Saturday, October 07, 2006
Morning cuteness
While driving Brianna to work this morning at the ungodly hour of 8am, (Hey, it's Saturday! 8am IS ungodly!) the full moon was still very visible in the sky. This intrigued my kids because it was morning, so they watched it as we drove. The morning was kind of foggy and the sky below the moon was light shades of pink and purple. (why do I NEVER have my camera at times like this?) Jameson said, "Mommy, wook! The sky down there is painted wif different colors!"

posted by Angie @ 8:45 AM  
  • At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Presentstorm said…

    aweeee and how cool that he was noticing the beauty..Usually kids are all preoccupied with everything else to notice the beauty in nature.

  • At 8:53 PM, Blogger Star said…

    Aww is right! michele sent me.

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