Monday, January 19, 2009
Farewell and Thank You

I was his biggest supporter. There were missteps as well as good choices and decisions and all along I knew he was doing what he thought was right for the people of this country. After 9/11 I felt more safe than ever. I never lost HOPE. I was always proud of my country and proud to be an American. I will miss him as the president. I hope he enjoys a long and happy life with Laura outside of the White House.

Godspeed, Mr. President.

ps I have closed comments on this one to keep out the crazies. I am not in the mood.


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Sunday, January 04, 2009
My first Sunday Bullets of the year!
  • I am very sad that my Colts lost last night. I couldn't even watch the game because I get too nervous and my stomach hurts. I just waited for Bubba to emerge from the man cave and fill me in. There's always next year, right?
  • I'm STILL cleaning in my bedroom. Being a pack rat is not conducive to happiness. I'm just saying. Here is just a teeny tiny small portion of the pictures I have to get organized. There are 5 boxes in this picture alone.
  • I helped Braelyn start her very first scrapbook today. She really likes it and so far is very good at it.
  • Tomorrow I am starting back up with counting points a la Weight Watchers. I'll be doing it myself since we really don't have the money for me to join. I would like to know more about their new 'Momentum' program, though. Maybe I'll join and get the info and then not go back. I've done that a million times before.
  • My plan is to start some kind of exercise as well. Walking, I've decided is not really my thing. BUT, we are thinking of getting a treadmill. At least I could read or watch TV while I'm doing that. Besides that, though, there are some exercise programs on Comcast On Demand, which is cool. Maybe that is what I'll do. Joining a gym is not an option because number one, expense and number two, that whole thing where I don't like to go around people in embarrassing situations. I'll let you know how it all goes.
  • I failed with a capital FAIL with the 365 Days thing on my flickr last year so this year I am doing the 2009 Year In Pictures. It's much easier for me because I can take a photo of anyone or anything. Let's see if I can manage to shoot one picture a day for a while year.
  • I had a huge feeling old moment last night. I was watching Poltergeist and I got to thinking too much. Checked out IMDB and did the math. Coach (which is how we refer to Craig T Nelson around here) was MY AGE when he made that movie. Perhaps even a year or two younger. OMG. Freak out.
Aaaand, that is about it for this installment of Sunday Bullets. Everyone have a great week!

The kids love that I moved the couch at an angle leaving them a fun play spot.


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Saturday, January 03, 2009
3 Days Into the New Year
Last night, I was feeling really light-headed. I'm not sure why but it was really annoying. Everyone kept asking if I was pregnant.

Not. Funny.

An update on my mayhem and foolishness: I didn't work on it any yesterday, but I'm getting ready to get my butt up out of this chair and start working on it. There are just so many pictures and papers and stuff to go through. It's overwhelming, but it must be done or I will be mad at myself.

Bubba's gone to referee basketball in Indy and I'm bracing myself for Braelyn to puke more. She puked twice yesterday! She is definitely her sister's sister! Brianna was my barf child and I'm hoping Braelyn just has a bug because I don't do puke very well.

In other new that's not news, I'm trying to psych myself up for healthy food and lifestyle changes come Monday. I only have a few months until my 20 year reunion. If I don't lose at least a little bit of weight, I know I won't go. I know myself. I'm trying to be all, 'This is me. I love me. Who cares what others might think.' Yeah. That's not really happening. All I know is I am NOT going to be this large at 40. In less than 2 years!

The OREOS don't help.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009
First post of the new year
Well, I survived New Year's Eve...alone. No one to kiss as Bubba was sick in bed hacking up his lungs and the kids were zonked out and/or not home. I watched New Year's Rockin' Eve which I must say loses a little bit of luster every year as I get older. Dick Clark, bless his heart, needs to hang it up for good. Ryan Seacrest is a decent replacement and even though Kelly Pickler YELLED the entire night and said, "Yeah?" way too much, she was fun. The musical guests were just eh. But I can't not watch the ball drop every year so the show served it's purpose for me. As I watched, I also hijacked the status updates at facebook and rambled mindlessly every couple of minutes or so. My friends really appreciated that. Yeah.

Today was a pretty good day as New Year's days go. The kids and I got the Christmas tree taken down and all packed away. I went through a few Christmas decor containers and filled one (plus a little more) to give to a local charity place which is similar to Goodwill. It's all perfectly good stuff but just things I don't use anymore.

Also today, I began the long and arduous task of cleaning the mountain of crap out of my bedroom. I would take a photo but it's way too embarrassing. No, it is. I promise. Think of the houses on Clean House, only in 2 square yards of space. Niecy Nash would be so upset at my mayhem and foolishness.

The first step is admitting it, right?


My main motivator? The panic attacks I'm having at the thought of Brianna's graduation reception. Not because we're having it here, (because we're not) but because I want to have all of her school memorabilia and photos organized for display. I have about 4 and 1/2 months.

Oh my goodness, someone get me a paper bag to breathe into!

I have made a dent in the mayhem and foolishness, though and that is a good thing. When I am finished, we're going to rearrange the bedroom and put on our new bedding that we've had for a while but never used.

2009...a year of panic and which are different!

Happy New Year!

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