Wednesday, May 11, 2005
After much much too long...Anthony is finally off American Idol!! I'm sure he is a nice kid and all (am I so old that I am calling him a kid??) but the boy had to go before he got to the final 2! I have posted all these pics of him so you all can check out his freakishly LARGE elf-clown feet!! Look at them!! Every week I would look at his feet and think do those shoes fit him? Are they too big or are his feet actually that large...and do his toes curl up like that??!! One has to wonder why I watch these shows...and if I ever have anything nice to say. I really am a nice person. I promise. If you don't believe me..then SUCK MY BACK! (Tara, you should get that) Who did I like on AI last night? Carrie all the way, baby! Shoo shoo, Bo. Go get your little record contract, sounding all Travis Tritt-like and let Carrie win! :) Oh, and I swear Bo had on flip flops with that suit during his second song! Well, it looked like it. I know, I know. They were boots, but still, looked like flip flops there for a minute. Next week should be interesting with the final 3. Ok, while I am here talking too much, I should make mention of The Amazing Race finale. Woo hoo! Uchenna and Joyce won! I loved them. They were the ones who should have won so all is well with the reality tv world. :) I still love Rob and Ambuh, though. Hey, did you all see him in his orange(or were they red) boxer briefs when he was changing for that golf thing? He's too cute. Kelly the beauty queen? Bee-otch!! She and POW boy should NOT get married. I hope they both realize that! Ok, that is all. It's all been talked about already and this is so late in the game, I won't bore you with any other observations. Survivor gets down to the final 4 tomorrow night! It's getting good, though Stephanie should so still be in the game! Ok, really, that is all. Now, take a look at Freak-Foot. :)

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posted by Angie @ 11:16 PM  
  • At 9:57 AM, Blogger Tara Kekahuna said…

    I stayed home from work last night because of the neck and was able to watch AI,, I knew you would be happy that the kid went home. But wow never really his weird feet and what is with those shoes curling up in the front!? And after all,, suck my back is right,, come on who invented the finger anyway!? (Dane Cook ROCKS!)

  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger TrueJerseyGirl said…

    I did my review yesterday, you should check it out because we are basically on the same page with AI! Although I still think Bo was wearing flip flops - are you sure they were boots???

    And YA! Rob was looking mighty fine with no shirt. He is a hottie.

  • At 4:00 PM, Blogger Scully said…

    Yep, those are freakishly clown-size feet.

    And thank goodness he's gone.

  • At 6:06 PM, Anonymous chaos-girl said…

    I'm sooo glad he's gone! He annoyed the crap out of me!!!

  • At 8:21 PM, Blogger melodyann said…

    I thought Bo had on shoes with no socks. I swear I could see his ankles. And Anthony has got some serious elf feet going on.

    I want the final two to be bo and carrie, with carrie the winner!

    here via michele

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