Sunday, March 19, 2006
What's in a name?
To the GUY (and it HAD to be a guy) who said this...

What an awful awful name! Happy Birthday Kid. I hope you won't mind when people laugh at you for the rest of your life!

Posted by Anonymous | 2:15 PM

at least I didn't spell it like this...

J'aey'mess'on M'eyekah

Yep, it could be worse. If you want to see how much worse it could much weirder I could have gone with a name...visit this website. It's one of my favorites. Be sure to go to the forums there, too. So funny.

Not that I have to justify his name, but...all I will say is he is named after his dad, whose name is James and NOT the porn star J*enna Jameson or the whiskey. (Yes, that's right, his real name is NOT Bubba.)

One cool thing is there is a Jameson Inn in Alabama and the address is Micah Way. I want to go there and stay sometime. :)

I know his name is a little different than the norm but, like I said could be worse.
posted by Angie @ 12:41 AM  
  • At 8:07 AM, Blogger Vic said…

    What a jerk! Who says things like that? And anonymous. If you're going to be that ridiculous, at least be big enough to own it!

    I think its a wonderful name. Its a name that would sound great with a Dr. in front of it or as President. Make no apologies...

  • At 2:18 PM, Blogger Carmi said…

    Only a complete loser would post something so mean-spirited, then hide behind the cloak of anonymity. I always marvel at the shallowness of such people. Loser is the only term that comes to mind.

    His name is beautiful. Unique enough to help him stand out from the crowd and establish himself in a big world.

    I speak from experience: my full name is Carmi Zvi's about as unique as they come, and I've done just fine ever since my parents picked it.

    I hope Jameson's 3rd was a wonderful experience for him and for you. It's an amazing age.

  • At 12:09 AM, Blogger Cristie said…

    oh lord, that baby name website has cracked me up!! I cant wait to show my sister, after all I made fun of the names she has picked out for her new rugrat. I think Jameson Micah is a great name! All your kids have cool names. This lady once ask me the names of my sons (lyndsey wasnt with me) and I told her, Noah and Isaac, and she said "well, how....Biblical!" HA! You think that was a compliment?

  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger Jod{i} said…

    I love the Name! I had many odd looks and many with balls enough to tell me they hated my daughters name as well (Rhianna Paige)...simple, I think. I would just look at them and say well then you should be thankful you have an average name, fits you well.

    Love your blog!
    Kids are cute!


  • At 7:48 AM, Blogger mar said…

    Here via BlogMad but I have seen your name around. Love his unique name, boo the anon guy!

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