Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Y'all are a bunch of TP freaks!
If you visited me yesterday, you got to see and maybe even answer my question for a highly scientific poll. Well, I'm here now to give you the amazing results!

19 of you said the toilet paper should be OVER

3 of US (me included) said the toilet paper should be UNDER
margin of error...oh, probably 99.9%

Like the title says, Y'all are a bunch of TP freaks! UNDER is the only way to go!!

Anyway...go clicky on my tenant for the week. The bitchy, beautiful and powerful, RACHEL! I can't remember how I ever found her blog a long time ago..but I was hooked. She has the attitude that I want but will never have. (she probably just thinks I'm am a stalker supreme, though.) She is a proud military wife, she designs blogs for Web divas (among other things) and she just got a new ADORABLE puppy. But really, she's a bitch. Go see. You'll love her despite the bitchiness..or because of it.
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