Sunday, October 22, 2006
You can't have him..he's MINE!
My sister gave us a recliner the other day. It's well worn, but very comfortable. Who am I to turn down free furniture? Especially when our furniture sucks.

ANYway, Bubba is happy to have a recliner again since our last one died a sad death. He laid back in it today and promptly started snoring like crazy. I pay no attention because I am used to his noises and I went about my business.

He woke up and said, "I like this recliner." I said, "Yeah, I noticed."

Ok, but that isn't really what this post is about. I just wanted to set the stage for what I heard a few minutes later. See, he was..or has been trying to convince me to..well..ya IT later tonight. I told him he didn't have the energy...and he said, "I don't NEED energy, baby." I said, "Why not?" and he said, "You're like coffee, baby. One kiss from you and it energizes me for hours."

Doesn't that just make you want him, too? Sounds like a bad line in a bar. :)

My question is, what the hell kind of coffee has he been drinking??
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