Saturday, January 06, 2007
Colts and expensive stuff and Armed & Famous
Remember how I was all "Just wait and see! I WILL win the bet!" Um, yeah, not so much. Eh, it was silly of me anyway. I am a computer addict. I HAVE to check my email when I get home. HAVE. TO. I did last like two days so, ya know, I should be proud of that accomplishment, right?

Ok, moving on.

COLTS WIN! COLTS WIN! The Colts just won the first play-off game!!! Yee Ha!!!

 you know what I hate? Brand name obsession. Back when the 80s died down and izod kinda faded away, for the preppy wannabes anyway, people kind of got away from the whole gotta-have-brand-name thing. In high school I kinda longed for some of the brands, but I was content just getting new clothes so I didn't argue too much. So finally, gone was Liz Claiborn, Vanderbilt, iZod etc... I know, there still was some brand name love. Nike, Addidas, Levi, etc. But for a while there, it didn't much matter what kind of jeans you wore or what kind of purse you carried. That was fine by me because by the time the 90s came around, along with the whole grunge thing, I was poor as dirt. I was young and married and poor. Now I'm old and married and poor, but I'm straying from my original thought here. Really I did have one.

Back in the 80s we spent our money on hair spray, mini-skirts, pink and blue eyeshadow and perms. Now? It's getting nails and toes done, hair colored, Coach purses that cost hundreds, shoes that cost more than a house payment and the list goes on. The list is long of the name brands that kids and adults salivate over. Sometimes I am just glad to be poor because there is no question about whether to buy these things or not. I just can't. Maybe I would feel differently if I had more money, but I don't think so. I don't think I could spend a ton of money on a purse that gets thrown around in the car, in the house, on the floor, etc. You should see the inside of my purse right now.

I suppose some would see me complaining about this as jealousy, but really, it's not. In all honesty, yes I would get my nails done regularly if I could. I just can't see having to take out a loan to buy an outfit with a matching purse when I can get the same basic thing at Wal-mart for much cheaper. I guess what I am saying is I am a simple girl with simple tastes. Why I felt like sharing that, I'm not sure.

It's funny because when Bubba and I have our once monthly conversation about what we would do with our lottery winnings,(it's mandatory) I never even think of clothes for myself. I've just gotten so used to wanting to spend money on my kids and not me, it doesn't occur to me.

Ok, I'm done with that. And by the way, if you are one who buys lots of name brands and gets your nails done etc...I'm not hating on you. Really, I'm not.

ARMED & FAMOUS starts this week!! You really need to watch and just see what kind of weirdos live here in my city! :) If you click on that link, you can watch some clips. It's pretty funny actually. I totally can't wait. Speaking of Erik Estrada....they all leave town this week and I officially had ZERO PONCH SIGHTINGS. *sigh* Ah well, it's all good. I would have hated a photo of me with him anyway. I hate ever photo ever taken of me.

Remember when I posted those photos of seeing Jack Osbourne and Wee Man in the park?? Well, here are the close ups. :) As you can see, I am not in them. I chose not to bug them (of course if it were Ponch I'd be all over him...) and just took photos.

click 'em if you wanna see 'em a little bigger

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