Monday, October 16, 2006
Weekend Fun
What'd you guys do for the weekend?

My weekend consisted of...
  • eating junk
  • watching junk
  • grocery shopping for my parents
  • staying in pjs all day (on sunday, anyway)
  • being asked to flash my boobies to my husband at LEAST 150 times.
  • NOT flashing my boobies 150 times (but no worries, he got a couple of flashes here and there)
  • getting a flat butt from the computer chair
  • watching my kids cry about every little thing that came up

Sound fun? It was actually a decent weekend. I liked getting to spend it with Bubba who is NEVER home on weekends during softball season.

Now, comment and tell me all about the fun YOU had over the weekend! :)

posted by Angie @ 3:55 PM  
  • At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi - nice blog!

    My weekend fun consisted of taking 9 children to Chuck E. Cheese on a cold, rainy Saturday night for my 6 yr old's birthday.

    have a great day!

  • At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Great blog! Just found you.

    I worked for some of the weekend, friends house for supper and a evening of games on Saturday. Sunday, brunch with family, more friends over for supper that day. It was a nice weekend.

  • At 6:30 PM, Blogger Clublint said…

    It's great weekends that make the rest of the week more tolerable.

    I'm glad you had a good one.

  • At 9:28 PM, Blogger Beanhead said…

    woohoo I am not the only one that gets asked for boob shots. Not sure why hubby keeps asking because if you ask me there is not much left to look at.(see todays post)
    Oh back to the weekend. We went to the mall and had a girls day of pedicures and really goods food. I also painted the walls of the tv room in our house.

  • At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Tara said…

    hmm,, I worked, slept and played around with all the themes on my blog.

    But there are now only 4 days left till I am on vacation for 7 days in a row. Time to do nothing, nothing and more nothing. Aahhhh, can't wait.

  • At 2:22 PM, Blogger Thumper said…

    I heped my cat write a story for a kitty anthology. No really, I did.

    Stop looking at me like that.

    I did.

  • At 7:30 AM, Blogger jillbeth said…

    My weekend: listening to grandaughter Ashley (age 4) cry for every single toy that was advertised, Alex and Zach (10 & 6)bickering while playing Nintendo, bless their hearts, I love them all. Enjoying the sermon on Sunday. Crocheting dog sweaters. Making Heath bar cookies. Husband in a good mood all weekend (thank you Lord!)

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