Tuesday, November 29, 2005
My work here is done
We were in line at the drive thru at McD's a couple of days ago and I was asking the kids what they wanted. Tater said plain hamburger and fries. I asked Baby J and he kept saying, "hamburger and chicken nuggets." Bubba and I kept saying, "no, you have to pick one." This went back and forth, back and forth for a while until Tater said, "I'm just going to get new parents because you won't let him have both!"

Apparently, I have been dismissed. Anyone want two kids for cheap??

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Thanksgiving photos 'cause I don't wanna write anything
Thanksgiving morn'.

What Baby J thought of the parade...

Ready to chow down
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Monday, November 28, 2005
A letter
Dear Lady in Menards parking lot,

I am truly sorry. Really I am. You were walking too fast. I didn't see you soon enough. I was already buckled into my seat and had shifted to reverse. You were already well into the store when I drove by the doors and I could no longer see you. I was going to tell you. I would have told you. But you were long gone. I would have told you that you had a 12" piece of toilet paper hanging from the top of your jeans over your butt. I hope some nice lady in Menards pulled you aside and whispered in your ear discreetly. I almost wept for you, dear lady, and your humiliation. After I tried so hard not to laugh. It WAS hard not to laugh. But, I want to thank you. Thank you for reminding me to check myself in the mirror and to do a hand swipe over my pants in the back EVERY SINGLE TIME.

An empathetic stranger

PS Be happy I didn't have my digital camera with me!
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Sunday, November 27, 2005
Got any cheese?
So, I'm reading the paper this morning and there was a list of celebrity birthdays. Guess who turns 29 today?? Steve Urkel! I KNOW! Makes me feel old, too. I was thinking, there were 2 groups of people...you either loved Steve Urkel (from Family Matters) or you hated him with a raging passion so bad that you wanted to hire a hit man to wipe him off the face of the earth. Well, let me tell you, my mother was in the "LOVED" category. No joke. Now I realize that by telling you this, I am admitting that my mother is a total nerd (but now you will understand why I am like I am) but, it has to be told. My mom LOVED Urkel. So much so that we even bought her the talking Urkel doll one year for Christmas.
I distinctly remember when the episode aired where he turned into "Stefan Urquelle" and my mom called me laughing hysterically saying "Are you watching?? He's so cute..etc etc.." I pretty much told her, "Mom, you've done lost yo mind!"
TGIF indeed. :)
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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Fish sticks, anyone?
I've been bad this week...I haven't mentioned my newest tenant and he's been here for a few days already. You all need to go over and click on Guppyman's thumbnail. Even if you already visit guppy on a regular basis, click on him from here and give him some clicks.

If you don't read guppyman every day, you should. He is smart and funny and posts some really great photos. He is very good at woodworking, is a great father (according to his blogging wife Stormii. ) and has a REALLY good question he asks liberals. hee hee Anyway, go clicky on guppy. You'll be glad you did. Oh, and did I mention he's a hottie?? :)

I want to thank you all for the birthday wishes!! You guys are great! I love my little bloggy community. I heart you all!
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Friday, November 25, 2005
Goodbye, Mr. Myagi

How sad.

Pat Morita, Mr. Miyagi of 'The Karate Kid,' dies at 73

By Tim Molloy

12:14 p.m. November 25, 2005

Associated Press
Actor Pat Morita poses for a photo in this 1986 file photo.
LOS ANGELES – Actor Pat Morita, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of the wise and dry-witted Mr. Miyagi in "The Karate Kid," has died. He was 73.

Morita died Thursday at his home in Las Vegas of natural causes, said his wife of 12 years, Evelyn. She said in a statement that her husband, who first rose to fame with a role on "Happy Days," had "dedicated his entire life to acting and comedy."

In 1984, he appeared in the role that would define his career and spawn countless affectionate imitations. As Kesuke Miyagi, the mentor to Ralph Macchio's "Daniel-san," he taught karate while trying to catch flies with chopsticks and offering such advice as "wax on, wax off" to guide Daniel through chores to improve his skills...

..Morita "was a truly generous actor, a gifted comic, and an even greater friend," Macchio said in a statement. "He had touched so many lives with his vast body of work. It was both my honor and privilege to have worked with him and create a bit of cinema magic together. My life is all the richer for having known him. I will miss his genuine friendship."

"Forever my Sensei," Macchio added, referring to Morita's role in "The Karate Kid..."

I, being the child of the 80s that I am, LOVED The Karate Kid. The first one. I remember the theater where I saw the movie. I remember waiting outside the doors for the previous showing to finish. My friends and I were so excited. I saw it 3 times in the theater, I think. One of my favorite scenes was at the end when Mr. Myagi was about to deliver a hit(?) to the other mean sensai and instead squeezed his nose and said, "Honk!" To this day I can still quote many lines from the movie. Yep, just another 80s movie that I loved. Big surprise, huh?

Wax on...wax off...
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Let them eat cake
Here is my yummy birthday cake that Bubba and the kids made for me while I was out fighting traffic and shopping carts and a long-ass line at Old Navy....

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Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh..they say it's MY birthday...
Yes, kids..that's right...35 years ago at 5:02 am I came into this world via c-section after my mom had labored for at least 24 hours. My mom tells a beautiful story of after seeing me for the first time telling my dad, "Jim, that is the ugliest baby I have ever seen." Touches your heart doesn't it? :) I got cuter, though. For a while. Now, I've made it to 35. The number sounds old to me. I can remember being 15 and thinking 35 was O-L-D. I don't FEEL old, though. I feel young and I know I ACT young sometimes.

Anyway, my kids woke me up to say Happy Birthday and to give me my presents. I got lots of smell goods and chocolate and a DVD. If I tell you which DVD you will make fun of me, so...nah. But, it is a fairly recent movie that I have already watched about 50 times..has one of my favorite men in it (he's on my "list") and it has to do with the 80s. That's all I'm saying.

Well, I'm off, I need to go venture into the cold (11 degrees) and get all my film turned in at Meijer. (they are having a film developing sale) and to take the daughter to Old Navy. I am NOT Christmas shopping today.

Ok, now, leave me lots of Happy Birthdays and send gifts, K? :)
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Thursday, November 24, 2005
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
To all my readers in the USA...Happy Thanksgiving!! Here are the kids' creations from this morning.

Now, we are just waiting for the parade to start on tv...we just sampled the buckeyes that Bubba made this morning...and can hardly wait for the big feast later. Everyone enjoy your day and try not to eat too much! :)
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
A meme I haven't seen
Ok, here is a meme I saw over here while I was voting at Blog Explosion.

* How many pillows do you sleep with? I have to have 2 pillows under my head.

* Do you sleep in the nude? Rarely

* Do you use a top sheet? Are you kidding? It just ends up a mess at the end of the bed. Hubby and I sleep with separate comforters because he is a blanket hog!

* Do you fall asleep in front of the tv? Not often. I am usually on the computer and watching tv at the same time. I am such the multi-tasker.

* Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? A big ol' teddy bear named Bubba

* Do you sleepwalk? Not that I know of.

* Do you wear socks to bed? Ew, NO!

* Can you see in the dark? I guess it depends on how dark.

* Do you eat in bed? Sometimes.

* Do you have nightmares? Every once in a while.

* Do you dream? Yes...often.

* Are you a normal, light or heavy sleeper? Normal to heavy

* Do you fantasize in your sleep? I don't think so.

* What size is your bed? Queen

* Do you snore? Bubba says I do. I refuse to believe it.

* Do you braid your hair before bed? Odd question. I don't braid it, but I always have it up in a messy bun or pony tail. Can't stand for my hair to be down when I sleep.

* How many hours sleep do you average a night? 6-7

* Do you hug your pillow? Not a pillow, but sometimes I bunch up the comforter and hug it/lay it under my head when sleeping on my side.
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NOT Bloggin the AMAs
I usually have fun live blogging the awards shows. My heart isn't really in it tonight..but I am tuning in to see if there is anything worth talking about.

8:00-Show's starting...with...a large shiny silver ball in the middle of the stage...and how did I ever guess. Mari-yuck Carey. Can't stand her. She's not sounding so great. Someone needs to teach her how to dress. She can hardly walk in those shoes.

Kenny Chesney...he looks like an elf. I don't see the appeal. A co-worker and I just discussed him today.

8:10-I didn't even know Cedric the entertainer was hosting.
Award for fave soul/R&B artist goes to...Mariah Carey (again with a bad dress)

Commercial...while the commercials play, I will tell you that we had a Thanksgiving carry-in today. MASSIVE. AMOUNTS. OF. FOOD. Wow. I forgot to take my camera so I could show you all the spread. I actually didn't eat too much, but I made the mistake of eating some turkey and a while later I was fighting to stay awake. D*** that tryptophan!!

8:21-Nicole Ritchie looked good though a tad anorexic.
Award for favorite country female artist goes to...Gretchen "way overrated" Wilson.

8:25-OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Rob Thomas!!! He's beautiful. 'nuff said. Tara...where's your DVR/TIVO when you need it??? He's singing Call On Me acoustic. Mmmm...

Oh yippee skippy...Lindsey Lohan is singing now. Hang it up Linds. This is just painful. Her back up singers are drowning her out,thankfully.

8:38-breakthrough artist...Sugarland

8:40-Gwen Stefani and Pherell...pretty cool except all she is saying is "you got it like that."

Award for female pop/rock...Gwen Stefani.

8:50-Hillary duff lip syncing..this show is just bad.

Ok, gotta go pick up the girl at guard practice.

Basically, the show was...SUCK! So, nevermind. Please disregard this awful, horrendous, boring post.
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Photos to bore you
Ok, this is so you don't have to keep reading about me whining...a few more pictures from the past...

First..guess who this is...
Yep..that would be Bubba back in high school before he started shaving the hair on his head and letting the hair on his face grow. Can you figure out whose class ring he has on that necklace?

This is one of my favorite pictures. Me and my friend Connie on vacation at Emerald Isle, NC. Yes, we are dressed alike. We were nerds like that. I had great legs back then.

Notice how the sun enhances the fuzz that is our hair...

That's me on the right. This is after our school won the boys state basketball tournament which is a VERY big deal in Indiana. I had a bearcat paw painted on my face AND purple fingernails. We were cool if you didn't know. :)

Finally, that's me in the middle. Senior year yearbook/newspaper party.

These weren't as fun as some of my others but I can't find the ones I want to post. Happy Tuesday everyone!
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Monday, November 21, 2005
The green-eyed monster
I know, it's Thanksgiving time. I shouldn't have these feelings, but I do. I am almost 30 frickin' 5 years old so I should really grow up and get over it. Sometimes, I just can't help it. I read blogs. I go out into the real world and see people and hear their stories. I get jealous. I want a newer van. I want a 2nd car so getting everybody to where we need to go won't be so dang hard to do. I want to get my hair cut more than once a year and have the perfect cut with highlights even. I want some new clothes that fit right and that might make me look good for a change. I want to buy my kids one outfit that has a cool name brand on it. I want to get my nails done. I want a pedicure. I want a house with a mortgage I can pay. I want to go to the movies more than twice a year. I want to go to wal-mart and buy new CDs and DVDs every once in a while. I want a scrapbook room. I want jewelry. I want good make-up. I want more than $5 left of every pay check. Blah, blah, blah...and then I stop feeling sorry for myself because...
I have a van that runs and somehow everybody gets where they need to be on time. My kids have clothes to wear every day and they are clean. I have clothes to wear every day. We have a roof over our heads with running water and heat. And a phone. And cable. And a computer. I get to rent movies. Sometimes for my birthday and other holidays I get new CDs and DVDs. I have a scrapbook corner and lots of supplies. I have a wedding ring..and a mothers ring. $5 dollars is better than no dollars...And I almost forgot...and how could I? I have a wonderful family.

It could be Aunt Bitch talking.
I think I am allowed one poor me day a year.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Ficken Chingers...
My birthday is in 4 days.
(Tara, I did start an Amazon wish list one time. But seems way to tacky to post it. :-D )

Click my renter, please. Thanks. :)
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Sunday, November 20, 2005
Should I??
Ok, first...my birthday is in 5 days. I'll pretend I haven't heard about all the plans you guys are making for my surprise party. I'll be 35, you know. Saying that out loud makes it sound really, really old. I don't feel a day over 18, though.

This morning when my son was trying to get my attention and "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" didn't work, he resorted to saying "Ding Dong! Ding Dong" as in doorbell. Where'd you learn that, kid? Your dad?

Ok, I have a question. I posed this question over at the shout box on Blog Explosion one night. We were talking about the name of my blog and what the word "ficken" means in german. Blah, blah, blah. I was saying that I have thought about changing the name of my blog, but now everyone knows me with this title etc....This morning, I check my gmail and there is one from some guy I don't even know and it says "Get yourself a german to english dictionary and look up the name of your website." All that tells me is that he is a perv who was searching google or something with the word "ficken." Anyway...my question is, should I try to think of a new name for my blog and use Ficken Chingers in my tag line..or should I just leave it. What the heck would I change it to?? I just don't think I have it in me to change it..I know what the title means..I have a link to the explanation. Besides, I think it's funny that the ones doing a search for "ficken" end up here where a fat girl from Indiana talks about tv and 80s stuff and all those other goofy things. Let me know what you think. You know I love feedback.

That's it for now, kids. See y'all later. And..don't forget to click on my renter. :)
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Saturday, November 19, 2005
Something hit the fan floor, housework and retro furniture
I feel my blogging abilities coming back to me, guys, so maybe this post won't be so heavy on the photos.

Ok, first the most fun I've had in WEEKS....the story begins with my mom calling my sister Thursday saying she thought she needed to go to the ER. My mom has many health issues that I won't go into here. Anyway, it ends up that my mom does go to the ER, basically for shortness of breath(SOB) and dizziness. She's basically fine...her O2 sats are normal...BP normal...chest CT normal...etc. However, they decide to keep her. But, she is in the ER for something like 9 hours before they get her a bed on a floor (long story). So, I talk to dad and he won't be home 'til they get mom to a room and get her settled. I volunteer to go let their dogs out since they had been in the house since noon.(they have two shelties, Mickey and Trigger) Around 7, I go to their house and go in. I turn the lights on..and there..on the kitchen floor (which is carpeted)...is the splattered doggie diarrhea that one of the dogs so kindly left for me. Oh. My. Heck. My mind scrambled for an out...some way that I could possibly leave it and pretend I never saw it. But I couldn't think of a way...because, well, I'm not 9 years old...and, my poor dad has really really bad knees and I could picture him coming home and trying to get on the floor to clean it up. So..I found a face mask, well, not really, but I wanted to because it smelled REALLY REALLY REALLY nasty. Now, all you have to do is picture me on my hands and knees..armed with paper towel, baby wipes (hey, they're soapy!) wal mart sacks to throw the used paper towel in, trying not to gag while laughing maniacally because the POOP. WAS. ON. THE. WALL. I'll spare you any more gorey details...but this little story ends with me cleaning the carpet with the steam cleaner...and locking the dogs in their cages when I left.

(I totally needed my camera with me the other day when Bubba and I came upon a sign at a used car lot that said, "Manger Special." Apparently, the baby Jesus works there..I don't know.)

On Friday, I had the day off because I was scheduled to work today. Mom was slated to get out of the hospital so my sister and I went over to mom and dad's to do their housework for them. They now have an "old people's house" piled with stuff in every corner. Enough said.

While at mom's, I got into the closet where some of my stuff still is (hey, I'm ONLY 35. should I have EVERYTHING moved out of their house already??) and I found a box that had my Barbie blow up furniture in it!!! I LOVED that furniture when I was little. Tater loves barbies so I knew she would love it and brought it home and gave it to her. She loves it! She thanked me a hundred times at least. Here's a picture of it after they crammed it all on top of their play table. It is totally retro.
Clicky to biggie.
Notice Baby J's army man lounging on the loveseat with the yellow barbie scooter helmet on.

Now in this one you will notice Porn Star Barbie waiting on the bed for Army Man. My kids are nothing if not creative and imaginative.

And now I must go...you blog readers have SUCH short attention spans! :)

Click on my tenant, please. K? Thanks.
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Watch this space!
An update coming later today! I promise! Until then, here is some Lost eye candy for the ladies...

Don't forget to click on my renter this week!!
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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Alright y'all, Seawave moved out and now I have a new tenant for you to click and visit. Eccentric Father will be spending time here for the next week. I picked him because basically he strong armed me to sway my decision. ;) He's a regular over at Blog Explosion on the Battle of the Blogs and on the Shout Box. He's funny, a great writer, lives with 3 red-heads and currently lies about his age. (If you don't believe me, check out his post from 11/15.) Oh, and he also has a November December 1st birthday which is almost November which is like mine.(ok, EF, when you said your birthday was 15 days from the 15th...I just added them together and came up with 30. Sue me.) Just to freak him out a little bit more...I'll post his picture now.

Is there any question now as to why he calls himself Homer Jay?? I think NOT. ;) Clicky on his thumbnail and take a look.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
It's a picture-palooza
Yes, that's right, kids...I am still just not feeling the whole written word post thing..so you're gonna get a post full o' pics.
Click 'em all to big 'em all.
Here is the "official" Sadie's photo and Guard Girl's official 9th grade photo.

These next pictures were sorta kinda inspired by Wendy as she posted a beautiful photo of her daughters smooching one day. So, when Baby J was giving big sis a kiss goodnight earlier, well, I grabbed the camera.

Of course then Tater Tot got in on the action but she had a hard time puckering up because she kept giggling and laughing.

Here is proof of my 80s dorkdom. (that should be a word if it isn't already!)This is circa 1985 and I was in the 8th grade. I am on the left and that is my best friend, Connie on the right. We'll ignore her outer space top for now.

Ok, look beyond my really bad hair(mullet with some really bad bangs going on) and the acne...and note the fluorescent fluorescence of that top! Matching fluorescent orange earrings..dangling earrings. Collar up and if you look really, really close you can see the sunglasses I have hanging around my neck. Wait for it...wait for it..PAINT SPLATTERS on the side pieces!!! I was so cool it wasn't even funny. Last but not least, you can see all the buttons I have affixed to my jean jacket. (it's not even stone washed, dang it!) I can make out at least 2 Duran Duran buttons, one with a picture of Beaver Cleaver on it (don't ask) and one that said "I is a brain" or something close. Did I mention dork? Yeah..

One more for now and then I will stop. This is my graduation picture, as if you couldn't tell. Please, someone, tell me what was up with those bangs. Note the mortar board that had to be worn completely vertically on the back of my head because of the BANGS. Probably something like, oh, I don't know...99.9% of the girls in my class had to wear them like that.
More photo fun tomorrow. Thanks for playing.

PS My birthday is in 9 days...or 8 days if you are reading this on Thursday. :)
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
A friendly reminder from your all-time FAVORITE blogger
My birthday is in 10 days!

(This is also space filler because I am having a hard time coming up with blog content. Shut up, Shane.....I could still beat you with this LAME post!) hee hee
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Sunday, November 13, 2005
A Couple of Turkeys
Here is Baby J and Tater posing with the turkeys they made at church today.

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80s lyrics quiz-#1

Ok, so I thought I should do some 80s stuff around here since I am famous(?) for my love of all things 80s. Here is a little 80s lyrics quiz for you. Try not to google them, k?

Name the artist and song...or at least the song title.

1-"With the heartbreak open, so much you can't hide. Put on a little make-up..."

2-"Remember how I found you there, alone in your electric chair"

3-"I knew right from the beginning, that you would end up winnin'. I knew right from the start, you'd put an arrow, through my heart."

4-"It's no use, he sees her. He starts to shake and cough."

5-"Feel the pain. Talk about it. If you're a worried man-then shout about it."

6-"Sink your teeth right through my bones, baby. Let's see what we can do."

7-"Paint your smile on your lips. Blood red nails on your fingertips."

8-"We could live for a thousand years, but if I hurt you, I'd make wine from your tears."

9-"Will you stand above me? Look my way, never love me"

10-"Now with passion in our eyes there's no way we could disguise it secretly."

By the way, there is a song from the charts from every year of the 80s..if that helps. :) Have fun! Answer in comments or email me AngieDB at gmail dot com.
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Saturday, November 12, 2005
another picture...BECAUSE I CAN!
The little ones wanted to sleep in the same bed tonight. Cue "awwwwwwwww...." sounds.

Please don't ask why my children are in tank tops in the middle of November. K? Thanks.
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Wish I had done this with my other renters
Please welcome my guest blogger today!! The wonderful...the marvelous...the beautiful..the talented...SEAWAVE!!!

Angie extended a generous offer to me asking if I would like to write a guest post for her blog, and I am honored that she would allow me a little bit of space to be a guest here. As you can see at Angie's sidebar, I am "renting" blog space from her this week. For those of you unfamiliar with Blog Explosion, Rent a Blog is a feature where blogs "rent" space out to other blogs in exchange for credits earned on the Blog Explosion website. Credits are earned surfing other blogs and utilizing traffic generating tools on that website. It really is all about helping fellow bloggers gain some exposure to more blog readers.

I always enjoy checking out Angie's blog to see what little tidbit she has managed to pull out of the 80s and it is always an instant trip back to my adolescent years. She also has really great pictures! What treasured memories she stirs up for me. That is why I wanted to rent space on her blog.

Angie and I spend a lot of time chatting in the "Shout Box" on Blog Explosion (the Shout Box is essentially a chat room) and in the strange world of the Internet, I have made a friend I have never met and never seen, but one I have come to enjoy immensely nonetheless (as proven by the long sessions in the Shout Box).

Angie, Shane and I all spent our adolescence and young adulthood in the 1980s (though Shane and I are a bit older than Angie). We have a lot of fun reminiscing about those days -- days of stiff hair, awesome music, great television shows, funny television commercials, strange fashions, and more -- just like any other decade the 80s had its own unique style. Meeting people who share the same memories bonds us together with nods of understanding and mutual laughter.

We bloggers sit at our computers in various time zones and share glimpses into each others' lives and thoughts -- complete strangers -- but yet somehow feeling bonded like close friends at the same time. I am constantly amazed at the creativity and flashes of brilliance I find in the blogosphere.

I don't wish to overstay my welcome on Angie's blog. She has been so generous with her space already. Thanks for reading this entry, and if you get a spare moment to come and visit me, I would certainly be honored. A blog is a bit like a child -- we feel proud of them, defensive of them, and delighted when someone gives them a nod of encouragement.


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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
I'm SMOKIN'! Cookin'!
First...I have a new tenant over yonder on the side bar. One miss Seawave's Soliloquy. She is one of my newest and favorite blog friends. We hang out a lot over at the Shout Box at Blog Explosion flirting with the boys talking to all the other losers with no lives wonderful BE shout box people. Anyway, go click on her thumbnail and look around her blog. Leave her a comment or two and tell her I sent ya! She is a great girl who almost became a doctor (and talks about that in a really good recent post), she has an ADORABLE pet sheltie named Kenzie and...she can't..CAN NOT leave dirty dishes in her sink. If you get really bored, come visit us on the shout box. We are in and out of there a LOT!

Ok, on with the post. So, I've been cooking. Cooking a lot since Bubba had his surgery and can't use his right arm. Tonight's fare? A carboholics DREAM. Chicken and noodles. Mashed paste potatoes. Corn. Rolls. I know, I know. Nothing green to be seen. Tough noogies. I have the south in my blood. If I'm cooking there is no complaining allowed. Oh, as for the paste..well, the potatoes didn't really mash well. That's all I'm saying.

Who watched Lost?? Finally a new episode after 2 stinking weeks of reruns! I was a little bored throughout the episode. I thought the Shannon backstory was a bit *yawn* boring. I can't stand that chick from the back of the plane and who does she think she is bossing Michael and the other ones around? I don't want these people, well HER, with my people from the front of the plane. She is way to ANGRY. I LOVES me some Sayid. Poor sick Sawyer. What the bloody heck is Walt backmasking whispering to Shannon? Where was Jack? And, I will try not to spoil it for anyone, but the death in this episode was a bit...well...I understand the tension this person's death will cause with everyone, but this episode seemed a bit off to me. Those last few seconds, though. Wow. Powerful stuff. Next week looks really good. They are going to show what has been going on with the survivors from the back of the plane all this time.

You know my last post? The Donny Osmond one? I have to add a little to that. I was a Donny Osmond fanatic when I was little. His was the first poster I hung on my wall when I was 5 or 6 and I remember kissing him goodnight every night. I watched The Donny & Marie Show faithfully every week and...I had the Donny and Marie "barbies!"
I carried them in this exact case

Plus, I had these outfits for them!

I thought I was the coolest! I so wanted to be on their show, too. I wanted to ice skate with them on their way cool set!
After my Donny Osmond phase I moved on. To Shaun Cassidy. That's a whole other post.
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....and I'm a little bit rock 'n' roll
This photo was taken today...November 9, 2005.
Can you read that license plate?? Yes, someone is driving around in the year 2005 with a #1 Donny Osmond license plate on their car!!! Believe it...or not.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
I Dream of....Rachel??
Ok, so I have to tell you all about the dream I had last night. This dream seals it...proves that I blog too much..or read blogs too much..or spend waaaay too much time over at Blog Explosion. Probably all of those things. But anyway, the dream went like this...

I was at my parent's house, in the back yard by the alley. Apparantly, Rachel, of Bitchalicious fame lived across the alley from my parents. She had been outside in the late evening and had a favorite blanket that she was using to wrap up in and when she went inside she left it outside hanging on a post. So, since I was going to be outside all night, I thought, hey, I could use that blanket. I went over and got it and wrapped up with it and a few minutes later Rachel came out and saw me with her blanket and said, "What the hell are you doing?" I stammered and tried to explain, but she stomped over to me and pulled th blanket off me and stomped back in her house. I was so glad she didn't call me a bitch...but I was really, really worried about what she was going to say about me in her blog. Then I woke up.

Yeah, I need a blog break or something. (I'm thinking this doesn't need to be mentioned to Rachel so as not to frighten her, k?)
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Poor, poor Brady...
COLTS WIN AT FOXBORO!!!! Not sure why I chose this picture because I really don't like Brady...maybe it's because I know he is having to say something nice to Peyton...or not. I guess he could be saying "Eff you, Peyton. You guys cheated and you suck!" or he could be saying, "Take me with you! Please!!!" He he. It was a great game and I had to put my headphones on for a while and listen to music because it makes me so nervous to watch the "big" games. I know, you guys are a wondering just exactly which blog you happened upon today because I NEVER talk sports. But I loves me some Colts. They are the ONLY pro sports team of any kind that I pay attention to. So, really, until the Super Bowl when the Colts ARE in it, I probably won't talk much about them. No need to worry that this will turn into a sports blog.

In other news, um...I worked half day yesterday and I'm off work today and tomorrow to help Post-Op Petey (AKA Bubba) recuperate. If I didn't take the time off, he'd be re-injuring himself because he tries to do too much. He sees the doctor tomorrow so we will find out if he's we've been doing things right since Friday. He can shower alone now (minds out of gutter, please!) and do most anything left-handed. (remember Pikkel, he is better with his left hand) The best thing? He actually writes better with his left hand than he does with his right.

That's it for now kids...until I remember what I was gonna talk about. Here's a photo for your enjoyment. Baby J fell asleep mid-doodle. Ain't he cute?
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Saturday, November 05, 2005
Sadies '05
I took Guard Girl and Drummer Boy to the Sadie Hawkins Dance tonight. GG made the shirts herself. She designed the iron-ons anyway. Hers says I'm with the drummer. Then on the back is her name and Sadies '05 and his says I am the drummer and on the back is his name and Sadies '05. They are pretty cool.

Here's where they ate before the dance.

I sat in the car and had a Blizzard and read until they were done. How's that for sacrifice??
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A Saturday Observation
Everyone in the world, especially in my city at the mall, is younger, skinnier and better dressed than me.
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Sexy Post-Op
Thought you might like to see how sexy Bubba is with his high tech shoulder sleeve thingie. (that IS the technical name, you know.)

This is Bubba saying thank you to all my blogging friends for their kind words, thoughts and prayers.As you can see, the pain hadn't set in yet.

Here is the thingie hooked up to it's mechanical parts.Please disregard the nasty, dirty carpet that won't come completely clean from the last renters of this place.

And, finally, the piece d' resistance...a man in pantyhose, AKA surgical socks, is tres SEX-AY!

Oh, and guess what?? I COOKED last night, thank you very much Wendy and Seawave and all you other naysayers! It wasn't even chili! I'm not telling what it was...but my family ate, ok?? :)

And finally, when Bubba heals a little... PIKKEL...he's coming after you, rotisserie spit in hand!!
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Friday, November 04, 2005
The eagle has landed...and there is no pain...YET
Bubba's surgery went over without a hitch. No problems at all, unless you count him being a tad combative upon waking up from anesthesia. :) Now he is equipped with a high tech cold pressure thingamajig called a "Game Ready" that we have to strap on his shoulder and run it for a half hour. Turn it off for an hour and then do it all over again. So far, he has no pain, but I have to run to the drug store to get his pain meds for when his pain block wears off. For your enjoyment..here are a couple of photos from today.

Here is how concerned my parents were as we waited. :)

And here is the star of the day just after surgery.

Thanks to everyone for your nice words and prayers! I love you all!
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