Friday, February 29, 2008
Hi ho, hi ho
I'm working tomorrow. On purpose. I volunteered. Am I crazy? Probably, but at least it's overtime so it'll be good for my check.
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Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Top 20-the girls sing
My thoughts on the girls:

Carly Smithson--"Crazy On You." She sounded much better than last week, but I agree with Simon. She hasn't picked 'that song,' yet. I don't think she is quite as amazing as Simon makes her out to be, but she gave a good solid performance. 7 of 10

Syesha Mercado--"Me and Mr Jones." So. Slow. She really did sound great, but this slow of a song may kill her. 6 of 10

Brooke White--"You're So Vain." Great song choice for her. The verses were great but when she went low, she kind of faded out too much. I like Brooke a lot. 7 1/2 of 10

Ramiele Malubay--"Don't Leave Me This Way." Eh. She could have been better. I'm not a huge fan. The girl can sing, no doubt about it, but I wasn't really blown away. And oh my do I ever hate her hair. 6 1/2 of 10

Kristy Lee Cook--"You're No Good." A good song choice for her, I think. She did much better this week but I'm still not a huge fan. I can't decide. Her stance on stage is kind of odd looking, too. 6 of 10

Amanda Overmeyer--"Carry On My Wayward Son." Bad from her hair to the last note. Not good at all. 4 of 10

Alaina Whitaker--"Hopelessly Devoted." Why must they choose slow songs?? It was just ok. 5 1/2 of 10

Alexandrea Lushington--"If You Leave Me Now." To soft and quiet. Didn't sound very good at all. 4 of 10

Kady Malloy--"Magic Man." Flat and quiet and not very good. She didn't belt it out like a Heart song needs to be belted. 4 of 10

Asia'h Epperson--"All By Myself." Pretty bad. 4 of 10

Wow! What a horrible night for the girls. I just pretty much ran out of things to say by the end.

My Top 3: Brooke White, Carly Smithson, and I guess, Ramiele even though I wasn't big on her performance.

My Bottom 3: Amanda, Alex and Kady

All screencaps courtesy of my boy, Slim.
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Sorry to those who hate Idol
I like to blog Idol so I can look back at the end of the season and see how stupid I was at the beginning. So, it's really just for me and the handful of fans who stop by.

My thoughts on the guys this week:

Michael Johns: I like Michael, but this week was not as good as last. He sang, "Go Your Own Way." It lacked a little something. I want him to stay. He's got that Australian accent, you know. Yum. 6 of 10

Jason Castro: Seriously, the boy is just dreamy! And I don't use the word dreamy! His eyes and smile are just beautiful and he's just so...mellow. The montage they showed of him talking about how much he hates interviews was just downright cute. He loves singing and didn't realize how much "not singing" there would be. Love him! Still don't love the dreads. As for his singing, he sang, "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" and it was safe and not all that memorable, but I so want him to stay to see what else he can do. I love that he plays his guitar. I think it just adds something. 7 of 10

Luke Menard: I do not like his voice. He sang, "Killer Queen" and while he has the high voice to reach some of the notes, just, no. Don't like him. Ready for him to go. 4 of 10

Robbie Carrico: I didn't like it and he's a wannabe rocker and he can't take criticism. Don't be so defensive, dude. He'll stay, but I didn't like it. 5 of 10

Danny Noriega: Slow. So. Very. Slow. I don't like him. I don't like how he thinks he's funny. I don't like the banter with Simon. He sang ok. Whatever. 5 of 10

David Hernandez: "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." Very good, again. He's got great control of his voice and a nice smooth sound. I'm still a fan. The best up to this point. 8 of 10

Jason Yeager: "Long Train Running" Blech. He is very vegas. Or something. The cheesy smiling all the way through a song drives me crazy. I keep expecting him to point and wink with every syllable. Ick. 4 of 10

Chikezie: "I Believe to My Soul" He was better this week. I'm just not a fan. Plus, Elliott Yamin's performance of this song a couple of years ago is still very memorable so I can't help but to compare. This version was a little on the yelling side. Please make him stop trying to be funny. 6 1/2 of 10

David Cook: "All Right Now." While I think he did a decent job on the performance despite the LOUD back up singers and LOUD guitar, he lost major points by being a complete ASS to Simon. Defensive jerk, much? 7 of 10 but I want to give him a 3 for attitude. Blah.

David Archuleta: "Imagine" He is going to win this thing. Though I haven't been on the David A train, I kinda am now. He really did kill this song! And I mean this in a good way. His deep intakes of breath has even gotten better which makes me happy. He is such a likable kid, too, in a refreshing way instead of an over the top aww shucks kind of way. Great job! 9 1/2 out of 10

Not an impressive night, overall.

My Top 3: David Archuleta, David Hernandez and Jason Castro
My Bottom 3: Jason Yeager, Luke Menard, Danny Noriega (and David Cook for attitude.)

I hope the girls bring it, tomorrow.

Until then...
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Monday, February 25, 2008
The most touching and loving birthday tribute EVER!
A little late, but who's keeping track? Technically, she JUST turned 17 at 9:58pm. Happy Birthday, Brianna!

PS The camera person is a dork!
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Sunday, February 24, 2008
Vocabulary word of the day from the Dictionary of Jameson
Beach water = the ocean.

Mommy, what's that thing that goes in the beach water? It flies on the beach water. Oh yeah, surf board!

I love that kid.

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Going postal with a water gun
If I hear the phrase "cannon fodder" one more effing time in regards to, well, ANYTHING, I swear I am going to go postal!

(ha ironic, or something, that I used another overused phrase while complaining about one. Go postal.)
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Saturday, February 23, 2008
Tied for fourth today
Awwww yeah

Get it, girl!
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Friday, February 22, 2008
Appeal to the Great Spirit
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Thursday, February 21, 2008
GTHOTS #1--Season 7
I live blogged the results show over at Slim's place, but I can't NOT do my GTHOTS** post.

Judges banter with Ryan. Ryan pretend disses Simon. The first group song of the season is sung and the guys manage to butcher it all to pieces because not one of them can harmonize. The girls save them. We get to watch Paula's video for her new song. 4 people got eliminated.


Leif GarrettGarrett Haley

Amy Davis

Joanne Borgella

Colton Berry

I'm ready for Top 20!

**GTHOTS = Get The Heck Off The Show
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Top 24-Ladies' Night (and I'm feelin' right)
I'll skip the "witty banter" from the judges and move right to the singing.

First up is...

Kristy Lee Cook--"Rescue Me" She seemed a little nervous and it was quite "safe." Generic is the word I would use. Kristy Lee is good, but she can definitely do better. 6 of 10

Will "the flu" be an excuse all night? I hate to be so..mean because I feel sorry for the ones who are sick, but does it have to be mentioned 100 times?
Moving on...

Joanne Borgella--"Say A Little Prayer." Eh. I'm not impressed. I wanted to like her a lot, but I'm not feelin' her. 5 of 10

Alaina Whitaker--"More Today Than Yesterday" (or whatever the song is called) This girl is just cute as a button. She blew the first two right out of the water! Great voice. Judges like her and I did too. 8 1/2 of 10

Amanda Overmyer--The rock n roll nurse from Indiana. I'm afraid she will sound exactly the same every week. "Baby Please Don't Go" Didn't like it. Judges loved it. Terrible song choice. I hope she stays, but I also hope she does better than this. I have a feeling she will annoy me before too long. And what was that thing on the back of her head?? 4 of 10

Amy Davis--"Where The Boys Are." Amy is so pretty. (who am I, Paula, now?) Poor song choice. SO slow and boring. She hit some really flat notes. I look for her to go home because of that song. 4 of 10

Brooke White--"So Happy Together" you" Good song choice for Brooke and her voice. While it wasn't necessarily blow-me-away-good, she gave a solid performance. I like Brooke. I hope she stays. 6 of 10

Alexandrea Lushington--"Spinning Wheel." Another good song choice. She is high energy and fun. I don't think her vocals were great, but I think she would improve over time and with a better song. I thought she was going to talk back to Simon, she didn't though. Good thing or she'd be on my bad list! :) 5 1/2 of 10

Kady Malloy--"Groovy Kind of Love." Eh. She could be good, but I swear she was trying to channel Celine Dion. Quite boring. 5 of 10

Asia'h Epperson--"Little Piece of My Heart." I really like Asia'h a lot. She's got personality and spunk and she seems genuine. A solid performance. 7 of 10

Ramiele Malubay--"Believe Me" She is good, but I expected more. 6 1/2 of 10

Sayesha Mercado--"Tobacco Road." She is a real performer and has some major pipes! Her personality shines. (Paula, again!) 8 of 10

Carly Smithson--"Shadow of Your Smile." Not great. She has a nice voice, but I didn't like the song choice AT all. I wanted to be blown away by her because of the hype surrounding her all along, but I wasn't. Randy and Paula fell all over themselves with their pimping love for Carly, but I was with Simon. It just wasn't that good. It came across as boring and blah and forgettable. 5 of 10

And so goes the girls.

My Top 3: Alaina, Syesha and Asia'h
My Bottom 3:Amy, Amanda and Joanne

Can't wait to see who goes home tomorrow.

PS Paula, shut up!

PPS All screen caps courtesy of SLIM
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Top 24--Guys' Night

Woo hoo! Finally! Let the singing begin! If you want to talk Idol with a bunch of Idol-aholics, drop by Slim's Place AKA Slim blogs the shows live and I blog results night live. It's kinda fun. Come on over.

I'll be back here later to leave a few thoughts.

Ok, so here are my Idol thoughts.

Paula was coherent though someone took a weed-whacker to her head. I noticed that all contestants (even the girls sitting on the sidelines) were wearing DULL colors. Why does that matter? It doesn't. But I'm not me unless I am commenting on hair or clothes or facial expressions or something other than the singing.

Not much has changed as the same old things annoy me. Mainly, Paula and Randy. Simon, as always, continues to be spot on with his assessments.

David Hernandez--In The Midnight Hour. Great sound to his voice. He needs a little more stage presence. As Simon said, he was a little stiff. 8 of 10

Chikezie--I didn't know the song he sang. I wanted to like him after seeing him in auditions, but I just didn't. The performance was quite boring and just eh. What killed it for me was that he talked back to Simon and I HATE that. I won't be voting for him, ever, unless he blows me away. 4 1/2 of 10

David Cook--So Happy Together. Much better than I thought it was going to be. I like him. I am not, however, loving his hair. 7 1/2 of 10

Jason Yeager--Kind of a snoozy choice of song in Moon River. *yawn* He did well, but I think song choice will kill him. That and lack of camera time overall. Quite forgettable. 6 of 10

Robbie Carrico--One. TOTAL rocker wannabe. I don't like him as much as he likes himself. But, you know, the whole long hair thing will get him votes. His vocals are ok, but he sounded better in auditions. I wasn't blown away, but he wasn't boring. 6 1/2 to 7 of 10

David Archuleta--You Better Shop Around. He's cute, young and has a great personality. He'll get the young votes, I think. He's a great performer with a good stage presence. A couple of off notes but nothing major. One thing, his loud intakes of breath drive me crazy! 9 of 10

Danny Noriega--JailHouse Rock. I hated the entire thing. I hate his skinny jeans! He, too, is a talk-backer. 4 1/2 of 10

Luke Menard--Everybody's Talking At Me. He's an Indiana boy and I was hoping he'd do well. He didn't. Bad song choice..boring..mediocre vocals...forgettable. But, he looks like JACK! Jack! From Lost. 4 1/2 of 10

Colton Berry--Suspicious Minds. Ick. Do not like. 4 of 10

Garrett Haley--Breaking Up is Hard To Do. Boring, slow, bad. 4 of 10

Jason Castro--Daydream. I don't know how to describe him, but I am now a huge fan. He played his guitar too, which is a plus for me. I do not like the dreads. I REALLY like him. There is something about him. I hope he continues to do well. 9 of 10

Michael Johns--Light My Fire. I really like him. Though it wasn't fabulous, there is something about him. Could be the Aussie factor. 8 1/2 of 10

Overall, a good night. I am just glad we are into the singing now.
Top 3:Jason Castro, Michael Johns, David Archuleta
Bottom 3:Garrett Haley, Colton Berry, Luke Menard

All screencaps from my boy, Slim.
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