Sunday, September 30, 2007
Zoo hang over
The zoo has been visited.

My whole body hurts.

I am old.

And tired.

No photos or details 'til tomorrow.


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Thursday, September 27, 2007
I TOLD you I don't need a cell phone!
Last night, the kids went to bed and a few minutes later, Jameson came in the room saying he couldn't sleep. I sent him back to bed and again, a few minutes later, he was back, sniffling, saying he "heard a sound" and it scared him. I asked him if he told Daddy and he had, so we went to talk to Daddy again.

Bubba said he heard the noise, too. It was more of a beep, like one of the kids' toys malfunctioning or something. So, he went to their room and started looking. I went to use the bathroom and that's when I heard it, too. It was a pretty loud beep, not like the smoke detectors when they are low on batteries.

Then it dawned on me. It was my cell phone. The one at the bottom of my purse. The one I hadn't looked at for days and days. The one I hadn't charged in days and days. It was about to go dead.

I TOLD you I don't need a cell phone, didn't I?
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Naked lip
I totally forgot all about this!

Last week, Bubba was shaving and trimming his goatee and had a major OOPS. He shaved right into the side of his goatee and so he had to fix it. He had to shave it all down to a 1 on the clippers.

No big deal, you say? Ah, but you have no idea. I have not seen this man's upper lip in like..19 years!!

Needless to say, it was a total freak-out when he came to show me. Seriously, he did NOT look like the same person. AT ALL. I could barely look. It was kind of like when they came out with green ketchup, my brain COULD. NOT. COMPUTE.

And for the first time in my life, maybe second, I missed that Kodak moment. Now, it's growing back quickly and the effect would be lost. So, use your imagination.

Just don't ask him to kiss you. That stuff HURTS!


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Zoo, baby!
We're going to the Indy Zoo on Sunday. I am so excited I can't even stand myself! I know, we don't get out much. Ever. (Going to the State Fair for Band Day on the hottest day in frickin' history does NOT count.)

I really don't have much else to say about it...I just wanted to tell y'all how exciting it is to be doing something fun, OUT OF TOWN, with the entire family!!

I'll try to get some good animal s*ex pictures to share with you all. hee


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I am in desperate need of a big hug and a good cry. I have stress build-up.
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Monday, September 24, 2007
Attention hog
This week is homecoming at Brianna's high school. Tonight is the lip-sync contest. You may remember that last year, Brianna did "Cool Rider". And, she won 2nd place!

Well, this year, she is in THREE of the groups! Nah, she doesn't like attention.
She and a friend are doing, "Dammit Janet" from Rocky Horror Picture Show. (They had to get it approved by admin because of the 'dammit') Then, she and another group are doing "Time Warp." And finally, she and her BFF are doing a song from the Rugrats movie called, "A Baby is a Gift From a Bob." Should be interesting. I'll try to post video later.

I remember when I was in high school and we had a lip sync contest. I was going to do "Mr Lee" from the 'Stand By Me' Soundtrack because there was a teacher named Mr Lee. But..I didn't. I chickened out. Brianna's got much bigger cajones than I ever had.

But really, I think she just wants to win the money.
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Sunday, September 23, 2007
Share your mullet with me!!
I mentioned a Survivor contestant's mullet in my last post AND I happened across photos today of a mullet I once sported. Sad, but true.

Behold my 8th grade mullet!
1983 or 1984

Like they say, business in the front and a party in the back! I had JUST gotten my hair did, you know, new perm in the back, and my sister thought it would be a great idea for a photo shoot in the bentwood rocker (remember those??) in front of the lovely golden yellow curtains. Apparently, though, my sister had some trouble with focusing the camera. See that top I'm wearing? I LOVED it. I wore it a LOT. I got it at Brooks in the mall and I thought I was hot stuff. That last photo? I was holding a (fake) rose and looking down at it. Yeah, my sister the photographer.

Go! Now! Find a photo of YOU with a mullet and leave me a link! I wanna see!
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This just in...I watch too much tv!
You all know me and my love affair with TV. I've stopped being embarrassed by it and have now embraced it. Ha I was EVER embarrassed by it. Anyway, I thought I'd post about some of the new (and old) stuff I watched this past week. I don't care if nobody reads this because I'm also way over worrying about what everybody wants to read as opposed to writing stuff I want to write so I can look back on it and laugh at myself.

I really wanted to like K-Ville, you know, because I do like Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser. I don't really dislike the show, it's just that it could be so much better. I am hoping it does get better, but I won't hold my breath.

One of the supporting cast is that girl who played Simone on Heroes but it took me a while to figure out it was even her. I think they've "butched" her up a bit and I swear her voice has dropped a couple of octaves. Weird. She was really a non-entity on the show, though.

What I really wanted was more, more, more Cole Hauser. He was just as sexy as he wanted to be in that first episode. His voice alone was enough for me. It reminds me of Gary Sinise's voice, only younger and sexier. (I'm sorry, Gary. I still love you most!)

On Rock of Love, nasty Lacey FINALLY got kicked out of the house. Every rose has a thorn, Lacey, indeed. har dee har har. It was a great episode, though, featuring the parents of the remaining 3 girls. Jes' parents were funny, Heather's dad was pretty redneck, but very funny and Lacey's dad...well..let's just say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He was a big-time condescending jerk. Even Brett was put off by that guy. But, anyway, at the end Lacey was gone and we are left with Jes (my favorite) and Heather (the skanky stripper who Brett will most likely choose in the end.) I want Jes to win, but really Brett deserves Heather. Heck, she got "BRETT" tattooed on the back of her neck...THAT is true love. *gag*

The critics want me to hate it...but I just can't. I LOVED the first episode of Kid Nation. Most of those kids are just so loveable! For those of you who may have watched it, did Jimmy the 8 year old just make you die?? I wanted to just grab that little shaggy haired boy and hug him tight. (In a motherly way only, of course.) He was just the cutest thing. My kids and I caught the repeat of the show last night and they just love the show. We'll be watching again.

Of course, I can't have a TV post without mentioning the BB8 finale. Not much to talk about, really. I didn't care who won since it was between the two nasty and vile Donatos. The best part about the show was seeing them reveal the America's Player thing and Jen when she went to cast her vote and she said, "Honestly..." just like Daniele. Awesome! LOVE Jen. I was also VERY VERY glad to see Jameka and Jen both NOT cast a vote for Dick. He was the most vile and disgusting to those two and didn't deserve a vote from them. Otherwise, the finale was a snoozefest where it was pretty much pointless to have the first 5 evictees even on the show. Mike who? Now..bring on BB9!!

Of COURSE, I've been watching The Biggest Loser. I like the Black team best, but there are some on each team who I really like.

Survivor China. Courtney is a brat. The end.
(PS Lunch Lady Denise has the best bad mullet EVER!)

I also DVR'd and then watched Beauty & the Geek and ANTM. Not much to say there..same old same old. B&G has the biggest geeks ever that make you say, "Awwww, bless his heart." through the whole show. ANTM is just a bunch of catty girls and annoying Tyra Banks. I'll watch if Brianna tapes it. Otherwise, it is not must see for me.

So, this week will keep my DVR busy and probably make my head explode. There's HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory (I have to at least check it out), Heroes, Chuck, House, The Office, Grey's, DH..etc...

BUT..what I am MOST anticipating is...FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!! It starts October 5th! Mark your calendars now.
Le Sigh.
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Saturday, September 22, 2007
Big girls DO cry!
Yeah, Fergie Ferg? Big girls DO cry when they have to hear your damn song over and freakin' over on every radio station and vh1, ad nauseam. It wouldn't even be half as bad if the lyrics weren't so BAD. Plus, all I can hear is "Pee Serenity."

Make. It. Stop.

MAD paint skillz.
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Originally uploaded by angiedi70
I was looking through some old photos last night and when I came across this one of Jameson, it made me cry. Seriously. Tears. Now, I AM one to cry, normally, about sentimental things. But, more likely as the thing is happening. Looking back and being nostalgic usually does not make me cry. Not too much anyway.

I cry at weddings, school programs, during sad movies and when I find out I am pregnant. (Which, no. Not happening again.)

But, lately, I've been having a rough time in regards to my baby boy growing up. I KNOW he has to grow up. I KNOW he is not a baby any longer, but it's killing me.

For whatever reason, my girls were an easier transition for me. Not that I love them any less, or Jameson any more, but it was just different.

It must be because Jameson is the last one. I didn't think I would be like this, but I was wrong.

Jameson recently started preschool and also has a speech teacher. That means that all those cute things he says will be no more. That breaks my heart. Even though I know he needs it, my heart hurts.

So, I looked at this photo of Jameson and I saw the baby he still was with the chubby fingers and the big boy hair cut, sitting in that chair that is too small for him now. I don't remember what made him pout here, but it just makes me want to pick him up and hold him and rock him.

I know this too shall pass, but for now, it breaks my mommy heart.
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Monday, September 17, 2007
Ha. Ha. Funny.
Can we please just all stop saying, "That's how I roll?" Seriously. Not clever any longer.
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Saturday, September 15, 2007
OK, whoever put out the bulletin to GIGANTIC bugs telling them that MY house had vacancies, can kiss by big behind! Seriously! We had ANOTHER tarantula, this time in my bedroom! This is the first one that Bubba has actually experienced from the beginning and he was none too pleased to have to carry out the execution.

I won't get into yet another re-telling of a tarantula tale, but this is an excerpt of conversation between Bubba and me. (bubba and I? ah, whatever.) Mind you, this was happening at about 4am.

Bubba: Keep and eye on it. **goes to get something to kill it with.**

Bubba comes back with a rolled-up newspaper.

Bubba:I hope I get it.
Me: Ha ha. Comedian.

Bubba smacks the thing with the paper. And. It. Disappears.
Bubba starts to walk away.

Me:Uh, you have to find it.
Bubba: You're not serious! <<--- He SAID that! I swear he did!
Me: If you ever want to have sex in this bedroom again, then you will believe that I am serious! (ok, I didn't say that, but the look I gave him said it.)

He looked, he found, he killed. He was sick to his stomach the rest of the day. hee.

I wake up this morning to a note from Brianna that says, "OMG Mom call me!" So I call her cell and she says, "Open the front door." and I'm all, "Why?" and she's all, "Just open it and look at the wall.(of the porch)" I said, "I don't WANT to look!" But I look. And there, on the side of the house is the biggest em effin' dragonfly EVER.

Now, I'm not particularly skeered of dragonflies, per se, but, the HELL? I swear I am in the land of Stephen King. Remember that short story of his where the lady keeps finding a better short cut home and each time there are weird, never before seen bugs and things stuck to the grill of her car?

The grill of her car is my house.

PS We've now sprayed the entire house, inside and out, with toxic chemicals made to obliterate spiders. AND, fogged the basement. I've spent the last 24 hours in a gas mask. Wanna come over?
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Thursday, September 13, 2007
Not a merger...not a hostile's an acquisition
Without giving away details that will jeopardize my job, my company got bought out.

Needless to say, EVERYBODY is scared and nervous and panicky. Including me.

Send good vibes. I need them BADLY.

On a positive note, I peed today. ON DEMAND! For a drug screen that they pushed us through like cattle to get done. I NEVER pee on demand. It is against my bladder's religion or something. But today, for fear of losing my job, my bladder cooperated. Or maybe it was because I had saved it up for 5+ hours. I don't know.

I'm gonna be moody for a few weeks. Bear with me.
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Yes, I am pathetic...but at least I admit it.
My stomach is in butterflies waiting for the final leg of this week's HOH comp on BB8.

There. I said it.

Yes, I invest way to much into a flippin' tv show, but my heck, I can't stand the Donatos and Zach had BETTER win tonight!!! And then Daniele had better be sent packing!!

Ahhh..I feel better now.

I promise to write something of substance later.

Edited to add: I'm watching the show right now and seriously, I can't take any more of the frickin' Donatos and their mouths. Ugh.

I hate how BB edits this show. If only the regular viewers could see the live feeds with no background music!

OH MY HECK! Dick freakin' won. I am disgusted. It's a replay of last year. THE worst of all the players in the final 2. Gag me. Now, there is not much reason to watch the finale.

I love the show. Hate the players.

Last comment about this...I will completely lose my lunch if Dick plays Daddy Dearest and says "Give the money to my daughter...I don't want it...blah blah blah..."

Is it time for BB9 yet??


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Saturday, September 08, 2007
Starting the day with a heart attack!
I went to bed last night knowing that Bubba had to work today. I heard his alarm go off early this morning and I vaguely remember him getting out of bed. But I didn't hear the kids up so I stayed in bed.

Later, I woke up to Jameson sniffling like he was crying. I looked at the clock and it said 8:30. I asked him what was wrong and he said, "I miss Daddy and Baywin. They're not here." I told him that Daddy was at work and that Braelyn was here. She was just probably on the floor beside our bed.

I got up and looked beside our bed. She Braelyn wasn't there. I pulled all the covers off my bed and then off her bed. No Braelyn. I looked on Jameson's bed, I looked on the floor in their room.I looked in the living room, behind furniture. No Braelyn. She wasn't in the bathroom, the laundry room or in Bubba's area where he has a tv. I had sent Jameson upstairs to check Brianna's room and he had said she wasn't there.

At this point I was in panic mode! I was hollering for her and no answer. I went up to Brianna's room where she was sleeping and asked her if Braelyn was there. She wasn't. I was freaking out and said, "Braelyn is gone!" I ran to the living room and grabbed the phone and started to call Bubba, but I kept starting to dial our home number. I just kept thinking, 'Where could she possibly be?!'

I was walking toward the back door again, when it opened and in walked Braelyn!! With Bubba!!

Oh my heck! I had not ever been more scared..or more relieved at that time. I thought Bubba was already at work but he didn't have to be there until later so he and Braelyn went to get donuts.

Needless to say, Bubba will leave me a note next time.


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Friday, September 07, 2007
He is his father's son
We signed Jameson up for preschool months ago. All paperwork was done and then we were told he was on the waiting list. Bummer. But, this week we found out that he gets to go and his teachers came for a visit a couple of days ago.

They left a questionnaire for us to fill out with him. It is full of open ended sentences like, "My favorite color is..." "Some foods I like are..." things like that.

The first sentence said, "I like to be called..."

Jameson's answer? "Handsome."


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You know what commercial I HATE?!?! THIS ONE.

Here's a print ad of the same thing. I don't think I need to say anything else. Just...ew.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007
Let the games begin....
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Monday, September 03, 2007
Further tales of the tarantula
If any of you have been reading me since the beginning (there is probably no one left from back then) then you may remember one of my posts about the tarantula that got into our house. It was a rousing tale of love, lust and spider killage. Or something like that.

Almost 3 years later, it was The Tale of the Tarantula Part 2!

Friday evening, it was just me and the kids at home. The little ones were in the other room watching a movie and I was in the living room with Brianna and her boyfriend, Jeremy, just chit chatting. Brianna was sitting on the floor and she said, "What was that? Something just crawled under the couch!" I'm questioning her about size, shape color, etc and all I can think is, Bubba is NOT home!!!

So, like the brave soul I am, I venture over by the couch and sort of peer all around the end trying to catch of glimpse of what it may be. From 3 feet away.

And then....I saw it! It scampered out from under the couch a little bit and then back under. I can only use the word scampered because it was so freakin' HUGE! So I immediately scream and point and do that little ew gross/pee pee dance/jump around thing that only those who are terrified of large spiders do and will understand.

I'm basically screaming, "Get it!" and Brianna and Jeremy both are like, "You tawkin' to ME?" And the other kids come running saying, "What is it mommy?" I can't speak because I've been rendered speechless, yet able to only scream, by the spider under the couch. Brianna has to pee but won't run through to go to the bathroom for fear of the spider touching her.

So, the decision is made to move the couch out from the wall so we can locate the alien life form. I yank and run, basically. Now, Brianna is over by the couch and I am across the room. And she gets this look on her face that is a mix between horror and, well, horror! The thing had crawled up on the back of the couch. I'm screaming at her to kill it. She's trying to get Jeremy to kill it. He's saying, "I'M not touching it. I hate spiders." I'm yelling at her to get a new boyfriend and she is taking photos of it. In the meantime, the frickin' amazon spider crawled around to the other end of the couch and out of sight. Oh great!

Oh, and I should point out that in the middle of all this screaming drama, Jeremy gets on the computer to research spiders and is INSISTING that it is a BROWN EFFING RECLUSE! So, I was screaming at him that NO IT IS NOT A BROWN RECLUSE and GET THAT PICTURE OFF THE COMPUTER! And oh my GAWD where is the spider now?

We're now moving the couch more and frantically searching the newish berber carpet in BROWNS for the BROWN spider. That was fun. And Jeremy keeps saying, "It's poisonous." And me and Brianna are screaming at him to shut up, already! At about this time, here it comes scampering out from beside the recliner along the baseboards and we're screaming more and I am about to pee my pants because I am also hysterically laughing because the damn thing stopped and is looking at us. I swear. Oh, and did I mention that Brianna had on Jeremy's shoes. I am urging her to KILL IT! And she is so grossed out that she can't get near it, but she is the only one with shoes on and I do NOT kill bugs with bare feet. The mere thought makes me shudder violently.

The next few seconds were a slow-motion blur. The spider turned and headed for the heat vent that goes down into the floor. Brianna and I screamed and she did this sort of ballet leap across the room....and smooshed it. Brianna saves the day!

I was laughing so hard I was literally crying by the end of this episode..which, I might add, lasted at least a good 20 minutes...and I had to pee so badly but I was laughing too hard to get to the bathroom.

In the end, Brianna picked it up with like, a whole roll of toilet paper, threw it in a wal mart sack, I tied it up and Braelyn ran it outside to the trash bin. Oh, and I sucked up it's legs into the vacuum.

I was feeling all creepy crawly for the rest of the night. I hate that.

PS I can't bring myself to actually put a photo of the spider in this post..but..I will link to it on my flickr. **shudder** HERE and HERE. Gah..I can't even look at those photos!! *gag*

PPS The first person to say, "That's little!" can bite my left big toe! I KNOW there are larger spiders in the world. I do not care. THIS one was in MY house!

PPPS Bubba said, "I'm glad I wasn't here."


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