy Lee EATING the microphone when he speaks.

We get to see the contestants back at the house having dinner and lamenting their critiques from the band.

Dave Navarro needs a new word. He keeps using "stunning." Buy and adjective, Mr Electra.

Chit chat and banter between the band and the contestants..blah blah blah.

The band keeps telling the singers not to take it personally. Um, hello? They HAVE to take it personally since they are critiquing them individually. They are being judged. So, band? Shut up. Stop being nice and be Simon Cowell.

Toby gets the encore. Woo hoo! Toby will stay around for a while just because he is so popular with the ladies. :) Can't complain.

Last night, at the end of the show Jill, Chris and Zayra were in the bottom 3 of voting. Next we find out if they ended up being in the final 3 when voting ended. One more person was in the bottom 3 last night. Jenny.

BOTTOM 3:Jill,Zayra,Chris

Jill sings "Bring Me To Life." She did a pretty good job. I think they will keep her.
Zayra sings "You Really Got Me" again. Bad idea. She's leaving tonight.
Chris sings "If You Could Only See." Acoustic. Is this band REALLY looking for someone who sings acoustically?

GOING HOME:Chris No freaking way he should have gone before the suckage that is Zayra.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Rock Stah (BB7 post is below this one)
I want to state for the record that my hatred toward Dave Navarro has not waned since last year. The only thing is, Tommy Lee says many many many stupid things that puts him right up there, almost surpassing Mr Carmen Electra in the pointless comments department.

Magni--My Generation. Better than last week but he's just weird in a way I can't place.

Jenny Galt--Tainted Love. She gots to go...she doesn't fit the group at all. She is much too soft.

Jill--Violet. Oh, it's the freakishly short girl with the large mouth. She comes out in a wedding dress and combat boots. Trying to be Courtney Love since this is a Hole song. Um, whatever...I thought she sucked.

Zayra--You Really Got Me. Ok, first? Who told this girl she could sing and/or that she is a rocker? I swear she is a parody of herself. She looks like someone and I can't place it. Then...she gets cocky...or tries to get cocky..with the judges. My LEAST favorite thing for contestants to do on these shows.

Chris--Take Me Out. Eh..I don't like him. He sucks.

Dilana--Ring of Fire. She frightens me...I think I will have nightmares tonight. I'm pretty sure she just looked into the camera...THROUGH the camera..and cast a spell on me. Hold me. Anyway, she will make it to the 3 at least.

Josh--With Arms Wide Open. Sucks.

Phil--If You Could Only See. S to the U-C-K.

Storm Large--Surrender. If she makes one more heart with her hands...jeez. This girl is on something, I swear. The judges will love her. Though I can't stand her, she is better than some..or most..of the guys.

Patrice--Heart Shaped Box. Not as strong as the last two girls, but at least she can play an instrument.

(someone tell Jason whats-his-face to get a damn haircut..his hair looks like Eddie Haskell without the grease.)

Lukas the troll gnome--oh did I say that out loud? He's singing Coldplay or something..can't understand one word of it. Is he whispering?

Someone? Please? Where's Jordis? Where's INXS? Where's Marty Casey? Where the hell is JD Fortune? Ahh..the good old days.

Someone else? Tell Tommy Lee to stop throwing his mic on the table.

Ryan Star--Jumping Jack Flash. I am pretty sure this guy is constantly constipated. His facial expression never changes. I can't tell if he is mad, sad, bored...I thought he sucked last week, and I think he sucks just SLIGHTLY less this week. And dude? Change your name! Don't you know that Ryan Star is a GIRL from American Idol who went on to be on The Surreal Life?? Embarrassing.

Dana--Born to Be Wild. I kind of like her voice, but she is not for this band.

Tobey--Somebody Told Me. He was my favorite last week. He's from Australia..I love the accent, what can I say? He's good...he's still my favorite. Not sure he is right for the band.

Finally, that is over! American Idol this AIN'T.
My bottom 3:Zayra, Phil, Chris and Josh. Oh wait, and Lukas!(yes, that's 5, I know)
Who's going home:I have no idea.
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If it's Tuesday it's time for American Idol BIG BROTHER!(old habits...)
So, I've been watching a bunch of live feed footage so I know all about what's gonna happen on tonight's show..but you KNOW I am watching anyway.

We get the obligatory re-caps of what happened last week with Jase and Janelle putting up Alison and Danielle.

**What I like about the All Stars is that the game started on DAY 1! There was no trying to get to know each other, no trying to figure out how the game works. It was IMMEDIATE backstabbing. And that? That is what makes Big Brother fascinating. Say what you will about reality tv, but it is some of the most entertaining crap on television.**

We get to see Danielle and Alison "confront" Jase and Janelle to find out why they were nominated. (Danielle actually started the whole thing of "let's get Jase to disagree with Janelle's choices for eviction and then they (J&J) will go on the block and we can get Janelle out.") Once Alison leaves the room, Danielle blames it mostly on Alison. Later, Jase tells Ali that Dani blamed her and she swears to GOD..sweartogodsweartogodsweartogodsweartogod...that is was Dani. Behind the scenes in the diary room, Alison declares her HATRED for Janelle, though she never really explains why except to say that it's because Janelle put her on the block. Lots of Ali calling Janie a bitch under her breath. (I want ALI out NOW!!!)

Chicken George was called to the diary room and he is lost in the house trying to find it. James and Jase laugh their butts off. Poor George, I do think he is a guppy among the sharks, but he isn't exactly oblivious to the game. I think he will last a while if only because the others will be too busy trying to oust each other (or ee CHother, as Maggie used to say on last year's show).

James, Janie and Howie plan to get in the middle of all conversations. They realize they have to stick together to stay in the house. Ali and Dani are rallying to get S6 out. Janelle turns on her A game.

Will and Mike think they are "in charge."

Marci, Janie and Erika get together and discuss who should go. Marci wants dani out...Erika wants Ali out.

It looks like Howie has a man crush on Dr Will...the live feeders know better. They are just two men with big egos who like to talk and be the center of attention. Howie is just louder about it.

George snores LOUDLY! He needs a C-Pap, I bet. Lots of footage of the others listening and laughing at the snoring.

I HATE how Dr Will, in the diary room, pitches his body forward, tilts his head down and looks UP toward the camera. Grrr...drives me crazy!

HGs make a slip and slide with trash bags and duct tape and slather it with water, cooking oil, shaving cream and dish soap. George lays on top of Howie and the other guys push them down the slip and slide. Hilarity ensues.

POV competition. **TWIST ALERT**Random draw picks who plays in the veto comp.** The nominees spin a wheel to determine who will go into the competition. Ali spins Kaysar. Dani spins George. Boogie is chosen for the host of the competition. The competition is a huge Big Brother dump with a bunch of garbage and they have to DUMPSTER DIVE for veto symbols. The first one to find 6 wins.

Before the comp begins, they get nasty stuff dumped on them...pb&j...wet hair..mud, fish chum, iced clam sundaes...making them all gag. Then the game begins and they all frantically search through the trash...Janelle wins.

Dr Will admits he is there to stir up the pot. He certainly does a good job.

Veto ceremony. Janelle does not use the POV. Duh!

Thursday is the live show where we will find out who goes home. Right now, from watching the live feeds, it's hard to say who will go. Some days, it seems more people want Ali out. Other days, it leans toward Dani. It will be interesting to see how the votes go.

Off to watch more live feeds. :) Oh, and to simultaneously watch/listen to Rockstar to see if the suckage gets any better...
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For the Big Brother Kaysar Fans
I'll give y'all an update on what's been going on with the live feeds later when I have more time. At this point, I don't care who wins....well, ok, I don't care as long as it isn't Dr Will, Mike Boogie, Alison or Diane (and Marcellas, kinda). Other than that, I don't care. :)

ANYWAY...I thought I'd post something for my girls who I know like themselves a little bit o' Kaysar. Enjoy. :)
First, here is Kaysar and his new hairstyle. Ha! Just kidding. One of the girls put barrettes in his hair the other day.

This one is just pretty yummy.

Kaysar's hair is out of control this year...he needs a haircut something awful, still, yum.

More later.

PS Hey CP, it's on TONIGHT...WATCH so we can talk about it tomorrow.
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Monday, July 10, 2006
A kiss that is never tasted is forever and ever wasted--Billie Holiday
A short back story...
Yesterday, Bubba was very VERY amorous. We were standing in the kitchen kissing and the little ones kept running by saying, "Gross!" and stuff like that.

Fast forward to today at the dinner table. Out of the blue, Baby J says, "Mommy, I seed you and daddy kissing outside." I said, "Yesterday?" He said, "Uh huh. I seed you." Then Tater said..."Yeah, Daddy was LICK kissing!"

This was followed by Bubba having to do the Heimlich Manuever on me as I was choking on my dinner and then trying hard not to laugh my butt off. (which really, is not a bad thing.) Thank goodness she had to pee right then so I could laugh freely.
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Friday, July 07, 2006
***Big Brother Spoiler***
Do not read if you don't want to know details before the show airs again on Tuesday.

First, I have to say...HA HA HA HA HA! TARA I got you hooked on BB!! :) Be careful...the live feeds are ADDICTIVE! (Kaysar needs a haircut.)

First, Janelle won the Veto competition today. That's the biggest news.
Alison has been whining about not wanting to stay in the house. I want her gone.
Mike Boogie and Diane are pretty much just jealous because America loved the Season 6 people.
Erika wants Kaysar.
Chicken George still can't pronounce Kaysar's name. Kay-ZAR.
Dr Will has over botoxed his face. (He stills loves himself very much.)
Dr Will is bullying Howie, but Howie is letting it slide right off.
Howie is still loud and obnoxious.
I think I hate Diane (and her potty mouth) more now than I did during her season on BB.
Dr Will and Mike Boogie seem to think that they are the picture of cool and no one else even compares to their wiles and intellectualism. Ha.

This may make me sad and pathetic, but I am LOVING the live feeds!
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Thursday, July 06, 2006
Big Brother All Stars Begins-live blogging..sorta
I signed up for the live feeds just a couple of hours ago. Woo hoo! I am ready! :)
ALthough I had already read the spoilers the other day, I still had to watch tonight to make sure it was right. Here's who made it into the house.

The Girls

The Guys

This is going to be UGLY! They all already hate each other...except Janelle, Howie, Kaysar and James. (My four favorites, of course.)
Already I can't stand Alison and Diane (AGAIN). I didn't care for them the first time around.

The first HOH competition with a TWIST! (which I already knew about) There will be 2 HOHs and they will have to agree on who to put up for eviction. If they can't agree, then they will go up themselves.

Jase gets the first HOH spot. Janelle gets the other one. Can't wait to see who they choose for eviction!

The HOH room is nice..all in shades of light blue, kinda. A spy screen so they can watch people.
Danielle starts stirring the pot. Trying to pit everyone against Season 6 people...but it just might backfire...Jase is playing both sides and James is falling for it. NO JAMES! Play smart! It is WAY too early for everyone to start pledging allegiance to each other!!

Nomination day...Marcellas-Safe; Erika-Safe; Nakomis-Safe; Diane-Safe; James-Safe; George-Safe; Kaysar-Safe; Mike-Safe; Howie-Safe; Will-Safe

Up for nomination Danielle and Alison!! Nominated because they are playing the game hard core and have the ability to turn people against the HOHs. Very good decisions in my opinion.

This is going to be a GREAT season!
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Suck, Suckage, Suckitude
Don't you wish your blog sucked as badly as mine? The BIG FAT BLOG FUNK continues.

Hey, this sucks bad as the singers on Rockstar:Supernova did last night! More on that later. Maybe.

But hey, BIG BROTHER starts tonight and I already know who is in the house, so it's not as exciting as it could be.

It's Thursday and I don't have a 13.

I didn't even wish my readers a Happy 4th.

Wow, this blog DOES suck! Why didn't you guys tell me???

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Sunday, July 02, 2006
Best Friends
Guard Girl and her best friend, Goth Girl (who actually doesn't look goth in this photo) got their pictures done together a few weeks back. Here is the finished product. (there are a couple more on my Flickr.) I was a little iffy on the whole tank top thing, but they look ok. The tanks are Old Navy in case you need to know. :)

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I am a child abuser...
...or so many people out there would have you believe. Why? Because I have had 3 babies and I DID NOT BREASTFEED!

Why am I even mentioning this? Heh, I don't know. Maybe I just am in the mood for someone to start crap on my blog. Maybe I am just sick of reading about it on so many blogs lately and I am just adding fuel to the fire.

If you are reading this and you breastfed, that is wonderful! If you are reading this and you bottle fed with FORMULA (GASP!) as I did, hey, that's great, too. I really don't care one way or the other. If you are reading this and you love your babies with all your heart and take good care of them, well, then you are the best kind of parent and that is what matters. My kids are happy and healthy and get this...have rarely had an ear infection. They are all happy and healthy and thriving.

I remember when I was pregnant the first time. Granted, I was young, but I didn't want to breastfeed. I told my doctor, when he asked my plans, "I am not breastfeeding and you can't make me." He didn't try to make me as I was very adamant. Looking back, I don't really remember WHY I was so set on that decision. When I had my last two it was 10 and 12 years later. I thought about breastfeeding, but decided not to. It was an informed decision, that's my point.

The point of me even mentioning this here is that I just think the whole controversy is silly. Educating mothers-to-be on the benefits of breastfeeding is good. Telling a mother that she is harming her baby and should rot in hell (as I've seen some people comment on other blogs to this effect) is just a whole other thing.

Can't we all just get along??

(PS I really do have serious thoughts about this subject, I just choose not to post a big long and drawn out post that not many people would read anyway. So, please, if you are going to comment and take me to task, do NOT call me mis-informed or uneducated, because believe me, those two things I am NOT.)

(PPS By the way, seeing a breastfeeding mother does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT offend me. I don't look twice. It is perfectly natural and should absolutely be accepted. I am not just saying that.)
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Harley Girl
Bubba got the kids temporary tattoos the other day. They were firefighter tattoos and I'm not even really sure where he got them. They kind of looked like that picture..but kinda not. Ok, they looked nothing like that, but that's kind of cool as tattoos go. Anyway, the other morning when I was getting ready to go to work, Bubba applied the tattoos to the kids' forearms. Great spot, hon. I was in the bathroom and Tater comes in with her new tattoo. She was admiring it and said, "Now I need to get a motorcycle to ride." HUH?? I said, "Why do you say that?" She said, "Because I have a tattoo." Obviously only people with tattoos ride motorcycles and having a tattoo automatically means one must buy a motorcycle.

She's never getting a tattoo.
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