Thursday, January 01, 2009
First post of the new year
Well, I survived New Year's Eve...alone. No one to kiss as Bubba was sick in bed hacking up his lungs and the kids were zonked out and/or not home. I watched New Year's Rockin' Eve which I must say loses a little bit of luster every year as I get older. Dick Clark, bless his heart, needs to hang it up for good. Ryan Seacrest is a decent replacement and even though Kelly Pickler YELLED the entire night and said, "Yeah?" way too much, she was fun. The musical guests were just eh. But I can't not watch the ball drop every year so the show served it's purpose for me. As I watched, I also hijacked the status updates at facebook and rambled mindlessly every couple of minutes or so. My friends really appreciated that. Yeah.

Today was a pretty good day as New Year's days go. The kids and I got the Christmas tree taken down and all packed away. I went through a few Christmas decor containers and filled one (plus a little more) to give to a local charity place which is similar to Goodwill. It's all perfectly good stuff but just things I don't use anymore.

Also today, I began the long and arduous task of cleaning the mountain of crap out of my bedroom. I would take a photo but it's way too embarrassing. No, it is. I promise. Think of the houses on Clean House, only in 2 square yards of space. Niecy Nash would be so upset at my mayhem and foolishness.

The first step is admitting it, right?


My main motivator? The panic attacks I'm having at the thought of Brianna's graduation reception. Not because we're having it here, (because we're not) but because I want to have all of her school memorabilia and photos organized for display. I have about 4 and 1/2 months.

Oh my goodness, someone get me a paper bag to breathe into!

I have made a dent in the mayhem and foolishness, though and that is a good thing. When I am finished, we're going to rearrange the bedroom and put on our new bedding that we've had for a while but never used.

2009...a year of panic and which are different!

Happy New Year!

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