Tuesday, November 02, 2004
The One Where My Fingernails Disappeared
Ok...I cannot take this whole election thing! If I don't throw up my dinner, I will chew my fingernails to nubbins. I turn the tv off...I turn it back on... Off. On. Off. ON!! Ok, so now I should probably say that I am a republican. I voted for Bush. I loathe Kerry. Detest. Am disgusted by. Spit on. Well, ok, I wouldn't spit on him, 'cause frankly, girls shouldn't spit. (Could someone please tell me why guys spit all the time, ANYWHERE? For no reason. Gross.) Anyway, I officially ran screaming through the polling place doors at about 5:50 pm (they closed at 6!) threw my driver's license at the sweet old lady at the table and scribbled my name in the appropriate box. Only about a 2 minute wait for an available booth and off I went to impregnate chads. Or dangle them. Whatever. I do not EVER vote straight ticket. I hate that. I feel out of control. I have to read all the names and pick one. Poke the little poker thingie into the little holes. Fun stuff. Now we wait.

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