Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Top 24-Ladies' Night (and I'm feelin' right)
I'll skip the "witty banter" from the judges and move right to the singing.

First up is...

Kristy Lee Cook--"Rescue Me" She seemed a little nervous and it was quite "safe." Generic is the word I would use. Kristy Lee is good, but she can definitely do better. 6 of 10

Will "the flu" be an excuse all night? I hate to be so..mean because I feel sorry for the ones who are sick, but does it have to be mentioned 100 times?
Moving on...

Joanne Borgella--"Say A Little Prayer." Eh. I'm not impressed. I wanted to like her a lot, but I'm not feelin' her. 5 of 10

Alaina Whitaker--"More Today Than Yesterday" (or whatever the song is called) This girl is just cute as a button. She blew the first two right out of the water! Great voice. Judges like her and I did too. 8 1/2 of 10

Amanda Overmyer--The rock n roll nurse from Indiana. I'm afraid she will sound exactly the same every week. "Baby Please Don't Go" Didn't like it. Judges loved it. Terrible song choice. I hope she stays, but I also hope she does better than this. I have a feeling she will annoy me before too long. And what was that thing on the back of her head?? 4 of 10

Amy Davis--"Where The Boys Are." Amy is so pretty. (who am I, Paula, now?) Poor song choice. SO slow and boring. She hit some really flat notes. I look for her to go home because of that song. 4 of 10

Brooke White--"So Happy Together" you" Good song choice for Brooke and her voice. While it wasn't necessarily blow-me-away-good, she gave a solid performance. I like Brooke. I hope she stays. 6 of 10

Alexandrea Lushington--"Spinning Wheel." Another good song choice. She is high energy and fun. I don't think her vocals were great, but I think she would improve over time and with a better song. I thought she was going to talk back to Simon, she didn't though. Good thing or she'd be on my bad list! :) 5 1/2 of 10

Kady Malloy--"Groovy Kind of Love." Eh. She could be good, but I swear she was trying to channel Celine Dion. Quite boring. 5 of 10

Asia'h Epperson--"Little Piece of My Heart." I really like Asia'h a lot. She's got personality and spunk and she seems genuine. A solid performance. 7 of 10

Ramiele Malubay--"Believe Me" She is good, but I expected more. 6 1/2 of 10

Sayesha Mercado--"Tobacco Road." She is a real performer and has some major pipes! Her personality shines. (Paula, again!) 8 of 10

Carly Smithson--"Shadow of Your Smile." Not great. She has a nice voice, but I didn't like the song choice AT all. I wanted to be blown away by her because of the hype surrounding her all along, but I wasn't. Randy and Paula fell all over themselves with their pimping love for Carly, but I was with Simon. It just wasn't that good. It came across as boring and blah and forgettable. 5 of 10

And so goes the girls.

My Top 3: Alaina, Syesha and Asia'h
My Bottom 3:Amy, Amanda and Joanne

Can't wait to see who goes home tomorrow.

PS Paula, shut up!

PPS All screen caps courtesy of SLIM
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  • At 2:05 PM, Blogger DrillerAA said…

    I think you and I are going to agree this week. I believe that Joanne and Amy will get the first cab ride to LAX tonight.
    The guys are much tougher because 6 of them easily could be going home.

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