Tuesday, October 31, 2006
10 On Spooky Day
Time for 10 on Tuesday...This week's topic is...

10 Best Movies for Halloween
When I got to thinking about what scary movies I like, I realized that I like older movies. I really don't get into the new breed of scary movies. Without further ado..here is my list.(in no particular order)

1) It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown This one isn't scary, but it's just not Halloween without poor Charlie Brown and his ghost costume with too many eye holes. I didn't realize that it was made in 1966! That is before I was even born! But, as with the Christmas Charlie Brown, this is a timeless classic!

2) Poltergeist It's funny, it's scary, it's intense. What more could you ask? I mean, come on, there is a creepy tree, skeletons in the (almost) pool, maggots on meat, creepy whispers from a tv, a weird midget lady, a freakishly scary clown and bunches of red clumpy slime. That's only the tip of the iceberg. I loved this movie so much back in the day, and I still do. I can remember being amazed that a mother would work so hard to save her children. (that was before I had kids of course.) Great cast and lots of good scary moments full of suspense.

3) Fright Night Oh my..how I love this movie. It's just so bad, it's good. When I was a freshman in high school, me and a friend of mine would talk about this movie during algebra and get in trouble for talking and laughing so much. The guy from Herman's Head...the neighbor from Married With Children...Chris Sarandon as a sexy vampire with perfect teeth...SUCH a great show. There was a guy at my high school who looked almost just like "Evil." So much so that everyone called him Evil. Remember when the girlfriend was turned into a vampire and her mouth turned all joker-vampire?? Kuh-reepy!

4) A Nightmare On Elmstreet The original. Not 2, 3, 4 or 10. The first one. That striped sweater. That clawed glove. Don't fall asleep!!

5) Friday the 13th Again, the original. Terrorized camp counselors. Let the scare fest begin! I was 10 or 11 I think when this movie came out and I can remember when they showed it on HBO and we watched it at a sleep over and we were scared to death!

6) Halloween The original. Creepy..scary..and that music..still gives me chills to this day.

Ok...7-10 will come later..because it is now time to get the kids ready for trick or treating.

Back from trick or treating...dinner has been eaten and the kids are getting ready for bed...ahhh...it's over..now, on with the list.

7)Carrie I just wanted to kick her mom in the head. The mean kids, too. Poor picked-on Carrie. They all got what they deserved. How can a movie go wrong with a bucket of pig's blood?

8) The Shining One word. REDRUM.

9) The Exorcist This movie scarred me for life back in the day. Scared me to death! It's scary and creepy enough to make my list. Those demon voices...

10) The Amityville Horror The original. Not the one with hot and buff Ryan Reynolds, but the one with shaggy 70s James Brolin and bad special effects and even worse acting. Love this scary cheese!! You couldn't pay me enough money to live in a house with windows like that house!

Happy Halloween!!!
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Happy Halloween!!!
While I know there are many many people out there who don't "do" Halloween, we are not those people.(though I DO understand and respect those who do not do halloween activities) We don't "celebrate" it but just have a fun time with trick or treating. The kids have fun playing dress up and getting candy. I think it can be an innocent fun day if you do it right.

This year, Tater will be..well..I don't know exactly what to call it, but the best name would be a "strawberry girl." Photos later, of course. She fell in love with the costume at wal-mart and so she shall be a strawberry girl. Seeing that the costume is sleeveless and it's going to be witch's tit cold tonight, not sure anyone will actually see the costume..but you know..you haven't lived till you've trick or treated in Indiana all bundled in winter coats and hats and gloves.

Baby J will be Darth Vader whom I am sure he doesn't really remember who it is, but he HAD to have the costume. Ten bucks says he will HATE The mask.

Anyway, everyone have a fun evening no matter what you do!!

I leave you with Tater and her halloween tshirt she wore to school today. (thank you wal-mart and your cheap clothes!!)

Oh my gosh, she looks so grown up in this picture! She's only 5!! Oh, and that is a braid in her hair. See, she never really wants much done to her hair as far as girly frou frou stuff is concerned. Last night while she was taking her shower, she said, Hey, do you know how to braid hair? I said yes, and she said, well, so and so and so and so had braids in their hair today. She was quite enthralled so I gave her a little braid. I'm not very good at fixing hair, but it looked cute enough. She liked it and I guess that is all that matters.
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Sunday, October 29, 2006
Beauty Queens and Models...Ugh
This is who I want to crash and burn on The Amazing Race...

This is who I want to win...

I'd even be ok with these two winning...

There's another couple on there..but I don't care much about them. I just don't want the beauty queens or the ex-junkie models to win. Ew...
I love my Kentucky couple, Dave and Mary. They are genuine and nice and oh so sweet and funny! It's been a great season of TAR and I will be sad when it ends.

PS No spoilers... I am not going to be the one to give away what happened on tonight's epi. :)
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A near Blue Heart Attack!
Well, my Colts nearly gave me a freakin' heart attack AGAIN this week. Kicking a near last second field goal to win the game. Undefeated still..problem is, we (and I say we because I live in Indiana and I know the team well..personally, even...you know how it is) are not playing really well this year. But who am I? I refuse to be a armchair computer chair quarterback. I look bad in football pants.

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Friday, October 27, 2006
2 hours!!
2 more hours and what?? That's right! I am on vacation!!

Just thought I would update you in case you were wondering. :)
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T minus 10 hours and counting!
I am almost on vacation! Come 6pm...vacation, baby! No, I'm not going anywhere..that would require money...but I just won't have to go to work! Yay! And seriously, it couldn't have come at a better time because this has been quite a week at work! We still don't have a supervisor and although my department can handle things, it just feels like we are sort of flailing along. I don't know. Maybe I'm just stressing too much. I've been known to do that.

So, what do I have planned for this wonderful week of vacation? Well, nothing really, but I was sitting at lunch thinking about it the other day..and I've come up with a plan. Well, ok, not so much a plan as some things that I SHOULD do but won't get to. (Bubba:You got THAT right, sistah!)
Plus, I just like to use bullets! :) I would have made this a Thursday Thirteen for yesterday, but I couldn't come up with thirteen things.
  • Clean up my scrap area in my bedroom.
  • Sleep
  • Watch bad daytime tv.
  • Sleep in. (at least one day out of the 7 or so that I have off.)
  • Watch everything on the DVR.
  • Nap.
  • Email everyone that I owe emails to.
  • Blog and catch up on my blog reading.
  • Scan tons of photos.
  • Take the kids trick or treating.
  • Clean out some boxes in the extra room upstairs and throw crap away!
  • Get rid of clothes I don't wear in my closet and drawers so I can be depressed about my lack of decent clothing.
  • Christmas shop.
Oh look, I DID come up with 13 things. Of course 3 of those things involved sleeping. :)

So, now, I need to go get ready for work. My last day of work before vacation!! I think I need to go do the Balki/Cousin Larry dance of joy!
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
When Bubba saw my post from the other day with the picture of him in the chair, he said, "It looks like me with a chair growing out of my ASS! That's how big I look!"

I was thinking, Join the club, honey. When I walk down the hall at work people start talking in whale talk..kinda like Dori on Finding Nemo.
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Sunday, October 22, 2006
I'm one of the cool kids now (in my own mind)
Oh. Em. Gee. (as my daughter would say)

Could it be that I actually have something in common with..with...DOOCE ??

It certainly isn't her writing, 'cause she kicks my butt there. It's not her humor. Ditto. Nor is it her photography because I have a sucky camera and no creative artistic eye. No, no. It is something much deeper and much more important than those things.

Why, it's a tv show, of course!! She has a love for Friday Night Lights just like me! She thinks it will be cancelled because she likes it. Just like me! (and Bubba)(see 4 posts below.)

Me and Dooce, we're soul sisters.

PS somehow I don't think she has this as her wallpaper on her computer. Just sayin'.

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You can't have him..he's MINE!
My sister gave us a recliner the other day. It's well worn, but very comfortable. Who am I to turn down free furniture? Especially when our furniture sucks.

ANYway, Bubba is happy to have a recliner again since our last one died a sad death. He laid back in it today and promptly started snoring like crazy. I pay no attention because I am used to his noises and I went about my business.

He woke up and said, "I like this recliner." I said, "Yeah, I noticed."

Ok, but that isn't really what this post is about. I just wanted to set the stage for what I heard a few minutes later. See, he was..or has been trying to convince me to..well..ya know..do IT later tonight. I told him he didn't have the energy...and he said, "I don't NEED energy, baby." I said, "Why not?" and he said, "You're like coffee, baby. One kiss from you and it energizes me for hours."

Doesn't that just make you want him, too? Sounds like a bad line in a bar. :)

My question is, what the hell kind of coffee has he been drinking??
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Saturday, October 21, 2006
Parade goodness
We're off to yet another parade.

Expect photos later.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

TARA, my latest crush...(revisited. I've been crushing on him since back on Early Edition....)

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Thursday, October 19, 2006
Thursday filler
I've got nothing to write about this morning so I thought I would post a photo...my 80s girls (especially TARA) will appreciate this one...

He's still hot after all these years....that's John Taylor from Duran Duran.

More later!


PS Bubba took exception with me saying he gets "giddy" over Heroes. Whatevs. He gets giddy.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
10 on Tuesday(posted on Wednesday) **amended**
Well, it's still Tuesday so I thought I would do the 10 on Tuesday since it is about tv and you know I love to talk about tv.

10 Best Shows On TV This Season

  1. Lost---Love this show! Some people are losing interest, but I can't help but to still love this show. Sawyer is just so dang hot in that bad boy way...but the whole cast is just awesome. Besides, I HAVE to keep watching so I can get the answers to everything!
  2. Heroes--Have you been watching this? I love it! Bubba is so into this show, it's actually funny. I am always the one that's all into tv shows, but Heroes has him excited...dare I say GIDDY...to watch every Monday. Trying to figure out the secrets of this show is almost like Lost. PS move over Sayid on Lost. Mohinder from Heroes is the new hottie!
  3. ER--Yes I still watch this show. I love ER. I've been watching since DAY 1 and well..I just can't break up with it. They keep having "very special episodes" and special guest stars and interesting storylines and even though I miss Dr Green and Dr Ross and Dr Carter and that one black guy that was on at the beginning (obviously I can't think of his name) and Nurse Hathaway...I still love me some ER. Red haired Dr whatshisface is just fun to watch and now John Stamos is sucking me in as the EMT turned new med student. Oh, and the new med student who is religious and prays and invites everyone to her prayer group..she's great. Oh oh oh..AND? Luka and Abby, they get to SMILE this season!! Awesome. So, YES, I watch ER. ER rocks.
  4. The Nine--I wasn't sure whether I would start watching this one, but I am glad I did. I can't wait to find out "what really happened" during that bank robbery. I highly recommend this show. How can you go wrong with people from Wings and Party of Five? Huh?
  5. Friday Night Lights--Kyle Chandler. 'Nuff said. (he may make it back on my "LIST") But really, it's a good show and getting better now that the camera jiggling has gotten some better. I heard the ratings aren't great, but I hope it holds on because I am attached.
  6. The CSI Franchise--Yep, all three of 'em. Where the original Las Vegas one is best, I have to have my NY and Miami installments every week. NY is just getting better and better every week. Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor has a LOVE LIFE this season. They showed him shirtless! CSI heaven, people. Miami couldn't be more fun to watch because of the acting. Having a bad Monday? Just watch David Caruso as Horatio Caine and you will laugh yourself silly! The acting...it's soooo bad. But wait, there's more. They just added a new character played by Rob Estes, who I love, because who DON'T I love. But my Rob Estes love goes waaaay back to the days of the USA Network's "Silk Stalkings."
  7. Law & Order SVU and CI--I've cooled toward the original L&O which was my first love, but man I love me some SVU and CI. I love Stabler on SVU and I was so sad when they sent Mariska Hargitay's character, Olivia, away on undercover assignment. They have a great chemistry. Stabler's new partner..I'm not so fond of her. And how about Gorin on CI?? LOVE. Vincent D'Onofrio in the role of Gorin is just perfect and I am always sad when it is an off week and the episode centers around Det. Logan/Big.
  8. How I Met Your Mother--Barney rocks! Huh? Am I right? I want Barney as my friend. I also want Marshall and Lily back together and I want the relationship of Robin and Have-You-Met Ted to die a quick death. They have ZERO chemistry!! Plus, we already know that Robin is NOT the "mother" from the title. End it already.
  9. Desperate Housewives--Again, some people have cooled toward this show, but man I still heart DH so much. The hi-jinks of Gabrielle, (the baby's birth...oh my god! and when the lawn boy wheeled her out in the big suitcase..hilarious) the psycho that is Lynette's husband's love child's mother, Bree and her new marriage and experiencing the BIG O and her homeless son, Susan and the new hunk whilst Mike comas. I love DH! I am soooo glad they got rid of the Applewhites. That storyline could have been good, but it ended up sucking. Blah.
  10. Reality tv--I'm a sucker for it. I can't help it. Right now, it's Survivor, The Amazing Race and The Biggest Loser, but any given season, I have at least one show that I watch. Bring it on..I love it.

So, there you have it. Could I have used the word 'love' any more? Really, this list could have been longer..but doesn't this reinforce my couch-potatoey-ness?

OH MY GOSH!! I did a top 10 and left out GREY'S ANATOMY!!! So, I officially have 11.

Grey's Anatomy--Oh how I love thee, GA. I love you for O'Malley and Bailey the Nazi...I love you for McDreamy and McSteamy. I loved you for Finn, but now he is gone. I love you for Izzy and for the past with Denny. I love you for Christina and Burke and even Dr Torres. I love you for the laughs and the cries that I have had while watching you. Forgive me, GA, for leaving you off my list as unintentional as it was. Seriously!


PS Thank you CRISTIE for reminding me of Grey's. It's a MUST WATCH of mine and it completely left my brain when I did my list! :)
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This should be Monday
So, I was supposed to be at work today at 6am. I think I mentioned the other day how UNGODLY that hour is for me. Well, it is. I was going to go to bed extra early last night, but I just can NOT miss Horation Caine and his bad lines (and worse acting) on CSI:Miami. That means I was up until 11pm..and beyond. Beyond because The Bubba was trying to be frisky and I was thwarting his efforts. He SWEARS I said that he was getting some..but nevertheless, he didn't.

Fast Forward to this morning...alarm goes off at 4:30. I heard it and I woke up. Bubba jiggled me. Next thing I knew, I sat up and looked at the clock and it said, 6:01. Uh, yeah...I was supposed to be there at 6. I jumped up and called the night girl in the office (she works 12 to 8) and told her I would be in as soon as possible. Luckily, it wasn't busy. I made it in by about 6:35, yay me. But, of course I felt like crap all day because I didn't have time to shower or wash my hair. Gross.

It was relatively slow and quiet at work until about 9 and then it stayed busy ALL DAY! Since the supervisor left, I am "in charge" and it sucks sometimes. Days like today when I had the most busy of jobs and every single call I took was some kind of problem. Crazy.

So, it was Tuesday but it should have been Monday and I was so happy to get home. Thank goodness everything has gone well so far...

I just realized, I just wrote the most boring of posts. Sorry. :)

Here's a picture to keep you entertained...it's my oldest in one of her newest myspace poses...

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Monday, October 16, 2006
Weekend Fun
What'd you guys do for the weekend?

My weekend consisted of...
  • eating junk
  • watching junk
  • grocery shopping for my parents
  • staying in pjs all day (on sunday, anyway)
  • being asked to flash my boobies to my husband at LEAST 150 times.
  • NOT flashing my boobies 150 times (but no worries, he got a couple of flashes here and there)
  • getting a flat butt from the computer chair
  • watching my kids cry about every little thing that came up

Sound fun? It was actually a decent weekend. I liked getting to spend it with Bubba who is NEVER home on weekends during softball season.

Now, comment and tell me all about the fun YOU had over the weekend! :)

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Sunday, October 15, 2006
Bobby Love
Many of you may know who Bob Gentry is already. He battles his blog on Blog Explosion sometimes and he's been a fixture on my blogroll for a long time now. Oh, and you MAY know him as Monty's 'pretend boyfriend.'. I stalk him from afar via his blog and personally, I like to call him my next husband.* If I were rich I would totally be his sugar mama and finance his efforts to hit it big musically.

Bob is an excellent singer and songwriter and most recently he has been featured on the online competition Star Tomorrow. They've now made it 11 weeks from online voting and we are all hoping that he and the band keep going 'til the end! (click the link and vote, please!)

So, you wanna know what made me all giddy and squeal-y like a school girl?? When I got this in the mail...

I KNOW! Is that cool or what? I actually won that through Bob's myspace. (shut it.) The super secret racey and sexy message was hidden away for my eyes only. ;)

So anyway, I wrote this post really to just tell you guys to visit StarTomorrow.com and vote for Bob and his band. So go. Vote.

*In case you are wondering what Bubba thinks of me and Bob and the whole, he's my next husband thing...all he said was, "Just kill me in my sleep. That's all I ask."
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Saturday, October 14, 2006
Sad Friday
Friday the 13th? Who cares? Not me. For me, yesterday was just...sad...and it went by too fast.

Yesterday was my boss' last day. She is transferring to another department in an entirely different building.

I've been at my job for almost 8 years. Marsha, my supervisor, came to the job about 2 or 3 months after I started so we've been together the whole time. I'm a 'lead' or 'senior' in the department and we worked closely together all the time. She gave me lots of responsibilities and even confided with me about a lot of things. We were friends..as much as one can be with a supervisor and still maintain a working relationship anyway. She was fun and funny and was a really good supervisor for the most part. She even encouraged me to apply for her job. I didn't. I'm not really supervisor material, though she thinks so. Maybe someday.

I thought I could make it through the day without crying...I had already had my breakdown a few days ago. But no...we were all teary eyed all day. We had a carry-in and gave her gifts. It was a good day..but a sad day.

She left right at 5 after a few trips to her car to take stuff home. More tears. Then, it just looked so lonely and bare at her desk. *sigh*

Yes, it really is possible to like your supervisor. Now, I'm just worried about who will be the new one. We won't find out for a week or so.

Until then, me and the other lead are in charge for the most part.

Pray for me. Amen.

PS This is Marsha with a funny look on her face from last Christmas.
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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Snow Patrol
Nah...not going to talk about the song by Snow Patrol (which I like) but I AM going to talk about the freakish weather here in good old Indiana.

This morning, I had to cover the front reception desk at work from 11 to 12. (THE single most boring job in the universe) At about 11:30, I am sitting there staring off out the front windows, because...BORING..and as I stare...IT STARTS TO SNOW!!! SNOW! On October 12th! Wha? It came down hard for something like...7 straight minutes..then it was gone. Now? Sun.

Only in Indiana.

Ya know, I liked snow a lot when I was younger. Now, not so much. I could really do without the cold and bad weather. I'd miss it though if I lived somewhere without a real winter season.

On an 80s note..I really want the Trivial Pursuit totally 80s edition. Could someone go ahead and pick one up for me? My birthday is next month..followed shortly by Christmas in December. Thanks, I'll be looking for the UPS truck.

Have a great Thursday, y'all!
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
You're a crab.
Call me crabby, but I HATE mornings at work. Why? Because I hate the overly cheery "Good mornings!" and "How are yous?" and "Did you have a good evenings?" in little sing-songy voices. It just all seems so fake.

I am not a morning person. Is is so wrong for me to just want to walk down the hall to my office and get to my desk without being assaulted with niceties?? Seriously, I will talk and be genuinely nice after I get my mug o' ice water and get settled at my desk. Just give me a few minutes of silence while I do those things!

Now, it's a little different if it's American Idol season. I WILL talk about that first thing on the day after an episode...depending on who you are and how you approach it. Otherwise, shut the heck up and come see me after my morning snack and (company) email check.

So, would I be a hypocrite if I said, "GOOD MORNING!" to you all right now. Yeah, I thought so. :)
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Do NOT watch a movie with my son (also, only in MY family)
First subject for the day is, do NOT and I repeat, DO NOT watch a movie with my son. I'm talking a movie that he has previously seen. Because...let me tell you...he will not shut up the entire time. He will tell you EVERYTHING that is going to happen. He will quote lines..he will say, "oh, here is where the girl goes...blah blah blah.." Bubba found out the hard way. They were watching War of the Worlds and my kids have already seen it. (because, yes, I am mother of the year and I let my little ones watch potentially frightening movies not meant for children..just shut it.) They watched the first part one day and Jameson kept giving parts of it away. Bubba's like, "Thanks bubby, now I don't need to watch the rest."

So, last night, they were watching the last half of the movie and again, Jameson was saying, "Watch daddy, this is the part where..." I told him to "shhhhh" because daddy hadn't seen it yet. Soooo..he proceeded to come to me every 2 minutes and "whisper" what was coming next.

Moral of the story...the next time you come over for movie night, make sure you call me first to see if Jameson has seen the movie yet.

Oh, speaking of movies that my kids like and watch. Grease was on tv the other night and though Braelyn had already seen it, Jameson sat rapt through the entire show. He loved it. I love my kids! They have my bad taste. :)

On to subject number 2 entitled "Only in My Family." This is along the same lines as the first subject. You see, my two little ones quote from the Garfield movie (the first one) all. The. Time. It's probably their favorite movie EVAH. So, the other night, they kept saying, "What are you looking at, Chat boy?" We were all looking at each other like, "Huh?" They kept telling us, you KNOW in the movie when Garfield says that. The next 15 minutes or so were spent flipping through scenes on the Garfield DVD until we FINALLY found that scene with that line. It is actually, "What are you looking at, TICK boy?" spoken by Garfield to Odie.

We all slept a little better that night, let me tell ya. :)
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Sunday, October 08, 2006
Randomness before bed
  • I have to work early tomorrow. Like 5am early. Though it would be even better if I got there before 5. That is wrong in so many ways.
  • I have a zit behind my right ear and one INSIDE my left. Sexy. You know you want me even more now.
  • Bill Clinton needs to just bite my left big toe and shut up.
  • I was making my kids pick up their toys today. My youngest daughter said, "You're a monster!" Nice.
  • Christmas is only 78 days away. I dread it. Not the meaning, you know, but the other stuff.
  • There is a HUGE change coming at work and I don't like it one bit. I think work is gonna suck for a while. I dread that, too.
  • The Colts won! Woo Hoo!
  • I hate...HATE..."woot." Who actually SAYS "woot?" Never in my life have I said, "Woot woot!" when I was excited about something. I say woo hoo all the time. But woot?
  • I have a crush on Teddy Geiger. He sings "For You I Will." Is he even legal? He looks so young, I feel a little dirty crushing on him. He's got a John Mayer and Gavin Degraw vibe goin' on that I love. I am now officially a dirty old woman. I just looked it up. He's 17. I must go shower the creepy off me now.
  • Ok, Grey's Anatomy, we get it. Dr Torres is a little on the thick side (and HOT) and likes to show off her panties. Move on. I also don't like what they are doing with George this season. There's just something I can't place that I don't like. Oh, and why did everyone expect Izzy to just get up off the floor and move on THE DAY AFTER DENNY DIED?? Jeez..I was kind of in love with Denny, too, so I probably would have stayed on the floor in a prom dress for days on end. Dr Bailey? Get rid of the mushroom on your head that you call a hairstyle. Please. Thank you.
  • Ok, yes, I should have just made a whole GA post. Sue me.
  • How come every time you come around, my london london bridge wanna go down?
Goodnight, my lovelies.
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How NOT to burn a pizza--in one simple step
Step 1:Set your timer.

This is what happens when you forget to set the timer and forget that you even put a pizza in the oven in the first place.

Some irony there on the box--- "cook thoroughly" and "Crisp Crust." Ha. Ha.
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Homecoming fun
My house is a pit and here I sit (Oh wow, that rhymed!) messing around on this computer! I've GOT to get more energy and motivation!

Enough of that...I thought I'd share a couple of photos because I haven't shared a photo in..DAYS! What is this blog coming to?? Crap. That's what it has become. But it's MY crap and well, one of these days I will get back to posting every day.

So, this past week was homecoming at Bri's school and Friday afternoon was the parade meaning, PHOTOS! Now, since Bubba was not with me, I had to sacrifice the video camera for which I have no tripod, so that I could use each hand for a camera. One for digital, one for my actual film camera which I will never give up as long as I live, amen. Being alone and having no Bubba with me, (have I mentioned that Bubba wasn't with me??) I missed some good shots, but I'm sharing a couple anyway. Are you ready? Are ya??

First we have a cool shot of Mr. J, ruined by the stupid trucks parked around. I really can't crop it any more without making it look all weird.

Next we have the results of a mean mommy making her child look up at the camera when the sun is immediately above said camera. Nice.

Here is the band and guard. Ok, mostly the guard. The band IS behind them, though. Brianna AKA Guard Girl is just about smack in the middle of this shot. She's right behind the girls with rifles in the center.

Finally, the inspection of the loot after the parade.

Ok, I'll stop now. Have a great Sunday, y'all! Stay tuned for "How NOT to cook a pizza." You won't want to miss it!
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Saturday, October 07, 2006
Morning cuteness
While driving Brianna to work this morning at the ungodly hour of 8am, (Hey, it's Saturday! 8am IS ungodly!) the full moon was still very visible in the sky. This intrigued my kids because it was morning, so they watched it as we drove. The morning was kind of foggy and the sky below the moon was light shades of pink and purple. (why do I NEVER have my camera at times like this?) Jameson said, "Mommy, wook! The sky down there is painted wif different colors!"

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Friday, October 06, 2006
For women only
(I'm serious GUPPY, you don't want to read this one. Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Ladies, do you know what I hate? I hate it when I'm just sitting there minding my own business and I shift my position on the couch/computer chair/wherever and BOOM! Aunt Bitch is here! 3 days early. No warning. No precursor cramps. Nothing.

I hate that.

On a much brighter note, I get off work today at 12:30. Yay me! Bubba is going out of town today at one and will be gone all frickin' weekend. Blah. But that's ok. I'll watch a bunch of tv and play on the computer to my heart's content, sending gaudy glitter messages to all my myspace friends. I love the bad cheese that is myspace. I really do. But don't tell anyone I told you that.

Anyway, now that I think about it, just because Bubba will be out of town, well, really, my computer/tv habits won't change at all. I'll just throw the kids some cereal on the floor and veg out in front of all the shows I DVR'd this week. (kidding. I'm KIDDING! They don't like cereal THAT much. he he)

So, I had better get to work now. TGIF my lovelies!
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Snotty and emotional Wednesday
I'm snotty and emotional today. Allergies mixed with PMS = BAD.
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Monday, October 02, 2006
I LOVE me some Grease 2. It is glorious cheese and I almost love it more than Grease.
I passed this love on to my oldest daughter. So tonight? Tonight, in the homecoming week Lip Sync contest, she is performing "Cool Rider" complete with hooker red RED lip stick. If I knew how to transfer video from the video camera to the computer, I'd share with you later. Alas, I do not, so I will share stills with you later...and in the meantime, enjoy this clip from Grease 2.

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30 of 60
Um, why didn't anyone tell me that frickin' football would make '60 Minutes' go over 30 minutes (huh?) and thus my DVR would not know that so when I was taping The Amazing Race I got a half hour of 60 minutes (huh?) and only the first half hour or less of TAR???

Guess I'll be watching it on cbs.com later.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006
Behind the Camera
Remember that episode of "Friends" where they were watching the prom video? Something is said about Monica being...heavy and she says, "Shut up! The camera adds 10 lbs." (Or something like that) Then Chandler says, "How many cameras are ON you?"

That is how I feel. I HATE HATE HATE having my picture taken. I mean LOATHE to the point that I may just 1)run and hide or 2)punch the photographer in the gut, take the camera THEN run. At no time is anyone allowed to take a photo of me from the neck down. Face only. That is, IF they can catch me off guard.

You see, the 'camera' adds many many many times 10 lbs to me. Many. I hate the way I look in pictures and on video. That is why I am ALWAYS behind the camera. It's safe there.

Why am I even bringing this up? Well, I was thinking, my kids will have NO photographic evidence that I even existed. There is very very little evidence of me from about age 24 to age 35. I'm not joking. How sad is that?

So, there is one more reason why I have to get rid of The FAT. (add that to many others.)

One good thing, from Thursday, September 21st to Thursday, September 28th, I lost 5 pounds. One bad thing, I probably gained it all back this weekend. Ugh. It's a steep, steep uphill battle. That's probably why I cry through each episode of The Biggest Loser. I already have my video planned to send in for the next season of that show.

Until I make it on the show, you'll just have to put up with more photos of my kids and husband. (my male readers can just keep thinking of me as that hot sexy thing that you have pictured in your head all along, ok?)
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