Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Sorry to those who hate Idol
I like to blog Idol so I can look back at the end of the season and see how stupid I was at the beginning. So, it's really just for me and the handful of fans who stop by.

My thoughts on the guys this week:

Michael Johns: I like Michael, but this week was not as good as last. He sang, "Go Your Own Way." It lacked a little something. I want him to stay. He's got that Australian accent, you know. Yum. 6 of 10

Jason Castro: Seriously, the boy is just dreamy! And I don't use the word dreamy! His eyes and smile are just beautiful and he's just so...mellow. The montage they showed of him talking about how much he hates interviews was just downright cute. He loves singing and didn't realize how much "not singing" there would be. Love him! Still don't love the dreads. As for his singing, he sang, "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" and it was safe and not all that memorable, but I so want him to stay to see what else he can do. I love that he plays his guitar. I think it just adds something. 7 of 10

Luke Menard: I do not like his voice. He sang, "Killer Queen" and while he has the high voice to reach some of the notes, just, no. Don't like him. Ready for him to go. 4 of 10

Robbie Carrico: Yeah..no. I didn't like it and he's a wannabe rocker and he can't take criticism. Don't be so defensive, dude. He'll stay, but I didn't like it. 5 of 10

Danny Noriega: Slow. So. Very. Slow. I don't like him. I don't like how he thinks he's funny. I don't like the banter with Simon. He sang ok. Whatever. 5 of 10

David Hernandez: "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." Very good, again. He's got great control of his voice and a nice smooth sound. I'm still a fan. The best up to this point. 8 of 10

Jason Yeager: "Long Train Running" Blech. He is very vegas. Or something. The cheesy smiling all the way through a song drives me crazy. I keep expecting him to point and wink with every syllable. Ick. 4 of 10

Chikezie: "I Believe to My Soul" He was better this week. I'm just not a fan. Plus, Elliott Yamin's performance of this song a couple of years ago is still very memorable so I can't help but to compare. This version was a little on the yelling side. Please make him stop trying to be funny. 6 1/2 of 10

David Cook: "All Right Now." While I think he did a decent job on the performance despite the LOUD back up singers and LOUD guitar, he lost major points by being a complete ASS to Simon. Defensive jerk, much? 7 of 10 but I want to give him a 3 for attitude. Blah.

David Archuleta: "Imagine" He is going to win this thing. Though I haven't been on the David A train, I kinda am now. He really did kill this song! And I mean this in a good way. His deep intakes of breath has even gotten better which makes me happy. He is such a likable kid, too, in a refreshing way instead of an over the top aww shucks kind of way. Great job! 9 1/2 out of 10

Not an impressive night, overall.

My Top 3: David Archuleta, David Hernandez and Jason Castro
My Bottom 3: Jason Yeager, Luke Menard, Danny Noriega (and David Cook for attitude.)

I hope the girls bring it, tomorrow.

Until then...
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  • At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    But Angie, doesn't Luke get a couple of points for looking like Jack? Jack!!!

    You know good and well who this is! hehehehehe

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