Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Do NOT watch a movie with my son (also, only in MY family)
First subject for the day is, do NOT and I repeat, DO NOT watch a movie with my son. I'm talking a movie that he has previously seen. Because...let me tell you...he will not shut up the entire time. He will tell you EVERYTHING that is going to happen. He will quote lines..he will say, "oh, here is where the girl goes...blah blah blah.." Bubba found out the hard way. They were watching War of the Worlds and my kids have already seen it. (because, yes, I am mother of the year and I let my little ones watch potentially frightening movies not meant for children..just shut it.) They watched the first part one day and Jameson kept giving parts of it away. Bubba's like, "Thanks bubby, now I don't need to watch the rest."

So, last night, they were watching the last half of the movie and again, Jameson was saying, "Watch daddy, this is the part where..." I told him to "shhhhh" because daddy hadn't seen it yet. Soooo..he proceeded to come to me every 2 minutes and "whisper" what was coming next.

Moral of the story...the next time you come over for movie night, make sure you call me first to see if Jameson has seen the movie yet.

Oh, speaking of movies that my kids like and watch. Grease was on tv the other night and though Braelyn had already seen it, Jameson sat rapt through the entire show. He loved it. I love my kids! They have my bad taste. :)

On to subject number 2 entitled "Only in My Family." This is along the same lines as the first subject. You see, my two little ones quote from the Garfield movie (the first one) all. The. Time. It's probably their favorite movie EVAH. So, the other night, they kept saying, "What are you looking at, Chat boy?" We were all looking at each other like, "Huh?" They kept telling us, you KNOW in the movie when Garfield says that. The next 15 minutes or so were spent flipping through scenes on the Garfield DVD until we FINALLY found that scene with that line. It is actually, "What are you looking at, TICK boy?" spoken by Garfield to Odie.

We all slept a little better that night, let me tell ya. :)
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  • At 12:10 PM, Blogger Jose said…

    My 3-year old grandson is starting to do that, it's kinda cute though.
    It shows me that he pays attention while watching movies.

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