Tuesday, May 31, 2005
It's a Chick Show
What did Angie of Ficken Chingers fame do on Memorial Day, you ask? Well, we (and I do mean WE, as in me and Bubba-ump) watched a marathon of this on the Style network ALL DAY. No, literally, ALL DAY. I mean we're talking something like 8 or 10 episodes. Seriously. And don't let the B-ump tell you that he was FORCED to watch because when I took a nap, he STILL watched and when I woke up, he filled me in on what I was missing. Yeah, he's in touch with his feminine side. I need to write an entire post on that alone. In case you were wondering, these two are our favorite wedding planners from the show.

Lisa Chappelear Milko Posted by Hello

Jeffrey Powell Posted by Hello

Yes, that's what I said. We picked favorites.
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Monday, May 30, 2005
I am SUCH a follower...
Ok, so I held my breath just long enough...turned that perfect shade of blue-almost-purple, and finally I was tagged for this meme. (Thanks Marti!) You know, the one that EVERYBODY'S doing. And me, being the kind of girl I am, I want to be in the cool kids group so I'm gonna do it, too. Enjoy. Or skip it. I won't be offended. Just remember....ALL the cool kids are doing it!

3 Things

3 names I go by:Ang,Mommy,Angie

3 screen names I've had:Bubsgal,angiedi70,abeat

3 physical things I like about myself:my hair(sometimes),my eyes,my smile (that is the hardest question on this thing!)

3 parts of my heritage:I am embarrassed to say, I don't really know. I know where my parents and grandparents were born, that's about it. I know I have lots of Tennessee blood in me and Hoosier, that's it.

3 things I am wearing right now:red t-shirt,blue pj pants,blue scrunchie in my hair

3 favorite bands/musical artists:Dave Matthews Band,Gavin DeGraw,Duran Duran(gotta love the 80's!)

3 favorite songs:The Best Of What's Around-DMB,Crush-DMB,Lover Lay down-DMB (can't help it, I loves me some Dave!)

3 things I want in a relationship:laughter,love,good kissing :)

3 physical things about the preferred sex-MEN!-that appeal to me:Eyes,lips,hair

3 favorite hobbies:taking photos,scrapbooking,reading

3 things I want to do badly right now:wiggle my nose and lose 30 pounds!,eat some chocolate,blog about something really interesting

3 things that scare me:deep water,a house fire,losing my husband or children

3 of my everyday essentials:a hot shower,ice water,music

3 careers you have considered or are considering:physical therapist, optometrist, stripper(yeah right!)

3 places you want to go on vacation:Disneyworld,Las Vegas,New York

3 kids names you like:Jillian, Claire, Micah

3 things you want to do before you die:own a home,pay off all debt,lose weight

3 ways I am stereotypically a boy:um....I like football and Nascar, can't think of anything else.

3 ways I am stereotypically a girl:I like to cuddle,I want someone to kill spiders for me, puppies melt me

3 celeb crushes:Gary Sinise, Mark Ruffalo, Matthew McConaughey, Rob Thomas, Dave Matthews..oh, wait, it said 3..sorry :)

Is that the end? Ok, I guess it is...now..should I tag someone to do this? Do I dislike anyone enough to do that to them?? Hmmm...let me think...

Ok, I'm tagging...
Tara-resident pineapple girl.
Pikkel because he probably won't do it, but if he does, his answers will be like no other.
PresentStorm because she is a blog virgin and needs to be subjected to these things to REALLY call herself a blogger! And, I like her.:) And she is married to Guppyman so maybe she will have some good answers. :)

Have fun, y'all!
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I just noticed in my blogger profile that I misspelled one of my favorite movies, "The Breakfast Club." I spelled it Breakfest. Wow. I have been out of school way too long. I hate reading anything that has a misspelling and I especially hate it when I am the one who does it. I fixed it. I feel better now.
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Plumb Tuckered

Tater and Bubby plumb tuckered a few nights ago. Posted by Hello
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Sunday, May 29, 2005
Battle of the Blogs is from the devil
It's addictive and now, apparently, everyone hates me and I've gotten my booty kicked almost every single time today. Must. Stop. Battling. My. Blog.
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That's My Girl!
Overheard this morning while I was in the bathroom...

Tater Tot(yelling upstairs to her big sis):Sis! I'm naked!
Guard Girl:What?
TT:I'm naked!
Guard Girl:You're naked?

Only Tater would announce her nakedness to the world. Oh, and she in fact had on panties at the time.

Now, Bubby, not to be outdone by his sis, removed all his clothing including his diaper, but NOT the shoes that are 2 sizes too big, and ran to the bottom of the stairs yelling, "IS!(he doesn't say that first S)Nake! IS! Nake!" until Bubba-ump finally had to clarify..."He's Naked!"

I love my family. :)
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Saturday, May 28, 2005
A Blog Explosion Rocket Battle
Sooo...who still hangs around on Blog Explosion? Well, I still do because, well, I have no life. Anyway, the guys and gals over there have been coming up with new things for us to do on BE besides wait the obligatory 30 seconds to click the appropriate number. A while back they started "Blog Rocket." You click to get put on the rocket (which is nothing more than a list of 25 blogs) and as people click your link to look at your blog, it moves you up the "rocket" until you get to number 1 and then get "launched" and if you want, then you start all over. As you click on other people on the rocket, you can earn credits.

Now, there is something a little more interesting. It's the "Battle of the Blogs." Two blogs go head to head for votes and the one with more votes (out of 9)wins a portion of the credits wagered in the battle. It's kind of fun to see who chooses to go up against you and to see if you win. My record ain't so hot...but it is still fun for a minute or two. Did I mention I have no life?

Now Playing:Wannabe-Spice Girls (Shut it! My daughter put it on the MusicMatch Jukebox!)
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More pictures 'cause I'm cool like that
Can you tell I've been bored and devoid of blog content lately? I just keep posting pics. For your viewing pleasure today I give you...Reward Ribbon & Piggies. Enjoy.

I FINALLY went over 10 lbs lost! I have now lost 11 point something..can't remember the exact number. This was my reward. Reward ribbon was handcrafted by Lynnsy.(See photo below.) Ain't she talented?? :) Posted by Hello

Here are the feet of my friend Lynnsy at work. She wanted to be famous. Perhaps my blog is not the way to go. :) Lynnsy is the only one at work who I have shown my blog to.  Posted by Hello
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Friday, May 27, 2005
I just had to say that. TGIF! This has been a LONG week. I am ready for the 3 day weekend. It is just too bad I can't get off early today! Everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! You know I'll be around.
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Thursday, May 26, 2005
A Small Glimpse of My Life
I took a few random pics today and thought I would share them. :)

A small section of my desk at work.  Posted by Hello

This one is a little blurry, but note Matthew McCona whats his name amongst the photos of my family. :) Posted by Hello

Some of the stuff in my cabinet over my desk.Mostly pictures of my kids.  Posted by Hello

Back view of where I work.  Posted by Hello

Passing a local cemetery. They are getting ready for Memorial Day ceremonies and visitors as you can see from the flags.  Posted by Hello

Waiting for a train to pass on the way home today. Train tracks run all through my city so it is normal to get stopped by one or more trains each day. Posted by Hello
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Um, Lost?
Wow, the Lost finale was disappointing. A few good moments at the end redeemed it, but still. Who watched? What'd you all think? I'll talk more about it later. In the mean time, I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket...14...23...
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
In a word....PAINFUL
Remember earlier when I said I would be ticked off with the finale? Um, yeah. It was literally almost two full hours of PAIN. Wanna hear my commentary?? Do ya? No? Ok, well, here it is anyway. :)

The night started off with the most GOD-AWFUL group song EVER. ALL the girls sounded HORRIBLE! (I'm warning you now, this will be full of CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks!!!!!) I spent the whole time stuffing my ears with torn up kleenex and staring at that jacket that Constantine had on. What WAS that?? Did you see him kiss the camera? I hate his mouth and chin. Jessica and Nikko saved a small part of the song. The group rendition of Good Vibrations was, eh, not bad.

I see that Constantine hasn't learned about shampoo, yet.

And so starts all the stupid stuff we have to wait through to get to the end. Mikalah on the red carpet? Please. Someone. Duct tape!

No, no, no...Bo singing Vehicle yet AGAIN. Yes, it is a good song for him. I just don't want to hear it again. He sounded waaaay better tonight than last night. His nerves have calmed for sure.

Matt Rogers from season three is in Oklahoma with Carrie fans. I loved him! He is adorable. Funny, too.

Carrie singing Angels Brought Me Here. She sounds better tonight as well.

Randy thinks Carrie won.

Paula Abdul serves ZERO purpose on this show. The whole Paula/Simon thing is just dumb. The footage of them feeding each other strawberries...sickening.

Simon thinks Bo was uncomfortable last night and that Carrie handled it better. He thinks Carrie will win.

Did Ryan even ask Paula who she thinks will win? Hmm..I didn't notice.

The visits to Alabama with Latoya talking to Bo fans has been...well, not interesting.

The top 3 emotional moments of the auditions were funny. Funniest part of the night so far. That isn't saying much.

Why?? Just, WHY did they bring back that girl to sing The Star Spangled Banner?? That was sad. She was terrible at the audition and only marginally better on the show tonight.

Ahhh...made it through the first hour. Now Carrie and Bo are singing a duet..."Up Where We belong." AWESOME!(I need a new word. I say awesome way too much) A great song for them both. They should release that one. I have to make an observation about Carrie. I have hated all those little bitty jackets she has worn all season long.

Carrie and Bo got brand new cars. Were those Mustangs?

A top 10 of some sort from the auditions. A bunch of stuff we've seen before. Yawn.
Now a little thing about those nerdy boys, Adam and Dirk from auditions. Dirk is David Hasselhoff's biggest fan a la Misery. Gasp! Look, Adam and Dirk are in the audience and oh, surprise surprise Mr Baywatch himself is there to sit beside Dirk. Yet another 5 minutes of wasted time on this show.

Stupid little parody on the whole Corey Clark thing about Simon being in love with himself. Wha?? Another 10 minutes wasted. Please..just get to the end. I beg you. Did I mention how PAINFUL this show was??

Now the top twelve get to sing little special things with some of their "idols." Carrie singing with Rascal Flats was really good! She is going to be a country star, I would bet. Tara, stop reading this NOW! Even though I liked their song together, I generally can not stand Rascal Flats. *ducks from Tara throwing Star Wars figurines at me* What is with that guys' hair? I HATE that too-long-to-spike-but-I-spike-it-anyway look. The guy has no top lip. I swear. No. Top. Lip.

Ok, Tara, you may resume reading now. (if you have made it this far.)

Anwar and Anthony singing with Kenny G? Huh? They sound pretty good. Anwar does, anyway. I am reminded why I wanted Anthony gone. He does nothing for me and my HIGHLY musical ear. (ha ha)

Constantine singing Walk This Way with Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Now here comes Jessica and Nadia. All of them trying to "rock the house." Fail miserably. Oh keeper of the 15 minute time clock of fame....please press stop on Constantine!!

Nikko singing with George Benson. He sounds really good!! He should have stayed much much longer than Anthony ever did! Here comes Scott to sing with him. I know you all are Scott haters..but that boy can still sing! I don't care what he looks like.

Vonzell with Billy Preston sounded great!! Carrie is lucky Vonzell didn't beat her out of the final position if you ask me. Did you ask me? Well, FINE, don't ask, but I still answered. :)

Baby Face with Lindsey and Mikalah. Baby Face sounded good. Hey! Where was the duct tape I requested earlier??

And FINALLY, the grand finale to end all grand finales....Bo singing with Skynyrd...Sweet Home Alabama. What other song could it have been?? It was GREAT! I am quite sure my boss and two of my co-workers were just about peeing their pants watching that. Bo, eh, he doesn't do a thing for me, but the man is talented and I think he and Carrie are genuine.

The final vote envelope is handed to Ryan by the secret agent vote counter guy, who reports a "Record number of votes this season." 500 million votes! So read it already Ryan!!

The new American Idol is.....CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!

Ahhh..it is finally over. Hey, did anyone else see them show Bo's family after they announced Carrie as the winner and it said "Carrie's family" on the screen? Oops.

The single comes out on June 14th. In case you were wondering.

Tell me I did NOT just watch that for 2 hours.

Edited to add, I can't spell Skynyrd...I fixed it, I fixed it.
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Big Night!
Ok, first, let me clarify my last post...I know Bo's song wasn't HIS song that he wrote..I totally wrote that wrong, silly me! :)

Also, yes, I DID see Constantine giving eyes to the camera last night...can you believe I forgot to mention it??! Neither can I. :)

So, tonight is the big night. We finally find out who the winner is. Of course it won't be until after we WAIT FOR TWO LONG HOURS!! Two hours?? All we need is 5 minutes or less, let Ryan announce the winner, let them sing through tears and that's the show. I'm gonna be ticked off. Watch out! :)

Also on tonight, which I will be DVR-ing, the season finale of LOST!! It is going to be so good. And can I just say, the black rock is a...PIRATE SHIP?? What? I hope that one is explained a little.

Ok, guys, that's all for now...but you know I will be back after I watch AI.


Oh, wait. Who watched Desperate Housewives on Sunday? Was that good or what??
It answered questions but, of course opened new ones. I won't get all re-cappy now, but Mike is soooo Zach/Dana's dad. The new family on the block...secrets...yeah. Does Zach shoot Mike?
One other thing. At first, when Bree got the call about Rex dying, I kind of thought maybe the Dr and Rex were playing a really cruel and sick joke on Bree because the doctor thinks Bree was poisoning Rex. That would be a twist, huh? I liked Rex, so I am bummed if he really is dead.

Ok, NOW, I am done.

More Toodles.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
The Final Idol
Woo hoo..FINALLY, it is the last performance night for American Idol! I thought the season would NEVER end!!

Ryan and the judges look good tonight..not that that matters. :)

Coin toss to see who goes first tonight. Carrie chose to go 2nd. Bo first.

Bo singing "The Long Long Road." (a Bo original) Bo. Dude. What's with the glasses? Ditch 'em. His hair and beard look decent enough tonight. Interesting song choice. He started a little shaky. Got stronger and then the backup singers drowned (is that a word?) him out. But, America loves Bo. And the judges will think he can do no wrong. And Bo? Mic stand. Still hate it!!
Randy-yo man, the most important show ever. Bad news-I didn't love that song. (I agree!) Good news-it don't matter what you sing. You brought it home in the end. Good job.
Paula-Congratulations. I told you I'd see you in the finals. Everybody was vibing with you. True mark of a great singer.
Simon-Probably the closest final we ever had. It was a very dreary song. You are going to have to do a hell of a lot better to walk away with the title.
Bo digs criticism and has much love for the judges.

I should take this opportunity to say how FREAKING HAPPY I AM THAT CONSTANTINE IS NOT IN THE FINAL!!!!!

Commercial. Carrie is next.

Carrie singing "Inside your" something..didn't catch the title. She looks ok but I don't like the jeans. "Inside Your Heaven." I get it. She started a bit shaky, too. Getting stronger as the song goes. She seems a bit nervous. She can always hit those big notes. Again, the back up singers are a tad loud. But, she isn't getting as drowned out. Good ending! Go Carrie!
Randy-Wow. This is a wild night, man. Bad news-didn't love the song. First half pitchy. Good news-In the end proved you a great singer. Deserve to be here.
Paula-Congratulations. Sang the song beautifully. A couple of not so great notes but who cares.
Simon-I can see how nervous you are. Much better than the first song. Pace yourself. Vocal right on the edge. Round one to you.
Carrie-thinks it is incredible and tears filling her eyes. She is so cute.

Commercial. More Bo in a minute singing his favorite song of the season.

Hey! Guess what? NO Constantine!!! *Does the NO CONSTANTINE dance*

Bo singing Vehicle. This wasn't one of my favorites the first time. It's his style, though. Started strong. But when he gets to the line "great god in heaven..." it goes a little low. A good performance on the whole, though. (Don't like his pants.)
Randy-Check it out. That's what I'm talking about. Now, I'm happy. Hot.
Paula-Couldn't have performed it better.
Simon-Ok Bo. Welcome back. Now we have ourselves a competition.

OH MY GOSH! Did you see Anwar? Was that Anwar? I think it was...with short hair! I have to watch for him now.

Carrie singing her favorite of the season "independence Day." Perfect for Carrie! AWESOME!!
Randy- Yo yo. Welcome back Carrie. Amazing vocal! Hot.
Paula-Ditto. Brilliant. Great vocal.
Simon-I don't think that was a great vocal. Round 2 to Bo.


Bo singing "Inside Your Heaven"..the same song Carrie sang! Shouldn't be allowed. Different. Started shaky again. Oh my. Some bad notes. I wouldn't have picked this for my last song if I were Bo. I think I would look funny with a beard anyway. I don't like him singing this song. Some good parts, but I don't know, not a strong song for Bo. Ugh, the backup choir again. Bo, you should have ended with a better song! The judges will love it, of course.
Randy-What can I say. Brilliant. Amazing.
Paula-Went outside of your range. Fell in love with the song.
Simon-The only time I've seen you nervous. Outsang Carrie. Absolute pleasure having you on American Idol.
Told ya they'd love it. I, apparently, am deaf.


Have I mentioned NO greek boy??

Carrie singing "Angels Brought Me Here." She is starting strong. She can go pretty low without cracking all over the place. A good song. Really good for her voice! The choir sounds better with Carrie. Awesome again, Carrie! I really don't think she got outsang by Bo at all tonight. He is just more flashy. If Randy says pitchy I will hunt him down and yo dog him to death.
Randy-Yo. Wow. Man you know what? Great. Got the dogs standing O.
Paula-blah blah blah. Congratulations.
Simon-You have a lot of guts. Felt your emotion. I think you've done enough to win this competition. (YES!)

I won't be surprised with winner tomorrow no matter who it is. I don't care for Bo so much, but I am not blind. He is a great performer. He doesn't give me the butterflies like some of the people I know. He is fit to be a star, though. Carrie will be awesome as a country singer. She'll be popular and do well.

I like what Simon said at the end. "I'd like to thank America for listening to me this year." You go, Simon!

This was waaaay too long...sorry. :)
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Ok...scroll down and look at the right sidebar at the bottom. See that flashy thingie that says "wastedblog.com"? See it? I did not put it there. I want it off. I can not get it off. Help me! It's not in my template that I can find. Someone? Anyone? HELP!!
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Sunday, May 22, 2005
A Picture Meme
Got the idea for this meme over at Chaos Girl's place. Just do a Google image search for these things...

The place you grew up;the place you live now;your name;your grandmother's name;your favorite food;your favorite drink;your favorite song;your favorite smell and your favorite shoes. It's kind of fun. Some of my images are boring. Here they are.

Where I grew up. (that building wasn't there 30 years ago.) Posted by Hello

Where I live now. (the same place as where I grew up.) Posted by Hello

My name. (Yes! That's me!! I swear!) Posted by Hello

My grandmother's name. (that's just not right.) Posted by Hello

My other grandmother's name. Posted by Hello

My favorite food...Chocolate! Posted by Hello

When I drink pop, this is my favorite. Posted by Hello

This is my favorite song. (one of them, anyway.) Posted by Hello

My favorite smell..a newborn baby freshly bathed and slathered with Baby Magic lotion. Posted by Hello

I like this style, though I don't have this particular shoe. I just like the slip ons.  Posted by Hello

Now..you go do it too!! :)
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I called it!
Ok, not that I am the only one who did..but I have to point out that I CALLED IT! Perhaps it was a no-brainer(hate that phrase, too!) to everyone else, but way back on March 30th on this blog, I called it. Carrie and Bo as the final two. At work I said it even before then, but no one would agree with me. They were all saying Bo and Constantine (ew) or Bo and someone else...one girl in my office liked Anthony so much that it drove me insane. I thought I would just point out my ability to call it today since I didn't even talk about American Idol this week except to say that Bo won the contest on his acapella performance alone. I was sad to see Vonzell go, but I was happy that Ryan Seacrest actually was nice about it and didn't do any trick announcing the one going home. Finally, the guy had some class.

That's it for now. More later.
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Saturday, May 21, 2005
Motivation nada
I can't get motivated to anything at all today. I have managed to get 2 loads of laundry done which just seems like an amazing feat! The living room and the kids room needs picked up...can't do it. Need to move the dirty towels from the bathroom to the laundry room. Can't do it. I have been dying to do some scrapbooking lately. Nope. Like I could with the two heathens angels with sticky hands around. Besides which, all my scrap stuff is in an unorganized chaos.

In other news...took Guard Girl to the band banquet last night. She didn't get any awards as she is not in high school yet, but it was fun to go and listen to the directors talk and see all the kids having fun.

My parents are getting old.

I lost 0.6lb at weigh in this week. I can NOT hit 10 pounds! I am hovering at 7 or 8 pounds lately. Perhaps if I would eat right and get back to exercizing I might actually get to 10.

Weekends suck. Bubba-ump is never home. The kids act like maniacs. Guard Girl is working even. She has two jobs now. She works at the softball complex either taking money at the gate, or working the concession stand. The concession stand is her actual real life job that she had to get a work permit for and she will make an actual paycheck.

More Guard Girl news. She tried out this past week for a dance team for 9th grade next school year. It's a hip hop sort of thing. She made it!! Woo hoo! She has had NO formal dance training. Not one class as a little girl or anything. She's really good for not having any dance in the past. I must say, she has waaaaay(that's a LOT) more confidence than I had at her age!

Guard Girl and Drummer Boy...still together. Should I be worried?

I hate having ONE car!!

A couple of people at work...on my last nerve.

Pet peeve phrase--"I can't wrap my head around...blah blah blah." Oh my goodness. If I hear/read that phrase again, I will..I will...well, I will at the very least complain about it ad nauseum on my blog.

GG got me a really cool little sticky note pad. It is in the shape of a computer with keyboard and mouse and it says "Luv 2 BLOG" She's cool like that.

Enough rambling...I shall go see who's meeting and greeting over at Michele's for a while or play a Yahoo game or something. Did I mention, I have no motivation?
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Friday, May 20, 2005
He's a Little Runaway
Yesterday, on the way to take the B-ump to work and the kids to the sitter, a deer ran in front of us and hubby said, "Look at the deer, kids!" They both got all excited as the deer ran across the road one way and then back the other. Then, Tater said, "Did he run away from Santa?" Is that not the cutest? :) (I'm sorry to bore you all with kid pics and stories..but nothing else is going on right now.) Oh, yeah, hubby told her that he was on vacation and would go back to Santa next week. She liked that answer. :)
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Spirit Fingers!

My friend Chocolate (no, not her real name) bought a cheerleading outfit for Tater. Here she is with Guard Girl doing "spirit fingers." :) Posted by Hello
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The Final Three
I'm tired..going to bed, but I wanted to give my American Idol commentary.

BO won it tonight, hands down. And y'all know I am usually pretty indifferent to Bo.

Seacrest, out.
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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
Cadillac Man
Yeah? Mr. Cadillac? You know who you are..the one who HONKED AT ME TWICE because I was stopped by a school bus with its stop sign out. BITE ME!
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Yep, he's a doofus
Ok, I don't watch the Bachelor. Well, that is not entirely true. In the past few weeks, after I watch "The Inferno" on MTV (shut it!)then I watch the last half hour of the bachelor. Just this season, though. The season of the doofus...Charlie O'Connell. He of the freakish Joker mouth and the even more freakish voice. I stayed up way to effing late watching the final episode that I dvr'd and HE PICKED SARA! Crap! He totally should have picked Krisily. (what is with that name, mom, huh?) I feel so bad for Krisily but the doofus gets what he deserves. He should have listened to his best friend when he expressed some misgivings after he met Sara.

The Bachelor is SUCH a cheesy show. Must be why I sorta like it. :)

Hey, Charlie, your brother is cuter. hee hee
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Sunday, May 15, 2005
The Part I Hate!
Ok, so the final Survivor is on. It's time for the jury to speak. I HATE this part. A bunch of jaded, jealous jurors just mad because they didn't make it as far as the last two. I hate hearing them whine and bitch and complain about "how the game was played." What drives me even more crazy is that these people apparently have not ever, EVER in the last 5 years watched an episode of Survivor! It is NOT about friendship and integrity and peace and love..it is a freakin game! You are all playing a GAME for $1,000,000!!! There will be back stabbing. There will be lying. There will be two faced people pretending to be your friend. GET OVER IT!! Admit to yourselves, Survivor contestants, that you want one million dollars and shut the heck up!

Does anyone else think that IAN is a flippin idiot?? Why stand on that stupid buoy for 12 hours and then give up? IDIOT! Katie played both your asses! (Tom and Ian.) Ian just wanted to preserve the friendships. Can you hear my eyes rolling?? Can you?? I know, I know why do I watch this stuff?? I love it, that's why. :) I am pathetic.

9:44pm Katie just turned on the water works. Figures.

9:46pm Janu is the first to mention "integrity." Puke. Janu...you are stupid..and you asked a stupid question of Katie.

9:58pm Time for final statements from the final two.

10:00pm Final votes are going down.

Now it is back to the US so we can see everybody dolled up and fattened up to hear the final vote. My question is, why they gotta pretend like Jeff never changed clothes since the final tribal council?!?!

And the winner is....Tom! I am sooo glad Katie didn't win!

Who are all those people filing in?? Oh..yeah..those others who were on the show that no one remembers because its been WEEKS since they were on. Especially those first two people who went. :)

Ok, enough Survivor.
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Running on Empty
My brain is empty of post content right now. I can't think of one good thing to write about. That is, until I go to other blogs and I'm like, "Yeah! What she said!" Maybe later I will be inspired. Now, if I could just get inspired to get my house in order. It is out of control!

Oh, the little ones are going back to the sitter tomorrow. The one they used to go to. Bubba-ump got a new day job. So, from now on, we will be much more poor than we have been. Such is life.

More later.
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Saturday, May 14, 2005
Attention Nabisco

Hello, Mr Nabisco? If you are gonna advertise the peanut butter Oreos as "Double Stuff" you'd better BRING IT! Seriously, it may look like double stuff in this picture, but trust me it is NOT double stuff. A girl like me knows her double stuff.  Posted by Hello
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Anyone? Anyone?
Are you a Star Wars geek?? If you are, go visit my girl Tara. She's the geekiest! But in a good way. May the force be with you.

Coming soon to a theater near you! :) Posted by Hello
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Friday, May 13, 2005
Tag! I'm it
Ok, so everybody and their brother has done this one..so now I am, too. Tara tagged me a while back, and probably thinks I am ignoring said tag...here I am..I'm bringing it. :)

What follows is a list of different occupations. You must select at least five of them. You may add more if you like to your list before you pass it on (after you select five of the items as it was passed to you). Of the five you selected, you are to finish each phrase with what you would do as a member of that profession. Then pass it on to three other bloggers.

Here’s that list:

If I could be a scientist… If I could be a farmer…
If I could be a musician… If I could be a doctor…
If I could be a painter… If I could be a gardener…
If I could be a missionary… If I could be a chef…
If I could be an architect… If I could be a linguist…
If I could be a psychologist… If I could be a librarian…
If I could be an athlete… If I could be a lawyer…
If I could be an innkeeper… If I could be a professor…
If I could be a writer… If I could be a backup dancer…
If I could be a goonie… If I could be a spy…
If I could be a llama-rider… If I could be a bonnie pirate…
If I could be a midget stripper… If I could be a proctologist…
If I could be a TV-Chat Show host… If I could be an actor…
If I could be a judge… If I could be a Jedi…If I could be a mob boss…
If I could be a backup singer…If I could be a CEO…If I could be a hobbit…
If I could be a movie reviewer… If I could be a monkey’s uncle…

If I could be a musician...I would play the piano. I would be able to play any song just by hearing it, but I would also be able to read music. I would be asked to sit in on CD recordings for all the big names. I would be asked to go on tour with rob thomas or DMB. (Don't worry Tara, I'd take you with me if Rt asked me.) :)

If I could be a librarian...I would be in heaven among all the books. I would read all day and when kids came in, I would read all my favorite classics to them and show them the joy of reading. Charlotte's Web...Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...etc etc...

If I could be a writer...I would write a best selling novel..the one I have had in my head for years that I can't get out because..I can't write!!

If I could be a tv/chat show host...I would have all my favorite actors, actresses and musicians on my show. I'd have a wall of autographs back stage. I would invite someone from the world of blogging on my show at least once a week. I'd have fun..I wouldn't try to save the world!

If I could be a backup dancer...I'd have a beautiful dancer's body.

I'm not going to tag anyone specifically, so, if you haven't done this one..go ahead..have a go at it. Have fun! :)
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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Yo, VIP, let's kick it!
I really don't have anything to post about, I just wanted to quote Vanilla Ice. :)
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
After much much too long...Anthony is finally off American Idol!! I'm sure he is a nice kid and all (am I so old that I am calling him a kid??) but the boy had to go before he got to the final 2! I have posted all these pics of him so you all can check out his freakishly LARGE elf-clown feet!! Look at them!! Every week I would look at his feet and think do those shoes fit him? Are they too big or are his feet actually that large...and do his toes curl up like that??!! One has to wonder why I watch these shows...and if I ever have anything nice to say. I really am a nice person. I promise. If you don't believe me..then SUCK MY BACK! (Tara, you should get that) Who did I like on AI last night? Carrie all the way, baby! Shoo shoo, Bo. Go get your little record contract, sounding all Travis Tritt-like and let Carrie win! :) Oh, and I swear Bo had on flip flops with that suit during his second song! Well, it looked like it. I know, I know. They were boots, but still, looked like flip flops there for a minute. Next week should be interesting with the final 3. Ok, while I am here talking too much, I should make mention of The Amazing Race finale. Woo hoo! Uchenna and Joyce won! I loved them. They were the ones who should have won so all is well with the reality tv world. :) I still love Rob and Ambuh, though. Hey, did you all see him in his orange(or were they red) boxer briefs when he was changing for that golf thing? He's too cute. Kelly the beauty queen? Bee-otch!! She and POW boy should NOT get married. I hope they both realize that! Ok, that is all. It's all been talked about already and this is so late in the game, I won't bore you with any other observations. Survivor gets down to the final 4 tomorrow night! It's getting good, though Stephanie should so still be in the game! Ok, really, that is all. Now, take a look at Freak-Foot. :)

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