Friday, June 30, 2006
Big Fat Blog Funk
If you all haven't noticed (and I say "all" as if I actually still have regular readers, even though I know that everyone who has stopped by for the last week has had to endure the same post with me in that high school volleyball photo and have STRIPPED me from their blogrolls) I have been in a serious BLOG FUNK for the last week or so. It's severe blogger's block, I guess. SBB, I like to call it. Do you suppose there is a treatment for it? Perhaps I just need therapy. Or maybe, I just need a more exciting life so I actually have something to blog about. Well, now, that would just be too easy, now wouldn't it?

Thing is, I'm just in a general funk. General Funkiness Syndrome. GFS. I think I know what the problem is. It's THE FAT. THE FAT is the cause of all of life's problems, don't ya know.

What? We have no money? It's THE FAT.

The house is messy? THE FAT.

The kids are acting up? DA FAT.

Need gas in the van? FATTY BOOMBALATTY.

Cable went out? FATTY MCFATTERSON.

I have issues, I know. I am not blind to that. I need Dr Phil. I NEED The Biggest Loser. I need liposuction. I need a personal chef and a trainer. Too bad my name's not Oprah.

In the meantime, until I get inspired to post,(which, I DO have a post in my head, but it's all about TV and really? How interesting is that to anyone else but me?)
I'll be around, jiggling and having weird crazy lady conversations with THE FAT and also applying for my own zip code.

PS I have to send a shout out to my friend CRIPPLED PICKER. Shout out, CP! I would link to him, but there really isn't anywhere to link to but he reads my blog every day and calls me EVERY SINGLE DAY AT WORK to moan and complain when I don't update. Hello? It's THE FAT. Oh, and if you want to know why he is called Crippled Picker, if you ask nicely I might tell you. Or not.

PPS Also, I am not trying to copy Y when I use the words "the fat" but seriously, that's what I call it and that is what it will forever be until THE FAT is no longer in existance, which will be never, yeah. Forever THE FAT. Now, someone go get me a button that says "I mentioned "THE FAT" 5,399,456 times in one blog post!"

The End.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006
I've got nothin'. If you need me, I'll be around reading blogs and Flickring.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!

Here's a Flashback Friday on a Saturday

Click it to big it.

Yep, that's me bottom right. (a clue would be the thing that says "ME") Note the wings in my hair, but otherwise it's not really big. I'm pretty proud of me. Also of note is my legs PC. (pre-cellulite) This aging thing kind of sucks.

Toodles for now.

One more thing...if you like to talk..if you like forums...if you like tv, music, or any other subject in the universe, why don't ya go sign up for my favorite FORUMS. I'm a mod over there and we'd love to have you. TARA we just made a new Lost topic so we'll be talking Lost AND BB7 (because you ARE going to watch if Kaysar makes it, right??). There are a couple of contests going on over there right now. The person who recruits the most new members will win something...**HINT HINT**...also, there will be a drawing amongst members with at least 10 posts. Come know you love me and you want me to win!! SO, go NOW and REGISTER at Slim's forums. Then, go to the "I Was Recruited" topic and tell 'em I sent ya!
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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Big Brother Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Houseguests ANGIE wants back in the Big Brother house.

(Stormii, forgive me for doing the same thing.)

It's that time of year again. Time for Big Brother! Last night 20 previous houseguests were revealed as candidates for BB7:All Stars. Out of those 20, here are my picks to be back in the house.

1. Kaysar--What up, Kaysar! That dark hair. Those EYES! That smile! The way he played with his hair. Oh, and he played the game well, too. :) Well, he did until he screwed up.

2. James--A lot of people hated him, but I liked him a lot. He was sneaky and lied and back-stabbed and basically played the game how it is supposed to be played. He was just out numbered in the end. He wasn't exactly hard on the eyes, either.

3. Howie--Howie was a constant source of entertainment and just made things fun. He needs to be back in. If for nothing else than to watch him play with the light sabers.

4. Dr Will--He was THE original love to hate him houseguest! I loved him. The other houseguests hated him only because they fell for his lies every single time. He was put up for eviction many times but he stayed to win it all. Now, I don't think he could possibly win this time because he won During season 2, but his personality with some of the other personalities would make the house interesting.

5. Mike "Boogie"--He was fun. Does anyone remember that 'music video' he did with some of the other houseguests? He also proposed to his houseguest girlfriend on national tv during the final show. (they have broken up since.)

6. Nakomis--She was a tad on the weird side but I thought she was a smart player.

7. Janelle--Even though Jedi Janie was stuck on herself, she could play the game. She's fun and peppy and all the other girls hate her. Fun stuff.

8. Bunky--Ha ha..I loved Bunky. He was ALWAYS crying! Plus, he was the hairiest bald man I have ever seen. Not sure why, but I like him and want him back in.

9. Danielle--She was spunky. She made it to the final 2. Plus, she uttered one of the best lines EVER. "Whoopie doopie on a poopie." Come ON! That is tv GOLD! :)

10. Chicken George--He was just a plain old goofball. Bring him back!

11. Cowboy--He's a real doofus, and I don't think I could really stand another season with him, but he's the lesser of the other evils to choose from.

12. Erika--I didn't really like her so much, but I hated her less than I hated the remaining women. If she doesn't make it, no big deal.

13. They are only choosing 12 houseguests so this is just filler. I'll post photos of the others when I get home from work.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Picture overload
So you don't have to look at Bubba anymore. :)

The kids went to a little playground yesterday.

They fed the "ducks" too...

Well, sorta...

Oh, and look...we waited for a train, too! :)
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Sunday, June 18, 2006
Bubba's a SUPAH STAH
Here's a photo from the front page of the local section in our newspaper today. Yep...that's my hubby and my two youngest. (pardon the bad scan.)

edited to add: Ha...I'm a dork. Wanna know WHY they were in the paper?? They did a story for Father's Day about Stay-at-home dads. Bubba's a SAHD (typed only because I'm lazy) so there you go.

Click it to big it.

To read the full article, click RIGHT HERE.

He'll be giving autographed copies. Let me know if you would like me to send you one.



PS go visit my favorite FORUMS about reality tv and MORE! Tell them I sent you.
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Happy Father's Day!!
To my Dad, my awesome husband and to all the dads who happen by here today....

Have a wonderful day!!!

(I have a cool Father's Day post planned...I just need to find the pictures...)

PS. go join my favorite FORUMS and tell them I sent ya!
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Saturday, June 17, 2006
Help me win!!

See the image above? Don't click on it 'cause it won't take you to the site. Click HERE instead to go visit the forums where I'm a moderator. The forums were created by DJSlim who also has the best American Idol site that I hang out on during the AI season. Now that AI is over, I have to have a place to talk about my other favorite reality shows, right? Slim's Forum is where I can do that. All you other's who watch too much tv, like me, click on over and join the forums!

Now, about the "Help me win" part. Since the forum is fairly new, we want more participation and more members. We are trying to get forum membership up to 100 by July 31st. Sooooo....if you love me, and I know you do, click on over to Slim's Forum register and then post on the "I Was Recruited" topic and let Slim know I sent you. The one who gets the most people to sign up wins a prize. I loves me a good prize so GO! NOW! (really, the prize doesn't matter. We just want more people talking over there!)

By the way, the forums are for more than just reality tv, we talk about all kinds of stuff over there. So, GO! NOW! (how many times do I have to tell you??)

PS if anyone thinks they are gonna go over there and spam the forums, I will hunt you down personally, make you listen to Marilyn Manson sings Frank Sinatra while I expose you to subliminal and some not so subliminal images of....well..something really really BAD! Plus, there might be toothpicks under fingernails. Just sayin...

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Poor Screech
Screech is about to lose his house, y'all! This is too much... click HERE to see what I'm talking about.

Where's Zack Morris when you need him??
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Flashback Friday
Here's a flashback photo I found today while looking through a box of pictures. Straight from the 80's....1988 to be exact. This is a picture from the last day of school my junior year in my History class. I think. Anyway, we all brought junk food to eat during class and for our group shot, we all decided, for some ridiculous reason, to all hold a Dorito. (I don't know...I SAID ridiculous didn't I?)

I am the third from the left on the top row. Big bangs, big earrings, big mouth open and laughing.(partially hidden, too.) I hope none of these people happen across this post. :) That guy in the front middle, in the black...he's an animator for The Simpsons now. That's the only cool job I know of any of them having.

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Friday, June 16, 2006
I don't care what anyone else thinks...boy is HOT!!

PS Not as hot as YOU honey. Bald trumps gray.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006
If it's Thursday..there must be a Thirteen
Better late than never, as they say.

Thirteen Things about ME that I would like to change

Keep in mind, some of these may not neccessarily be...changeable. :)

1. My hair. After I had my last two kids, it suddenly became curly/wavy. I like it..and I HATE it. I can't find a style I want. I don't like short hair because it makes my head look even smaller and my large body. I am too old for long hair. HELP!! My hair needs style and color and life. Changeable.

2. My skin. I still get break-outs at 35. I thought I had been tortured with zits enough as a teen! My chin is the worst area. I know all the remedies, but nothing really works. I just need to visit the dermatologist. Guard Girl needs to go back, though, before I do. Changeable.

3. My feet. Wide-ish. Sausage toes. I want cute little petite feet with pretty toes. Oh, and baby-butt-smooth and soft, too. Partially changeable. I just need to keep moisturizing and such to get that perfect softness.

4. The FAT. No explanation needed. Changeable.

5. Me teeth. I'd like to get them whitened a bit. I think I have a cavity that needs filled, too. Changeable.

6. My eyelashes. I want longer ones that can actually be seen! Only Changeable with fake eyelashes.

7. My hands. I got my dad's hands. Thanks a lot, Dad! Short-ish wide fingers. I want pretty hands and nails. Not changeable.

8. My boobies. They need a lift, y'all. Changeable with $$.

9. That stupid gross disgusting grandma hair that I have to pluck from my chin every once in a while. I hate getting old! (sorry, I know that was TMI) Pluckable.

10. My self-confidence/self-esteem. I won't go into detail now. Changeable. (almost impossibly so, I think)

11. My realiability. I am so wishy-washy sometimes. Hard to explain. Changeable.

12. My organization skills. Very bad. Changeable. (actually, this one is more about my motivation than anything.)

13. My food addiction. This one is very hard to admit. I am in need of a Dr Phil intervention. No details right now, but this one adds to #4 and #10. Changeable.

Ok, that was fun. :) Seriously, I'm ok with all those 'serious' ones. I just need a little work on myself.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Sweet Reward
So, here's Guard Girl's reward for making all A's this year. (Look really closely at that little dot on the side of her nose)

It was either that or a new cell phone.

Hmm..wonder what next year's reward will be. :)
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Monday, June 12, 2006
Pet Peeve Alert
Wanna know yet another pet peeve of mine?

People who SAY "sequence" when they MEAN "sequins."


...are SEQUINS.


se·quence (sē'kwəns, -kwĕns') pronunciation

1. A following of one thing after another; succession.
2. An order of succession; an arrangement.
3. A related or continuous series. See synonyms at series.
4. Games. Three or more playing cards in consecutive order; a run.
5. A series of related shots that constitute a complete unit of action in a movie.
6. Music. A melodic or harmonic pattern successively repeated at different pitches with or without a key change.
7. Roman Catholic Church. A hymn sung between the gradual and the Gospel.
8. Mathematics. An ordered set of quantities, as x, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4.
9. Biochemistry. The order of constituents in a polymer, especially the order of nucleotides in a nucleic acid or of the amino acids in a protein.

Thank you and good night.
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Sunday, June 11, 2006
Where I get all Mommy Blog and brag about my kid
Guard Girl's final grades for the year. ALL A's!!

Guard Girl's class ranking-- #1!!!

We have all been doing the Balki/Cousin Larry dance of joy this weekend. Di di di di, di di di di hey hey hey hey... (you'll only get that if you watched Perfect Strangers.)

Does this look like the face of a valedictorian to you??

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Sniff Sniff...Sneeze Sneeze
Allergies kicked my A** this morning. Now I have a headache. I hate having allergies. I only have one pill left so I must get more very soon. An excuse to go to wal-mart! :) No,'s an excuse for Bubba to visit his 2nd home. They've named one of the aisles after him now with those footstep stickers on the floor leading the way to it. Kind of like, follow the yellow brick road.

Oh, I almost forgot. I am toying with the idea of doing the rent my blog thing again on blog explosion. Right now I am leaning toward....not. I always feel guilty if I don't get many clicks for my renter. Plus, there is the added pressure of talking them up and begging for clicks from my I have more than one reader these days? :) I don't really have a good place for it on either of my sidebars. Hmm..I have liked the freedom of NOT renting since I quit cold turkey a couple of months or so ago. Just thinking out loud a bit.

I guess that is it for now. Just wanted to let you all know about the misery that is snotty nose and itchy, watery eyes. I need to go blow my nose now.

Happy Sunday!!
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Saturday, June 10, 2006
Disaster area, Windfall, Cars and GGW
First, what does it say about me when, after a full day's worth of cleaning my two youngest kids' room, my whole entire body hurts?? Um, could it be that I am SEVERELY out of shape and OLD?? Yes, that's what I thought. My lord, you should have seen their room! It was completely out of control. They have way too many toys. HAD way too many toys. We got it pared down a bit so it is managable now at least. I was going to take a photo, but a)the batteries are dead in my digital and b)I'm way too embarrassed to post a photo here. The room is nice and neat and organized now. 24 hours. I give it 24 hours before it is trashed again.

Who watched the new show, Windfall, on NBC Thursday?I'd heard a little about it and Bubba was looking forward to seeing it (though he was asleep before it came on) so I thought I would give it a try. I really really like it! I logged off the computer and everything just to watch it. That is saying a lot for me. :) I'm liking the cast and the characters. Storyline, too. This could be one of my new favorites. I just hope NBC keeps it around. Luke Perry of 90210 fame is on the show looking cute as ever, though I never really was in to him before. Jason Gedrick plays a shady guy who lies a lot. (or so it seems already.) Most of the rest of the cast I have never seen before, but I like them. I won't go into a ton of detail here about it, but if you watched it, too, let me know and we'll discuss.

Last night me and the kids and my son-in-law daughter's boyfriend, went to see Cars at the movies. Opening day and everything! First...19 fricken dollars for 3 people is just CRAZY!! Guard Girl paid for her own ticket. I know, I am a bad mother. Anyway, I highly recommend the movie to anyone who asks. Or doesn't ask. It is very cute, has lots of funny moments and some touching moments, too. Of course there are the handful of things that only the adults will get. Larry the Cable Guy as "Mater" pretty much steals the show. Oh, and if and when you see it, be on the look out for the "flies." Very cute. I think it was a touch on the long side because my kids were asking when it would be over with about 20 minutes to go. Otherwise, another hit for the Pixar people.

This past week, the Girls Gone Wild bus came to my town. They had some thing at a local bar. Big deal, right? It's not really a big deal I suppose, though I think it is stupid. However, our newspaper dedicated 2 days of front page stories and then a third day with a big 3 page spread on it. Huh? I mean, COME ON! Front page news? Give me a break! Look, I KNOW I am old and prudish and fat, but still. I used to be kinda hot, but even then, I wouldn't have been stupid enough to do that stuff. You should have heard some of the quotes from the girls who attended and planned to bare it all for the cameras. Click HERE and see for yourself. Why am I telling you this? I don't know. It was just something that ticked me off this week. I'm not the type to cry "They're objectifying women!" Surely, they are, however, those women are stupid enough to do it to themselves. Bubba has laughed at me all week because this got me all riled up. Must've been 'cause Aunt Bitch was here.

Why is everyone a blog critic now? Who made you (ok, not YOU, but those people I am talking about) the God of all Blogs? Just click away if you hate me or her or him...go back to writing your perfect blog. The rest of us can stand in awe of your blog creations.

One last thing. I hate...HATE when a pregnant belly is called a "bump."

Ok, the end.
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Thursday, June 08, 2006
Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things my husband BUBBA
says often. (too much) (including mispronounced words.)

1. "Hand slipped." variation: "My hand slipped." or "Oops, my hand slipped." This one is said multiple times per day. He might walk by and hit you (you meaning me or the kids) in the back of the head (playfully of course) and then say, "Hand slipped." This one is also used when he cops a feel. (from me, of course.)

2. "Does your face hurt? It's killing me." Ha ha. Funny. He's a card, eh? The little ones, Tater and Baby J, don't get this one, yet.

3. "A'ight." variation: "A'ight den." Translation- Alright. Alright then. This is said in answer to any number of things. "Honey, I have to work over." "A'ight."

4. "This ain't my first rodeo, cowboy." Translation- Duh.

5. "See, what had happened was..." This is uttered when he is caught trying to lie about something or when he is in "trouble." There really isn't ever a finish to the sentence.

6. "The kids ate it/did it/lost it/broke it." Anything I found out happened that HE did, he blames it on the kids. The thing is, now that the kids are older, they're like, "NUH UH!"

7. " I can get it over with." This one drives me crazy!!! It has driven me crazy for 15+ years! It goes a little something like this... It's midnight, we are tired, we KNOW we have to do something the next day like run to wal-mart but he suddenly decides it HAS to be done RIGHT NOW! "I'm just going to run over to Wal-mart and get that box of cereal I can get it over with." I mean, it's usually something way different than that, but seriously, LAST NERVE. Why? I don't know. Just because he is so impatient like that or something. As if doing it tomorrow is going to be any worse than doing it NOW.

8. "Torlet." You know, that thing you pee into. Yes, I know. There's no R. Deaf ears, people.

9. "Fangers." As in, I have 10 FANGERS and 10 toes. Yeah. (maybe it's Ficken Changers, then? What do ya think?)

10. "Sweet!" Anything he finds particularly awesome such as a brand new Mustang or pair of expensive athletic shoes.

11. "Whassup?" He said this WAAAAY before those Budwieser dudes.

12. "Nuttin' honey. Get it? It's a cereal." This is really a sort of inside joke with us. Not sure if anyone remembers the cereal probably 12 or 15 years ago called "Nut & Honey," but that is where this one comes from. Back then, there were commercials for the cereal with a "catch phrase" of "Nuttin' Honey." The wife or husband would say, "What are you eating?" and the spouse would say, "Nuttin, Honey." Hilarity would ensue. So, one time either the commercial was on or I said, "Nuttin honey." He said something goofy like, "Hey! I get it...Nuttin honey. Nut & Honey." So now, and for the past...forever...we'll say, "Whatcha doin?" "Nuttin honey. Get it? It's a cereal." Um. You had to be there.

13. "I'm going to the store/Wal-mart." At LEAST once a day. Especially since the new Wal-mart opened near us.

I have to add a 14th, just this once. For the past week, this one has been uttered at least 500 times.

14. "Guess what I'm doing this weekend?" variation: "Did I tell you what I'm doing this weekend?" To which we reply, "I don't know. What?/No." See, he's an NSA umpire. This weekend, he finally gets to umpire the "Big Boys." The pros. Everyone say, "Congratulations, Bubba."

Now, this list is not all-inclusive. This is by no means EVERY phrase he over uses. But you get the idea.

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Monday, June 05, 2006
License To Drive
Guard Girl started Driver's Ed today. Did you hear me? DRIVER'S ED! Goodbye reasonable car insurance rates. Goodbye total control and domination over her life. Goodbye nerves.

No, seriously. I think she will be a good driver. We've let her drive a little. Just not on the road. Bubba will be taking her to get her permit tomorrow.

I'm trying to be NOT like my own mother who, the first time I drove with her to a destination less than a half mile away, caused me to get out of the car slamming the door and screaming, "I am NEVER driving with you again!" So far so good. Ask me again in March 2007 when she has her actual license.

(The title of this post reminds me of that cheesy 80's movie starring the Coreys. Remember that one??)

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Well, I successfully managed to (again) miss the Dave Matthews Band concerts that breezed through Indiana. Even though last year (and the year before that and the year before...oh you get the idea..)I VOWED that I would absolutely, positively, as in NO-CHANCE-IN-THAT-HOT-PLACE-OF-ETERNAL-DAMNATION, not miss the show this year. Heh.
Ya know, Dave is getting pretty offended because he looks for me at EVERY show he does in Indy and I am never there! The last one I went to (Ok, the ONLY one) was when I was pregnant for Baby J. So that would be...4 years ago! How can I keep letting my Davey down??

Ok, NEXT year? I am going. No way I will miss it!

Be sure to stop back by this time next June to hear me whine and complain some more.
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Saturday, June 03, 2006
It's a 4 year old thang. I hope.
The other day, I was looking at photos online of the American Idol finale (shut up) and I was on a photo of Elliott and Mary J Blige (stage hog diva). Tater Tot saw it and she came running over to look. This is the conversation that followed.

Tater:What? Who is that with Elliott? He can't have a girl like that.
Me: A girl like what?
Tater (with an exasperated look of "duh!"): With black skin. He needs a girl like him.
Me: What is a girl like him?
Tater (with exasperated sigh): With WHITE skin.
Me: Who told you that?
Tater: (same look as above) My brain just thought of it.
Me: Well, sometimes, black people and white people love each other.
Tater rolls her eyes (where'd she get THAT??) and struts off.

Kinda funny. Kinda not. Seriously, we've never pointed out differences to our kids. Now, I'm worried. Should I worry? I mean, she's 4. Is she just seeing the skin color without thinking there is anything bad (which I hope is the case)? Should I worry about her starting school in the fall and being with children of different races everyday? Meaning, oh my heck what will she say to embarrass me? Should I be worried? Somebody help me!

Thinking back, I'm pretty sure our oldest, Guard Girl, didn't even know there were people who thought bad things about different races until she was up near middle school. It just never occurred to her to think about differences just because of skin color. She just realized, probably in the last year or two that her grandpa (my dad) is prejudiced. (NOT something I am proud of. YOU try changing the mind of an almost 70 year old man.)

My best friend at work is black. We often discuss and joke about the differences between the way white people do things and the way black people do things. (funerals is one example.) She calls herself the "color of the office" since the rest of us in my immediate department are white. She "threatens" to go to HR when we give her a hard time. Jokingly, of course. Sure, she's been witness and victim to racial slurs and such in her life but she has learned how to deal. She happens to be one of Tater's favorite people in the world so I am just hoping the above exchange was just how a 4 year old mind works. (Am I making too big a deal of this? I know..I probably am.)

I have also discussed, with that same friend at work, interracial dating. She didn't let her son do it when he was in high school, only because of the problems that follow with people giving them a hard time, saying things, etc. Same with her daughter, who will be a junior in the fall. When I was growing up, my sisters and I just knew, no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that Dad would let us even entertain the idea of dating a black boy. Bubba and I discussed it and really, the only thing we could think was that we would have to pick our battles. I think the only thing I would tell Guard Girl, or any of my kids, if she/he decided to date someone of another race, is be prepared for the comments and possbile racial slurs. If you think you can handle it, then go for it. I mean, should I really worry so much about that as much as I worry about keeping her pregnancy/STD/drug free?? Pick our battles indeed.

This parenting thing? It sucks sometimes.

PS Did you just see that? I kind of got serious in a blog post. Huh. Who would have thought...
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I hate digital cameras
Digital cameras suck up the batteries!! Drives me crazy. I swear I just put new batteries in and when I was at Chili's last night with 'the girls' I tried to take some pictures and the camera was dead. So, I took a couple of real pictures on real film. Unfortunately, it will be months before I get them developed. That's how I roll. :)

The night out was fun. It was me and 6 of my co-workers plus another friend of a co-worker. Almost all of us had margaritas. We ate (I had the southwestern eggrolls, of course.) and laughed and tried to think of something to do after. A few of us went to Bygones -- a local bar with a live band. Problem was, it was still early so the band wasn't playing. So we just sat around and talked and watched one girl in our group get quite tipsy. Had some interesting conversations about sex. We scoped out the single male possibilities for one girl. We danced a little when the band finally started playing and we people-watched. It's kind of funny watching people who can't

So, anyway, we had fun. But, I missed Bubba. I really wanted him there to dance with, so I told him he is going next time!
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Friday, June 02, 2006
Gee thanks.
Thanks to the anonymous commenter that enlightened me on the meaning of "ficken" in German. Now, I don't curse here too often, but I think today I have to say...

No shit, Sherlock.

But guess what? I'm not German. I don't live in Germany. I don't speak German. If you want to know what 'ficken' means here...right here..on this blog. There is a link on my left side-bar. 'Splains the whole thing.

Sorry, to my regulars, for this lame post, but I am NOT in the mood today. Those pictures last night (THREE AND A HALF HOURS of peeling pictures apart) sorta kinda stressed me out.

TGIF and all that. I am going out with 'the girls' tonight so maybe I can de-stress my brain!!
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Thursday, June 01, 2006
OH. MY. HECK. The window air conditioner in our bedroom has been leaking into the room...right into some boxes of photos I had in there, stacked and ready to sort and scrap. YEARS of photos. Guard Girl and I have been working in panic mode to get the wet albums emptied and the photos laid out to dry. Catastrophe may be a harsh and overly dramatic word, because most of them just got a little bit wet on the edges and corners, but still....I think I am going to go puke.
Here are just a FEW of the photos...only I would stop in the middle and blog about it...

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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my daughter Brianna

1. She was born by c-section, 15 days late, on February 25, 1991. Bubba and I were just barely 20 and 19.

2. She is the oldest of our children and the oldest of 8 cousins.

3. Today was her last day of the 9th grade.

4. When she eats ice cream or soup or anything like that, she will only use a spoon FORK.

5. She is a good student, making all A's and B's since kindergarten. This year, she MAY end up having made all A's for her final grades. She gets her smarts from ME! ;) (just kidding, Bubba)

6. If she were dropped down in the middle of a huge room full of people laughing, I could pick hers out. It's a very distinct...cackle.

7. Poor thing has big wide feet like me (wide) and Bubba (big and wide).

8. She had absolutely NO imagination as a child. No, really. Her attitude was 'You want me to do WHAT with those toys?' She was much happier being around adults and trying to act grown up. She IS the oldest, you know.

9. She is VERY moody. (though she probably won't agree.)

10. She thinks Matthew McConaughey is HOT. (just like me.)

11. She has always been mature for her age. I was rarely afraid of letting her do things as she has grown up because I knew she could handle most of them.

12. Her favorite movies are horror movies (ugh) but her all time favorite movies are Beetlejuice, Home Alone and Goodburger. (I think. She'll probably correct me. )

13. She is very good at spinning a flag in the guard. Along with this goes her dancing ability. She does it all very well.

Oh, wait..this is the end already?? I have so much more. Maybe I'll do Part 2 for another TT one day.

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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