Tuesday, May 31, 2005
It's a Chick Show
What did Angie of Ficken Chingers fame do on Memorial Day, you ask? Well, we (and I do mean WE, as in me and Bubba-ump) watched a marathon of this on the Style network ALL DAY. No, literally, ALL DAY. I mean we're talking something like 8 or 10 episodes. Seriously. And don't let the B-ump tell you that he was FORCED to watch because when I took a nap, he STILL watched and when I woke up, he filled me in on what I was missing. Yeah, he's in touch with his feminine side. I need to write an entire post on that alone. In case you were wondering, these two are our favorite wedding planners from the show.

Lisa Chappelear Milko Posted by Hello

Jeffrey Powell Posted by Hello

Yes, that's what I said. We picked favorites.
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