Thursday, November 10, 2005
Wish I had done this with my other renters
Please welcome my guest blogger today!! The wonderful...the marvelous...the beautiful..the talented...SEAWAVE!!!

Angie extended a generous offer to me asking if I would like to write a guest post for her blog, and I am honored that she would allow me a little bit of space to be a guest here. As you can see at Angie's sidebar, I am "renting" blog space from her this week. For those of you unfamiliar with Blog Explosion, Rent a Blog is a feature where blogs "rent" space out to other blogs in exchange for credits earned on the Blog Explosion website. Credits are earned surfing other blogs and utilizing traffic generating tools on that website. It really is all about helping fellow bloggers gain some exposure to more blog readers.

I always enjoy checking out Angie's blog to see what little tidbit she has managed to pull out of the 80s and it is always an instant trip back to my adolescent years. She also has really great pictures! What treasured memories she stirs up for me. That is why I wanted to rent space on her blog.

Angie and I spend a lot of time chatting in the "Shout Box" on Blog Explosion (the Shout Box is essentially a chat room) and in the strange world of the Internet, I have made a friend I have never met and never seen, but one I have come to enjoy immensely nonetheless (as proven by the long sessions in the Shout Box).

Angie, Shane and I all spent our adolescence and young adulthood in the 1980s (though Shane and I are a bit older than Angie). We have a lot of fun reminiscing about those days -- days of stiff hair, awesome music, great television shows, funny television commercials, strange fashions, and more -- just like any other decade the 80s had its own unique style. Meeting people who share the same memories bonds us together with nods of understanding and mutual laughter.

We bloggers sit at our computers in various time zones and share glimpses into each others' lives and thoughts -- complete strangers -- but yet somehow feeling bonded like close friends at the same time. I am constantly amazed at the creativity and flashes of brilliance I find in the blogosphere.

I don't wish to overstay my welcome on Angie's blog. She has been so generous with her space already. Thanks for reading this entry, and if you get a spare moment to come and visit me, I would certainly be honored. A blog is a bit like a child -- we feel proud of them, defensive of them, and delighted when someone gives them a nod of encouragement.


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  • At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    Hi Seawave,, I am Pineapple,, another silly 80's freak. OH wait,, does Ang consider herself a silly 80's freak???

    My husband often doesn't get how I consider fellow bloggers friends,, he keeps telling me you are all criminals in prison and I am sharing things about myself with you all. Oh well,, considering my ex-best friend in my "real life" became a sex addict with bipolar disease and had a sex scandal with the NYC Fire Dept, then talking with prisoners can't be all that bad,, now can it.

  • At 11:31 PM, Blogger The Blogging Boss said…


    What a great idea! You are a great landlord. Not like the ones I had back in the 80s ;)


  • At 9:36 PM, Blogger WendyWings said…

    Wassup girls :)

  • At 11:46 PM, Blogger Jetting Through Life said…

    Nice post Sea!!!

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