Tuesday, August 29, 2006
**Cue the disco ball and the ALL-skate**
Did any of you guys go skating when you were younger? Was there a rink in your town? Well, here in M-town, Indiana, USA....the place to be on a friday or saturday night (at least when you were between the ages of 10-13) was/is GIBSON'S Skating Rink. It is owned and run by the meanest and oldest 90lb lady that has ever lived. Her name is Anne and I can still hear her whistle and voice in my ears from 20 some years ago. I remember the smell of the place and the feel of those rental skates. I remember the game room and the putt putt and the Disco. I remember doing the hokey pokey in skates in the center of the rink. I remember the snack bar where we would get a paper cup of coke with no ice and chewy sweet tarts. I remember skating in the 'couples skate' with any one of my best friends by holding our comb between us instead of holding hands (because that would look gay.) I remember skating couples with my boyfriend in the 6th grade. (He is now a convicted murderer. AWESOME.) He skated backwards and me forward. *sigh* I have TONS of memories of that place.

A few years back,when Brianna was in the 1st grade, she began going to a school that has skating parties there once a month. The first time we walked in I almost fainted from nostalgia overload. Thank GOD she didn't like skating so much because the place is god awful hell fire HOT when it is full of elementary school students and their bored parents.

Now? Braelyn goes to that same school and they had their first skating party on Monday. Bubba and Brianna took her and she had the time of her life. By the time she got home, her hair was so wet from sweat it looked like she had just taken a shower. (she gets THAT from her dad. No,really. Plus, did I mention hell fire hot?)

For your pleasure..or torture...here are a couple of photos from the party. Blame Bubba for not getting ONE picture of her actually out on the rink.

Brianna helping her little sis. Doesn't THAT look fun?

The skates. I'm pretty sure I wore these EXACT skates when I was 5 years old.

She eventually was able to skate on her own. Sorta.

I give you....the SWEAT. See her glistening? (ok, she kinda looks bald in this photo...and like a boy. Oh, and note the beautiful scratch she has on her chin! School pictures are next week! The joy.)
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  • At 4:42 PM, Anonymous guppyman said…

    I skated.... Young kid... I was at the skating rink every weekend.... I had a lot of great times there....

    Once as a teenager, Z-rock did a party at the same skate rink... What a difference. Mosh on wheels! We had a blast at that one.... but I discovered that skating in circles while banging my head with my mane flying in full glory is a dangerous thing.... Kinda painfull actually.

    I've taken my daughter a few times... i can still skate around in circles... and the skates still suck really badly....

  • At 10:37 PM, Blogger D. Prince said…

    You are so lucky!!!
    I was mad about Roller Skating when I was little. We'd go to the roller rink every Saturday and I'd be in Heaven.

    There are no, I repeat, NO, Roller Skating rinks left where I come from and presently live. It's beyond sad.

    Thanks so much for posting these pics, they bring back lots of happy memories.

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