Sunday, December 31, 2006
The can't keep up with the stress or the ulcer
I started this post on Friday. Friday was most likely the worst day at work EVER. I was scheduled 7:30 to 4. Know what time I clocked out? Come on, guess. SEVEN PM! Seriously, that just doesn't happen where I work. Overtime is frowned upon in general. There was no way around it. Long story short, 2 people and one trainee (who, of course can't work 100% because she doesn't know everything yet.) did the work that at least 6 people do every day. I know, cry me a river. It was bad, though. I can't give details but I wanted to complain a minute.

The rest of this post, which is really nothing, is what I started on Friday. Enjoy! (ha ha)

I don't have an ulcer. I may have one really soon. One word. WORK.

This is the yum.

Or, click HERE to watch...Tara, you'll like it. :)

If it auto-plays, I'm sorry. Well, no, not really. I'm in the mood to piss off some blog surfers. But totally not YOU. Or YOU. Or YOU. I'm just in a mood. (work sucked this week.)

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