Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Poor, poor Brady...
COLTS WIN AT FOXBORO!!!! Not sure why I chose this picture because I really don't like Brady...maybe it's because I know he is having to say something nice to Peyton...or not. I guess he could be saying "Eff you, Peyton. You guys cheated and you suck!" or he could be saying, "Take me with you! Please!!!" He he. It was a great game and I had to put my headphones on for a while and listen to music because it makes me so nervous to watch the "big" games. I know, you guys are a wondering just exactly which blog you happened upon today because I NEVER talk sports. But I loves me some Colts. They are the ONLY pro sports team of any kind that I pay attention to. So, really, until the Super Bowl when the Colts ARE in it, I probably won't talk much about them. No need to worry that this will turn into a sports blog.

In other news, um...I worked half day yesterday and I'm off work today and tomorrow to help Post-Op Petey (AKA Bubba) recuperate. If I didn't take the time off, he'd be re-injuring himself because he tries to do too much. He sees the doctor tomorrow so we will find out if he's we've been doing things right since Friday. He can shower alone now (minds out of gutter, please!) and do most anything left-handed. (remember Pikkel, he is better with his left hand) The best thing? He actually writes better with his left hand than he does with his right.

That's it for now kids...until I remember what I was gonna talk about. Here's a photo for your enjoyment. Baby J fell asleep mid-doodle. Ain't he cute?
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  • At 8:13 PM, Blogger Seawave said…

    Angie - that is one of the cutest pictures on a blog I have ever seen. That is soo precious. Asleep with the pen still in hand. A future blogger for sure.

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