Tuesday, July 31, 2007
6 years ago today
6 years ago today, I became a mother of 2. 10 years and 5 months after the first. Me and Bubba, we're a special brand of crazy.

Braelyn Rose turned 6 today. She got to spend a few hours at Chuck E Cheese's, got to go out to dinner, got presents and had a Barbie cake. She said, and I quote, "This is the bestest birthday ever!"

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Here she is back in 2001...

And here she is today..

Today was..is..also my bestest blog buddy's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TARA! I owe you a few emails...and I'm so cheap, this will have to be your card! :) I love ya, girl!!
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Sunday, July 29, 2007
Go meat!
Go, meat meat. Go, meat meat. Go, meat meat.

That salad rocks the best, make it easy at your desk. It's second to none just add lettuce and you're done. That's crazy girl, I swear. There is so much stuff in there. S-s-s-salad. M-meaty salad. Why? Because you hungry, you hungry. Yo mama says you hungry. When I say Hillshire, you say Farms. Hillshire! Farms! GO MEAT!

I can't deny it. Those "Go Meat" commercials make me laugh every time. And then I have the song/chant stuck in my head for the rest of the day.


Go meat!
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Cell phones are from the Dev-eel
I don't like talking on the phone much. Sometimes me and my sister will have a marathon talk-about-how-we-will-NOT-become-our-mother session, but otherwise, I don't care for the phone. That is one reason why I have resisted cell phone ownership and usage at every turn. WHY do I want to be that accessible? I go to Wal-mart alone for a reason, people!

Yeah, so, Bubba gave me a cell phone. I don't even know the number, so don't ask. No, really, I don't. The number is currently written on a piece of paper that is stuffed down in the phone case. I don't have a snazzy ring tone because I know nothing about the phone other than how to dial if need be and how to text if need be. Besides, ring tones are so annoying. If I WANTED to hear "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd (that's TWO d's, not one), then I would go home and pull out my 80s compilation CD, weird lady in Wal-mart. Oh, wait. Was that 90s? Whatever. Seriously, if I hear one more effing ring tone of Crazy Train I will die-ie-ie-ie. (ha ha..get that little play on the beginning of Crazy Train? I crack myself up.)

Word of advice, annoying cell phone users, set the dang thing on VIBRATE and stuff it in your bra...or your underwear, fellas. And please keep the conversation to a dull roar. I do not want to hear about Uncle Jesse's open sores, ok?

Back to my the cell phone that inhabits my purse. It goes against my very core being to have this cell phone on my person. So, I pretend I'm just holding it for Bubba. That makes me feel better.

Hey, I still prefer a FILM camera. Change/technology + me = not so much.
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Saturday, July 28, 2007
During my "Season of the Crappy Blogging" (AKA The past few months) there have been things happen around La House des Ficken Chingers that I should have blogged about. One of those being that Braelyn lost her first tooth! I swear she is the first child to ever lose a tooth so I KNEW you would all love to hear about it. :)

Well, it's your lucky day because I'll just post a photo. She not only lost a tooth, BUT, she also posed her very first MySpace pose. Heh.

PS The Indiana Tooth Fairy leaves a dollar per tooth.
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My last post mentioned my lack of gumption and pledging for blogathon. Oh the guilt. The guilt of no gumption. Gumptionless Guilt Syndrome. So, I found the gumption and went and pledged.

One of my favorite bloggers, Cathy from Domestic Psychology, is blogging HERE for the duration of the blogathon (along with a few other bloggers). She has live webcams and no air conditioning. Should be fun!

So, back to the gumption. I did pledge in support of Cathy's cause which is STAR (Shangri-La Therapeutic Academy of Riding) so now the GGS will subside. Not only that, but it's a good cause! It's a wonderful program that has benefited Cathy's own son, Tommy.

I also went and pledged in support of your friend and mine, Monty from The Daily Bitch. She's blogathon-ing for United Cerebral Palsy which is near and dear to her heart because of her beautiful son.

I now resume my domestic endeavors so I can come back and blog some more...and read some more blogathon posts. Do you think the reason why my allergies are going crazy would be a direct result of cleaning the house and disturbing all the dust? Nah. Neither do I.

PS I think I found out how many times one person can actually use the word gumption in a blog post.
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Ok, first, NO I am not participating in Blogathon. As if. I can't even post once a WEEK let alone once every half hour. I didn't even get up the....gumption...to sponser anyone. LAME. Even more lame is that fact that my original plan was to post every half hour anyway just to see if I could. LAMER.

The only problem with that is the fact that I didn't even get out of bed until almost 11am. LAZY. In my defense, though, last night was the last marching band competition until State Fair and I was tired. 'Cause, you know, SITTING my butt in the stands and video taping my daughter's band takes a helluva (if you spell it like that, does it count as a curse word??) lot out of a person! Add to that whole sitting thing, the fact that I didn't make it to bed until..oh, 3:30 or 4:00 am and you have uber sleeping in. So, bottom line, I missed the start of blogathon. BUT, I will be following some awesome bloggers as they are tied to their computers for a good 'cause AND I'll be posting a bunch of stuff today. (aka showing you lots of photos of band. I know, right?! You can't wait. Admit it.)

But first (channeling Julie Chen, there), I must clean up the pig sty that we call home. With Bubba out of town the house has gone to you know where in a handbasket. (what the H does that MEAN, anyway? I picture Little Red Riding Hood skipping her way into hell carrying her basket. Warped.) The levels of fast food trash knows no bounds around here. I never want to see another Wendy's, McDonald's or Taco Bell as long as I live. Or until tomorrow. Whatever.
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Monday, July 23, 2007
A half hour
I made it ONE half hour today on my "no sugar" plan.

I couldn't help it! The Lowery's candy was calling to me!! (Lowery's is a local candy shop) The walnut cream was saying, "Creamy....walnutty....chocolatey....Aaaaannnngggiiiieeee..." I swear! If you had been here, you would have heard it, too!
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Monday, July 16, 2007
Anyone? Anyone?
I need blog topics...HELP ME! I miss my blog but I just don't know what to write...

Ok, blog topics...discuss..comment...help me...
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Monday, July 02, 2007
Not another word
I do not want to hear one more word about the iPhone.
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Sunday, July 01, 2007
A sentence you hope to never hear come out your child's mouth....
"Jeremy was pimpin' at church today."
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