Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Big Night!
Ok, first, let me clarify my last post...I know Bo's song wasn't HIS song that he wrote..I totally wrote that wrong, silly me! :)

Also, yes, I DID see Constantine giving eyes to the camera last night...can you believe I forgot to mention it??! Neither can I. :)

So, tonight is the big night. We finally find out who the winner is. Of course it won't be until after we WAIT FOR TWO LONG HOURS!! Two hours?? All we need is 5 minutes or less, let Ryan announce the winner, let them sing through tears and that's the show. I'm gonna be ticked off. Watch out! :)

Also on tonight, which I will be DVR-ing, the season finale of LOST!! It is going to be so good. And can I just say, the black rock is a...PIRATE SHIP?? What? I hope that one is explained a little.

Ok, guys, that's all for now...but you know I will be back after I watch AI.


Oh, wait. Who watched Desperate Housewives on Sunday? Was that good or what??
It answered questions but, of course opened new ones. I won't get all re-cappy now, but Mike is soooo Zach/Dana's dad. The new family on the block...secrets...yeah. Does Zach shoot Mike?
One other thing. At first, when Bree got the call about Rex dying, I kind of thought maybe the Dr and Rex were playing a really cruel and sick joke on Bree because the doctor thinks Bree was poisoning Rex. That would be a twist, huh? I liked Rex, so I am bummed if he really is dead.

Ok, NOW, I am done.

More Toodles.
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  • At 9:15 PM, Blogger Natsthename said…

    Lost creeped me out! There are a few things you won't see coming!!!

    And I'm bummed that Bo didn't win! I tuned in just in time to catch Seacrest announcing Carrie as the winner.

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