Wednesday, May 25, 2005
In a word....PAINFUL
Remember earlier when I said I would be ticked off with the finale? Um, yeah. It was literally almost two full hours of PAIN. Wanna hear my commentary?? Do ya? No? Ok, well, here it is anyway. :)

The night started off with the most GOD-AWFUL group song EVER. ALL the girls sounded HORRIBLE! (I'm warning you now, this will be full of CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks!!!!!) I spent the whole time stuffing my ears with torn up kleenex and staring at that jacket that Constantine had on. What WAS that?? Did you see him kiss the camera? I hate his mouth and chin. Jessica and Nikko saved a small part of the song. The group rendition of Good Vibrations was, eh, not bad.

I see that Constantine hasn't learned about shampoo, yet.

And so starts all the stupid stuff we have to wait through to get to the end. Mikalah on the red carpet? Please. Someone. Duct tape!

No, no, no...Bo singing Vehicle yet AGAIN. Yes, it is a good song for him. I just don't want to hear it again. He sounded waaaay better tonight than last night. His nerves have calmed for sure.

Matt Rogers from season three is in Oklahoma with Carrie fans. I loved him! He is adorable. Funny, too.

Carrie singing Angels Brought Me Here. She sounds better tonight as well.

Randy thinks Carrie won.

Paula Abdul serves ZERO purpose on this show. The whole Paula/Simon thing is just dumb. The footage of them feeding each other strawberries...sickening.

Simon thinks Bo was uncomfortable last night and that Carrie handled it better. He thinks Carrie will win.

Did Ryan even ask Paula who she thinks will win? Hmm..I didn't notice.

The visits to Alabama with Latoya talking to Bo fans has been...well, not interesting.

The top 3 emotional moments of the auditions were funny. Funniest part of the night so far. That isn't saying much.

Why?? Just, WHY did they bring back that girl to sing The Star Spangled Banner?? That was sad. She was terrible at the audition and only marginally better on the show tonight.

Ahhh...made it through the first hour. Now Carrie and Bo are singing a duet..."Up Where We belong." AWESOME!(I need a new word. I say awesome way too much) A great song for them both. They should release that one. I have to make an observation about Carrie. I have hated all those little bitty jackets she has worn all season long.

Carrie and Bo got brand new cars. Were those Mustangs?

A top 10 of some sort from the auditions. A bunch of stuff we've seen before. Yawn.
Now a little thing about those nerdy boys, Adam and Dirk from auditions. Dirk is David Hasselhoff's biggest fan a la Misery. Gasp! Look, Adam and Dirk are in the audience and oh, surprise surprise Mr Baywatch himself is there to sit beside Dirk. Yet another 5 minutes of wasted time on this show.

Stupid little parody on the whole Corey Clark thing about Simon being in love with himself. Wha?? Another 10 minutes wasted. Please..just get to the end. I beg you. Did I mention how PAINFUL this show was??

Now the top twelve get to sing little special things with some of their "idols." Carrie singing with Rascal Flats was really good! She is going to be a country star, I would bet. Tara, stop reading this NOW! Even though I liked their song together, I generally can not stand Rascal Flats. *ducks from Tara throwing Star Wars figurines at me* What is with that guys' hair? I HATE that too-long-to-spike-but-I-spike-it-anyway look. The guy has no top lip. I swear. No. Top. Lip.

Ok, Tara, you may resume reading now. (if you have made it this far.)

Anwar and Anthony singing with Kenny G? Huh? They sound pretty good. Anwar does, anyway. I am reminded why I wanted Anthony gone. He does nothing for me and my HIGHLY musical ear. (ha ha)

Constantine singing Walk This Way with Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Now here comes Jessica and Nadia. All of them trying to "rock the house." Fail miserably. Oh keeper of the 15 minute time clock of fame....please press stop on Constantine!!

Nikko singing with George Benson. He sounds really good!! He should have stayed much much longer than Anthony ever did! Here comes Scott to sing with him. I know you all are Scott haters..but that boy can still sing! I don't care what he looks like.

Vonzell with Billy Preston sounded great!! Carrie is lucky Vonzell didn't beat her out of the final position if you ask me. Did you ask me? Well, FINE, don't ask, but I still answered. :)

Baby Face with Lindsey and Mikalah. Baby Face sounded good. Hey! Where was the duct tape I requested earlier??

And FINALLY, the grand finale to end all grand finales....Bo singing with Skynyrd...Sweet Home Alabama. What other song could it have been?? It was GREAT! I am quite sure my boss and two of my co-workers were just about peeing their pants watching that. Bo, eh, he doesn't do a thing for me, but the man is talented and I think he and Carrie are genuine.

The final vote envelope is handed to Ryan by the secret agent vote counter guy, who reports a "Record number of votes this season." 500 million votes! So read it already Ryan!!

The new American Idol is.....CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!! is finally over. Hey, did anyone else see them show Bo's family after they announced Carrie as the winner and it said "Carrie's family" on the screen? Oops.

The single comes out on June 14th. In case you were wondering.

Tell me I did NOT just watch that for 2 hours.

Edited to add, I can't spell Skynyrd...I fixed it, I fixed it.
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  • At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Y said…

    DUDE. TWO HOURS. It was painful. Especially since I had to go through all that AND BO LOST.


    Oh. And? Mikalah on the red carpet? One of the top 5 worst moments on TV EVER.

  • At 1:41 AM, Blogger Jaws said…

    Think she will get as big as Kelly Clarkson? From what I can so far she is the most successful.

  • At 5:55 AM, Blogger MommaK said…

    I did not watch it all. I fast-forwarded my tivo all the way to the end and only watched the last 5 min. It was much more enjoyable that way. Do you think Carrie should have won? I thought Bo had it in the bag after last week.

  • At 6:56 AM, Blogger Angie said…

    Hey, MommaK, I would have done that, but then what would I have to complain about?? :)

    I thought they were equally deserving. Bo was a better showman for sure, but they are both good. Bo will go far.

  • At 1:31 PM, Blogger Tara Kekahuna said…

    I generally don't like Gary's hair anyway,, but I usually don't mention it since it will shock and upset other Rascal Flatts fans,, I like the guitarist who generally usually need some hair help too, but he's cute anyway and the bass player/piano player has awesome eyes and a fabulous sense of humor. I forgive you for not liking them,, now give me back my Obi-wan and Anakin figures!!!!

  • At 11:19 AM, Blogger TrueJerseyGirl said…

    I agree. That show could be 5 minutes long rather than 2 freakin hours. Its ridiculous. Although I did LOVE Carrie and Bo's duet, it was really great!

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